Big Brother 19 Recap 7/23/17: Season 19 Episode 13 “HoH and Nominations”

Big Brother 19 Recap 7/23/17: Season 19 Episode 13 "HoH and Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 19 returns with an all-new Sunday, July 23, 2017, episode and we have your Big Brother 19 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 19 episode 13 “The new Head of Household moves into their HOH room.

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Big Brother Season 19 (BB19) continues tonight after Cody wins the Battle Back and returns to the house. It is Day 30 and Jessica excitedly welcomes him back. Cody feels he has a lot of blood on his hands from his reign as Head of Household (HoH), and promises to listen to Jessica this time around. Paul is a bit frustrated that he got Cody out of the house once and now has to do it all over again.

Jessica and Cody sit together in private where she tells him they have to win the HoH competition. She tells him Kevin had her back but they need to get Josh out of the house, after he threatened to send her home if he is HoH next. Jessica also tells him Jason has been so good to her and America gave her the power after he was evicted and she can literally halt any eviction for the next few weeks; he is pleasantly surprised.

She reminds him not to do anything stupid and he is going to play the game HER way. Jessica tells him Paul, Christmas, Josh and Alex need to go. He agrees to make any move she wants and she says her move is to win HoH.

Paul and Christmas feel they are back at square one and Jessica and Cody are a super threat. Everyone sits together and agree they need to win HoH to work on removing Cody and Jess. Josh refuses to start the pot again, thinking maybe Mr. and Mrs. Meatball have been through enough already. Paul reminds everyone that Cody is still Public Enemy #1 and they need to rally the team and evict Cody again; its 10 against 2 and if they drop the ball, they blew the whole game.

Alex calls everyone to the backyard for the Head of Household competition; she is dressed as a police officer. Paul is worried that his Pendant of Protection is gone this week; he needs to win this HoH to put the house back in order and remove Cody. Cody knows he is the target of pretty much everyone in the house.

Alex tells everyone they are to hold up their red traffic light disc with a glove and pole; they are to stand on their platform and keep the red disc in place for as long as possible, if the disc falls they will be eliminated. Once a Houseguest (HG) is eliminated they must choose a HG in the game to be punished; the last player holding up their red disc wins the HoH. Christmas is allowed to compete tonight.

Kevin drops his within 17 seconds; Alex calls him over. Mark drops his red signal at 25 seconds; Paul drops his next. Kevin chooses to punish Cody, saying its nothing personal; a trash man comes over and dumps it around Cody. Elena is standing next to Cody and can’t handle the smell of the garbage. Mark says he loves Cody but chooses him as well. Randy comes out and is screaming at Cody for holding up traffic, Cody isn’t distracted because he’s use to the yelling from being a Marine.

Paul follows the trend and picks Cody; the construction crew arrives and begins to dump concrete all down his back. Cody says he can tune this out. Jason drops his red signal at 2 minutes; he chooses to attack Cody’s princess, Jessica. A graffiti artist spray paints her back.

Elena says this is the longest she has done without talking and drops hers at 4 minutes. She decides to punish Cody; Harry the Hotdog Vendor arrives and pours ketchup and mustard all over Cody.

Christmas’ cast is digging into her shin and tries to block everything out to win HoH. Matt falls at 5 minutes; of course he chooses Cody, more garbage drops on him and Jess says this is just fueling her fire.

Raven drops her signal at 17 minutes and the Yoga man returns to scream at Cody. Cody doesn’t mind being punished because every time someone punishes him, it is one more person he doesn’t have to beat. Josh drops his at 38 minutes. He picks Jessica to be punished; she gets tar dumped on her back as Josh shouts that they are a bunch of meatballs. He’s the only one shouting from the sideline at Cody and Jessica; everyone laughs as he constantly calls them “meatballs”.

Jess tells Christmas if she wins HoH, they will not target her. Cody agrees but Christmas doesn’t trust them and won’t make any deals with them. Paul tells Elena to tell Josh to tell them not to take any deals. He tells Christmas and Ramses to not take the deal, he will give them whatever they want.

