Big Brother 19 Finale Recap 9/20/17: Season 19 Episode 39 “Winner Chosen”

Big Brother 19 Finale Recap 9/20/17: Season 19 Episode 39 "Winner Chosen"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 19 returns with an all-new Thursday, September 20, 2017, episode and we have your Big Brother 19 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 19 episode 39 Finale “The winner is chosen by the jury.

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Now after a summer of confrontations, romance and epic competitions, it all comes down to this – who will become the final Head of Household and who will make it to the final 2? Nine former Houseguests (HGs) will vote the winner and who did America vote as their favorite HG?

Big Brother Season 19 (BB19) 2-hour season finale begins now!

BB19 continues with the Magical Unicorn Wonderland as Christmas, Josh and Paul fight it out to become the last Head of Household (HoH) of the season. The rules are simple, they need to stand on a tilting cloud while holding the tail of a unicorn. Josh falls at 40 minutes and is thoroughly disappointed in himself; Christmas falls after 54 minutes and Paul celebrates but is in shock. He tells Christmas she is a beast! Paul is thrilled he is one competition away from a spot in the final 2.

Christmas and Josh need to face off in the HoH Competition Part 2 and the winner will face off with Paul in the third round to crown the final HoH of the summer. This competition is called “Knock Em Down” press the button to start the timer and to reveal the first scroll; each scroll will tell you which evicted houseguest they would align with and their job is to attack anyone they are not aligned with by knocking them down with the launching device and crossbow.

When the ones they think are the ones they are aligned with are still standing, hit the button, if its incorrect they need to try again. If right, they need to go on to the next scroll. The player who answers all the scrolls correctly and hits their button in the fastest time will win part 2 of this HoH competition.

Christmas is up first, her mind is scrambled and her heart hurts because she is at a loss in this competition and can only hope she did better than Josh and can move onto the third part of the HoH. He sarcastically asks why he keeps hitting Jessica and Cody? We find out that Christmas’ time was 1 hour, 39 minutes and Josh’s time was 1 hour, 32 minutes. Now it will be Josh versus Paul in HoH round 3.

Paul talks in the private room thinking he might actually win the game while Christmas lays in the backyard in tears feeling she lost and talks about whether she will be remembered as being exceptional for staying with the broken foot or will she be the one who was carried through because of her broken foot; she wants to win because her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she wants to use the money to buy her mom a house. Josh is excited and can’t believe he is in the final 3 and is determined to win the final HoH and choose who he should take with him to the final 2, hesitant to bring Christmas but at the same time wants to make a big move and get Paul out of the house.

In the Jury House, Dr. Will meets with the jury members as they discuss the final 3. Cody says Kevin is the one to be joining them because he is the nicer one of them all. Alex says she hopes its Christmas because if had the chance she would break her other leg.

Kevin joins them and he goes around and hugs everyone; Raven says she knew it would be Kevin but Mark scoffs at her saying she just said it was Christmas and that just defines the Puppetmaster of the summer. Raven calls Mark a drama queen and he says Matt shouldn’t be proud of not doing anything this whole game; Mark loses his mind when he is called a sulker! Kevin smiles and jokes there is more happening in the Jury House than there is in the BB house. Jason says Kevin should have knocked Paul’s teeth out and Alex says he should have snapped on Paul for lying to him.

They talk about Josh and no one wants to reward his “bad behavior”, and the only thing he has done in the game is existed. Cody says at least Josh took action and said what he thought to his face while Paul hid behind closed doors. Kevin said Christmas used her broken foot to be carried through as Cody says she was carried through and got the crippled pass; everyone feels she used Jason breaking her foot as her game plan. Some says her best move was aligning with Josh and clearly did something right as she is still in the house.

Kevin says Paul is a veteran, he manipulated and outsmarted everyone and should be the winner. Cody says Paul was given the game on a silver platter and when confronted about the advantages he had, Cody says the Halting Hex and Battle back weren’t that much of an advantage to him; Matt feels he was the only one who was never put on the block this whole season.

Mark and Elena do not like that how Paul played the game even though Raven defends him, saying everyone lied in the game – its Big Brother! Elena admits she is a bitter juror, Paul overplayed and abused relationships and made it a personal challenge to make every juror feel belittled by him. Raven says this is all part of the game; when asked, Alex is reluctant to say she was lying. Mark says Alex didn’t lie to people’s faces where Paul did. Raven asked if they are playing Big Baby, Paul tricked everyone there except for Cody and he played a good game. Matt says no one is going to tell him that Josh played a better game that Paul.

