Chicago PD Recap 10/11/17: Season 5 Episode 3 “Promise”

Chicago PD Recap 10/11/17: Season 5 Episode 3 "Promise"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, October 11, 2017, season 5 episode 3 called, “Promise,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The murder of a young Latina woman takes the investigation team into the grim world of meat processing.”

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Dt. Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) is walking with his daughter, who is talking about her college essay that she should write about the obstacles about being Latina. She feels if it will help her get into Northwestern or Brown… Antonio stops her, telling her to trust him the world isn’t as color-blind as she thinks and wants her to remember where she came from. He gets a call and they have to cancel their movie date.

At the crime scene, Antonio orders her to stay in the car. He is greeted by Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) who says there are no witnesses and a homeless guy found her. Under the tarp is a young Latina woman, with her guts sliced open and left for trash; the same MO as the cartel. They were called because the homicide didn’t want another drug mule on his beat. Antonio’s daughter, Emma comes out and is upset the officer called her “trash”. Antonio says it’s because the case is hard, she is mad saying he has to try because their job is to help other Latinos; Antonio says they will take the case.

Antonio shares the details of the case with Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas), Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), and Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger). They feel something could have went wrong with the drugs, so they gutted her like a farm animal. Upton says rigor says time of death was between 6 and 8pm, no prints, very little blood meaning she was killed somewhere else and dumped there.

Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) comes in and Antonio explains he said they would take the case. He tells them to canvass the area, because this woman didn’t just fall from the sky. Voight says Antonio and Burgess are going to pair up now. Olinsky comes to see a former CI, who reveals he did hear something about some mules. He hands Olinsky a shot, and says first this then talk business.
Antonio talks about his daughter, Emma and her now living with him because she doesn’t get along with her mother and current boyfriend. Suddenly a Latina woman gets off the airport bus, she is clearly hurting, but a silver truck picks her up but when they go to move in, he races off. Rusek and Kevin take off after him, on foot. He jumps a fence, but stops when a dog viciously jumps at him; he raises his hands.

The young woman is in the ambulance, when Burgess questions her. Gabi Dawson (Monica Raymund) translates, saying she is afraid to go to jail, she was forced to swallow drugs to pay off the coyote. She doesn’t know the woman who died but is sure she isn’t involved with this gang as she is too old, this crew runs 15 and 16 year olds.

Voight and Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) interrogate Wally, who says they have no way to prove he was involved with the deceased woman. He says all he does is wait for the women to come, give them laxatives, wait for the balloons to come; Jay says except when the clock is ticking. He says this woman was not a mule because she was sliced across and not down. Upton also reveals the cartel is not into raping their drug mules and this one had significant tearing; Antonio finds it crazy that someone would rape her then kill her making it look like she was a drug mule. Voight sends them off to a dumpster found in an alley close to the dump scene.

Burgess talks to Garcia, who acknowledges the death of Frank Toma. Burgess and Atwater look at the photos Garcia took, it’s a fake ID but it might be the right address. Upton and Antonio search the house and she finds a pair of jeans with blood on them. The landlady says “Gloria” kept to herself and when they hear a noise, they open the closet and find her young son hiding.
Sgt. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) sits with young Oscar, she tells him he is going to stay there until they find a place for him to go. He says his mother told him never to talk to police. Upstairs, Antonio confirms the woman’s name was Gloria Morales, who landed there illegally; no one in the area wanted to talk. The blood on the dumpster matches Gloria but the blood on the clothes belonged to a pig, cow and lamb. They discover there is a butcher in the area and go to see if Gloria worked there.

Burgess notices a woman who looks down and offers to talk in private, but she refuses when a large man comes up behind her and says she cannot talk; the owner arrives and orders the police to come with him. John Bukowski calls over Michael who says the woman may have been on his cutting line; John tells him to notify her family and cover all funeral expenses. Antonio is upset that he hires immigrants who will do any job no one else will. John orders him to leave; as they leave Burgess goes to speak to the woman in the locker room.

Gloria is her sister, and she sobs when she learns she was murdered last night. Lucia refuses to go with Burgess, but she says the police don’t care about papers but if she comes with them she can show her where her nephew is. Oscar runs to his aunt when she arrives at the precinct; Trudy says Oscar has to go into a group home but Antonio asks her to hold them off as long as they can so he can talk to a friend there.

Lucia apologizes saying she has to make sure Oscar is okay, so they can stay there. Antonio promises to help but begs for her to tell him what she knows. He promises to protect her and Lucia reveals Gloria was dating an aggressive man, who threatened her. She reveals it is Michael the son of the owner of the butcher; they arrest him at a fancy restaurant.

