Chicago Med Recap 3/2/17: Season 2 Episode 15 “Lose Yourself”

Chicago Med Recap 3/2/17: Season 2 Episode 15 "Lose Yourself"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, March 2, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 15  as per the NBC synopsis, “Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) treats a patient whose accident has become a media sensation. Meanwhile, April befriends a young woman with a failing heart; an infection in a paralyzed patient poses problems and a grieving widower relies on a superhero costume.

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Chicago Med’s Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) meets up with April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) suggesting “J” names for her baby, while April continues to torture her about the unknown baby gender.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) informs Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) he has a patient coming in that fell 33-stories and is still alive, so he needs to be prepared for the media. In the ED, April takes a patient but a woman in the waiting room says she just has the flu she understands the priority.

Rhodes’ patient, Justin Pepper arrives and is told Baghdad is prepped and ready for him. He tells Maggie he will need more hands, and orders many tests. He tells his team Justin didn’t just fall 350 feet to just die in his trauma bay; they rush him into the OR.

News is outside Chicago Med explaining that Justin clung to his window-washing platform as it fell, riding it like a surfboard; which caused wind resistance that slowed the fall and absorbed some of the impact; that could explain how he survived such a horrific fall, the OR team marvel at this being a first.

Back in the ED, April sits with the patient, as another one is called in before her. April notices that she zoned out, her pulse is really weak and her feet hurt and are swollen.

Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) and Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) discuss the media frenzy over Rhodes’ patient; a woman jumps out of an SUV shouting for help as her husband lay still in the passenger side. Dr. Choi offers to lift him out, but learns he needs a wheelchair; Choi tells him not to worry he’s got him and rushes him into treatment 5.

A man in a superhero costume arrives with an unconscious elderly woman in his arms. Maggie calls for Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo); he says he saw her fell crossing the street and believes she is having a stroke. As he goes to leave the room, he also passes out.

Dr. Rhodes explains to Justin’s parents that when their son arrived and in the OR it was minute to minute on whether he would survive, now it is hour to hour; which is a very good first step. They are shocked to see that his body is wide open, in what they call a negative pressure dressing.

Dr. Rhodes gets a call from the press on his own personal phone and isn’t impressed. Sharon arrives with Evelyn the public affairs rep for Chicago Med, and she will be coordinating all media platforms. Evelyn says when a man falls 33 storeys and is still alive, people want to know if this is a miracle or a tragedy waiting to happen.

April and Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) informs Melody there is fluid building up in her lungs and all the other signs indicate a cardiac problem. Halstead says her heart is pumping poorly but it is only working at 25%; but as April promises they will figure it out, she passes out and April tries compressions while Halstead shocks her twice; her pulse is back but its very weak. Halstead tells April it was a great catch, had she gone home there was no way help would have gotten to her on time.

Choi and Manning figure their paraplegic patient has a UTI, they don’t have to replace the catheter but they need to test his urine. He comments that he is half a man after a drunk driver t-boned him. At the nurse’s station April passes on both the “K” names Maggie comes up with; she asks about Melody, but no word yet.

Dr. Reese goes to visit the superhero aka Edward Thompson. He asks about the patient he brought in. He says he is okay but doesn’t know why he passed out. He asks for his costume and when he learns they had to cut it off him, he grabs his chest and tells her they had no right and he needs it. Reese is able to calm his breathing and he again says he needs it.

Rhodes watches the scans and sees that the skull is crushing Justin’s brain; he suggests a craniotomy, but the neurosurgeon says it will only increase his chances by 1%. He sarcastically tells Rhodes, “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, should have gone to you!”

Reese speaks to Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) who advises her she needs to figure out if his reaction was because of the excitement of the moment or the origin of the entire story. She steals one of his pickles and leaves the cafeteria.

Dr. Choi and Manning return and all tests are normal thus far. Choi begins to examine his stomach and he flinches, which doesn’t make sense so Manning orders CT tests to see what is happening. His wife is excited that he felt that.

It seems that Justin has made it through the craniotomy. During her routine ultrasound, April learns they can’t find her baby’s heartbeat, and she needs to get a DNC as soon as possible. She cries and says she is worried about one of her patients but promises to get one done by the end of the day or tomorrow by the latest.

April learns that Melody needs to move up to the Cardiac Unit as soon as possible because she needs a bypass that will hopefully let her heart rest long enough to start working better. April sits with Melody saying she will stay as long as she needs her.

