Chicago PD Recap 2/22/17: Season 4 Episode 15 “Favor, Affection, Mallice or Ill-Will”

Chicago PD Recap 2/22/17: Season 4 Episode 15 "Favor, Affection, Mallice or Ill-Will"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Thursday, February 22, 2017, season 4 episode 15 called, “Favor, Affection, Mallice or Ill-Wills,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When Lindsay (Sophia Bush) is tipped off about a grieving father looking to avenge his daughter’s death, Olinsky (Elias Koteas) goes undercover as a hitman-for-hire. With Gang Intelligence lacking enough evidence to arrest the original gangbanger in question, the team works to reinvestigate the case.

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) going into Sgt Hank Voight’s (Jason Beghe) office. Voight asks how is the invisible man, Ruzek informs him his undercover assignment is done and it was great.

Voight tells him to dig out his blues and report to Sgt. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) since he was never assigned to the Intelligence Unit. Voight is angry that he had to find out from Commander at 7 that he had been detailed for undercover, leaving him one man short and a bunch of people asking him questions he couldn’t answer.

Ruzek admits he freaked out when he found out Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) was coming up to the IU, but this is where he wants to be; Voight tells him he will keep that in mind if a spot opens up. As Ruzek comes down the stairs Dt. Kenny Rixton (Nick Wechsler) shakes his hands but Ruzek, Kenny attempts to talk to him but Ruzek rudely says no sweat and keep doing the job.

Chicago PD’s Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) meets with one of her informants, he informs her that someone is heading to town inquiring to hire a hitman. She says she cannot do the job but she will bring in another detective. Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) meets them in an alley and he confirms that he has a solicitation for murder; his condition is they need to free his brother Frankie from jail before he will give any more details.

He answers the phone, saying he found a guy; Olinsky takes the phone saying not on the phone but they will meet instead. The IU is outside listening in, they go to the man’s room where he shares that he had a daughter who was murdered 2-months ago and she was only 22-years-old. He offers him 50 grand to kill the murderer.

Back at Precinct 21, Voight shares the information of Rebecca Clark’s murder, she was in Chicago 6 months before she was shot when she pulled over to get a bottle of water in a corner store. Her father, Donald Clark, a poetry professor and her mother is in a mental institution because after her daughter was murdered she couldn’t handle.

Omar Fry is a south ave hustler, he was arrested by the gang unit for Rebecca’s murder but case was dismissed in court with no probably cause; so they have an open murder investigation and no viable suspects.

Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) are told to go dig up the original gang file. Kenny and Burgess are told to go visit Omar. Voight says to Olinsky they need to gather more information before they go the next step with Donald; asking Olinsky to leave Donald Clark alone for now.

Atwater asks Voight about Ruzek; Voight tells him he is back at 21 but he isn’t back to the Intelligence Unit. Burgess looks a bit surprised. Olinsky looks at the photo of the father and can’t help but understand the need for justice.

Erin greets Trudy at the front desk, asking her to get Frankie out of jail because a snitch gave her information for a major felony. Trudy tells her there are a lot more steps here and it may not happen since it’s for the snitch’s family and not the snitch themselves. Erin pleads saying she made a promise but Trudy tells her as she is walking away that she too made a promise of NO favor, affection, malice or ill-will!

Olinksy comes to Donald Clark’s hotel room, against Voight’s wishes. Olinsky says that his PI friend told him about Omar Fry being let go with no evidence. Olinsky says if he isn’t there are no refunds. Donald says he knows within his heart Omar Fry is the guy. He tells him he wants 10% up front and the rest when this is done.

Donald says he has the gun, why not just get it over with. Olinsky says he is not using a traceable gun nor is he going to pull up in his own vehicle; Donald agrees to give him the $5000. Olinsky reminds him if he gives him the money there is no turning back; he says just get justice for my little girl.

Atwater and Halstead learn the gang unit initially thought it was Omar, but there was no weapon. He says when Omar got released the father was so out of control they nearly had to arrest him; they give them the files to see if the IU can find anything else about it.

