American Horror Story Cult Premiere Recap 9/5/17: Season 7 Episode 1 “Election Night”

American Horror Story Cult Premiere Recap 9/5/17: Season 7 Episode 1 "Election Night"

Tonight on FX their award-winning anthology American Horror Story airs with an all-new Tuesday, September 5, 2017, episode and we have your American Horror Story Cult recap below!  On tonight’s AHS season 7 episode 1 premiere as per the FX synopsis, “The FX limited series, American Horror Story, returns for a seventh installment.”

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American Horror Story: Cult (AHSCult) begins tonight with several leaders like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton vying for the role of President of the United States of America; the promises and the scandals that drew in protests, often violent. Hilary saying Trump is threatening the democracy and Trump saying he could shoot and kill someone in the middle of the street and not lose any votes.

November 8, 2016 – Election Night
Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) bows his head in shock when it is announced that Donald Trump just became the 45th President of the United States, winning the most unreal election they have ever seen. Kai says the revolution has begun as the unlikely and nearly impossible is now a reality. He shouts, “Screw you world, U.S.A….U.S.A….” as several other people sit in disbelieve and in tears that Clinton lost and has conceded to Trump through a phone call.

Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) breaks down in Ivy Mayfair-Richards’ (Alison Pill) arms. The news continues to say this victory didn’t come with controversy and splitting the country. Ally sits back as her friends who are a couple argue because the wife didn’t vote. Ivy and Ally’s young son rushes into the room worried that now that Trump is president that they will no longer be married. Ally says that is never going to happen, telling him not to worry as nothing is going to happen to them.

Kai continues with his excitement and pours a bag of cheese sticks into a blender. He carries the pitcher to the bathroom, and puts on makeup. Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) is on the phone with her friend saying this can’t be happening and if she gets pregnant she doesn’t know where she could get an abortion. She is very upset which her friend said is scaring her and tells her not to self-harm again.

She suddenly screams when Kai jumps on her bed with the orange cheese all over his face and eyeliner on. She orders him to get out. They both look at the computer screen saying Clinton will not speak tonight and then they cross pinkies and she asks if she is supposed to be scared now and he says everyone should be!

A young couple are making out in a meadow when she tells him to stop sensing that someone is watching. He laughs and says he knows who it is and its Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch). He tells her the myth of Twisty the clown and how in that very spot decades earlier he hacked a couple to death, and how Twisty doesn’t have a real face any more because a shotgun blast blew half of it off.

Suddenly Twisty appears out of no where, gets down on one knee and pulls flowers out of his bag; the young man pulls out a gun saying he will blow him away. He shoots him three times but Twisty knocks him to the ground and then slits his throat and repeatedly stabs him as the girl shrieks and attempts to run away. He chases her into an old bus and as he is exiting the bus, her phone becomes loud and its the 911 operator; he breaks through the back door and chops her up, leaving her pierced tongue on the road. Twisty reveals the bottom half of his mouth and mutters, “Wrong number!”

It turns out to be a comic that Ally and Ivy’s son, Ozzy is reading; when she insists that he had over what he was reading, she drops the comic book and appears to have a panic attack, cowering in the corner. Ivy comforts her, as she has coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns. Ivy gets rid of the book as Ally apologizes to both of them for what happened as Ivy puts Ozzy back to bed. Ivy assures Ally that whatever is triggering her phobias, they will work through it.

Kai is present for a counsel meeting, he stands up and asks what humans love the most and to what do they give their highest value. He says above all, humans love fear and he knows this because they are willing to ruin their children’s lives with some irrational fear of losing and every day people are choosing fear over freedom; freedom of movement and freedom of congregation.

He is asked what this has to do with the motion, he says fear is currency and they don’t need more cops around, they need less. He says they don’t need to protect the Jewish community, they need to blow it up because they need to feel scared.; fear will release them from their desires and bullshit needs and they will come running like children and the few who do run back willing to give them unlimited power to protect them. He says he is just telling them what he sees happening in the world.

One of the councilman tells him this is just a blip, and tells him to get out of his parents basement and meet a few people who are not like him; insisting he is the one afraid, not them; the motion is passed and the next order of business starts. Kai walks away saying there is nothing more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man.

Ally meets with her psychiatrist, Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) and talks about the fear of the clowns as well as confined spaces and blood particles in the air. She says she doesn’t have a fear of coral, but explains its the holes in it, as its repulsive. She says since election night everything has gotten so much worse and reminds her of that night in college when she couldn’t leave the apartment.

She says she only got through it because of Ivy and she felt safe when Obama was elected, she loved her president and was now included in the discussion and world. He suggests cutting off social media and prescribes some medications, saying she needs them as everyone is uneasy with the state of the world and her actions are extreme and it will affect her child and her marriage. He promises it will all be okay.

Ally goes to the grocery store and can hear Trump speaking, as the cashier, Gary Longstreet (Chaz Bono) says its empty because everyone is listening to the President’s speech; he says they finally have a real man running the country and puts on the hat saying “Make America Great Again”.

She struggles while shopping after seeing the dead pig heads at the butcher counter and suddenly feels like she is being followed by a clown. The overhead speakers squeak but no one responds to when she talks. She takes a moment to gather herself, rushes up the aisle and sees two clowns having sex in the produce section.

