Chicago PD Recap 2/15/17: Season 4 Episode 14 “Seven Indictments”

Chicago PD Recap 2/15/17: Season 4 Episode 14 "Seven Indictments"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Thursday, February 15, 2017, season 4 episode 14 called, “Seven Indictments,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The team investigates a home explosion that burned a victim beyond recognition and badly injured a young boy; and Lindsay and Halstead receive an odd warning about Rixton.”

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Chicago PD begins with Dt, Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) at the shooting range for their requalifications. The Sgt warns her to watch her back when it comes to Dt. Kenny Rixton (Nick Wechsler). He shares that they passed and tells them to stay safe. Erin wants to ask him what he meant, but Jay says they have a call.

Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) informs Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), at the scene that there is one body inside the house that burned down, but the Reynold’s house next door is for the LGTB community and everyone there has been relocated to the school gym down the block.

Voight stays to talk to Chicago Fire’s Randy McHolland (Christian Stolte) who tells him natural gas explosions are no joke; telling him the gas hose was ripped out of the wall, looking like it was intentional.

At the scene Jay tells Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) what the Sgt at the shooting range said, and Erin isn’t happy he shared the gossip; especially since they don’t know what happened, if anything.

Olinsky walks with Kenny, around the crime scene, mentioning that the guys at the gang unit must be proud for him jumping up to Intelligence; but just as Kenny asks him why, he finds another victim alive in the rubble.

Back at the Precinct, Erin reveals the first victim they believe is Dan Llewellyn, who was the tenant, but they couldn’t find his cell phone, and all calls are going unanswered and there is no signal location for it; so the ME is trying to identify him by dental records. Burgess says they can’t confirm who the second victim is because the LGTB home says all their kids are accounted for.

Voight sends Atwater and Rixton to the hospital so when the victim wakes up they are there for when he talks. He orders his clothes to be sent to the lab because CFD said they are not looking for a trained arsonist. The rest of the Intelligence team is sent to figure out if the fire was to cover a murder, or if the death was just from the fire. Before the teams separate, Kenny notices Jay oddly staring at him.

In the locker room, Jay informs Erin and Atwater that indictments are being handed down to people in Kenny’s old unit; they all assume he jumped ship before things got bad. Jay questions what they even know about the guy other than Voight approving his transfer. Erin says she is calling Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda).

The owner of the house that burnt down admits his relationship with tenant Dan was rusty and he was a pain in the ass trying to break his lease to move. Olinsky says he has code violations on his other rental properties; but he tells him this house was 100% up to code. Olinsky finds it fishy that he took out extra insurance on the house 2 months ago. He is told to write down the name of his alibi, but he feels Dan will screw him even from the grave.

Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) is called outside because her officers cannot handle the homeless man outside. She finds out his name is Marvin, and his dog is gone. She tries to guide him inside when she gets stabbed by a needle in his pocket, and they don’t know what is in the needle.

She promises she will have a report for Commander Crowley (Barbara Eve Harris) for the officer’s mistake of not searching him, after she returns from Chicago Med. She orders them to get him inside, search him properly and get all his information.

Olinsky and Burgess find Dan’s girlfriend and inform her there was a fire at his place, and someone died but they can’t confirm if its him because of the condition of the body. She shows them a picture of him and wants to go see the ME; Olinsky stops her saying she doesn’t want to see the body.

At Chicago Med, Atwater and Kenny learn the patient, Kyle Harvey’s doctor, Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) is coming. Kenny wants to know why everyone is so interested in his old unit all of a sudden. Atwater tells him what they know, and Kenny brushes it off as someone just having a beef on cops.

Dr. Rhodes informs them the victim died of blunt force trauma and Atwater asks him to send the clothes to the lab. Angie McAlister from Reynolds Home informs them Kyle was one of their kids. She also says Dan was a great guy who fixed things around the house and nice to the kids, very welcoming and stood up for them. She confirms that he got into a fight with a guy two weeks ago over the kids.

Erin shares there is no dental work or surgeries on their victim and the ME said it might have happened earlier since there were no witnesses until they heard and saw the explosion.

As Rixton is out, Jay asks Voight in front of everybody about the indictments being handed out to his old unit; Voight asks what that has to do with him? Jay says he wants to know who has his back and Voight says he imagines Kenny wants to know that as well. Voight is annoyed that Jay is more concerned about his endorsement of Rixton than working a case with two murder victims.

Rixton returns to the precinct informing the unit Dan stood up for two gay teens a couple weeks ago, punching Harlem Bets the one who was bullying them and he left pissed. Voight sends Erin and Jay out to find the man.

In the interrogation room, Harlem explains that it bothers him that his young daughter looks out her window and sees two guys kissing, asking what kind of example is that? Harlem says he didn’t attack anyone, but Dan hit him, so why isn’t he arrested.

Erin tells him because someone set his house on fire with him in it. He laughs and says karma’s a bitch! Jay says two people died, one of them a kid; he shoves a chair and tells him to lose the grin before he loses it for him. Burgess calls them out of the room with something to see. Dan is standing in front of them with his girlfriend and Erin asks who then died in the fire?

Dan admits to knowing Kyle and believes it is his landlord who was trying to get back at him. Voight questions if he torched the place to get out of paying rent; he says he hired a realtor to find a subletter. He denies him and Kyle were sexually involved but doesn’t have an alibi for that morning.

