Chicago Fire Recap 3/28/17: Season 5 Episode 17 “Babies and Fools”

Chicago Fire Recap 3/28/17: Season 5 Episode 17 "Babies and Fools"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, March 28, season 5 episode 17 called, “Babies and Fools” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When similar car accidents uncover the fact that someone may be targeting innocent people, a determined Dawson takes matters into her own hands to help push things along; Severide does everything he can to make Anna feel welcome.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 5 episode 17 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) approaching business partner, Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) about the pub crawl happening the upcoming Saturday and he wants to enter Molly’s; Otis says no because he doesn’t want to deal with all these drunks throwing up behind Molly’s.

One of Lt Matt Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) constituents arrives angry that he is being ignored. He appeases him encouraging him to put his complaints in writing, as Matt apologizes to Marcy the alarms sound, and they are called to a vehicle accident.

At the accident site, they realize it is a woman and child; a huge chunk of concrete is sitting on the seat, they assume it hit her in the head as she was driving. Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) talks to the young boy, Zach in the backseat; he asks where his baby sister, Layla went; Gabi Dawson (Monica Raymund) gasps.

Gabi organizes bystanders and firefighters, while Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) takes care of the mother; they begin a search for the baby, believing she could have been thrown out of the car at any point. Her little brother wants to help, but Severide wants to keep him close to him.

During the search, Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) says maybe the concrete fell off the bridge. One of the searchers tell them to be quiet, as they all hear a baby crying, she is stuck under a grate. Joe moves the grate as Gabi yells she is okay; Severide tells Zach he saved her life; Gabi stares at the bridge.

At Chicago Med, Severide introduces Zach to Anna (Charlotte Sullivan), saying she will be the one who will take good care of him. Back at the firehouse, the firefighters and paramedics are shocked at how the baby was perfectly safe in a sewer grate and Zach only had minor injuries but the mother suffered head trauma. Herrmann says, “God looks after babies and fools!”

Gabi asks Joe if he reported the concrete possibly being from the bridge? He says he did but doesn’t know any more than that. Matt talks to Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) apologizing about the constituent earlier, saying he is constantly harassing him. Boden tells him to keep him more than an arm’s length from the firehouse.

Herrmann and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are busy working on the pub crawl poster, when Otis protests about it; Gabi says to do whatever they want, as she is preoccupied.

She tells Sylvie that the cop on the accident case says none of the witnesses seen anything weird so he put the accident at the bottom of his pile and only wanted to talk about the miracle baby. She can’t let things go and wants to go back to the scene, asking Syvlie to come with her to take another look around. They inspect the bridge, Gabi walks down the street seeing two more spots where concrete has fallen.

Gabi and Sylvie do a test drop of the concrete, just about killing Cruz. Their little test proves that someone threw the concrete, it just didn’t fall. Boden brings in CPD Officer Luke Rosin (Sean Ramey) and Severide, and Gabi shares that the crash wasn’t an accident, but Rosin says they are not sure of anything. Gabi pushes Rosin who says this case just became a priority.

EMS gets a call while Tamara (Holly Robinson Pete) visits Matt because his constituent is causing problems at the community center saying he isn’t taking any of his calls. She tells Matt that he can’t choose his constituents and he needs to hear him out before he just brushes him off.

Otis, Kidd and Herrmann meet with one of the people running pub crawl. Herrmann is ready to give the buy-in fee of $500, but they are then told everyone pitches in for marketing costs, which is an additional $2200. Otis again voices his discord, but Kidd and Herrmann convince him to do it.

Gabi and Sylvie bring in Gerald to Chicago Med. While talking to another paramedic, she sees that his good samaritan is the same one who was at her accident that morning with the baby; when she tries to talk to him, he runs off.

Gabi, Sylvie and Officer Rosin meet with Chicago Med’s psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) who says it sounds a lot like “hero” syndrome. Gabi says it is really demented that he would cause the accidents not out of malice but to come out as a hero. Dr. Charles says its not a term shrinks like to use, but he hears what she is saying; there is clear tension between Gabi and Officer Rosin.

When they climb back into their rig, Gabi is hit with the disgusted thought that the baby didn’t miraculously fall into that sewer grate; he put her there. He caused the wreck, carelessly removed the baby from a car wreck not knowing if she okay to move and dumped her into a storm sewer. She tells Sylvie when they find him, they are going to have to keep Gabi restrained.