Kenny and Kim visit Omar, whose little girl asks who they are; he says they are police and for her to go back and read her books. He has PTSD from fighting to survive in jail for something he didn’t do. Kenny offers him some money to buy his daughter some books. He admits he withheld information from the gang unit because of the way they treated him.

He tells them he was about ½ a block from the store when he heard gun shots, he didn’t see who did it but he saw a dude in a shiny hoodie run and duck into a tunnel, like he was a shooter; and he knows what that looks like. The IU gather at the train station and split up on digging up for evidence. Kenny asks Burgess about Ruzek and his father, but doesn’t divulge why. Jay and Erin are checking other drains, when Erin finds a gun, she believes is the murder weapon.

Erin reveals the ballistics of the bullets are 100% match to the ones that came out of Rebecca’s body; but no prints or DNA. Burgess says the gun belongs to a Thomas Kapp, but they are still working on his connection to Rebecca. Thomas is a strong gun buyer but Jay says its more than likely he sold the gun to whoever killed Rebecca.

Olinsky takes Voight aside and says something isn’t sitting right with him about Donald. Voight says he is soliciting murder. Olinsky reminds Voight its not like they haven’t done worse for their own kids.

Voight arrives with Burgess and Kenny at the head shop, looking for Thomas; when he he doesn’t know who they are talking about; Voight grabs him and he admits Thomas comes in a couple times a week for business. Voight wants to know if it is for weed or guns? He claims only runs the shop. Voight orders Kenny to blow the hinges off the door.

Burgess and Kenny open several crates that are filled will guns; the shop owner caves, and the next minute, IU break down the door. Jay and Atwater go down in the basement where several men are shooting guns. Thomas says he will not go on his knees for anyone in his own home, Jay smacks him in the face with his baton and orders him to put his hands behind his back.

Erin meets with Scrap who demands to know why his brother hasn’t been released yet. Erin says it’s a process and Scrap grabs his phone saying he will call Donald and tell him the whole thing is a trap. Erin smacks the phone out of his hand, and arrests him.

Kenny and Burgess inform Voight the guns were stolen from the ATF; all agree something doesn’t add up. Voight goes to see Thomas in lock up saying the gun ties him Rebecca’s murder, so either he shot her himself or he sold the gun to someone who did. Thomas says he knows people and will never spend a day in jail.

Jay sarcastically says they should just let him go then; Voight grabs his broken nose asking him again who he sold the guns to. Trudy rushes down the stairs with ATF Greg Hammit, who orders Voight to release him right now, as he is an undercover federal agent. Thomas laughs saying he told them he knew people.

Voight is told this is a classified deep cover operation and they didn’t want to inform local enforcement agencies. Jay says this is a new one, where they put hands into the guns of criminals on the street.

Hammit says they are helping the city get rid of violent criminals who are tracked by the serial numbers on the guns. Jay informs him of Rebecca’s murder and demands to know how many numbers have they lost track of?

Voight wants the reports on everyone they sold guns to and every piece of surveillance they have. Thomas is angry that they are willing to jeopardize their operation; Voight tells him their operation is done in his city, to just ask around about Hank Voight, Hammit tells him they already did.

Ruzek comes into 21 ready for duty, but Trudy informs him Commander Crowley wants him to go down to the 27th district; who needs bodies for their 3rd shifts (graveyard shift). Trudy pulls him aside assuring him he did the right thing by removing himself from an uncomfortable situation. He feels he is being punished and Trudy says that is life, to put his head down and work his way back, one shift at a time.

Olinsky meets with Donald Clark telling him they don’t think it was Fry after all, and asks him one last time if he is sure he wants to do this. He shares a memory of Rebecca, covers his face; Olinsky says he can call it off if he wants. Donald says he has come this far and he will be in touch with him.

