Chicago PD Recap 11/8/17: Season 5 Episode 6 “Fallen”

Chicago PD Recap 11/1/17: Season 5 Episode 6 "Fallen"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 8, 2017, season 5 episode 6 called, “Fallen,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “A family is shot dead in their home and the team goes in search of a drug dealer with a likely connection. Voight asks for the help of Vice Sgt. Sean McGrady, who has an old beef with Upton. When McGrady turns up dead during the investigation, the case takes an unlikely turn.”

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Alderman Price (Wendell Pierce) has a conference about conflict resolution between the community and the police. He reminds them this is the Chicago they all want, safe and without gun violence; he says with their help they have made this organization “Community Play” a safe haven as well. Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) asks Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) about his siblings, who are doing well but jokes if they become Dallas Cowboys fans they are not allowed to come home.

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hailey Upton (Tracey Spiridakos), talk a little bit until she notices Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) talking to Sgt Sean McGrady (Wil Traval), a cop she worked with in narcotics; she says he is a good cop but Jay notices that she hesitates. She says he is very competitive, always looking for an angle and it drove her nuts. Hailey catches McGrady shoving a man, who claims it was just a misunderstanding but she can’t question it any further as Jay says they have shots fired and an active shooter.

The Intelligence Unit (IU) come in and find two dead in the living room, Jay finds a young male in another room, who has a weak pulse and they call EMS. The father, Grant was a corporate attorney, who looks like he spent a lot of time at his church. Rusek interrupts them, believing they found what the killers were looking for; under an upstairs closet floor, there are over 2 kilos of drugs.

Rusek gets a call from Mia, telling Kevin she was more like a one-night acquaintance. The neighbor says she was just about to call them because she heard shouting and then three really loud pops, she looked out the window and a minute later a man ran out. She claimed he was dark skinned, she didn’t see his face but he got into a black SUV. She talks about how they were on the top of the world about their son, Ryan for how well he was doing at Yale; they inform her that Ryan is alive and at Chicago Med.

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) informs the team, there is no surveillance and Grant was strapped for cash as he was let go from the law firm a year ago. It’s clear he is dealing on the side to make ends meet when they learn the bank filed suspicious behavior for frequent visits to his safety deposit box. Hailey says the GPS shows multiple trips to a stash house in Englewood that belongs to a Quinton Kane, who moves product for Gold Coast. Voight tells them to get some eyes on him and she should probably contact McGrady in narcotics. Hailey informs him she has a problem with McGrady and he orders her to work it out as they have a job to do; neither Jay nor Hailey are pleased when McGrady orders them around.

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Antonio go to visit Ryan in the hospital, who says he remembers a few things. He was face timing with a friend when the door buzzed, his dad let someone in and he heard them arguing. He didn’t recognize the voice but he kept yelling, “This ain’t how it works!” He heard gunshots, ran towards his bathroom to hide and got hit. As Jay, Hailey, and McGrady are watching Quinton and his associate, Jay gets a call that Ryan identified the shooter as a tall black man with some sort of dog tattoo on his right forearm. It is Quinton’s for sure and they go to arrest him.

In interrogation, Jay asks Quinton about Grant and he claims he is his lawyer. Voight shows him a photo of Ryan, saying he shot him in the chest but it turns out the kid is a fighter and he survived and he just identified him as the shooter. Voight is giving him a chance to tell his side of the story. When he asks if he is under arrest, Voight tells him he is free to go. Jay is furious but receives even worse news when Kim informs him that Ryan just died ten minutes earlier and without Ryan, Quinton might get away with it.

Jay asks Hailey if McGrady gave any more leads on the case and she said no but she is meeting him later; Jay asks if it is really about the case but she won’t give him an answer, only saying she will see him tomorrow. Hailey is driving when she gets a call on the radio that shots have been fired and an officer is down, she calls it in and says she is responding as she is 5 blocks away. When she arrives on the scene, she opens the car door and McGrady falls out with serious gunshot wounds, she calls out his name as he draws his last breath.

Denny Woods (Mykelti Williamson) is on site as Voight explains what they know so far, he offers his services in any capacity. He knows everyone is hot because an officer was just killed but he reminds Voight to keep it on the up and up. Alderman Ray Price arrives offering his church for food and water, Voight questions him about Quinton he acknowledges that he knows him and Voight says if he, in fact, killed a police officer he expects his full cooperation; he agrees.

Kevin and Rusek give Voight an update on what they have learned each having different opinions – one thinking he got into it with a CI or it was a robbery gone wrong. Voight wants them to get into McGrady’s phone to see who he has been in contact within the past 24 hours and witnesses reveal a black SUV with a black male driver was in the area just before the shooting. Voight wants to know where Kane was when this happened.

Voight confronts Hailey, asking why she let him drive into this alone as she was supposed to be working with him. She says she just got off the phone with him and he was supposed to wait for her. Voight says she was late because she was out grabbing coffee; she tells him that isn’t fair and she was 10 minutes early. Voight says McGrady is dead and he doesn’t care about fair!

At the McGrady home, Hailey is given the cold shoulder by Sean’s wife and then Arnold Chiliwech tells her it wasn’t a good idea for her to be there. She learns that he never knew Sean to go into a scene like that alone either; she tries to talk about it but he stops her and tells her to get out. Hailey leaves.

At the precinct, Kevin shows the picture of a CI named Damon Briggs that wasn’t on the books yet, and apparently, McGrady was about to throw back in prison. He was on the phone with him 2 hours before he got popped. Voight tells him to grab Halstead and bring in Briggs but doesn’t back off Kane. Hailey and Jay question Damon, who says they were fighting because he lent McGrady money and he hadn’t paid him back. Damon believes he needed the money because he was addicted to sports betting. Jay tells him to stay in town and they will be in touch.