Reese visits Edward, who shares his photos about his wife, who passed away a year ago from ovarian cancer. He said he couldn’t help her or ease her pain, he felt useless and weak. He ordered the superhero suit because he wanted to feel useful; Reese says she needs to talk to her supervisor and she is sure they can work something out.

Maggie runs into April who says her ultrasound went fine and she is just sad because of Melody. Halstead has a suggestion to help Melody but the method is unproven and the risk and side effects are too dangerous. April says Melody is already coding and could again any minute.

Reese talks to Dr. Charles, saying if he gets another suit he will end up right back in their ED. Charles says he doesn’t meet the criteria for a psych hold. Reese is confused and upset but says okay and leaves.

Dr. Rhodes is outside getting a coffee when the media approaches him, and he speaks to them, against the orders of Sharon Goodwin; who catches him and accuses him of grand-standing. She asks him what he is going to do if the patient dies, will he do a press conference then?

Choi shares with Manning that their patient, Nick should have never felt where he was touching his abdomen and she decides to check more testing. Melody’s temperature keeps rising but she is more concerned about her heart. Halstead says it is not responding in the way he’d hoped.

She learns she could go on a heart transplant list but there is another procedure he could try but he has to warn her about the risks. She asks April what she thinks and she says if he heart stops one more time, she might not come back. It isn’t surgery and can be done right in the treatment room, April promises not to leave her.

Manning and Choi share that Nick has a bacteria, but it is treatable, a surgeon can go through his back and drain it, but the hardware may need to come out.

Manning says the biopsy showed a cluster of cells they can’t explain, they shouldn’t be there. Nick finally reveals they are stem cells and they have been going to Mexico to get stemcells to get him to walk again. Manning gets upset saying the parasite likely came from one of those treatments. Nick says its worth it to ditch the wheelchair.

Edward sees a patient who collapses in front of him; he hops out of bed and uses the breathing technique Reese did with him, and he saved the man. Reese tricked him, but says he saved the man in a hospital gown. She helps him back to his room and bed.

Justin’s alarms go off, and Rhodes tells his parents there is no electrical activity in the heart so he has to do internal CPR. They watch as Rhodes gets a rhythm and Justin is back. Meanwhile April stays with Melody as she begins the risky treatment.

Dr. Charles listens to Reese explain how Edward seems to be fully recovered. Dr. Charles asks her if it really worked because deception breaks doctor/patient trust; and they don’t manipulate, they are there to guide. Her ruse gave him a momentary break but not something to rebuild his future on and the costume is not a thing of Edward’s past!

Dr. Rhodes explains to Justin’s family about his health; they share how he loved his life and was a rock climber. His father said his heart will fail again. His mother says the last resuscitation was violent. Rhodes says their son still has a chance, and the father begs for no more heroics.

Goodwin admits she wanted Rhodes to be the hero today, but maybe it’s time to stop. Choi meets with Manning in one of the rooms, who says spinal cord injury technology is years away. April calls Halstead into Melody’s room. Her temperature has dropped and her heart is getting stronger. She thanks April for saving her life and admits she was so scared; she wants to call her parents.

When April doesn’t seem excited about their win, he questions her. She says its just been a long day. Justin’s parents say goodbye to their son as the alarms go off again. Rhodes stands back and watches, as they requested.

Nick tells Dr. Choi he is feeling better, Choi checks his back and everything is looking good. Choi confronts him on lying about feeling something in his abdomen to give his wife hope. Choi and Manning beg him to stop the stem cell injections, as they can grow anywhere on the body and cause a mass or another infection. Nick tells them his wife needs intimacy he cannot provide; but its the hope that is enough for him. His wife is his life and orders them not to share their concerns with her.

Reese tells Edward that she staged the situation, apologizing that she deceived him. She gives him a hospital volunteer vest and if he works there, many people who are in need will know he is one they can depend on and someone who can help them; she asks him to think about it.

Goodwin and Rhodes watch as Justin’s parents sit with his lifeless body. April calls for a DNC appointment and Maggie notices it on the computer. She catches April going up for the procedure, and she admits there was no heartbeat during the ultrasound. Maggie hugs her and they both cry.

Halstead returns to check on Melody as Nick and his wife, Julia leave Chicago Med. Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese watch as Edward works with the patients in his volunteer vest. Dr. Rhodes steps outside as the last media van leaves the area. Maggie sits with April when Tate (Deron J. Powell) arrives to support and comfort her.