Blue Bloods Recap 11/17/17: Season 8 Episode 7 “Pick Your Poison”

Blue Bloods Recap 11/17/17: Season 8 Episode 7 "Pick Your Poison"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, November 17, 2017, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 7, as per the CBS synopsis, “Eddie’s judgment is clouded by her past when she arrests a loathed acquaintance from college on questionable charges; and Frank is hesitant to mar the spotless record of a member of the force, a decorated U.S. military veteran, who tested positive for marijuana.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with FDNY leading Detectives Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) to a male who is bleeding from his abdomen. Danny asks Lee, the patient if he knows who did this to him, but EMS says if he knows he isn’t saying as they are “losing him;” another NYPD officer says they have the perp in custody. Danny approaches the man in handcuffs who says he is owning that the “monkey is dead and has no regret!” He turns to the crowd that is mostly African American and says he couldn’t see that he was an “old ape” as he wanted to get himself a young one, but before a riot can break out; Danny and Baez take him away. People are screaming for the racist to be locked up as he is yelling he wants to live in a monkey free country.

In the Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) office, Frank is reviewing a file, he looks at a Devon, a member of the NYPD who has a spotless record and is a decorated military veteran; who tells Frank he cannot terminate him for testing positive for marijuana. Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) says it is not Frank’s choice as it is department policy. Devon says he legally bought and used the pot in Colorado, but Frank says that is just a pain in the ass excuse. Frank informs him there has is no precedence for this but it is illegal in the NYPD, all city agencies, under state and federal law and cannot look the other way.

Dt. Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) walks Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) into the room, who informs Frank that he has some bad news; apparently, the mayor found out about Devon’s predicament and “wants in.” She is pro-legalization and demands to know their next move, leaving Frank no choice but to speak to her before she leaks it to the press.

Officers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) chase two men down the street, but when they get separated, one manages to shove Eddie into a fence as she asks a spectator for help; but he just watches. She hits him in the leg and cuffs him, when Jamie rejoins her with the other suspect, she calls the “numb nuts” over and realizes she knows him. His name is Skip Fuller (Drew Moerlein) and when he is shocked to learn she is a cop, she says she has never been happier to be one and orders him to put his hands behind his back, arresting him for refusing to aid a police officer.

Baez and Danny attempt to talk to their perp but he calls Baez a Jalapeno and when she informs him that he has the right to a lawyer he talks about sending over some Jew, who will find out he killed a monkey and they will tell all the other Jews in the courthouse and the next thing you know, he will be swinging from a tree. He tells them he will spill the beans on more crimes and murders as soon as he gets citizenship medals for taking their country back; Danny says he will go get the medal right away so he can shove it up his ass.

When Eddie tries to process Skip, Jamie asks their Sgt to give them a second, he wants to know what her beef is with him; she denies anything is going on. Jamie isn’t so sure what he saw is enough to put Skip in the system, she says leave it to the system and asks Jamie to trust her.

Frank and Sid meet with Mayor Margaret “Maggie” Dutton (Lorraine Bracco). She looked up Chief Jones, saying he has quite the record with the NYPD. Frank reminds her that if he ran his department off what the headlines said, his people would have caused a mutiny a long time ago. Frank suggests she waits to bring this up the flagpole until he makes an informed decisions, but she feels she doesn’t want to stay silent on archaic marijuana laws. Frank stands up and says he is looking out for his office and this is an NYPD matter PERIOD and leaves.

Danny and Baez enter into a building titled “REAL SAMARITAN”, they announce that they are detectives and speak to Kyle Wentworth (Peter Mark Kendall), informing him they have a warrant to seize the effects of Wayne Pitny. He says that Pitny was there for barely a week and they cannot link him to them as they didn’t know him. Kyle says he will give them Wayne’s stuff but they have to promise him protection; Baez scoffs at him, saying their whole thing is how tough they are, what does he need them for. He says they pay a service to the community and the local precinct has a duty to protect them.

