Chicago Fire Finale LIVE Recap: Season 5 Episode 22 “My Miracle”

Chicago Fire Finale LIVE Recap: Season 5 Episode 22 "My Miracle"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, May 16, season 5 episode 22 Finale called, “My Miracle” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire episode as per the NBC synopsis, “In the Season 5 finale, a warehouse fire puts the team at risk; Dawson’s (Monica Raymund) dad overstays his welcome; Casey (Jesse Spencer) fights for his first responders bill; Mouch (Christian Stolte) makes a major life decision; and Herrmann (David Eigenberg) goes to tremendous lengths to make a young boy smile.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 5 episode 21 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Alderman Mark Blakeslee speaking on how Alderman Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) wants to take their tax dollars and hand it out to his buddies in the CFD and he announces that he plans to stop Casey.

Matt Casey stands up and says he is not a typical politician, but a firefighter for the CFD; members of the community are not impressed with him saying they need funding for schools and not for his friends. He attempts to calm the unruly crowd who won’t let him speak.

He returns home to his father-in-law, Ramon Dawson (Daniel Zacapa) asking him to join him on the couch to watch TV, but he declines saying he is beat; but Ramon pushes his buttons telling him it would be great if he could buy skim milk instead of 2%. Matt goes into the bedroom, closes the door and asks his wife, Gabi (Monica Raymund) how long her father is going to stay with them. Gabi isn’t sure, saying its up to Ramon and welcomes him to life with the Dawsons.

Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) asks Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) if he can have a word with him and its clear Cruz hasn’t forgiven him for the 60 day suspension. Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) observes the awkward exchange. The alarms sound and the crews are called out to a vehicle accident.

As Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) drives the rig towards the scene he asks Lt. Matt Casey if it is normal to leave the southside of the bridge up? Matt tells Otis to extinguish the fire while Herrmann climbs onto the side of the van to comfort the young boy inside who cannot move because his arm. Herrmann climbs inside the van but his crew quickly runs out of extinguishers, as the flames spread and the other crew is 5 minutes out.

Mouch sets up the ladder and Matt tells Herrrmann they have to move; he apologizes to the boy, saying they have to go and yanks him up to safety. As Gabi and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) attend to their young patient, Hogan (Jason Drucker) who is upset that all his cards are inside the burning van. Herrmann learns they were mostly all autographed cards of the Chicago Cubs.

Back at the firehouse, Mouch attempts to talk to Cruz again who brings him to the coat room to talk. Mouch wants Cruz to know he tried his best and he is sorry but Cruz harshly tells him he trusted him but now he knows he is so out of touch with how the system works, he has to call his little brother and tell him he can’t go to college next semester. He tells Mouch he tried but try making that phone call; Mouch is left speechless.

Herrmann asks Gabi how the boy is from the accident, she says the fracture was pretty bad and may need surgery. Matt approaches her and wants a specific date as to when her father is gone. Gabi says he needs his daughter but Matt insists he needs tough love; when they disagree on how to deal with it Gabi storms off.

Matt stands at the front of the firehouse and shares all his woes with Kelly Severide who is just laughing at his dilemma. Matt tells Severide to ask his wife how long her dad is staying because he can’t. Matt changes the subject and wants to know about Cruz. Severide feels he is off in his own world and Matt feels his heart is in the right place but his emotions are ruling his day and time off is exactly what he needs.

Alarms sound for the ambulance and Matt tells Severide they should do this more often because life is too short. Severide agrees and Matt apologizing because he didn’t mean to make him think about Anna (Charlotte Sullivan).

When Gabi and Sylvie arrive to their call, they learn the police were called too because she has a tenant that is whipping someone. Gabi refuses to wait for the police and kicks the door in, they find their patient whipping himself with a cat of nine tails. CPD rush in after he shoves Sylvie into the wall. Gabi tells them to hold him down as Sylvie injects him with a sedative; they tape him up and prepare him for transfer.

