Blue Bloods Recap 10/27/17: Season 8 Episode 5 “The Forgotten”

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, October 27, 2017, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 5, as per the CBS synopsis, “Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a single mother whose ex-husband has a history of violence. Meanwhile, Frank deals with the fallout when Mayor Dutton eliminates solitary confinement in prisons; and Jamie’s efforts to save a young woman who overdosed on drugs lead to unexpected consequences.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) talking to Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) about prison riots happening because inmates are acting out for removing solitary. Frank wants to know if it the inmates or correction officers acting out in protest?

Garrett gets off the phone with the mayor’s office, who says this is an experiment that’s having an unstable launch. Frank says if an experiment blows up, you shut down the lab; Garrett tells him the mayor needs to hear that from him. Frank tells Garrett to set up the meeting for Frank and Sid, not Garrett.

Dt. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Dt. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) arrive at a crime scene where Jessica Rossi, was murdered and it looks like she was cut ear to ear, and discovered by her older son, Nick. Danny realizes her three children are home and goes to speak to them.

Nick, the oldest son, tells his brother Steve to take their little sister Nicole into the dining room. Nick wants to help and retells them what happened, and how he found her. Nick reveals that his father moved out a year ago and no one has heard from him since. He asks if this is how he is always going to remember her; Danny says no, but it will take some time.

Officers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) come upon a traffic jam, where they find a woman unconscious in a locked car. Janko calls for an ambulance, while Jamie gives her some narco, but she doesn’t wake up, they continue CPR waiting for help to arrive.

Danny and Baez are back at the precinct, talking about Jessica’s ex-husband, David Rossi and the million dollars she won in their divorce; Baez shared that Nick willingly took the stand against his father reporting that their father verbally and physically abused him and his siblings. Danny says it’s time to pay a visit to the abusive husband.

Jamie wants to stay at the hospital until the teen, Gina wakes up, but the nurse tells him, she is spending the night and suggests they inform her parents. Eddie tells her that she is 18 and legally an adult. The nurse warns them that she will probably wake up sick and escape, but Jamie says they will make sure she doesn’t. As they are leaving, Gina opens her eyes; she says she is fine and wants to know where her car is. Gina says she is fine but claims she doesn’t remember where she got the heroin from.

Frank and Sid have a meeting with Mayor Dutton (Loraine Bracco), who is very defensive for her actions. She didn’t expect her changes at the prison would create such conflict. Frank tells her she needs to reinstate the option of solitary confinement, Dutton doesn’t like Sid and wants to know his role there; Frank tells her he is the one he turns to when he wants to know what is happening with the “boots on the ground” and he is making him available to her.

Sid informs her that this change is elevating the rights of the “felons” over the CO’s ability to safely do their job. Frank says they are there to protest her policy as it’s a dry run with live people involved. Dutton says 40% of prison suicides take place in solitary, not to mention the cost to the taxpayers for the facility. Frank warns her that at the end of the day some may not live and if it is a CO or one of his officers, there will be hell to pay; he corrects himself saying if it’s any life over this experiment.

Jamie and Eddie are walking through the park when he says he doesn’t like the “miracle drug” because it makes an OD seem less threatening. Eddie sarcastically jokes that it must be nice to be so perfect when Jamie admits he never got drunk and drove or smoked a little pot when he was younger. He thinks that Eddie might see a bit of herself in Gina.

Danny and Baez go to a construction site to see David Rossi. He says Jessica never had any enemies but admits he has a few. David gets very angry, saying he wouldn’t kill Jessica only for his kid to find her; but when Danny asks more questions, David calls out Charlie, his attorney who orders Danny to leave. Danny says only guilty people keep lawyers on retainer and David says only idiots wouldn’t will cops like him.

Jamie escorts a handcuffed Gina out of the hospital, she asks him not to contact her father as he tells her she needs a lawyer. He suggests she contact her parents; she says she screwed up and asks Jamie for his advice. He tells her to tell her parents, then learns she was a soccer player, who got hooked on her pain medications after an injury. Jamie says he will call her parents to come to the precinct to meet her.

Danny and Baez look through the phone records and find that he had an incoming call right around the time Jessica was killed. Baez informs him that it was Nick who called him right after he found his mother; which means Nick lied since he said he hadn’t spoken to his dad in over a year.

Gina’s parents are at the police station, Jamie gives them a few minutes before he has to put her in a cell. He tells Officer Johnston (Scotty Crowe) that he will be back in 5 minutes to process her. Her father approaches Jamie and offers him money, saying Gina can’t stay in there. Jamie tells him that is a felony and her bail will be set at arraignment tomorrow.