She grabs the wall and tries to calm herself again as the music begins to blast and she is traumatized by several more clowns in the store; one chases her through the store on a scooter until she falls screaming in the alcohol and beer aisle. She has a bottle of wine in her hand and she throws it at him as she runs to her car. She calls Ivy, saying someone is trying to kill her; Ivy wants to call the police as Ally screams because there is a clown in the back seat; he smashes her face into the airbag.

Ally is home and Ivy reveals the police are looking into it; saying on the surveillance they only see her screaming and throwing bottle of wine through the store and the cashier never saw any clowns having sex or anything. Ally swears she isn’t making this up, that she was targeted and terrorized. She says its like they knew her fears and they wanted to murder her. Ozzy comes out and Ivy takes him back to bed.

As they look through the books for their restaurant, Ally learns they are far behind in their bills and Ivy says she didn’t know because she hasn’t been there since the election. Ivy says its because she hasn’t tried. Ally is the lovely face of the restaurant as Ivy is supposed to be the back of the house.

Ivy reminds her that they haven’t been intimate in over a month and the orgasm she had was with no help from Ally and she expects more from their marriage. Ivy wants her partner back, the woman she fell in love with and asks if that is something more important than some stupid election; Ally promises she will focus, get this under control and get back to work; this means they need a new nanny for Oz.

As they leave the restaurant, Ally tells Ivy she appreciates her and asks if she has forgiven her; when they continue to argue Kai walks by and throws a drink on them telling them to enjoy their latte. At home, Ally writes the ad for a new nanny and Winter Anderson applies for the job.

Winter flashes back to when her and Kai, wrap their little fingers around each other and he asks her for brutal honesty wanting to know what fills her heart with dread. She tells the couple that she has always loved children; then she reflects on telling Kai what was her worst experience and she says it was a love letter she wrote to Paula Abdul in school and someone stole it and shared it with everyone. Kai asks if she is a dyke. Winter says she is almost done school but took time off to help Hilary with her campaign.

She continues her talk with Kai who keeps revealing her worse moment was with Scotty who violated her. She lies when he asks who was the last person she wanted to kill and she says no one; after he screams at her. Ally and Ivy ask her when she can start. She admits to Kai he is the one she fears the most.

A pick up truck arrives at Virgil’s restaurant, dropping several immigrants off. Kai stands down the road singing a Spanish song, taunting them. He opens his backpack, opens a condom and pees in it; the men shake their head in wonder. He says the wetbacks are not welcome here no more and throws the urine filled condom at them. They rush him and begin to beat him as someone records the beating.

Ally and Ivy are enjoying a romantic dinner at their restaurant, hoping it will put her in the mood later. At home, Ozzy and Winter are enjoying dinner. She asks Oz which one is his real mommy, asking about their dad. He says he was taught to say every family is special in their own way. He is drawing a picture of Twisty the clown with a knife and a dead body and worries she will tell his moms. She asks if he has ever seen a real dead body and when he shakes his head, she smirks.

During dinner, Ally continues to read the tweets from Trump, when she lifts the dome off her plate she sees fingers and blood coming out of holes in a crumpet. She replaces the dome and attempts to calm herself. Meanwhile, back at the house, Winter introduces Oz to the dark web, asking him if he is scared.

Ally looks up from the table and sees a clown having sex. Ivy comes out when the glass hits the floor and asks Ally if she is insane as there was no one there. Ally searches the restaurant for the clown as Ivy insists there is no one there and tells her to stop being ridiculous. She holds Ivy and swears she saw the clown over there. Ivy proves to her that she made her a spinach souffle with truffle oil. Ivy discovers Ally hasn’t been taking her medication as Ally thinks she is going insane.

Ozzy slams the laptop, saying he doesn’t want to see this anymore. Winter begins to ask him about vaccinations, saying this is a vaccination for his brain asking if he wants to be strong. She forces him to watch it while she goes to get some cookies. Oz suddenly hears clown music and an ice cream truck parks outside and several clowns emerge from the truck standing in the street. Oz screams as they walk towards his house.

Ally and Ivy argue about her not taking her medications as they drive towards their house. They rush out when the police hold them back saying this is a crime scene. Ally says they live there and their son is inside the house; both run towards the house, screaming Ozzy’s name.

He comes running over, saying he is fine but points to the house across the street; he says the clowns did it; revealing he called Winter over to see it, but she didn’t see anything either and drags him to the ice cream truck to prove there is nothing, but when they hear screams coming from the house, one of the clowns spots him and closes the door. Winter lifts him up and tells him to say what he sees as the clowns are slaughtering the whole household. With the same masks his mom, Ally saw.

Ivy asks the police officer to take Oz away for a second. Winter says Oz isn’t a liar, he has a great imagination but none of that happened. She says this all happened after he was caught with the Twisty comic book. Ivy reveals he has night terrors and doesn’t even know. Detective Samuels (Colton Haynes) says it looks like a murder suicide and they have nothing to fear.

Ally is startled awake by a noise, she calls for Ivy asking if she heard that and when she turns over its a clown face in her bed beside her.