Chicago Med Recap 4/6/17: Season 2 Episode 19 “Ctrl Alt”

Chicago Med Recap 4/6/17: Season 2 Episode 19 "Ctrl Alt"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, April 6, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 19  as per the NBC synopsis, “Chaos ensues when the hospital computer system is hacked by an unknown source demanding a ransom payment. Also, Goodwin receives an unexpected visit from her ex-husband and his girlfriend; Choi and Noah must locate a bullet inside a patient; Sarah feels she’s being pushed out and Robin’s odd behavior creates drama.

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) meeting a patient who has a broken wrist and laceration to her head. Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) asks Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) to sign schedule changes, but when she tries the screen is locked, she attempts another computer that is locked too.

Bert (Gregory Alan Williams) arrives to see his estranged wife. She worries there is something wrong with the kids, it turns out Will’s patient is his new lady friend. Up in the OR, Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) is performing a procedure with Dr. Latham’s (Ato Essandoh) guidance, suddenly the screen goes squiggly before a message with skull and bones appears on all the screens.

In the ED, Maggie interrupts Sharon who is trying to process her husband with someone new. April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) comes over too, Sharon realizes it is a ransom note and the hospital has been hacked. Sharon announces their server has been corrupted and shut down and until they can restore the system, they will be operating on “downtime” procedure meaning paper charts. Maggie takes everyone’s tablets too.

Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) wants to know how they are supposed to treat their patients without any medical charts; Sharon calls in Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) for back up. All scanning systems are down but Sharon reassures them the IT department is confident they will get them back online soon, but for now they need to cancel elective surgery.

Rhodes wants to know why the hospital won’t just pay the 30 bitcoins for the encrypted key? Sharon says it is hospital policy to not pay extortionists. Sharon says they are not going to be knocked off their game so easily, Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) agrees with Sharon and says they are up for the challenge. Sharon tries to get out of the ED, but Bert catches her saying he is sorry she had to find out like this; she tells him not to sweat it because she has bigger problems right now.

Dr. Robyn Charles (Mekia Cox) sits in front of a computer, stressing about her work and not being able to access it. She vents to Rhodes that last night it was rats in her apartment vents and today its hacks at work. Rhodes offers for her to stay with him until the rat problem is resolved, she says that is exactly what she wanted to hear, steals his coffee as he smiles and leaves the room.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) has a pediatric patient, Desmond Rawls. She checks him learning he has been sick for about 3 weeks, she says he has been running a fever on and off and just thought it was the flu. The mother isn’t sure he has had all his vaccinations. Manning tells April to order a bunch of tests, and asks them to be rushed.

Halstead returns to Bert’s girlfriend, Lila’s room. He wants to give her Ketamine and deal with her wrist. She is a bit miffed that this is the hospital Bert’s ex works at but seemed happy that the hospital system was down and they couldn’t pull up her medical history.

Dr. Charles is speaking to Dr. Reese, who admits that when you get hacked its a violation and magnifies the vulnerability in anxiety and paranoia; he encourages her to not let the patients know why they need to retake their medical history. She says she understands, he also lets her know they are having a hard time filling the vacancy left by Dr. Wheeler in the ED.

Sharon interrupts them, wanting to speak to Dr. Charles. They go to his office, where Charles isn’t surprised about Bert’s zip-lining adventure. He had gone out for coffee with Bert over a month ago; she is a bit upset that he didn’t say anything but he felt it was Bert’s place to tell her. He says if she wants him to choose sides he is with her 100%, she says its not necessary and walks out.

Desmond’s stats are falling and Manning wants an analog xray done, Chad Rawls (Joseph Morales) says he has heard they have been hacked and does he need to take his son to another hospital. Manning advises against moving him in this state; he tells her she better be right. She finds Maggie, who informs her they need to run the labs again as they got mixed up; Manning is furious.

A man arrives with a gun shot wound and Sharon tells Maggie, “We’re going to ride this whirlwind… Keep telling me that!” as they have no room for the patient and put him on a gurney in the hallway. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) checks and there is no exit wound, Choi tells him they need to find the bullet with the tools they have.

Dr. Nina Shore (Patti Murin) approaches Manning, wanting to ask her a favor. She gives her the Chicago Blackhawks jersey she slept in last night to give to Halstead, so he can wear it to the game tonight with his brother.

Halstead is concerned about Lila’s reaction to the Ketamine. She tells him that he takes medications for insomnia, and is it possible for the bad reaction. She says mystery solved, avoiding more testing. Sharon and Maggie watch from the nurses station. Halstead wants more labs run on her, Maggie says keeping Bert and Lila in the ED is not what Sharon needs right now. He says this is a hospital and you know whose needs come first. Maggie gets angry, grabbing papers telling him if he wants labs he needs to fill them out.

Joey Thomas (Peter Mark Kendall) is sitting with Reese, who shares there is a position vacant in the ED; he thinks it is great since she wanted that position anyways. She worries that Dr. Charles has a hidden agenda and maybe he isn’t happy or satisfied with her work. He says everyone loved her in emergency medicine, she says they don’t communicate well.

Manning and Rhodes view Desmond’s xrays and since the system is still down, they decide to do a procedure in his room. They freeze his neck and Rhodes injects a needle to get tissue for pathology.

