Chicago Med Recap 12/5/17: Season 3 Episode 3 “Trust Your Gut”

Chicago Med Recap 12/5/17: Season 3 Episode 3 "Trust Your Gut"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 5, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 3 episode 3 as per the NBC synopsis, “When Goodwin receives financial complaints from the hospital board, she is forced to implement new guidelines that cause headaches for the doctors. Rhodes and Ava continue to compete in the operating room, while Charles and Reese are surprised when they treat a man who has a peculiar theory about his sickness. Manning and Choi can’t figure out what is wrong with a young girl, leading them to look to a questionable source for answers.”

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Chicago MED begins tonight with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) dealing with another personal issue with his girlfriend, Dr. Robin Charles (Mekia Cox), on the phone while Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) and Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling) impatiently wait for him. He hangs up, apologizing for the interruption but refuses to allow Bekker to take over. In the boardroom, Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) says she is used to the money worries of the board and she will be fine, but Peter informs her she needs to do something as the ED is hemorrhaging cash, reminding her another hospital closed their ED.

Meanwhile, Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) tells Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and Doris (Lorena Diaz) they are with her as a patient, Alex (Ryan Hallahan) comes in by ambulance. He has been slashed and stabbed several times in the abdomen, as Will tends to him. Dr. Stan Stohl (Eddie Jemison) tells Alex he is a lucky man, that whoever did this to him, didn’t do any serious damage; but Will says the area around the wound was prepped before it was sliced and demands to know what happened. Alex informs him, that he did this to himself as he had to cut the person who is living inside him.

Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) continues to be jumpy when Maggie approaches her outside. Sarah says she is on the lookout for the patient, Ms. Lake (Beth Lacke), who slashed her tires. Sarah believes she saw her across the street from her apartment the previous night. Inside the ED, Rhodes introduces Latham to the patient, Ray Preston, and recommends surgery right away. Latham tells him he is lucky as most people don’t catch how bad their arteries are and simply drop dead; Rhodes isn’t pleased when Dr. Bekker promises “they” will take great care of him.

After the board meeting, Sharon informs the ED doctors of the news procedures to streamline costs in the ED. Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) says its great for minor treatment but in major emergencies, it is not doable; Sharon says a technician will keep track of what is being used and it can be added to the system later. Will agrees with Choi, saying another body in the trauma bay is going to be an issue as there is barely any room as it is, but Dr. Stohl says they will find the room because they have to. Before the doctors can leave, Stohl reminds them they need to be explicit in procedure notes, and document everything.

Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) and Dr. Saraha Reese) come to evaluate Alex’s mental health; when he feels Dr. Charles doesn’t believe him, he grabs him, begging for help, causing Sarah to jump back in a panic. Sarah feel she has schizophrenia but Dr. Charles isn’t so sure, feeling it might be a methamphetamine overdose and asks about a tox screen, feeling he might just be high and doesn’t want to prescribe him anything yet.

April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) talks to her brother, Dr. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) who is exhausted from the 90-hour weeks, saying Dr. Stohl is pushing him to volunteer an extra 10 hours, over the legal 80 hours; Choi listens as Noah sweet talks April into taking care of him once again, letting him avoid being responsible for himself. She sees Ethan look at her and tells him not to give her that look before she walks away.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) tells Will that they are alone the whole night but she only ask that he shaves off his whole beard as she doesn’t like the “sand paper” feel. In the ER, Dr. Rhodes performs surgery on Ray, as Dr. Bekker debates everything he says, when Dr. Latham interferes, Rhodes suggests she is there to assist and to keep the background noise to a minimum.

A woman, Myra is brought into the ED, with a massive goose egg on her the side of her forehead. They are unsure what is wrong with her, but her brother, Eric is a wreck as he says she felt ill last night, thinking it was something she ate. Dr. Manning promises they will do everything they can to help her and praise him for bringing her in when he did. He leaves to call his parents but both Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi feel this looks like some sort of brain injury.

