Chicago Fire Recap 5/9/17: Season 5 Episode 21 “Sixty Days”

Chicago Fire Recap 5/9/17: Season 5 Episode 21 "Sixty Days"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, May 9, season 5 episode 20 called, “Sixty Days” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Cruz finds himself in a bad spot when an off-duty incident begins to unravel, prompting Mouch to step in and offer help in hopes of avoiding serious consequences from the CFD. In other events, Casey goes head-to-head with a big politician to get his measure for first responders passed.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 5 episode 21 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins with Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) explaining the ins and outs of the firehouse to Jason Kannell (Kamal Angelo Bolden); Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) watches as Cruz says they are glad Severide isn’t taking any time off after the death of his girlfriend, Anna (Charlotte Sullivan) because he doesn’t really take good care of himself.

Severide bursts in the room and gives them orders to top up the tanks. Kannell thanks him for taking a chance on him and when he offers his condolences, Severide tells him his visor is filthy. Connie (DuShon Monique Brown) calls Cruz into Chief Wallace Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) office.

Boden asks him to close the door and informs him he has learned Cruz has been charged with “conduct unbecoming” after the incident where he got into a physical altercation with the club patron at his second job; Cruz is shocked he even knew he was CFD.

It was his tattoo on his upper arm that gave it away and now he is subjected to a hearing with the CFD that could give him anything from a slap on the wrist to dismissal from the department. Cruz insists he didn’t do anything wrong but Boden says it is out of his hands.

As Boden tells him he has until the end of the day to decide how he wants to proceed, the alarms sound and everyone is called out. Squad 3 arrives at the stadium and find an electrician hanging from the top with his arm trapped among the cables.

Severide tells Cruz to get 2 lines ready so they can both repel down to get him. Cruz suggests he uses Kannell instead; no one notices how distracted Cruz is. They manage to lower him to the upper deck; Kannell tells Severide it was nice work but Severide tells him to descend with him next time in case he runs into trouble.

Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) runs into a former CFD firefighter, Nick who sells gas detectors. They share stories of knee injuries and how his job allows him to stay close to the CFD without running into fires. He suggest Mouch could join him but Mouch says he isn’t ready to leave just yet.

When Squad 3 returns to the firehouse, Capp (Randy Flagler) is excited to show Kannell how their dryer works. They place their jackets on top and it will blow them dry; Cruz apologizes when there is only room for 4 jackets on it but Kannell is okay with that.

Lt. Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) asks Kannell how his first shift is going, he says its okay. They sit and talk about the measure Casey is trying to implement to help first responders. After receiving a call, Cruz approaches Mouch about the charge he is facing, telling him he is facing 60 day suspension or more. The drunk club patron, Davey says if the department doesn’t do something, he is going to sue them. Mouch thinks it is nuts but Cruz says this will ruin him because he is already strapped for the school loan to his younger brother. Mouch reassures him saying he will speak to the legal guy at CFD, promising he will help.

Gabi Dawson (Monica Raymund) comes out of the laundry room and is greeted by her father, Mr. Dawson (Daniel Zacapa). He hugs her saying its a sad day when a father has to show up at his daughter’s work just to see how she is doing. He is upset that her mother gets to see her but he doesn’t because he was the one who wanted the divorce. He says everyone makes mistakes and she promises to call him next week for dinner.

Chief Boden calls Severide into his office; Casey is already there. He wants to know how Kannell is working out and tells him CFD likes a 5-man squad and they have to do everything to make him feel at home.

Casey says they are looking out for both him and Kannell as they both have been through a lot; Severide says he is there to work and if Kannell is not, he should stay home saying this is a firehouse and not group therapy. He stands up and tells them to get off his back and let him put Kannell to work.

In the kitchen, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) shares with Kannell that they do not make decaf coffee there and he doesn’t need to make another pot. She then giggles, saying she was pranking him and it is decaf. Kannell doesn’t laugh and asks her if that is her idea of a prank; she admits she isn’t good at them. Kannell says he is very good at them and she just drew first blood.

Mouch and Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) see an interview on TV with Alderman Matt Casey on it, and everyone stops to watch. Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) applauds what he says about first responders but the mood quickly changes when Alderman Mark Blakeslee disagrees with him, saying Casey is really saying to line the pockets of his fellow firefighters; claiming Casey is unethical. Herrmann tells Casey not to worry about the jackass.

Severide goes to see Cruz in the laundry room asking when he was going to tell him about the charges against him? Cruz felt this was the last thing Severide should be dealing with right now; Severide agrees.

Mouch attempts to contact Jerry again, explaining to Otis that any other time something like this happened, it would be quickly rectified and charges would disappear; this time Jerry isn’t returning any of his calls. He wants to tell Cruz, but Otis says not to freak Cruz out. Mouch says he will pay Jerry a visit after shift and when Cruz wants an update, Mouch lies saying he has a meeting with Jerry the following afternoon.

Gabi and Brett are called out for a well-being check. They arrive and realize their patient’s tongue is black and foul smelling; he had bit his tongue and gangrene set in. Gabi says they are going to get some fluids into him and the hospital will treat his tongue with antibiotics. They help him into the chair and Brett mumbles there is no way they can save his tongue; Gabi says after shift she is going to swing by her dad’s and show him a little love.

Mouch comes to see Jerry and finds out he has retired; Eric Hanover is the new CFD legal counsel. Mouch pleads Cruz’ case but Hanover tells him he doesn’t do things the way Jerry did and will not make a claim disappear just because a firefighter may be a good guy and the merits of the case is what’s important. Mouch challenges him that he would take the word of a drunken club goer over a decorated firefighter. Hanover is more concerned that the CFD needs to protect its image and reputation.