Kyle admits he used to be a police officer but now he is free from the PC crap and is cleaning up the community; Baez asks by getting rid of the blacks and the browns but he says by getting rid of the gangs; and he didn’t make it that way of them coming in those colors.

Jamie goes to see Skip in lockup, who informs him what happened between him and Eddie. He said it was a hazing thing and Janko was kind of an innocent bystander. It was if a pledge was hooking up with a girl during a party, it was a thing to snatch the naked girl and parade her around the house, and Eddie was the girl. Skip wasn’t the guy who snatched her, he was there but didn’t do anything. He says it was 10 or 11 years ago, but Jamie feels it may not seem like that to Eddie, there were no charges, but a review. Skip owns a bar and worries he may lose his liquor license and Jamie feels maybe it’s a good thing that a frat boy like him doesn’t get to serve liquor. Skip demands a lawyer while Jamie says he will talk to his Sarge about getting justice for fratboy.

Tyrell Green (Guyviaud Joseph), head dirtbag of the get-cash boys, comes to see Danny at the precinct out of concern about the Real Samaritans. Danny doesn’t want to hear what he has to say, suggesting he stays away from them, in fact, says if he goes near those guys, it will be a bus ticket back upstate for him. Tyrell says if NYPD isn’t going to do their job, then step aside and let someone else do it. Danny is disturbed by his words “Stepping up” because it could be a direct quote from anyone sitting at the table at his family dinner.

Frank meets with Devon Jones again, who is furious, insisting that someone tipped off IAD on him. Devon demands they look into it, Garrett and Sid continue to argue with him until Frank orders them to stop. Frank confronts him, asking if this is the only time he has ever been high and when he admits it wasn’t; Frank tells him to shut up about it. Frank tells Devon to admit he screwed up and fall at the mercy. When Devon protests, Frank asks him if he really wants to become the mayor’s political football and for this to be his legacy of service? While he is waiting for an answer he orders Sid to find a way to stall the press.

Jamie is at a bar with his sister, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), and they agree to play it by ear, just as Eddie arrives. Eddie knows Erin isn’t just there for fun; they reveal that Jamie took the collar for Skip Fuller and released him and Erin explains she agreed to it to keep the two of them out of a jam. They reveal that they know her history with Fuller but as she sits back she reveals that they posted photos of her as well. She feels that not only did he just stand by, but he made sure the humiliation went on and on. Jamie apologizes as Erin explains Eddie would have perjured herself but Eddie felt it would have been worth it because he took that choice away from her about who can see her naked body. Jamie says she can’t get her payback by pressing false charges against him. She finishes her drink, asks if it is on them and leaves.

Baez and Danny argue about the Real Samaritan group and what they stand for; neither of them agree what they stand for but Danny doesn’t see a serious problem with Green, an ex-cop ending gang violence. Danny’s phone rings as he is offering to grab a drink with Baez; their plans are quickly canceled when they learn Wayne Pitny just killed someone in Rikers. Danny calls for help for the Real Samaritan office but when they arrive it has already been ransacked.

Kyle comes in from the back, claiming he saw half a dozen black guys taking off with their stuff. Kyle says he cannot ID any of them, but picks up a bat and points it at Danny, saying he let this happen. Danny orders him to put it down before he has a bigger problem than this; asking him what did he expect moving into a predominantly black neighborhood with a sign that says “whites only”? Kyle claims Wayne isn’t his boy as Danny suggests he finds another neighborhood. Outside, Kyle tells Danny he is done trying to run the “zoo” his way, as it doesn’t work and he is the new sheriff in town and has a permit to carry his weapon as a last resort.

