Big Brother 19 Premiere Recap 6/28/17: Season 19 Episode 1

Big Brother 19 Premiere Recap 6/28/17: Season 19 Episode 1

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 19 returns with an all-new Wednesday, June 28 premiere and we have your Big Brother 19 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother premiere as per the CBS synopsis, “Season 19 begins with the 16 houseguests being introduced and entering the compound. Once inside, they encounter tempting offers for money, power, and safety that could change the course of the game on the first night.”

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Big Brother Season 19 returns with Julie Chen sharing that the house guests will be enticed by more temptations and face more consequences than anyone in the history of the game. How they handle the twists and turns will determine who will be evicted and who will be the last person standing.

Julie welcomes everyone to the 2-night premiere event announcing that before the night is over, three tempting offers could turn the house upside down. Will one house guest claim $25,000, the biggest cash prize awarded on premiere night? Will a former fan favorite get back into the game? Or Will a house guest be sent packing tonight? It will depend on if these house guests will give into temptations?

We are introduced to the first 8 guests: Christmas (35) a fitness trainer and author from Raleigh, NC. Jason (37) is a rodeo clown and an auctioneer from Humeston, IA. He says being away from his young son will be a huge sacrifice and needs to keep the end goal in mind. Alex (28) is an eco-friendly marketing representative from Camarillo, CA. She has a lot of hobbies including go-carting and crocheting. She is a video game freak and feels that is what will help her win the game.

Kevin (55) is from Mission Hill, MA. He is married 31 years and a stay-at-home dad of 7 children, of them are girls. Dominique (30) is a nuclear engineer from Woodbridge, VA. She says she has to be tough as a woman of color in this position; her religion is a huge part of her life, even making youtube videos about God.

Mark (25) is a personal trainer from Buffalo, NY; the gym is his life, admitting he may look intimidating but he is a teddy bear inside. His grandparents raised him after his parents passed away as a child. Elena (26) is from Fort Worth, TX and a radio personality who reveals she is 100% unfiltered and could be an issue in the BB house. Her mom advises her to think before she speaks. Ramses (21) is from Grand Rapids, MI.; he is very open about being gay and proud to be a nerd. He is a cosplay artist but is not antisocial.

Julie welcomes the house guests, reminding them there is $500,000 waiting for the person who can avoid eviction and make it to the end of the summer. Inside the house there are temptations that could distract them from their goals like alliances, shomances or maybe something else. They are told to say goodbye to the outside world as they are about to spend 3 months in the house.

Alex, Mark, Ramses and Elena are sent inside first; they race through the house exploring rooms and picking their bedrooms. Elena learns Mark knows how to play chess and asks him to teach her. Jason, Dominique, Kevin and Christmas enter the house; mark is quickly intrigued by Christmas and her physique, saying she has muscles he didn’t know existed and she could probably throw him on her shoulders and do some squats.

Kevin knows he will end up being the father of the house, as he is much older than the rest of them. The house guests are wondering where the other guests are, or if there is a twist in the game already.

Cody (32) is from Dallas, TX and he is a former Marine and US Air Force, now working in construction sales. He has acquired many skills in the military. Raven (23) owns her own dance studio in DeValls Bluff, AR. She also owns W.I.G. (Women Investigating Ghosts) where they go into people’s homes to see if there is anything paranormal going on. Josh(23) was born in Miami, FL, he is very proud of his Latino roots and is a hair care sales representative. He is sure he has what it takes to win.

Megan (28) is a dog walker in Phoenix, AZ. She also joined the military, was trained in the Middle East and became an interrogator. She is sure this has prepared her to win in the BB house. Cameron (24) is a microbiologist from Woodbridge, IL. He thinks he is the triple threat because he is athletic, nerdy and social. Jessica (26) is from Los Angeles, CA who is a VIP concierge; determined to use her looks to get ahead in the game. Her father passed away 2 years ago, and she feels she is going to win this for him.

Matt (33) is a renovation consultant from Arlington, VA, he is loyal to a fault and hopes that won’t come back to hurt him during the game. Jillian (24) lives in Las Vegas, NV she is a timeshare sales representative. She lives with her entire family, who does everything together. After a trip to Europe, her family went to Tijuana to have weight loss surgery; joking, wondering who does that.

Julie greets the remaining 8 guests, telling Matt, Raven, Jillian and Cameron are told to move on in. Christmas is digging Matt’s silver hair as they meet with the guests who have already settled in. Cody, Jessica, Josh and Megan are the last to enter the house. Cody sees Jessica and feels his plan is thrown out the window with distraction; but Josh also feels Jessica is smoking hot.

Ramses has a good vibe from Alex and Megan, they talk about being super fans to gain trust from each other. The guests pour champagne and celebrate finally being there; they take turns introducing themselves.

Outside the house, Julie shares BB’s summer of temptation is on its way and before the night is up, the house guests will be tempted by money, safety and power; but it all comes with a cost. The house guests are called into the living room, Julie tells them to enjoy being there for now. She reveals the big twist is the biggest, wildest and most tempting summer in the history of the game and it all starts right now; how the night plays out depends on how they deal with these temptations.

Outside, they find BB’s Garden of Temptation, Julie tells everyone to pick a pod. She asks who could use $25,000; this temptation is very simple, each has a button in their hand, when the light turns green in front of them, whoever hits the button first will win the money. The catch is if the money is accepted, it will release the first twist will be unleashed and its the first time it will remain up to the guests and whoever pushes the button will remain anonymous though.