Casey meets with Tamara Jones (Holly Robinson Peete) to discuss what was said on TV earlier. She asks if he minds her sticking her nose into the situation, he agrees. She reminds him how persuasive she can be and loves shooting her mouth off for a good cause.

Mouch shares with Herrmann, at Molly’s, that he hasn’t broken the news to Cruz that he has to face a hearing. Herrmann tells him to tell Cruz casually and ease into it but when Cruz arrives Mouch blurts it out but says it could be a good thing because he can speak directly to the brass and clear his name. Mouch will represent him on behalf of the union and will make sure these charges are completely unwarranted. Cruz stresses saying it is nerve wracking but says he will try to stay positive.

Gabi arrives to see her father but hears shouting coming from his place about him owing a lot of money. Gabi walks in the apartment and demands to know what is going on as he escorts her out the door promising to call her tomorrow. Gabi stands a few more moments outside the door listening.

Severide returns to his empty home. He closes his eyes for a minute and drinks a beer. He slumps onto the couch and discovers one of Anna’s mittens under a pillow. There is a knock at his door and its Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) who knows exactly what he is doing home alone. She tells him take-out Chinese food and a movie are in order; he tells her it was really thoughtful but he isn’t up to company. She understands but makes him promise to eat.

As Casey and Herrmann place some gear on the truck, Tamara arrives with Alderman Blakeslee who is willing to listen to him about the his proposal regarding first responders. Casey brings him to the briefing room and asks Herrmann to inform Chief Boden. Mouch rushes over to Herrmann saying he needs to get Casey’s permission to go to Cruz’ hearing as it was pushed to this morning.

Kannell joins Casey in the briefing room and shares the story of one of the firefighters who was hurt in the sewer explosion. He explains how desperate the funding is needed for first responders and their families. Casey notices Mouch standing outside the room, calling him over. Casey says they are not trying to pull a fast one but their fellow firefighter needs their help. He shakes their hands and leaves.

Mouch rushes in saying he needs to get to Cruz’ hearing. Cruz is pacing the halls worrying about Mouch not being there; as he is called in, Mouch arrives out of breath and dishevelled. Hanover tells Mouch he can be in the room as his union rep but he is not allowed to participate; which is not how things used to be. Mouch gives Cruz a pep-talk saying this is where he shines and just tell his side of the story.

Casey returns to his office where Gabi is sitting anxiously waiting to hear from her father. She wants to know what is going on with her father and why he owes that guy money. She wishes she had banged down the door and dealt with the guy. Casey tells her not to get her mother involved and she needs to give Ramon a chance to solve his own problem.

Mouch’s phone rings and Cruz chases after him, as they wait for the results from the hearing. Mouch tells Cruz he is sorry but he is being suspended for 60-days without pay.

Cruz is furious that Mouch said thank you at the end of the call; he rants that Mouch is so out of touch he doesn’t even know who works at CFD or what the procedures are now. Cruz said he told his side of the story and now his life is in ruins… Before he could finish, the alarms sound and the crews are called out to a multiple vehicle accident. Mouch cries, apologizing for letting him down. Cruz stays behind in the room in shock.

The crews arrive on scene, and Casey asks the driver where the biker is, he points to a hole, high up on the side of a transport truck; Stella says, “Oh Boy!” as Casey and crew rushes over to assess the situation.

Stella can’t see the person inside as Herrmann rushes to get the cutters after Mouch brings the wrong ones. Otis brings the saw as they need to cut through the side of the truck. Stella climbs inside and finds the biker, his leg is several shattered and his face has many lacerations.

They manage to remove him but he begins to seize as soon as he is put on the stretcher.
Casey tells the guys to load up the tools while Mouch frets to Herrmann that maybe his radio wasn’t turned up enough; Herrmann tells him not to worry about it.

Back at the firehouse, end of shift arrives and Severide asks Kannell what he is working on. He tells him he might have figured out how to add another jacket tree on the dryer. He admits he doesn’t like sitting at his own place these days and prefers to do this on his down time. Severide knows exactly what he is talking about.

Casey brings the draft in for the first responders but is greeted by frowns when he mentions it. The other Aldermen tell him he is moving too fast and the current political climate isn’t right for this. He tells them he met with Blakeslee and he is on board but they scoff saying he hasn’t changed his position and has made this a political landmine and they can’t get near it right now but they encourage him to try next year. Casey is left defeated.

At Molly’s, Cruz says 60 days without pay is an eternity, he can barely cover rent and worries he may not have a job when he gets back. Mouch comes in but doesn’t sit at the bar; Herrmann and Otis both tell Cruz he needs to forgive Mouch but he leaves instead.
Mouch meets with Nick, who explains how his job works. He gives him the name and number of the man who will hire him.

Ramon pops in to say hello, looking for Gabi. He takes the beer as Otis calls him over. Casey is at home complaining about Blakeslee. When Gabi gives him his jacket, he promises to make her forget about everything and they are going to focus on their date night. She smiles and ignores when Herrmann calls her cell phone; when she rejects the call, he calls Casey’s phone.

Casey and Gabi rush to the bar to escort a drunk Ramon home. He says he screwed it all up, that her mother took care of him, the house, the bills and he’s got nothing. He drunkenly admits he went through all of his retirement money and can’t pay for his new place anymore. Gabi looks at him with shock and sadness and hugs him saying he has her.

As Kannell is busy working on the dryer, Severide returns with his tool bag and power tools; Severide pauses and smiles and works with him to finish it.