Garrett and Frank are talking about Dutton and the COs, who say they like Dutton, except she apparently has an issue with one of them, who happens to be a woman. They are interrupted when Dt. Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) announces that the lockdown has been lifted an hour ago, but fighting broke out 20 minutes ago and a CO was stabbed in the neck, above his vest. He is critical but stable; Frank leaves to go see the officer.

Danny returns to see Nick, who again says he spoke to his dad a year ago. Danny reveals he knows he called his dad and asks him for the truth. Nick admits he lied about his dad at the divorce hearing because his mother told him to tell the judge that his father hurt them and was dangerous to be around. He finally says his dad never laid a hand on any of them.

Jamie apologizes to Eddie, saying it’s clear the girl is clueless. He asks her for her help in processing Gina but when they come around the corner, Gina is lying dead on the floor; Jamie drops to the floor desperate to save her.

Frank tells Dutton he is pulling his people in 24 hours and tells Dutton to call the Governor to bring in State Troopers and the National Guard; she says she doesn’t take orders from him. He says he doesn’t work for her, he works for his officers. He tells her the Governor has the authority to fire him, she knows that; but he just wanted to remind her.

Jamie is brought in for questioning by the IAB, he says she was just a kid and needed her parents. He is told that his attitude isn’t going to help that he and his partner failed to follow proper procedure. IAB says they don’t work for the hospital, they work for NYPD and feel Jamie is responsible for administering the narco into her system. Jamie responds by saying had he not initially saved her life he wouldn’t be in this mess.

Danny and Baez find out there was no sexual assault nor forced entry, so it must be someone they know. The death was quick and done by a tool you would find in a tool shed, not a toolbox; something meant for gardening like a machete.

Eddie finds Jamie at a bar, who encourages him to move on as Gina’s parents are suing. He informs Eddie that it wasn’t a second OD that happened; Gina was still dying from the first one. She says the hospital is at fault and Jamie did the right thing, for treating that girl like a human being. Jamie feels they both should have stayed out of it, but Eddie says they can play the what if game all night but it’s not going to change the fact that Gina is gone.

During the family dinner, Jamie stresses about all the OD’s happening more frequently. Nicky (Sami Gayle) says three kids from her class have died in the past year as Danny’s son says kids in his grade have died too. Danny says the kids are doing it to themselves as Frank says education is a start; Erin (Bridget Moynahan) agrees, saying that it’s drilled into young minds about drinking and driving, but not about heroin and other drugs. Jamie tells his nephews to “bust” their friends as they normally would, call them out on their actions.

Jamie shares that he is pissed off at their screwed-up system. Erin tells him he will save some and lose others, it comes with the territory. He is overwhelmed with guilt, feeling his best wasn’t good enough. He asks her to tell the IAB that.

Danny and Baez come to see David at home, saying Nick gave him an alibi and they want his help. He gives them 2 minutes saying Joe doesn’t do the lawn anymore, and probably went to find a day laborer to do the yard cheaper; Baez knows where to go. They show photos of Jessica as one of the men says he gave the job to some guy who hasn’t been around lately; they drive him to the location where the man is working.

When they arrive at the house, Danny is forced to give chase as the man runs away when he sees Danny’s badge. He attempts to hit Danny with a shovel who arrests him.

Baker walks in, asking Frank if he was expecting the mayor; informing him she is in the elevator. Dutton comes in, pointing her finger at Frank saying the Governor wants to see anyone but Frank as Police Commissioner. She was given no backup and was forced to reinstate solitary confinement against her better judgment.

Frank smirks as she said she painfully had to defend him. She gives him a revised proposal, saying Dt. Clarisse Bromwell changed her mind. She asks Frank to look over the proposal as she would appreciate his thoughts, he agrees. She reminds him that no one is indispensable – not him nor her.

Jamie comes to the cemetery but stops when he sees her parents at Gina’s grave. He is about to leave when they ask him to join them. They tell him not to apologize as they aren’t suing the NYPD anymore. Her mother thanks, Jamie, because if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have been able to see their little girl, to hold her and touch her before she died. Jamie lays the flowers down as they say they owe no one, but him for those moments.

Danny returns to see David, saying they caught the guy who admits that Jessica caught him in the upstairs of the house and she didn’t live to tell about it. David asks if Danny always makes house calls.

Danny said he didn’t come here for that, he says they have something in common, sharing that his wife died a few months ago too and left him with 2 teenage boys; and his job is to make sure he can be the best parent those boys can have. David says his kids don’t want that from him and Danny asks if he really believes that, reminding him that Nick called him when he didn’t know where to turn and says David is wasting that opportunity, apologizing if he is out of line. David wants to do that as Danny tells him to put his big boy pants on and be a father again, as his kids could use one.


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