Will asks if they are all just sore losers, and clearly the final 3 are better players than they are. Jason admits he is a sore loser. Everyone agrees Paul worked hard but some don’t respect the way he worked. Raven babbles about Christmas returning after surgery and she knows how hard it is to stay in that kind of environment. Will tells them they have to pick one of the final 3 and reminds them they have questions for the final 2 and suggests they make those questions count!

Its time for Paul and Josh to compete in the HoH, after which they will have to immediately decide who they want to evict and who they want to face off for the half a million prize. Part 3 of the HoH is called “Scales of Just Us” and to win they have to prove just how well they know the members of the jury.

Julie will read the beginnings of statements made by 8 members of the BB19 Jury house and she will then give them a choice of 2 possible endings; every correct answer gets 1 point and whoever had the most points after 8 questions will be the final HoH.

Round 1, Paul gets a point. Round 2, Josh gets it right. Round 3, both Paul and Josh get another point. Round 4, Josh gets it right and takes the lead 3-2. Round 5, neither one of them gets it right. Round 6, neither one gets it right with Josh still in the lead with 3-2. Round 7, Josh gets it right which means he is the final HoH of the summer; he cries and then cheers as Christmas wraps him in her arms. He now needs to choose who he is going to compete against for the win!

Josh is the final HoH of the summer, he now has to choose who he is taking with him to the jury. In the living room, Josh will cast his vote after they each plead their case. Paul says he shook his hand from day one, saying he kept him safe when he needed to and watched Josh’s back a lot and hopes he will keep him safe in the game now.

Christmas says Josh is her meatball, and Paul is friendship Paul and she loves them both. She says she is honestly walking out of there with an experience she will never be able to do again and thanks them for that. Josh is guaranteed at least 2nd place and the $50,000 that comes with it.

Josh stands at the front of the living room and thinking about Jury and how many people he has pissed off in jury and apologizes to Christmas, saying he has a better chance with Paul at his side. He loves her and thanks her for being his rock calling her a bad ass and killed everyone with kindness and grace and he would never win beside her. Its a game decision and he is doing this for his family; all 3 hug her as she is evicted.

Christmas joins Julie outside while Paul and Josh hug each other, celebrating their win to the final 2. Christmas breaks down, saying she is proud of Josh because he always acts with his heart and he finally started to think strategically and he was right that she may have won over him and he made the ultimate game move. She thinks he has a better chance winning with Paul at his side. She says she would have had a totally different game if she hadn’t broken her foot as she loves competing and hopes people sees that no matter what the circumstances she is proud of herself and people should always do whatever they put their mind to.
Julie welcomes everyone back and the fate of the final two rests in the fate of the jury; all the jurors join Julie on stage, currently unaware who the 9th juror is. Mark and Jason both say its Christmas and are right. They learn that Josh won the final HoH and Raven is totally shocked that Josh was the one who evicted Christmas. The Jury questions begin…

Elena confronts Paul about bullying tactics, asking him why that was necessary and how did it serve his game. He said he didn’t bully and spoke up on behalf a lot of people, he felt he was a mediator for many of the other players.

Matt asks Josh to tell the jury that they are wrong about him lacking strategy and what was his biggest game move. Josh claims to be a super fan and says his biggest move was the social aspect of the game. Josh admits he had an alliance with Alex and Jason along with Christmas and Paul. He said he had to evict Christmas and Alex because if he didn’t they surely would have beat him in the end.

Alex wants Paul to explain how last season he played based on friendship and this season he built up friendships only to destroy them. Paul feels he wanted a lot of friendships in the house but unfortunately a lot of people turned they backs on him or he found out about conversations about getting him out. He tried to help people as much as he can and there was a misconception that he would toss his game for someone else, and he never said he would do that; he didn’t want to stretch his neck out to allow someone to step over him.

Cody asks Josh to prove that he played his own game more than playing Paul’s game. Josh says he worked with his dad’s advice that told him to allow his business partners to feel like they have the control, so they will want to invest more and feel safer. He didn’t want people to think he was a threat, playing down his intelligence and how much he knew the game. Cody is smiling at the answer.

Jason asks why Paul would unnecessarily lie to their faces just before going to jury. Paul says he did everything he said he was going to do, but when the house was determined to get rid of someone, he would have been outnumbered and couldn’t have helped any how. He used other people to do the dirty work just in case he needed to help the following week and used them as a security blanket.

Mark asks Josh how his breaking down, crying and apologizing helped him in the game. He said one of his game moves was to expose people’s games. He wanted to stay true to himself and one of his strategies was to expose people’s games but admits he didn’t feel good about it because he liked everyone in the house, but it was his strategy and it got him to this point.