Kevin pushes the button, claiming the $25,000, releasing the first twist into the game coming with 2 consequences, one personal and one for the entire house. Kevin is not eligible to with the first Head of Household (HOH). The consequence that effects all of them, will be revealed later; some are frustrated that someone pushed the button.

Julie reveals to the audience that there is about to be a 17 house guest who is a former fan favorite. As they discuss the consequence, the doorbell rings and Paul from season 18 arrives; everyone hugs him and a lot are thrilled he is there.

Jason realizes someone is going home, as there are only 16 places at the table. Cody doesn’t like this and wants to evict him as soon as possible. Paul isn’t there to be friends, wants to get off the radar and get rid of people quickly. Jillian joins Alex, Megan and Ramses who all agree that Paul is vet and he cannot stay. They have a vibe and are not going to form an alliance but just a group thinking strategy.

Julie calls the house guests back to the living room, she welcomes Paul back and confirms he is back in the game competing for the grand prize like the rest of them. Paul only knows that if someone took the temptation, he was back in the game, he isn’t simply moving into the house to play the game, he is there to take one of their places. This is the first ever BB swap!!

The second temptation of the night is SAFETY, if they want to stay in the game, they need to tempt Paul. He was all about friendship last season and that is more true tonight that every before. He is told to go to the storage room get the box, and not open it until she tells him to. He opens it revealing 9 friendship bracelets inside, one for Paul; the 8 who receive bracelets will remain safe, leaving the other 8 in jeopardy of going home.

Paul paces the floor while he has the power to keep 8 house guests safe. All the guests have private time with him trying to convince him to keep them. Paul decides he needs to make this as fair as possible by splitting the bracelets evenly between guys and girls; he needs to mix nerds, beasts and in-betweens and he needs to see who is going to crack.

Julie calls the house guests to the living room, where Paul stands in front of them, choosing Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses and Elena. Josh says he trusts Paul because its the best thing he didn’t get a bracelet distancing them from each other. This leaves Cody, Matt, Megan, Alex, Josh, Cameron, Jillian and Christmas who still have a chance to save themselves when they compete for safety; Julie tells them to get dressed and head outside.

Outside the 8 are prepared to battle for safety, dressed in their bathing suits; tempted by the Fruit is the name of the game. They are set to battle each other for safety and by the end of the competition, 3 of them will be on the chopping block and one of them will be evicted.

They need to step onto their trapeze bar and grab their balancing rope and hang on. Their trapeze will raise and the last persons standing will win the competition and be safe from elimination; if they fall off they need to steal an apple from one of the serpents in the yard; 4 are good apples, giving them safety and 3 are poisonous putting them on the chopping block. The longer they hang on, they will get clues to where the good apples are. They need to wait until the winner is declared to see which apple they have.

Jillian falls first at 3:29, she remembers Julie’s clue, “You’re more than likely to get a safe apple from a red snake than a yellow snake.” Megan falls at 6:05 and picks an apple. “One of the yellow apples is safe.” Josh falls at 7:25. Cameron jumps off at 9:40 but forgets all the clues. “At least one of the yellow snakes is holding a safe apple” is the next clue; Christmas jumps downing feeling if you are too good, you will be picked off right away. She jumps down at 22:02.

The ropes are shortened as 3 house guests Alex, Cody and Matt remain on the trapeze bars. Cody plays with Matt’s mind, and Matt drops after an hour of being there. He takes an apple as Alex and Cody are fighting it out for the win; Cody plays with her mind too but Alex doesn’t fall for his promises, saying she doesn’t need a man to win it. Alex falls at 1:25:22 and Cody wins the competition, securing his safety for the night.

The 7 open their apples: Alex is safe, Matt is safe, Christmas is poisoned, Cameron is poisoned, Josh is safe, Megan is safe and Jillian is poisoned. Christmas, Cameron and Jillian find themselves on the chopping block. Could the third temptation change the course of the game?

The house guests are called back to the living room to learn what the third temptation is. They final temptation is one of power and is only offered to Cameron, Jillian and Christmas; they are given the opportunity to choose how their fate will be determined. In the hands of the housemates, or take the power into their own hands and face in a battle for safety with their fellow block mates, whoever loses goes home.

They cast their votes in the diary room; Jillian says she would like to have the vote as she feels she can’t beat Christmas. Cameron says he wants competition, wanting the fate in his own hands, not trusting any of these fools. Christmas would like to compete but chooses the vote to see where she stands with the other house guests. Julie reveals that by a vote of 2-1 tonight’s eviction will take place by an eviction vote. She encourages the 3 block mates to campaign for themselves.

Paul can only vote in an event of a tie; everyone goes to the diary room to vote. After everyone is done, Julie shares that the votes are in, once she reveals who the evicted house guest is, they have a few minutes to say their goodbyes and leave.

With 2 votes to evict, Christmas is safe; by a vote of 8-3 Cameron is evicted from the BB house. He hugs several people, grabs his bag and heads to the door, heart broken that he was only there for 12 hours.

Don’t forget Big Brother 19 continues tomorrow night with the first Head of Household (HOH) competition happening. On Sunday, a brand new twist will be revealed in the Den of Temptation, beginning tonight viewers can choose a house guest to enter the den and be offered a temptation, but once a house guest is offered a temptation they cannot be offered another and the first temptation is the pendant of protection which will protect the holder for the next 3 evictions. You must remember each temptation comes with a consequence.