Choi finds the bullet in his chest, he says they need to find the path the bullet took to get there and they can go the same route to remove it, promising to block off his spot in the hallway while they do it.

Sharon runs into Bert, asking him if he has talked to their children about this. He calls her a trip wire and Maggie asks him how did he expect her to react? She confronts him about rubbing Lila into Sharon’s face, saying there are plenty of other hospitals in the city. He says Lila wasn’t in the picture until way after they split up, she throws it in his face that he ran out on her.

Sharon considers bypassing the hospital, but she is told by Peter the board will freak if she does that, losing all the revenue. She asks him what she is supposed to do as her residents are treating gunshot wounds in the hallway? He says they can just pay the ransom, she refuses saying they can’t reward this behavior. He tells her she will have to tell the board, she orders Maggie to do it.

Manning is worried about her young patient, she shares with April that she has lost too many kids to cancer this year, so when symptoms arise she always fears the worst. Robyn brings the results up, because Desmond has valley fever and they need to put him on medication right away. Robyn says she needs a detailed history as this is the second child coming in with this.

Halstead speaks to the specialist about Lila’s eyes, who refuses to see her without the computer system. Dr. Charles asks Maggie about when the network will be back and wants his tablet back, Maggie says no.

Reese approaches Dr. Charles saying the system being down is a good thing, since she discovered what might be wrong with one of their patients. He shows no interest in what she is saying, just desperate to get back on the computer.

Noah learns there is no bleeding in the abdomen, the gunshot victim believes that is a good thing. Choi immediately speaks to Rhodes, suggesting he cracks his chest open and put him on bypass. Noah backs him up, when Rhodes questions not being able to bring him to another hospital. Rhodes tells them to bring him up to the OR.

Robyn is angry that Sharon isn’t paying the ransom, she is worried there could be an epidemic outbreak of valley fever and no one seems to care. Sharon reminds her that she is an epidemiologist and she is the one running the hospital; Rhodes says they need to take a second to cool down and Robyn tells him not to handle her.

As Sharon is hiding in one of the rooms, all the computers go back online. Bruce looks as confused as the rest, saying he didn’t do anything but someone must have paid the ransom. The entire ED wants to know who did it without authorization.

Sharon finds Peter who says they didn’t pay the ransom, but either way the issue has been resolved and they can get back to their jobs. She says someone disobeyed her and he tells her whoever did it, did them a favor, and to not look the gift horse in the mouth.

In the OR, Rhodes continues with the procedure instead of sending him to radiology. He removes the bullet, showing Choi who nods. Rhodes tells him good work from the battle field as he gives him the bullet in a bag.

Sharon finds Rhodes saying whoever paid the ransom, an open violation of hospital policy. He says it wasn’t him, the neurologist, Sam says he doesn’t have that kind of money to solve her problem either. She is frustrated that no one is coming forward.

Dr. Charles tells her to walk with him, he says control is a slippery slope. She says she isn’t in denial, she knows her husband is gone and she may never get an answer as to why he left, but she sure as hell is going to find out who paid the ransom.

Desmond is responding well and his parents are grateful they brought him to Chicago Med. Manning informs them that Chad tested positive for valley fever, but his wife didn’t. Robyn comes in, saying she thinks she found a connection to Desmond and her other patient; it could be his car share program. He doesn’t understand how his car could make someone sick.

Halstead returns to see his patient, Lila saying he wants to get a CT scan of her head. Bert comes in with a bunch of travel magazines, she asks him to go walk the dog; after he leaves Halstead wants to know what she is hiding. She says she doesn’t need a CT because she can tell him what it will show.

Lila requests to see Sharon, when she enters the room Lila tells her she has progressive supranuclear palsy and she has maybe 5 to 10 more years to live, saying she needs to cease the day. Sharon learns she hasn’t told Bert yet, Sharon says keeping this from Bert is a mistake. Lila admits she is scared of spending the last years of her life alone. Sharon understands.

In the parking lot, Robyn finds out Chad bought the car from someone in California and informs them the CDC needs to impound it and they need a list of everyone he has given a ride to. Choi asks Maggie if he can leave early to let the plumber in, as he is leaving April praises him for being a miracle worker; he says he is just a guy who has seen too many shootings.

Reese chases after Dr. Charles, feeling he wants to fire her. He doesn’t want her to quit Psych and take the job in ED. She says she is not quitting and he will have to do a lot more then just try to get in her head.

Bert is waiting for Sharon, he tells her he was insensitive to bring her there and apologizes. Sharon tells him it is fine and he goes to Lila once her stitches are done. He says maybe some day he can introduce the two of them formally. Sharon doesn’t tell him anything.

Manning gives Halstead the jersey and they talk about Sharon’s situation. He says he was her doctor and tells her good night. Dr. Charles and Sharon leave to get a drink together and she doesn’t care who paid the ransom. Latham admits to his interns that he paid the ransom. 30 bitcoin to continue their services was pretty simple math; they are left in shock.

Rhodes wakes up to find Robyn’s side empty. He finds her pressed against the wall saying, “Seriously, who could sleep through that?” She says she hears rats and this whole city must be infested. She asks him if he can hear them? He looks at her concerned and frustrated.