Christmas asks Josh who he would rather evict Peppi or Crutches? He says Peppi because he would storm around and chase down with creepy Christmas hugs and drive him nuts. Peppi for sure! Paul and Josh are now given a chance to tell the jury why they deserve to win BB19.

Paul says the second he walked in the doors he was at a disadvantage and the odd man out. He had to play completely different than the previous season; he had a hand in every single HoH and was always involved in setting up the house’s target. Once he established himself, he sat back and played the social game by letting the right people win and allowed them to shoot at each other. He explains how the final 3 would end up with him in this position and how his pivotal power moves pushed him forward and never once touched the block this whole season and that is how to strategically play Big Brother.

Josh thanks God for making his dream come true. He had to put targets on people’s backs and expose their games so others could see the shady game they were playing. He explains how he aligned himself with Jason and Alex as well as Christmas and Paul. He admits that Alex played a great game. He gets nervous, saying he adapted to the game, played fearlessly and gave it everything he has. He says he laid low and didn’t let them know he was the biggest fan nor how intelligent he was; being underestimated was the best thing to happen. He played a loyal game and played the hell out of the game and hopes that was respected.

Voting begins, Cody is up first and says he will stay true to his word. Elena says “cut scene, there is no jury management.” Mark congratulates both of them. Matt says he is voting for the person he feels simply did more in every aspect of the game. Jason says they both aligned with him, but somebody has to go. Raven says she is voting for the person she thinks played the best game.

Alex says they said it was just a game and that they would be friends afterwards; if that is true, then let’s be friends. Otherwise she is voting for the person who stabbed her in the front instead of the back. Kevin says he is proud of both of them for playing a great game and congratulates them for being in the final 2. Christmas says she loves them both and is very proud of them both, its been a long summer and this is 100% game move. The voting is now complete!

Jessica, Ramses, Jillian, Cameron, and Dominique join the stage who have watched the whole show and know the whole truth. Jessica wants the jurors to know that they should have listened to her when she said Paul had an alliance with everyone, except for Cody. No one meant anything to him and often referred to himself as the Puppet Master and he played them all; but did a great job and all of them let him do it.

Julie says several of them told the Diary Room (DR) that they trusted Paul throughout the competition; and now they see Paul in the Dr room too; every single player this season is on camera admitting they trust Paul while he says he has strung all his puppets, has made them shiny and can make them all dance. Julie reveals everyone laughed about the tape except for Cody. Jessica says if she had to vote, she would vote for him because he played a great game.
Julie asks Paul who the hardest person to evict, he says he had friendships with everyone and he had to choose between friendships and the game; so he never gives a definite answer. Julie reveals that Josh was also a sneaky player who revealed everything in his goodbye messages to the evicted houseguests. Paul tells Josh he sucks! Int he BB house, Josh and Paul are no longer holding hands.

Josh says he did it for them to know this was all about the game. He was loyal to Christmas and Paul and the goodbye messages was about explaining the plan and the game. Paul shakes his head and says its a bit cowardly, but he ended up crediting Paul with everything.

Cameron was surprised about the amount of showmances and seemed like no one was playing for themselves; they were either playing for each other or playing for Paul. Cody hasn’t seen Jessica in 5 weeks, he feels good about her and still wants to be a couple with her; he’s waiting for this all over and hug her. Jessica is happy to see him and was rooting him on from the outside and wants to be in the relationship even more now!

Its time to crown the winner of the most volatile and dramatic seasons in the history of Big Brother; the winner will receive $500,000 and the runner up will win the $50,000. Julie reveals who they voted to win, they will need at least 5 votes to win.

Christmas voted for Paul. Kevin voted for Paul. Alex voted Josh. Raven voted for Paul. Jason voted for Josh. Matt voted for Paul. Mark votes for Josh. Elena votes for Josh. Cody votes for Josh.

JOSH IS THE WINNER OF BIG BROTHER 19 (BB19). Josh is congratulated by all the jurors and players as Cody and Jessica finally share their first moments together in over 5 weeks.
Josh says he has no words as he did it for his family and blows a kiss to his mom; he thanks Christmas and Paul for helping him win the game. Julie jokes that he is once again the bride’s maid. He is shocked and doesn’t know how he came up short again this year. It was a tough spot, the only vet in the game and if people didn’t see that he doesn’t know. He isn’t sure if they were voting emotionally because the stats were there.

America had voted and chose Cody as America’s Favorite Houseguest and is going home with $25,000. Cody says it doesn’t make sense as BB host Julie Chen announces that Celebrity Big Brother is coming this winter on CBS.