Chicago Med Recap 1/12/17: Season 2 Episode 10 “Heart Matters”

Chicago Med Recap 1/12/17: Season 2 Episode 10 "Heart Matters"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, January 12, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 10  as per the NBC synopsis, “Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) must face her past when her arresting officer arrives at the hospital with a serious injury. Also, a heart transplant patient gets into a car crash, complicating her surgery; Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) treats an uncooperative horse jockey; Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and Halstead deal with a patient’s death.”

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) asking Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) out for dinner and she tells him maybe, not sure of him since he confessed what he said to her deceased husband about her.

Chicago PD Officer Kate Windom arrives in the ED unresponsive. Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) is shocked to hear her name. Dr Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) takes the patient and Jeff says her pupils are fixed and dilated, there is no corneal reflex. Jeff asks what is up with Maggie. April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) tells him this officer arrested Maggie last year.

Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) arrives with the officer’s husband, Lt. Windom. Dr. Choi attempts to flush her ears and turns to Trudy and shakes his head. He reminds her husband that her CT showed massive bleeding and tests have confirmed she isn’t responding to stimuli; she has no blood flow to her brain. All of this tells them his wife is brain dead.

Dr. Choi apologizes but continues to say her records show she is a registered organ donor. Trudy comforts him sharing that she was all about helping others. Maggie comes into the room when Dr. Choi says she is the one who will coordinate everything. He recognizes Maggie as the “nurse from last year.”

Trudy follows Dr. Choi out of the room and tells him they are going to have a problem if he doesn’t find another nurse. Choi tells her Maggie is a professional and will do her job. Trudy threatens him if he doesn’t do this she will go over his head. Choi says he is taking care of his own just like she is. Jeff asks April more about the arrest. Maggie was arrested for interfering in a police investigation by attending to a patient and April feels that Officer Kate Windom over-reacted.

Meanwhile Dr. Stohl (Eddie Jemison) comes into the ED reminding Dr. Manning and Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) to attend a conference that he feels is important for learning experience; Halstead needs to go as attending physician because as attending, he is ultimately responsible for Dr. Manning’s actions. Natalie hates that she put Will in this position, he says even though her patient died, she wasn’t responsible. Jeff offers to come and Will tells him it is only physicians, not medical students.

Joey Thomas (Peter Mark Kendell) is in the lab with Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo), she is clearly distracted and he wants to know why. She says she barely slept after rotations and Joey says she needs to tell Abrams that she is not allowed to work more than a 12-hour shift. He gives her espresso beans from Brazil and tells her to chew them thoroughly, she kisses him and runs off to work.

April is having another ultrasound. Her and Tate Jenkins (Deron J. Powell) learn their baby is growing nicely. Dr. Halstead tells her the TB meds don’t seem to be causing any problems to her baby. Tate tells April she was right and that is great news.

Maggie confirms that the heart recipient has already been notified, and orders a bunch of tests for the transplant team. Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) comes to speak to Maggie about Officer Windom, and tells her to let April take over. Maggie insists she can do her job; but Goodwin takes her off the case.

Dr. Halstead meets his patient Mr “Felix” Koslow who was brought in unconscious. He is a jockey who insists he might have over done it and doesn’t need to be there. He jokes when Halstead touches him, telling him he always dreamed of being in the Kentucky Derby. Halstead wants to check his heart and waiting on lab results, asking him to just sit tight.

Two patients are brought in after a car accident, the mother and daughter are calling out for each other. They learn that the mother was coming in for the heart transplant. Jeff says the heart surgeon is on his way down. Dr. Manning is with the mother and Dr. Choi is with the daughter.

Dr. Rhodes arrives to see the mother, Megan, his heart patient reassuring he will figure everything out. Dr. Manning is hoping her head wounds are just superficial and he says they better pray because her odds are better at winning the lottery than finding another heart match.

April arrives to Kate Windom’s room informing her husband that she is working with the transplant team, and once they have matches they will take her to surgery and he is welcome to stay for the whole process. He asks how many people she could save; April tells her potentially 7 or 8 people, and they already found a recipient for her heart. April informs him she is there for anything he needs and to not hesitate to ask. Maggie is upset that this is her responsibility and she can’t help.

Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) arrive to see Megan, telling her the scan is fine but her tox screens shows her blood alcohol level was .06, she insists it was a mistake and maybe it was the pain meds. Dr. Latham says the pain meds would have no effect on the results. She apologizes and admits that she screwed up. Dr. Latham is firm on her and she is told it is up to the committee whether she gets the heart. Dr. Latham tells Dr. Rhodes it is unfortunate that he chose Megan.

Maggie continues to keep up on April about the transplants. Trudy asks if it is okay for some of the officers to be with Kate’s husband during the procedure; she says she will talk to the surgical nurse but she is sure it won’t be a problem. Trudy tells Maggie she was the one who asked for another nurse, it wasn’t personal she was only thinking of the husband.

Dr. Halstead arrives to see Felix, telling him he is seeing all the signs of bulimia. Felix scoffs but Halstead tells him that 1/3 of bulimia patients are men. He admits to taking diuretics and is told these meds have made his heart valve floppy. Halstead recommends a feeding tube, but Felix doesn’t want to asking if it will kill him if he doesn’t. Felix gets angry saying he is going to finish the IV fluids and he is leaving because he is one win away from the Derby.

Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) greets Dr. Reese and Dr. Abrams, as they walk by she Abrams tells her his most successful residents happily work over 80 hours a week. Dr. Rhodes comes to see Dr. Charles about Megan and offers an apology for putting him on the spot for Megan’s evaluation. He says he is going to see Megan for another evaluation.

Dr. Manning is presenting her case in the conference. Dr. Stohl is being very hard on her, but she is able to stand up for herself, confident in her decisions; looking to Dr. Halstead for approval. He nods.

Dr. Choi offers to open the dividing wall between Megan and her daughter. He tells her that her daughter has a mass in her upper spine and cannot confirm it is a tumor or not. He tells her they need to stay calm until they get the results from the MRI.

Felix sneaks over to the scale and weighs himself. He freaks out ordering them to take out the IV because he is 2 lbs overweight. Halstead tells him to calm down but Felix rips his IV out and he collapses on the floor. Dr. Halstead tells him he can never take diuretics again because he is playing roulette with his life.

Megan gets out of her bed, covering her daughter up with a blanket. Dr. Choi and Dr. Reese come to see them. Choi tells them it is not a tumor but a tangle of blood vessels, saying she probably had it from birth, but they need to treat it surgically so she doesn’t end up paralyzed. Megan keeps blaming herself for being selfish. Choi says surgery is the best way to fix it.

Dr. Stohl continues with the conference, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Halstead are contradicting each other. Jeff Clarke stands up to defend her decision and Dr. Stohl tells Manning that if her white knight is going to continue his medical training at Chicago Med he recommends he removes himself from his presence and orders a 5 minute break. Manning comes out and angrily tells him she is not a damsel in distress and she doesn’t need him to defend her; saying he humiliated her.

Dr. Halstead meets with Dr. Charles asking him if there is a way to keep his patient, Felix in the hospital. He is told they cannot force him, but if he insists on leaving to get him to sign himself out against medical advice. Halstead says he already asked for the paper work.

Tate is happy with the ultrasound news and asks her to consider leaving work until after the baby is born. April throws it in his face that if it were up to him there wouldn’t even be a baby. April says her job isn’t affecting the baby and for now they are fine.

The committee is discussing Megan, Latham is insistent that Megan doesn’t qualify for the heart but Dr. Charles defends Megan’s actions, saying she has stepped up and he feels as a human he wants to root for her but as a doctor he sees more than ever what this disease does to people. Dr. Rhodes also says he isn’t too confident in his original decision either. The committee votes and they decide to look for another heart recipient.
Dr. Latham confronts Dr. Charles on him being conflicted about the heart transplant even though the rules are very specific. Charles gets in the elevator and Latham admits his views are interesting. Megan kisses her daughter as she is taken into surgery and she begs Dr. Choi to make sure she is all right.

Dr. Stohl recommendation is that doctors should be present when their patients receive radiation, telling the doctors he hoped they have learned something today that will make them better physicians; before they leave he says it is ill advised for residents to date medical students. Dr. Manning looks down in shame.

Lt. Windom is looking for April and Maggie offers to help him. Maggie comforts him telling him April will make sure his wife is holding her necklace through the procedure He places the chain in her hand and squeezes her hand before he walks away.

Dr. Halstead is venting to Dr. Charles about his patient not being willing to get help. Dr. Charles says maybe an anonymous phone call for drug testing to the race committee could keep him off the track for using diuretics.

Dr. Latham approaches Dr. Charles about why he cannot see the signs Dr. Charles can in addiction patients. Dr, Charles offers him some literature in his office. Dr. Rhodes is leaving the hospital and Dr. Charles offers to grab a bite to eat, just as he says yes Goodwin tells them they have another heart recipient. The patient is too far to receive it and the heart won’t be viable if they waited so Megan will be receiving the heart after all.

Maggie pulls Goodwin into a room telling her she wants to take back Kate Windom’s case. Maggie tells her she needs it for closure and promises to make her husband feel comfortable. Goodwin agrees. Maggie asks to speak to Kate’s husband, telling him she bears no ill-will towards his wife and she would like to honor his wife if he will let her. He agrees and she goes into Kate’s room.

Megan is nervous about her surgery, saying she needs to be there for her daughter. Dr. Choi tells her the best thing she can do for her daughter is to take care of herself. Meanwhile Maggie puts Kate’s necklace in her hand and tells her husband someone will be there shortly to take her up to the OR.

Dr. Manning is dressing to leave when Dr. Halstead tells her today wasn’t a defeat. She says it was a lesson in humility. Will admits that has been a tough one for him too. Halstead tells her that Clarke was out of line today but he was in her corner. She agrees and leaves. Outside the hospital, she invites Jeff to join her for a drink, he says yes.

Sharon Goodwin praises Dr. Daniel Charles for the anonymous phone call. He says they do what they can. At Molly’s, Jeff and Natalie apologize to each other. She admits she hasn’t been fair to him, that when her husband died it created a void and she needed someone to fill that void and take the pain away. She feels like she used him and he is a great guy but not the great guy for her. He asks if this is it and she ends it with him.

While they are removing Kate Windom’s heart, Maggie arranged for the OR and people around it to hear about Kate Windom’s duties as a police officer. All the Chicago PD line the hallways where her heart is being transported from one OR to the other. Maggie presents her husband with a blanket honoring his wife.