Chicago Med Recap 2/9/17: Season 2 Episode 13 “Theseus’ Ship”

hicago Med Recap 2/9/17: Season 2 Episode 13 "Theseus' Ship"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, February 9, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 13  as per the NBC synopsis, “Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) takes a medical trip with Dr. Latham, (Ato Essandoh) which puts Latham’s personality issues to the test. Also: Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) treats a young cancer patient; an unhealthy woman arrives and refuses to listen to doctors; a case involves a personality disorder.”

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) informing Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) they have a call from Mercy, but need to do the surgery there. Dr. Latham tells him he doesn’t like to travel because of his Aspergers; Rhodes assures him the helicopter flight will only be 20-minutes and they don’t need to spend the night. Latham agrees to go and they will be spending the night.

Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and Dr. Nina Shore (Patti Murin) arrive together but quickly go their separate ways. Tate Jenkins (Deron J. Powell) comes to bring April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) her lunch. She is a bit hormonal but thanks him.

A young cancer patient arrives and Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) takes it. He calls for his dad and begins to seize. Manning says the seizure could be from the fever but the cancer could have spread to his brain. April informs Manning that the father hasn’t filled the chemo prescriptions in over 3 months. Both are shocked to learn that he is just waiting for his son to die.

Dr. Manning confronts him and he tells them it was his son, Gabe’s decision. He has been through 4 rounds of treatment, and none of them helped so he is letting his son decide. Manning says he cannot decide he is only 8-years-old and demands to start him on chemo, he says he will not authorize it. April suggest calling DCFS and Manning tells her to hold off until they get the results from the scans.

Halstead meets his patient Ms. Holloway; she thinks she fell but he says she fell because she was having a small heart attack and he learns she has diabetes. He says they are admitting her, but she refuses because of her 12 cats at home.

Latham and Rhodes arrive at Mercy while Manning has a hard time watching the father just let his child suffer. Nina observes will comforting Manning and asks if they ever had a thing; he says they are great friends but he only has a thing for her.

Dr. Robyn Charles (Mekia Cox) thanks him for the diabetes study, but he is concerned about how little she cares about her health when she is such a stickler for other things. Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) offers to speak to her.

Dr. Manning checks on Gabe and tells his father he is septic and they need to give the antibiotics time. She wants him to tell his son to keep fighting and that this new chemo could work. He points out that his son is no longer fighting and he is done, he will not go against his wishes because his boy deserves better than that.

Dr. Etahn Choi (Brian Tee) takes in the trauma patient, Grace involved in a car accident. Grace says Becca was driving crazy but when the husband comes into the room he says he doesn’t know anything. Choi calls for the police to go back to the scene but the husband says that Becca is Grace’s tulpa.

Dr. Charles and Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) learn Grace created Becca. She explains that you create a tulpa, first by creating an image in your mind of a person or character you might like; then you spend some time with him/her each day and eventually they take on a personality of their own. She/he becomes 3-dimensional.

Grace says lately Becca has been taking over her body and muscles, but it took some time to get used to it. Her husband says there is a website to teach people to do it. She says she let Becca drive today but she isn’t very good at it; they got into an argument and Becca lost control. Grace’s husband said that is why they decided she coouldn’t see Becca any more.

Choi says if all the scans are clear, they can admit her for psych. Reese has a hard time with it, believing it is psychological and its not in the books but Dr. Charles says so what, until then they need to believe it could simply just be a tulpa. Reese says she is clearly disturbed and they need a diagnosis.

Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) informs them several witnesses saw Grace speed directly into traffic and Chicago PD believe it was a suicide attempt. Meanwhile, Dr. Latham and Dr. Rhodes are having a hard time working with the OR staff.

Dr. Charles does not believe Dr. Halstead’s patient is anything more than eccentric. Halstead vents to Maggie that times have changed and it used to be when a doctor told a patient to do something, they just did it. The patient asks Robyn Charles if the big doctor, her father, is seeing anyone. She says she has no idea.

Dr. Manning visits Gabe, who is awake and talking. She talks to him about fighting like crazy for as long as he can, he tells her he did and it just hurt a lot. She tells him about wanting him to take a new medicine and she is afraid if he doesn’t take it, he will die and she doesn’t want that. He thanks her but says everyone has their time to live and he had his; he wants to see what’s next.

Dr. Reese returns to talk to Grace, asking if she attempted suicide; she denies it. She says her and Becca fought because she doesn’t understand how she could be with someone who wants to keep them apart. Grace says Becca is her best friend and she doesn’t want to stop talking to her and doesn’t understand why Mark wouldn’t be happy about her having such a loving friend. She admits she doesn’t know if she tries to end her life.

Charles and Reese agree to put her on a 5-day psychiatric hold. He doesn’t want to start her on meds because he thinks she could be cracking under the pressure of not being allowed to have a part of herself. He wants to see what happens when the husband, Mark comes back, saying its time they all met Becca.