During family dinner, Henry “Pops” (Len Cariou) talks about when he was a cop, he used to smoke a reefer but there wasn’t any random drug testing back then. Frank swears that he never, ever tried smoking drugs, saying it started out as a bet but he seen so much stupid stuff with his friends that he never saw the appeal. Frank is conflicted that as NYPD policy, he has to terminate him but if he was just citizen Jones having a joint in the park, then practice would be to just tell him to put it out. Erin says any wink Frank might show, will open a HUGE can of worms but Danny feels Frank should let the chief fall on his own sword for the short term, like make a show of it, and once things have blown over, bring him back.

Kyle sits with Danny and Baez, looking at mug shots, but he swears he was half a block away in the middle of the night and doesn’t recognize any of them. He knows who the “get cash” boys are and he knows what Danny is trying to do, but when he gets them he will get them by righteous force. He tells Baez it was the job that turned him into this judgmental racist. He respects the uniform and that is why he took it off, so that is why he can now call a spade a spade. He claims to have good judgment and leaves.

Jamie apologizes to Eddie, and as she walks past him, Skip Fuller stands up and apologizes for his part in what happened. She snaps on him saying, no matter what he does, he will always have people behind him saying he is a good boy. She orders him to stay out of her sight when he claims that she doesn’t know him at all.

Devon meets with Frank, Sid, and Garrett, who reveals he did meet with the Mayor who offered him a position if he is terminated. Frank tells him he cannot let this slide, and his hands are tied and no one hired him for his voice. Frank tells him if he can’t meet him halfway, then all he can do is thank him for his service.

Baez and Danny meet with a lawyer who warns them that if they don’t protect the Real Samaritans, he will be filing a civil suit on their behalf. Mr Goldman warns Danny that he knows who he is, as well as who his father is. Outside, on the streets, the Real Samaritans are dressed up with bats, pipes and bars, saying they are walking the streets. Kyle tells him, that none of the right mind citizens count on the cops any more; as they begin to walk a car filled with people comes slowly around the corner.

Kyle approaches the car as Tyrell and his guys get out of the car. He tells Tyrell and his gang to climb back into their trees, admitting that he is calling them monkeys. Danny takes a pipe and smashes the taillights from the car, calls out Tyrell’s name saying he was in a car with inoperable taillights and is in the company of people that would be a violation of his parole, which will send him back to prison if he doesn’t get out of there.

Danny informs Kyle they don’t have “stand your ground” statutes in New York and he has observed him and his friends in a threatening manner, armed with implements that can be used as dangerous weapons. He says that Wayne killed someone in prison and his ass would make a sweet replacement; he orders him and his men to get inside and make some travel arrangements.

Frank and Devon come to see Mayor Dutton; Devon thanks her for being there for him during this challenging time. She says she has 2 reporters on their way in and Frank says this is an NYPD matter and they choose to keep it this way. Devon says they have agreed on the course of action, a period of suspension (TBA) and outpatient rehab, then he can return to work. He has to do mandatory drug tests. Frank says as difficult as it is, it is his duty to enforce the laws regarding marijuana use by their officers. She claims he is giving her smoke and mirrors. He wishes her a good day and leaves. Devon thanks her again for her support and also leaves.

Jamie wants Eddie to admit that he has her back, she refuses, They get a call on the radio and respond to it; when they arrive, people are running out of a bar. Jamie cuffs one of the men outside while Eddie goes in and learns the men outside was sexually assaulting them and the bartender was protecting them; Eddie puts on gloves, gets a rag and helps him, sees his face and realizes it’s Skip. He asks if she set it up. She says no and he says he stepped up. She tells him that she heard. He asks her if they are even. She punches him in the broken rib and tells him they are good and hushes him.

Danny and Baez learn that video showing Green and his crew clearly went in and broke the glass and coming out right away, but the precinct sat on the video evidence. He understands why they would sit back, but they are supposed to protect and serve no matter what. She interrupts him with a photo on her phone. They arrive at a crime scene where Kyle and 4 other men are dead, along with other gang members. Danny admits he doesn’t buy that it was the job that made him a bigot; he just wasn’t the man for the job!


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