Matt finally goes to see the man, listens to his issues with the construction outside his window for months. Matt notices that he is a Marine and as they discuss what is going outside; Matt offers to talk to them, although they seem to be following the law. Matt comes to talk to the foreman who completely ignores Matt, telling him the guy is a headcase and orders Matt off his job site as he has work to do.

Gabi returns to the hospital to see the mother unconscious while the husband holds Layla and has his hand on Zach’s shoulder. She doesn’t say anythign and leaves quietly.

At Molly’s, Herrmann and Kidd are encouraged, while Otis says it is a disaster. Soon the bar is filled with patrons and Herrmann says if he knew it was like this he would have done it years ago. Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) says he is going home because the bar is over crowded.

Severide comes to the hospital to see Zach, as Anna explains what all the injuries were. As they continue to talk, Zach suddenly starts coughing and his chest hurts. Anna yells that they need to intubate while he has seizes and has no vital signs. Severide keeps calling to his buddy.

After all the trauma that happens, Anna tells an upset Severide that little Zach was drowning in his own blood. Severide says he is glad she caught it, but she says he isn’t out of the woods yet.

Matt is at home with Gabi when he learns that the apartment complex they are building has no permits, and they are plowing it ahead so they can force the city to stamp their approval. Gabi is shocked that actually works and Matt says he is not going to let them get away with it. He is determined to get the whole project shut down.

Gabi shares that she is not happy with Officer Rosin, since she is doing more investigating than he is. She found the bike shop where their suspect gets his jackets, while Rosin is going through hundreds of hours trying to see if the suspect is involved in any more accidents. She kisses Matt and tells him she will see him at the firehouse.

Severide brings Anna something to drink, while she is in a corner very upset. She admits to him she misses her friends back home. She loves her job and being with her but she can’t rely on him for everything.

Gabi arrives at the bike shop, asking for information about a guy who wears the exact patch he does. She reveals she is a paramedic and not a cop. She arrives at the precinct and gives Officer Rosin the name of their suspect. He says he will check it out, she says she has 20 minutes, he tells her she isn’t coming with him, but he gives in.

At his address, no one answers the door; he tries to ask the neighbor about him but she ignores him. Gabi jokes that people don’t like to talk to cops, but they do talk to paramedics. He says he will get a car to stay outside the guy’s place. As they get into their own vehicles, their suspect, Scott stands behind an SUV, watching both Rosin and Gabi.

Herrmann comes to see Otis who is eating in another room for some peace and quiet. He wants to know why Otis is in such a sour mood when Molly’s made a fortune the previous night. Otis is mad because every time he suggests something for the bar, Herrmann shuts him down.

Otis says they have owned the bar together for 5 years and friends for many more before that, but he hasn’t give a single idea a chance; but the second Kidd comes along with an idea he is willing to fork out thousands of dollars. Otis gets up and walks out of their conversation.

The alarms go off for a vehicle accident, but when they get to where the accident is supposed to be, Sylvie doesn’t see anything. Gabi screams “Brett” as they both attempt to avoid the concrete block being thrown into their windshield.

Matt is calling through the radio to see if his wife, Gabi and Sylvie are okay. They both get out safely, but Gabi pushes for the fire truck to stop the suspect on his motorcycle. As he heads down the on ramp the firetruck blocks him. Herrmann and Matt grab him and Matt orders Otis to call for back up. Mouch grabs Gabi, telling her it is over. She shouts at him that he is going down.

Cruz talks to Severide about a Chicago Med lab tech he is interested in. Severide says Anna is thinking of going back, Cruz says he needs to show her around and Chicago is the greatest city in the world.

Matt comes to see his constituent, promising to fight this until the bitter end, but it takes appeals and connections. He apologizes for letting him down, but he learns it is the toilet outside his window that is the real issue. Matt pays him to have it moved and gives him the thumbs up.

Severide brings Anna into the bar, just as she is ordering her drink, Herrmann and Kidd reveal the new disco ball. Severide brings Anna out to the skating rink, where he shows her how to skate and she says it isn’t so bad. They hold hands and skate as he shows her the Chicago skyline. She says this is really great.

Maggie (Marlyne Barett) calls Gabi to let her know Zach was being released to day and it looks like his mother is going to be okay too. Matt says she saved an entire family and caught a psychopath, all in a day’s work. She tells him not to sell himself short, he listened to a man’s problems and went to bat for him, that is what matters.

After they kiss, Gabi asks him if they are ever going to be a family; something she has been thinking about ever since Louie left. Matt puts his hands gently on her cheeks and says they are a family; Gabi nods and they kiss again.