Tamara Jones (Holly Robinson Peete) meets with Matt revealing Blakeslee wants the funds for his gold coast beach renovation and knows Matt’s proposal will win hands down so he threw some mud in the water making it look suspicious that a firefighter would want a first responders bill.

Matt reveals Mark Blakeslee is presenting it next week and Matt hasn’t even had a chance to present his side to full council. Tamara tells Matt to figure out a way to give Blakeslee what he wants so Matt can get what he wants. He tells Tamara to make it to next town hall and tell him how it goes as he is on shift.

Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) approaches Severide, telling him if they cannot keep an extra man on Squad 3’s roster, having Jason Kannell (Kamal Angelo Bolden) makes it complicated but he is leaving it up to him to choose who goes into the floater pool; Severide agrees that the best man gets the job. He observes some of the squad joking around at the table but notices Cruz staring outside alone.

Severide approaches Cruz, asking if he is okay. Cruz says he is okay but Severide tells him it doesn’t seem like it. Cruz sarcastically tells him that he is there and looks away from him. Severide tells him the city of Chicago thanks him and walks away as Cruz makes the call to his little brother, Leon.

Mouch learns the job Nick told him about, selling gas detectors is his if he wants it. He is told how the company plans to expand to clothing, boots and not just equipment as Mouch nods. He tells him it sounds like a great opportunity and is given until the end of the week to decide what he wants to do. Nick leaves as Mouch listens to everyone laughing and joking in the other room.
Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 22 ‘My Miracle’ Recap Part 2

Herrmann arrives at Chicago Med to visit Hogan, he has a Cubs cap in his hand; the two sit together as his parents laugh over their memories of the Cubs winning the World series. Herrmann promises to get him all the cards he just lost in the car fire; but suddenly Hogan starts to seize and stops breathing as Herrmann watches on helplessly; it appears he had a bad reaction to some of his medication.

Cindy (Robyn Good) follows the noise to her basement and sees Herrmann had made a disaster with tubs open and stuff all over the floor. He learns his baseball cards are gone because he sold them in a garage sale back in 2002. He says utoh but you can see the determination in his eyes.

The following day, Herrmann goes to Wrigley Field, and attempts to bribe the security guard with the cookies his wife, Cindy made that morning. Meanwhile, at Molly’s Ramon continues to drink beer after beer and Sylvie comments they will have to name that bar stool after him.

At another table, Cruz is drinking shot after shot; Severide suggests he should slow down but Cruz shouts he doesn’t have to pay for them since Mouch will. When he shouts that everyone’s drink should be on Mouch, Severide tells him to get it together or find somewhere else or maybe find something else. Cruz looks at Severide and yells, “Loud and clear Lieutenant” and leaves the bar; Herrmann looks annoyed and concerned.

Oliver meets Matt, who says he knows his bill is good for the city and has nothing to do with self-interest. Matt tells him as long as he can help his people, he will help Oliver too. He says he will pledge his support of Matt tomorrow at town hall. They shake hands and give each other their word when a drunk Ramon comes to their table saying Gabi and Matt have told him all about Oliver and his double dealing.

Matt attempts to stop him but Ramon says Matt thought he was disgusting and Oliver tells Alderman Casey to keep his bill and leaves Molly’s as Ramon tells him to slither back from wherever he came from. Matt is so angry when Gabi says her father didn’t mean that; he tells her he will find somewhere else to sleep tonight.

After the bar has closed, Herrmann asks Mouch what is going through his mind. Mouch talks about Scott Bell who was a great firefighter for the CFD who died in the Superior fire. Herrmann says out of the 30 in his class only 3 of them are still in active duty and all the others either retired or died.

Herrmann says he shouldn’t let Cruz get to him and Mouch says its about him, not Cruz. He feels old and asks what he is doing. Herrmann says he is doing what he was born to do; Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) comes to see what her husband is doing. Mouch and Trudy sit and he says he is thinking its time, she smiles and nods as their foreheads touch. Mouch goes in the CFD locker room, looks at the photos in his locker and sighs and sits on the bench thinking.