Cody is eliminated after 1 hour 24 minutes; he chooses to give the punishment to Ramses, the graffiti artist returns and sprays his back. Ramses is eliminated after 1 hour and 49 minutes. Jessica and Christmas battle it out for the HoH win.

Ramses stands beside Alex and chooses Jessica to receive the punishment; she gets covered in mustard and ketchup. Christmas is in such pain but is the HG’s last hope that Jessica doesn’t win HoH. Christmas’s red signal drops and Jessica wins HoH after 2 hours and 52 minutes. Jessica says this is a game changer for her and Cody and now she doesn’t need to use the Halting Hex this week.

Jessica shares how special it was to win the competition today as it was 3 years ago that day she lost her father, and he was the one who got her hooked on Big Brother. Christmas is upset that she didn’t win and feels responsible for whoever goes home this week; she is furious she fell short and cries. Josh feels this means he is going on the block and can only hope the person next to him is the bigger target. Paul is sure he is going up on the block and now has to work extra hard to protect himself.

Jessica says everyone should worry as she has all the power this week. Paul gives her respect for winning; Paul feels he is serious screwed this week and is pressing the panic button. Kevin says Josh is a good kid deep down but he is very immature. Kevin jokes to Jason they are just going to put up Josh twice. Jessica tells Christmas she meant what she said; she plans on honoring the deal with Christmas and play the opposite of what Cody did.

Christmas tells Josh to remember they still have the Power of Veto (PoV). Josh has a few more things up his sleeve. He lays on the couch outside the HoH room. Jessica tells Cody that Josh is waiting out there and she has nothing to talk to him about. Cody comes out of the room and tells Josh neither one of them have time for him and don’t want to talk. Josh feels this is a sign he is definitely going on the block.

Raven and Matt come to see Jessica; she wants to say whatever Jessica wants to hear but she doesn’t trust Jess nor Cody at all. Jess tells them she genuinely wants to repair their relationships. She is butt kissing to ensure her and Cody are safe next week because she doesn’t want to use the Halting Hex until she needs to.

Mark and Elena tell Jess they are happy for her after the week she has been through and he will do everything in his power to stick to the original plan and he loves them. Jess says every bromance has a fight; Elena feels Cody tarnished any alliance they could have had. Cody feels Mark is the person he trusts the least in the house.

Jess knows this is only because she is HoH, her and Cody have been betrayed before and they will not go through that again. Cody and Jessica talk about who they will nominate and who they cannot trust in the least.

Paul talks to Cody and tells him he only went after him because he took the first shot; that was it. Cody says after they both made Maverick moves, it would look petty for him to have Paul put up on the block again. Cody feels Paul is legit and suggests if they team up together, they could go really far in the game. Cody is going to pretend fences have been mended as Paul says he wouldn’t trust Cody if he was the last person on this planet. Cody admits he is emotionally disconnected from these people he once thought were close.

Paul watches as Kevin wraps himself up with plastic wrap. Paul says its not good for him, its mushing his organs together and at his age it isn’t safe. Kevin says it is an old trick from the East; go to bed wrapped in cling wrap and in the morning you look as great as if you had weight trained.

Jessica says the goal this week is to make a move for the longevity of the game. Josh is the obvious choice. Cody suggests Josh and Ramses as Ramses could be a pawn since he doesn’t have connections in the house. She knows what she wants to do… cut off the head, but the safe move is to cut off the butt. She thinks its too risky to take out Paul as they don’t have the numbers. Jessica says Paul is vulnerable since his Pendant of Protection has run out.

Jessica calls everyone to announce her nominations. She brings in the block and nominates Ramses and Josh. She nominated Ramses, asking him not to take it personal as he isn’t her target this week, just a pawn. She feels Josh he has played a dirty and disgusting game in the BB19 house, he doesn’t deserve to be here and she can’t think of anyone better to take him out than her; he nomination ceremony is adjourned.