Her parents arrive, saying two days ago she was fine; but when they walk into the room, they barely acknowledge their son and reveal she was hospitalized before. They are told there is no brain injury but she was dehydrated and slightly anemic, but she is Vegan. Suddenly, Myra is having a hard time breathing and her heartbeat is rising, they need to intubate but still have no idea what is happening. Rhodes is done his surgery, but then the alarms sound and they need to think quickly, Bekker is able to present a good idea, making Rhodes question his judgment.

Myra is cleared of any infections, but her EEG is positive for seizures. She has another seizure in front of her parents and Dr. Choi reveals whatever is going on in her brain is getting worse, they push more Ativan and rush her up for an MRI. Ethan is sure the two ED visits are related and wants to look over the last visit as he is positive they missed something. Bekker and Rhodes disagree on how to proceed with their patient Ray, but Latham sides with Dr. Bekker, saying the riskier procedure ensures the complete removal of the blockage.

Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles talk about the tox screens, which are clean, but he still refuses to say it is schizophrenia; because before today, there are no signs of the mental illness before today. He finally degrees and lets Reese give him anti-psychotic medications but when she goes into the room, Alex has managed to rip his side open again, and has his whole hand inside his body and pulling out his intestines. As Dr. Halstead and Dr. Stohl are rushing him off to the OR, Sarah is left shaking with bloody hands.

April is busy setting up the menu to be delivered weekly to her brother, Noah’s place; when Ethan reminds her that she needs to take care of herself too. Myra’s parents inform Dr. Natalie Manning that they believe Eric may be the cause of what is happening to their daughter. Manning understands it is a difficult time, but there is no evidence of drugs in her system, so there is no way Eric could have been slipping her anything. She advises them to wait for the MRI results to come back.

April is shocked they are blaming Eric as Ethan says they are desperate and family dynamics can get complicated. Once again, they bicker over family; Ethan understands her view but it was different for him because the day he turned 18, it was either sink or swim and Noah is a grown man, and she isn’t doing him any favors by picking up his slack; reminding her that at some point they have to learn to go at things alone.

Bekker completes her surgery and Rhodes tell her she did a nice job. She admits she has a tendency to step on toes but its not personal. The alarms sound again, as Ray’s arteries have ruptured and blood is flowing into his chest, out of control but from an entirely different spot. Sarah watches as they do surgery on Alex, she informs Dr. Charles that they have a few more feet of intestines to put back in, but there were no perforations anywhere. He blames himself for standing there while Alex was tearing himself apart; suddenly the surgeon finds something inside Alex, next to his bowels, when Dr. Charles asks what it is, the surgeon has no idea.

Dr. Manning joins Dr. Choi, saying all their tests are coming back clean but there could be so many medical explanations for it, like Lupus or some kind of tumor. They continue to order tests on her; as both feel bad that she busted her butt her whole life to get this fellowship in New Zealand, and now that she has gotten in, she is gravely ill.

Dr. Stohl confronts Dr. Halstead, telling him that elaborations are needed on his chart, regarding their patient Alex. He calls it the “art of charting” and Sharon promises him she will look them over; Halstead appreciates that. Manning and Choi return to inform Myra’s parents that there is no blood circulating to her brain and there is nothing they can do for her and unfortunately, Myra is brain dead; they are given some time alone with her.

Mr Adams (Gerald McCullouch) approaches Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi, informing them that Myra was always out to help others and would want to donate her organs; they agree to get the process started as he tells them they want Myra’s life to mean something. Mrs. Adams begins shouting from the room at Eric, that he is high. He learns that Myra is dead as his father blames him, saying this is his fault. She continues to berate him, and when his father attempts to assault him, calling him worthless and garbage, Dr. Choi holds him back and his mother orders him to leave.

Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker stand outside Ray’s room, as she says his heart is dying and they should push for a heart transplant. She informs him that there is a heart available now, and suggests they don’t waste the opportunity. Rhodes reminds her that Ray is still HIS patient, and transplant is not an option; she promises him that when she is right, she is going to make sure the blame is put on him and not her.

Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese go to see Joey Thomas (Peter Mark Kendall) at the lab, who learn there was in fact, something living inside of Alex; they don’t know if it was a tumor or a fetus in fetu (a twin, he absorbed in Utero). They are both in marvel at how he knew about this and exactly where it was. Dr. Charles talks to Sarah about how he scared her, reminding how a long time ago, she chose to see the threat or the opportunity; leaving her to mull that over.

Outside the hospital, Dr. Choi goes to sit with Eric, saying he is there for himself as much as he is there for Eric. Ethan listens to him vent about how his parents always made him feel worthless. He talks about getting clean, waking up and being clear; Ethan offers to set him up with a counselor and rehab. Eric wants to know why, and Choi says because there is a difference between a crutch and a helping hand! When he attempts to stand, Dr. Choi grabs him, offering to feed him but then learns he also has been sick for a long time.

Maggie is stopped by Barry in the hallway, who invites her to join them at Molly’s that night; she reminds him that if he remembered how much of a “catch” she was, he never would have cheated. Sharon tells her to make Barry work for it, if he truly wants her back. She is reviewing the charts as Maggie jokes that the charts read like “War & Peace.”

Ethan rushes in and tells Natalie that Eric has been self-medicating since a kid, getting sick after eating protein; when they realize that it was the same thing that killed Myra, they run off to stop the liver from being used for transplant as they cannot use it because if Myra has OTC, she couldn’t break down nitrates, so it built up in her body creating ammonia which put her in a coma, and if the liver is transplanted, it will do the same thing to the recipient; they race to the OR and are only give 4 hours to test the liver before it is rendered useless for transplant.

Dr. Choi and Dr. Manning meet with Myra’s parents finally able to give them answers, that Myra had a metabolic disorder that caused her death. They also learn that it is passed on from mother to child and praise Eric for being the one who gave them the information for them to solve the mystery. His mother stands up and apologizes to him as his father begs him for forgiveness, and they hug each other tightly.

Dr. Rhodes tells Dr. Bekker he is going to remove the balloon and giving Ray’s heart it’s full load back. Dr. Latham comes in, pleased that the patient is doing better as once again Dr. Bekker takes the credit for something Dr. Rhodes chose to do. After she leaves the room, Dr. Latham confronts Rhodes on him working side by side with Bekker.

April comes to see Ethan as she is leaving work, he is upset that a simple ammonia test would have given them answers instead of him turning the hospital upside down chasing zebras. She says the silver-lining is that the recipient of the liver was saved and Eric is getting help before it was too late. When he is grateful for his words, he reaches for her hand but she shakes her and walks away.

Dr. Stohl tells Sharon they are going to turn this place around as Dr. Charles says the rumors are true that old board meetings are an edict to shake the money tree. She promises to be handling it because if she doesn’t handle it, the numbers are clear and the board will start slashing by closing the ED or contracting it out. Dr. Charles doesn’t want the bottom line to dictate patient care, she leans in and says pysch is the biggest loser in the money problem and advises him not to get on the soapbox with her.

Dr. Halstead asks Maggie if she has seen Natalie, shocked to learn he is willing to shave her. He finds her sound asleep on the couch, she leans into him, saying he makes a really nice pillow. Maggie quietly comes in as he nods and smiles when she asks if this is their hot date.

At Molly’s Maggie decides to join everyone; Barry meets her at the bar, where she says she is there to see if he has changed and tells him not to get ahead of himself. Ethan comes into the lounge and quietly gathers his things, smiling as Natalie and Will sleep soundly on the couch. He answers his phone and says he will be there in 10 minutes, turns off the lights and takes off.


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