Animal Kingdom Recap 6/6/17: Season 2 Episode 2 “Karma”

Animal Kingdom Recap 6/6/17: Season 2 Episode 2 "Karma"

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom premieres with an all new back to back Tuesday, June 6 season 2  episode 2 Animal Kingdom recap called, “Karma.” On tonight’s Animal Kingdom season 2 episode 2 premiere as per the TNT synopsis, “Smurf adjusts to being sidelined as the guys scope out their next job. Meanwhile, Deran needs quick cash, with Pope and Craig lending him a hand, and Baz snoops into Catherine’s vanishing.”

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It wasn’t long before someone called Smurf for Help. But Smurf didn’t even think that Craig and Nikki were still together much less living together now however Nikki was the one that called her when the two accidentally set fire to their place. They had apparently gotten high and had left their lit cigarette in the couch in order to take their party into the next room. So Nikki woke up and saw the smoke only the teenager knew she couldn’t call the cops with their situation being unorthodox. And so Smurf had had to come to the rescue.

Smurf talked Nikki through such things like tossing all the drugs, hiding Craig’s gun, and also waking Craig up because he had been passed out. However, Craig later hadn’t appreciated all that his mother did for him. He thought that he was an adult and that she shouldn’t lecture him anymore though the same man flipped out when his mother told him that she wasn’t going to pay for the damages or allow her insurance to cover the fire damage he caused. So Craig had thrown a hissy fit and he had left his mother to deal with Nikki.

Nikki still needed to go to school after all so it wasn’t much of hassle to drop her off. Though on their way there, Smurf did talk to Nikki about her new living arrangements and she had convinced the teenager that she could come stay with her until everything was cleared up at home. So Nikki took Smurf’s offer because Craig’s house wasn’t going to be livable for a while except Smurf hadn’t made that same offer to Craig. She had told her son that he couldn’t move back home and that it was time for him to start taking responsibility.

Yet, Craig had ignored his mother and to make the situation even more laughable he didn’t think he needed her help at all. So Smurf called his bluff. She had called her the person that handles all of her real estate and she had asked that the pass codes as well as the locks be changed on all of them. That way Craig couldn’t use another one of her places to crash and he could honestly be out on his own, but Craig and Deran for that matter were running low on money. The guys all thought that their next score was right around the corner and so they got careless.

Craig blew through his money on drugs meanwhile Deran on the other hand had gone through most of his cash on trying to go legitimate. As it turns out, he wants to buy a bar and so he had told the woman that owned the place that he could get her an all cash offer however he didn’t have it and she didn’t want to hold onto the bar forever. It had been her husband and he had passed away. So she wanted to retire and drop her husband’s ashes into a volcano like he asked which meant she didn’t want Deran wasting her time.

So the widow gave Deran an additional week. She warned him about coming up with the money by then because if he couldn’t then she was going to accept another offer. But Deran hadn’t wanted to lose the place and so he had tried to convince his brothers that maybe they should hit the church sooner. Only Baz said they couldn’t. He told them that if they moved now that they would get a fraction of what they could get much later. So Baz had overruled Deran and Deran had said that he could do his own jobs.

He apparently had hated being bossed around because he thought that was in the past now that they all dropped Smurf. However, Baz and Pope weren’t going to allow Deran or Craig any say so. So Deran decided to case a bank and he was probably going to hit it though Pope stopped him. Pope had realized that Deran had desperately needed money for something and so he had gotten the number out of Craig. And together they helped Deran arrange a smaller job to get him the money he needed in a hurry.

Now the guys ended up robbing a food truck and they had gotten shot at yet they also had some fun for a change. Though Pope hadn’t wanted it to go back to small time jobs and so he convinced the other two to stay with Baz. Baz could be moody and he has become short-tempered since Catherine went missing. So Pope had tried to cut Baz some slack and Baz had thrown that back in his face. He had brought his girlfriend to the house and he barely wanted to raise his own daughter so Pope had to step in Lena as well.

Yet, Baz believed that things were going to get better because he had told Lucy that she was the reason Catherine walked out and so it won’t be hard for him to convince Lucy into being a surrogate Catherine. So at least that’s taken care of and Smurf did being to realize that it was her own fault her kids didn’t want anything to do with her. She saw that she was always pushing J away what with inviting Nikki to stay at the house and so she thrown away her pride to ask J to stay because she couldn’t be alone.

So J agreed to stay at the house and later he agreed to go with her to someone called Manny’s wake, but he had no idea who Manny was.