Jay shares Maxwell Clay aka “Goldfish”, who a few months ago bought a batch of 20 guns from Thomas, including the 45 that was used to kill Rebecca. They go to visit the bar when Voight hands Erin keys to a brand new squad car; Erin hands him the keys and says its time he drove calling him “grasshopper”.

At Maxwell’s Bar, Goldfish claims he only serves drinks and his gun permits are up to date. They slide the bar open and find it full of guns; Voight shows him a picture of him purchasing the guns from Thomas, revealing Thomas is an ATF agent. Goldfish admits to selling guns but he has never shot anyone before.

Voight grabs his face and tells him to think who he sold it to; he right away says he sold it to his cousin, Big O. He reveals a Latin Player killed him. Jay asks what happened to the gun?

Mark Jefferies (Carl Weathers) doesn’t seem interested in the cases Voight is dealing with, he wants to know about the murder for hire case. He wants them to arrest Donald Clark before they hunt down the killer; implying they are stalling because he is a white poetry professor; Olinsky says its about a grieving father.

Olinsky reminds him he has been on this job for 20+ years and not once has he arrested someone based on race. He orders them to bring in Donald Clark now, or there is going to be a problem. Voight says he will use Fry to set up a fake hit, that he can show Donald Clark, get him on tape giving him the rest of the money. Olinsky feels he got through to Clark, but Voight orders him to set it up.

Erin brings in Omar Fry, who is unwilling to do anything for free after all the police had done to him. Erin attempts to talk to Olinsky who tells her to just give Omar what he’s asking for and doesn’t want to hear it.

Burgess and Kenny discover an ongoing beef between two gangs, but they found interesting info about a man named Jeremy Reynolds. He was a gang banger until a year ago when he got a job directly across the street from where Rebecca worked. Atwater and Jay come to see him at work.

In interrogation he knew Rebecca, and they were on their first date, the same night Rebecca dies. They want to know if he was the target or the instigator; Atwater says had he called 9-11 it probably would have saved her. He says he isn’t a snitch but Voight convinces him if he tells the truth, it might give him and Rebecca some peace. Olinsky is upset that Donald Clark still wants to go through with the hit. Voight reveals Carlos has been gunning for Jeremy for two years, ever since he shot his brother in the butt.

Jay reveals how random the killing was. Jeremy didn’t have a car so Rebecca offered to drive him home, but stops to get water when Carlos happens to see Jeremy in the car, he shoots up the car, but Jeremy escapes out the passenger side and takes off; so it is Carlos who was running in the silver hoodie.

Kenny says the gang unit has eyes on Carlos; Voight orders them to hit it. Carlos escapes through the back shooting at Atwater and Burgess; Atwater is able to shoot him in the head, killing him.

Olinsky comes to see Donald, showing him pictures of Omar dead and hands Olinsky a bag full of money. Olinsky tells him Omar Fry didn’t kill his daughter and shows him his badge saying they caught the man who did; Erin and some Chicago PD officers arrive to arrest him.

Erin released Scrap and informs him his brother will be released within an hour. He tells her the next time he gets a tip, its going to his guy in narcotics; who won’t lock him up. Erin says she got his brother released on 100 lbs of weed and the old man got 10 years for avenging his daughter’s death. She tells him to not be a sore winner.

Ruzek is emptying his locker; Kenny shares that he worked with his old man. Ruzek says it is a small world. Kenny shares stories of time with his dad. He tells Ruzek to put his stuff back in his locker, because he has a job offer at another unit. He feels that he is just holding down Ruzek’s desk for him. They shake hands and Kenny asks him to say hi to his dad from him.

Olinsky’s daughter is waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs. He says he just wants to tell her how much he loves her; she says he could have said that over the phone, he says he knows and just wants a hug. Jefferies comes to see Olinsky at Molly’s who shares a case of a black kid who was killed by a white store owner; claimed self-defense and walked. He apologizes to him for being so angry earlier; Olinsky shares he has 2 daughters.