Halstead’s patient is in the midst of another heart attack, and says he needs to put in a stent and several other tests, she says no because she is going home to her cats. Robyn asks how many cats she has, and when she says 12, Robyn believes they found a way for her to stay. Halstead looks confused as she leaves.

Rhodes thanks Latham for not letting him look like an idiot in the OR. Rhodes sits for a drink with the politician while another man takes Latham into the cave; completely unaware of his mental state.

Robyn produces proof that Ms. Holloway has a parasite from cat feces in her brain; giving women the compulsion to take care of cats. It also causes women to be less concerned about their own welfare. Dr. Charles asks if they are sure they want to tell her. She admits she used to go out more but as the years went on, she just didn’t feel like it. She isn’t sure she wants to change but Halstead and Robyn encourage her to take the chance.

Halstead confides in Maggie that Nina asked about him and Manning, he admits he wasn’t completely honest, asking her what he should do. She says women don’t like to hear about their boyfriend’s feelings for another woman.

Manning tells Gabe’s father that Gabe is failing fast and they may have to intubate, but if they do there is a good chance they won’t be able to get the tube out again. He is upset he may never speak to his son again. April understands Manning feels for the dad but she is Gabe’s doctor and if she doesn’t call family services, she will. Manning says she will speak to Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson).

Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese return with Mark, asking Grace if they can speak to Becca. Mark begins by asking Becca about the fight she had with Grace. He angrily says that Grace was normal until she got on the chat rooms for tulpas. Becca says she didn’t just show up, Grace already created her in highschool. Mark tells Becca to tell Grace she has to choose, either him or Becca.

Reese asks Charles why they are not treating her when she is clearly disturbed. Charles says sometimes it is more complicated than that. He says they need to dig deeper; but Reese says she is sorry, she likes boxes and none of this makes any sense. Reese is upset and says everyone was right, that she doesn’t belong there.

Dr. Latham is sitting in the noisy bar with a blond woman holding his hand. He tells Dr. Rhodes he is taking her up to his room to check out an irregular mole. After Rhodes notices the blond exchanging looks with the bartender, he suggests the 3 of them go to dinner. Latham asks if he is trying to “interrupt his flow”, he says no and wishes him a good night.

Gabe wakes up telling his dad he is scared, but reassures him they will put him to sleep so it won’t hurt. Goodwin tells Manning DCFS is on their way. She overhears him telling Gabe he loves him so much and is so proud of him. Dr. Halstead and Robyn try to stop Ms. Holloway from leaving, but she chooses to go anyways not sure if it was her or the parasite listening to them.

Robyn jokes around that her father might have the parasite too, and says she wouldn’t know if he likes cats because he is so secretive. He says he will do the blood test after work.

Grace’s alarms go off and Dr. Reese tells her to talk to Becca while Dr. Choi tells them to go for some tests. Reese rells Grace to listen to Becca and she calms down. Dr. Charles says she was having a panic attack and Becca talked her down.

Dr. Latham is down in the lobby of the hotel, he is frantic that the woman stole $200 and his watch from him. He says he should have never allowed himself for getting involved like that and his mother will be very upset.

April shows Dr. Manning the scans that Gabe’s tumors are shrinking and its because being off chemo his body has began fighting it on its own. Withholding the chemo might have actually saved his life. Manning attempts to stop DCFS, but Goodwin says it is out of their hands. Manning tells the agents she was wrong and his dad saved his life. Adam, the father is handcuffed and he says whatever happens it was worth it.

Dr. Rhodes goes to the bar and gives him 2 hours and if he doesn’t return the watch and $300, he will inform the mayor that the very doctor who saved his daughter’s life was robbed by him. The bartender says it was only $200, Rhodes says the extra is for damages now giving him 1 hour.

April apologizes to Manning for overreacting, blaming it on pregnancy. Dr. Halstead meets with Nina in the change room, where she thanks him for being honest about him and Manning earlier. He says of course, relationships are based on trust; she admits she dated someone in radiology, someone in GI and then another doctor.

Rhodes returns to Latham’s room with the watch and money, when he says it was too much money, he tells him she gave the extra money because she wanted to take him out to dinner. Rhodes apologizes for bringing him out there and being selfish. Latham tells him not to apologize as he had a good time.

Mark tells Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese that he just learned how unbalanced his wife is, and that she doesn’t need him, only Becca. He leaves. Reese feels it is a disaster, but Charles says not for Grace; her tulpa just talked her off a ledge. Reese says she doesn’t know what to think. Charles says like it or not, the line between psychological illness and coping mechanism is a blurry one.

Dr. Charles tells her when she puts both side of herself together like she did with Grace’s panic attack today, all he sees is a sensational psychiatrist. Robyn comes to see her father for the tox screen, but he takes her to Molly’s and admits he doesn’t hate cats, sharing a story of the cat he had when he was younger; she loves her dad sharing stories with her.

The End