Hailey believes him, telling Jay the money makes sense as McGrady asked to borrow money from her the previous month too and it sounded like he was in a bad place since he lost a lot. Rusek and Kevin hit a dead end when the bartender can confirm where Kane was the entire night as the television in the background cannot lie as the news was on. Voight learns both Kane and Briggs have valid alibis but Antonio comes in and confirms the blood on the gun is a match to Quinton Kane. Voight tells them to arrest the prick!!

The IU arrive at Kane’s residence, they shove past his wife as Voight shoves a warrant in her face. Antonio finds drugs, he says they want her to rat out the guy who killed a police officer or she is going to jail and her kids will go to CPS. She said Quinton came and got his gun last night with his friend, but didn’t say where they were going, but she had never seen him acting so scared, knowing they were looking at him for killing the white cop.

Sgt. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) tells Hailey she has every available officer sitting at places Quinton is known to frequent, family and places. She admits that she feels Voight was out of line as she did everything by the book when Trudy asks how she is holding up after hearing what Voight said to her. Trudy advises her to keep that to herself as everyone is a bit raw over this one. Jay comes to tell Hailey they have a lead on Kane’s boy “Bebe.”

They barge into the house and find Bebe, with a bag filled with cash. Kevin says it sounds like he harbored a cop killer and Bebe turns around and attempts to punch Kevin, but both him and Rusek grab him and cuff him; Bebe confesses everything about Kane just calling and to get the money and meet him. Kevin looks at the phone, realizing they are government extensions and it looks like Kane had someone on the inside.

Voight angrily walks into Alderman Price’s office demanding to know why he was talking to Quinton; he says he was trying to save his life. Voight demands to know where he is but Price wants to discuss process first and Price promises Kane won’t come in Voight’s way so the best approach is for the two of them to go in together because Kane claims he is innocent and wants a fair trial; something he isn’t going to get if he even blinks the wrong way.

The police and SWAT clear out the area, as Voight and Ray walk towards the apartment complex, where Kane is hiding out at. Before Voight can enter the apartment, Quinton comes from around the corner and points his gun at Voight, who isn’t carrying. Voight says he isn’t there to discuss the case, he is there to make sure he gets out alive and have a chance to tell his side of the story. Ray tells him to put the gun down but he refuses until they are outside, so everyone can see he is cooperating; Voight leads the way.

Once outside, Kane has his gun on Ray, Voight orders everyone to put their gun down. He tells Quinton to be smart as he has his word he will be taken in safely. He is escorted into Denny Woods’ black SUV as Woods and Voight exchange odd looks. Ray thanks Voight for being so cordial and respectful in that situation.

Denny Woods holds a press conference, revealing Kane has been arrested and his friendship with McGrady. After he is done his speech, Voight confronts him for sending in the tactical team when he already had Kane, accusing him of only doing it to make sure he got the credit. He says his only agenda was to get him and Ray out alive but Voight felt for a minute there it felt personal.

Ann, Sean’s wife, puts her children in the car when Hailey approaches her, offering her and the kids anything. She apologizes for being so abrupt to her the other day. Hailey felt it was nice to know that Sean always liked her and said good things about her. Ann wants to know about one night Sean came home from Community Play upset after begin accused of stealing money from the organization; the man who accused him was Mike Adams (Todd Behrend). Mike says close to 10 thousand was missing and that was what they were fighting about at the night of the party. He says the case is closed now that Sean is dead, commenting on how they found Kane’s blood on Sean’s gun, sounding like a no-brainer!

Hailey goes to the lab, calls Voight, saying she found something important and they need to talk about it now. He meets her under a bridge, where she reveals Quinton Kane’s blood has been sitting in evidence for two months and one of the vials is missing. She is saying McGrady stole Kane’s blood to frame him for his own suicide, not murder!

Alderman Price meets with Voight, who feels McGrady will get quite the send off with the bagpipes. Ray reveals what he heard about McGrady stealing the money, framing Kane and going out a hero, saving his wife and kids with a healthy pension. Ray wonders where the video of Kane in the bar is, since it magically disappeared last night. Voight says with Kane gone, another banger is going to take over the territory and with the guidance and correct help, he will feel the need to invest in his ward. Ray says his help doesn’t come free. He wants Voight to remember he is doing him a favor; they shake hands as Ray says he will talk to Hank soon.

The IU joins all the men and women in blue for McGrady’s memorial service and gathering at his house. Rusek gets another call from Mia and Rusek says he can meet her in an hour. Hailey says Ann is a strong woman and if anyone can raise kids on her own, she can. Voight follows Hailey outside, he brings up being so hard on her but that isn’t what he wants to talk about. He says they need to get on the same page, either disclose the evidence or take it to the grave.

It bothers them that McGrady looks like a hero. He was a good cop, but not a good man. He gambled, cheated on his wife, sabotaged her career; Voight knows but says he was a good cop as he has seen him in action and she needs to think about his two little children and what happens to them if the truth comes out. He reminds her that this city needs a hero in blue right now, even if he is a fraud. Hailey agrees to keep it to the grave.

Denny Woods meets with Rusek, saying he owns him the second his sister got popped with a DUI and his nephew was in the back seat. Rusek falsified official reports and buried evidence and if Woods wasn’t so open-minded Rusek could go to jail. Woods wants Rusek’s eyes and ears; he refuses saying he isn’t a rat! Woods is about to call his friend in IAD if Rusek doesn’t want to play. The phone begins to ring and Rusek tells him to hang it up and Woods tell him that was a good decision and they need to talk details.


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