Kenny approaches Voight saying people are starting to whisper about what went down with the gang unit. Voight tells him don’t say a word but he wants to come clean; Voight orders him to stay quiet. Antonio comes to see Erin and tells her its all sealed tight, but he heard there are 7 indictments coming down even though it was an 8-men unit. Kenny isn’t getting indicted but Erin thinks maybe he was the one who rolled on his unit.

At Chicago Med, Trudy learns the man has Hepatitis C, so while they wait for his full record, they are running an HIV test for precaution.

Atwater and Rixton are able to confirm Dan’s alibi, but the person who wanted the house paid him in cash, no application and no phone number. He can’t confirm if the potential tenant saw where the key was hidden.

At the morgue, the ME says the victim was shot through the eye socket first killing him before the blunt force trauma and fire could. She hands Burgess a wedding ring and vintage watch. They are able to track where it was purchased by a Jane Framingham as an anniversary gift. Erin and Jay visit the wife, who believed her husband was in New York.

She has no idea why her husband would be using the name Bill Johns. She confirms he always wanted to paint their front door red, and maybe the house was a surprise. She denies things were bad and admits that clearly she didn’t know anything about her husband.

Atwater updates the team that 5 years ago there was no Curt Framingham in Chicago; and before that he isn’t anywhere on social media or anything. Burgess says they did facial recognition and there was a Curt Forrester who was arrested for a Ponzi scheme; Erin suggests they call the Feds to see if they are on to this guy.

Kenny offers to call a Fed he knows but Jay declines. Kenny wants to know the office gossip and Olinsky tells him they know everyone in his gang unit was indicted but him. Olinsky says he’s either dirty or turned on his team.

When Atwater says they just want to know, Kenny gets defensive and Voight comes out asking if there is a problem; telling them if he hears anything other than the case and victims, he is putting them on the next transfer order; telling them to try him. Trudy returns to see Marvin in a holding cell, he apologizes and she asks him about his dog.

The Feds hand over a list of clients Framingham stole from, but don’t feel any of the clients would have killed him. Burgess reveals the gun belongs to a Roxanne Cabrera. Atwater and Rixton go to see Roxanne, who claims she broke her foot last night and just got home. She admits her brother lives with her, but she hasn’t shot her gun in 2 weeks.

They open her safe and the gun is gone. Kenny learns her brother Raphael is a gang member who has been charged with assault in Florida. Roxanne says her brother was there last night with her fiance, Bill Johns.

She tells Voight and Jay she has been with Bill for 6-months, but she didn’t know he was married, and they were getting a house together. She questions why they are talking about him in the past tense. Roxanne realizes Bill is dead and Voight wants to know what happened.

Voight demands to know where her brother is believing he killed Bill/Curt because he found out the truth and was defending his sister’s honor. She says he is in his college class. Jane Framingham asks to see Erin, asking if the house was for her husband and his girl. Erin encourages her to move on especially now that she knows her husband had a different last name before they were together.

Raphael denies doing anything to Bill, swearing someone set him up and he has changed. They found the gun in Roxanne’s storage locker. Meanwhile Trudy learns she didn’t contract anything from Marvin and the needle only had insulin in it. There is a dog barking outside, and Trudy discovers it is Marvin’s dog Rosie.

Marvin reveals Jupiter always wanted to see the house with the big red door, and promised to bring Rosie there. Marvin is a witness in the case the Intelligence Unit so Trudy rushes up to tell Voight they have the wrong guy. Marvin tells Voight and Trudy he followed the man and Jupiter to the house with the red door. Voight assures him Jupiter is okay and Trudy tells him he did really good.

Chicago PD’s Intelligence Unit arrive at the motel the killer is at. Erin is furious that Jane Framingham had her fooled as she handcuffs her. She tells her that her partner in crime has already lawyered up.

Erin forces her to listen about Leo Chermaine aka Jupiter was a boxer who almost made the Olympic team, but the fighting left him brain damaged and homeless. He just reconnected with his daughter after 10 years and she is being charged for putting the bullet into him, even though her husband did it.

Kyle Harvey was 18-years-old and lost his mom just after his dad kicked him out of the house. He was returning to the only place that treated him well when he died in the fire they rigged. Erin grabs Jane by the neck and hair and forces her to look at his charred body. Jane says she is hurting her and Erin offers, saying she would be happy to show her what hurting really is. She leaves saying this is Jane’s funeral now.

Jay says he would like to publicly apologize about listening to the whispers and gossip, and he was the one who was leading everyone; explaining he had a bad experience overseas. He tells Rixton he is a good man and a great cop. Atwater apologizes too.

Voight tells them a sister of one of the gang unit cops was beat up after she turned in a banger for robbing her place and since there wasn’t enough evidence to convict the guy who did it, Rixton’s unit went after him; but Kenny wasn’t with them. Cameras caught the plates of the unit’s vehicles at the same time it happened.

A patrolman caught them in a lie about them being on a narcotics thing after they clocked out and that is how they got caught… not by anything Kenny did. Kenny admits to being approached by IAD but didn’t tell them anything.

Atwater asks why he didn’t just tell them that; Voight says they were working a case and he told him not to; and since his last unit iced him out over a rumor he wanted to see if they were any better. Erin asks how they did and Voight tells them he will see them at Molly’s.

Burgess is leaving the precinct for Molly’s when Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) greets her in the street. He admits his undercover assignment is over, saying he was stupid for not wanting to work side by side with her. He says the unit is his family and he would like to come back, asking if it is okay with her.She says yes and they hug. End of episode

She says yes and they hug. End of episode

End of episode!