Michael tells Voight his father told him to wait for a lawyer, but Voight presses him, saying he probably kept his romance with Gloria a secret from his old man too. Michael admits he liked Gloria, and he was trying to help her fight his dad over safer work environment. He swears he didn’t kill Gloria and says he NEEDS to wait for the lawyer. Voight says he will hold him for 48-hours but they need more evidence. He sends Antonio and Burgess back to the plant, to get more information.

They arrive at the plant and ICE police are there already, being tipped off about undocumented workers. Burgess says they need to talk to these people about a murder but they refuse saying they take their orders from Washington; Lucia is upset with Antonio saying he lied about this not happening. Antonio goes after John who readily admits it was him who reported them; he says Michael doesn’t have what it takes to kill someone. John tells them to get the hell out of there because he didn’t fear a half-ass lawsuit.

Antonio informs Voight that ICE picked up about 20 employees; Voight says whatever side he is on, these people are there illegally. Voight says it’s a tough check to cash when he promised to help an illegal immigrant. Antonio says it shouldn’t be but Voight says this move makes perfect sense, John did it to protect his own son but tells Antonio he will try to do something. Antonio learns that Lucia is on a plane back to Guatemala as they speak because she was deported 3 years earlier. They need to cut Michael loose and Voight tells Antonio the next time he takes a case from homicide, he should make sure it’s one they can solve.

Antonio and Trudy bring Oscar to family services. He is very adamant he doesn’t want to go in the big white van because his mom went into a van like that and never came back; Trudy and Antonio bring Oscar back inside to see what he remembers from that night. He reveals his mother got into a van with a cow on it, every night with a fat Latino man; Burgess and Antonio go back to the plant and find out his name is Frank Lopez, Burgess calls it in.
Rusek and Atwater find the van, fully engulfed in flames; the team then goes to Frank’s address. He opens the door and asks if it’s about the stolen truck, Jay arrests him as he says this is about Gloria Morales. Antonio and Voight interrogate Frank, who says immigrants have such a hard life. He says he is an American, he came from Mexico the right way.

Voight brings up that he was also looked at for murder of another illegal immigrant before. He says she isn’t “his people”, people like her make his life hell and if she would have stayed in her own country, she would still be alive. Antonio attacks him but Voight drags him out, reminding him Big Brother is watching them.

Voight says they don’t have any evidence and he gets it, but orders Antonio to slow down. Voight wants him to bring out Lopez’ picture too and to see if there are other similar victims. Upton and Jay find there are 3 other women who were killed the same way; they go to the subway where one of the victims’ had a pass.

Burgess and Antonio find someone who recognized one of the women and then a woman outside a bakery tells them, “he killed my niece too.” They follow her inside, she worked at the plant too. Monica said it was a guy who was fat and bald and wore a necklace that says “Peace”, just like Frank’s. Monica’s brother walks in and says his aunt is done talking. Voight and Burgess present the evidence to the ADA, who says if they can’t get the kid to ID Lopez, they will have to let him walk.

Voight tells Antonio that Lopez is #3 in the lineup and although Oscar can identify him, he wants to be sure Lopez doesn’t walk. Antonio struggles with what to do but tells Oscar what will happen. He says there are 6 men there but they cannot see him; he tells Oscar to just tell the truth and doesn’t reveal the number.
Antonio stands next to Oscar, who initially picked number 1 but then swears it was number 3. Voight says it’s a disaster, there is no evidence to link Lopez to the crime and don’t even have enough evidence to get a search warrant for his own house. Voight screams in Antonio’s face saying they had one chance and they blew it. Antonio is furious that Voight would let Lopez win.

Voight goes to the bakery and asks to speak to Chico, Monica’s sister. Chico feels they didn’t find the killer because the police don’t care about illegals. Voight suggests they go for a walk so he can update him on the status of their investigation. Trudy brings Oscar to his new home, promising to come visit him. She tells the mother if she needs anything to call her.

Antonio takes Monica’s necklace and charm to her aunt; she reveals a police man was there, someone named Hank. She says he came last night to speak to Chico; Antonio calls him saying they need to speak right away. He rushes through the streets over to Lopez’ house. With gun drawn, he calls out for Lopez and finds him lying on the table, sliced from side to side with the butcher knife still inside him; Burgess arrives asking what happened.

Back at the precinct, Antonio comes to see Voight, who says he wanted this to happen but he was just afraid to admit it. Antonio stares at him for a few minutes and leaves. Antonio returns home, puts his gun and badge away asking Emma why she is still up. She is writing her college essay; he reveals they found the guy who killed Gloria. She says that is good and he says he is going to bed but she asks if he wants to hear what she wrote.

Antonio sits and listens, smiling as she writes about her being her grandmother’s dream; he says it’s a really great start!


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