Gabi tells Matt he is selfish for not coming home, but he says he texted her saying he was sleeping at Severide’s. She closes the office door and says this is not how marriage works, they talk things out and Matt angrily says it also involves listening and she isn’t doing that. He is furious that his bill will probably die today no thanks to her father. Herrmann interrupts them asking if they could go for a ride as it is kind of urgent. Matt tells Herrmann to do what he has to do because he has something else he needs to do.

Sylvie finds an upset Gabi in the bathroom, she tells her Ramon is crashing at their house and Matt has had enough and didn’t come home last night. Gabi admits her dad has been an ass but its so difficult to see the man who has always been the family rock crumbling in front of her. Sylvie tells her she needs to say exactly that to Matt right away before she misses the chance.

Hogan is released from the hospital and Herrmann, Mouch, Otis and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are outside to greet him with the firetruck. Herrmann says he wants to give him a real experience and offers to take him on a ride in the firetruck, his parents say its okay. When asked where they are going, Herrmann says they are going to finish what he started and tells Otis to hit it.

Oliver is in the middle of trash talking Alderman Casey to everyone at town hall when Matt shows up in his fireman gear, he says this bill has nothing to do with him being a fireman but him as a human being. He says first responders deserve to know when they show up the city has their backs if the unthinkable happens; admitting some men and women who answer the bell don’t come home.

He likes being a firefighter and the truth is his job has gotten in the way of being an Alderman and a husband and that isn’t okay for the best city of America. He announces he is stepping down as Alderman and nominates Tamara Jones as his replacement and urges for them to vote for her as she will not go unheard. He tells her to get up there and let the crowd know how she feels and she does as everyone claps and cheers for her.

Herrmann brings Hogan out to Wrigley Field where he meets Kris Bryant who says he heard Hogan may be missing an autograph and signs his cast. He meets Jake Arrieta and Mike Tirico. Hogan asks an honored Herrmann if he would sign his cast. Over their radios they learn of a factory fire and race off.

All crews arrive and before things get hectic, Mouch informs Herrmann this is his last shift as he is retiring. Boden says his gut gives them 4 minutes in the building. Matt looks at Gabi before he rushes inside as Severide and his team take the back. They rush through the burning building to get as many out as they can. An explosion comes through the roof and Boden orders all firefighters to evacuate the building.

Herrmann yells for Mouch to get out but he collapses to the floor and Herrmann yells MAYDAY and thinks Mouch is having a heart attack. Herrmann starts chest compressions and Boden orders Cruz to stand down. Cruz begs to go back in as Matt attempts to come out with a patient, there is another explosion trapping them inside. Boden learns Severide can’t help them either as they are blocked. Sylvie tells Gabi to stay focused as they always make it.

Herrmann announces they are surrounded by fire after the last explosion and Cruz insists they can get them. He tells Capp and Tony to get a hose line and runs towards the building with Cruz until a fireball at their entrance stops them. Cruz screams no as Boden holds him back. Boden tells Herrmann to leave Mouch and orders Matt to evacuate anyway he can.

Severide and his team try to break through the brick wall as Cruz cries to Mouch that he has to get out of there. Herrmann says he can’t talk and Cruz continues to cry telling him he is so sorry and he can’t die on them. The building is almost fully engulfed in flames as Gabi watches in horror. Herrmann shouts “NO” as he looks into Mouch’s eyes and Matt watches as the wall bubbles saying he hasn’t found an exit.

Matt asks to speak to Gabi, he removes his mask and asks if she knows how much she means to him. He says he wanted to hear her voice and she tells him to stop talking like that, put his mask on and get out of there. He tells her she is the best thing that has ever happened to him; she begs him not to say it but he wants her to remember them happy and together. He tells her she is his miracle as she cries he says he loves her as the fire surrounds him.

The End!