Chicago PD Recap 3/1/17: Season 4 Episode 16 “Emotional Proximity”

Chicago PD Recap 3/1/17: Season 4 Episode 16 "Emotional Proximity"

March 1, 2017, season 4 episode 16 called, “Emotional Proximity,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The team hunts the arsonist responsible for the massive fire that left Olinsky’s (Elias Koteas) daughter in critical condition.”

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Hour 2 of the 3-hour epic crossover in the Chicago franchise begins with Chief Boden meeting with Sgt. Hank Voight at the hospital, informing him that the fire at the warehouse was intentional; saying it was a mass murder.

The alarms start going off in Lexi Olinsky’s room, her father Dt. Alvin Olinsky is telling toe doctors to do something as her stats are dropping. Dt. Kim Burgess and Voight pull him out of the room. Olinsky continues to bed and Dr. Will Halstead orders the nurses to close the door.

Dr. Natalie Manning comes in and they remove the bandages while Halstead cuts her side open to relieve the pressure on her lungs. Olinksy turns when he hears Meredith Olinsky (Melissa Carlson) call his name.

Dr. Halstead tells them 60% of Lexi’s body is burned and they needed to make incisions to relieve the pressure on her lungs to help her breath. Meredith begs him to save her; Boden puts his arms around Meredith as Olinsky begs for they to take care of her. Olinksky leans into Voight whispering for him to find the one who started the fire and I want him alone.

Chief Lugo (Esai Morales) holds a press conference announcing they will not rest until this investigation is solved. He says for those responsible and watching this, they are about to feel the full force of the Chicago PD.

Voight meets with Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and ASA Peter Stone (Philip Winchester), who says whatever he needs, they will do. Stone informs Voight that he knows Olinsky’s daughter was one of the victims but this case needs to be legit and tight.

Severide shows Voight that the door he had to pry open during the fire was jammed shut with wedges from the person who started the fire. Chief Lugo tells Voight they are running a task force but he wants Voight and the Intelligence Unit to run their investigation; he leans in and tells him to find the son of a bitch who did this.

Back at the precinct, Dt. Erin Lindsay shows Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton), whose joined the investigation, the photos of the 36 deceased and the other photos are 18 who are in ICU at Chicago Med.

Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) shares that parole officer knows an ex-con Nathan Delano who did 18 years for arson and homicide in Statesville; when he lit his family on fire in 1988; including 3 of his own children. He didn’t report in for parole yesterday, there is a warrant out for his arrest and they go to get him. When they announce themselves at his door, someone shoots at them through the door.

Ruzek kicks in the front door, and the team comes in the house. He shoots again at Ruzek but Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) clotheslines him to the ground. They learn he isn’t Delano but he spits in Atwater’s face and Atwater punches him back.

Platt reveals to Voight the man they have is Lane Cromwell (Clark Lichty) was Delano’s cellmate for 4 years in Statesville and wanted on warrant in St. Louis for beating a cab driver almost to death, aggravated battery and assaulting police; Cromwell spits at them. She says she is heading back upstairs, Voight says that is a good idea.

Voight informs Cromwell if he spits one more, he will be licking it up. Voight intimidates him about his younger brother in prison; Cromwell says he can’t touch him, Voight shares that the warden there was once his deputy chief; promising him he could have him tossed into GP like a dog treat.

Cromwell says he doesn’t know where Delano went, he slipped out 2 minutes before the police came. Voight asks if he torched the warehouse; Cromwell says he has no idea and wasn’t there, he says Delano skipped town because he was using drugs and they were going to skip town to Alaska.

Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and the crew discover that Kimball doubled his insurance on the warehouse 6-months earlier. Halstead believes he probably met up with Delano at some point and he torched the place for him. Erin says he has a live-in girlfriend, they could visit his apartment; Voight sends them.

Olinsky shares with Meredith how close he was from getting their daughter away from her abusive boyfriend. Jay and Erin learn from the girlfriend that Kimball began carrying a gun because he was being threatened, but she didn’t know why. She appears to know nothing, and they leave telling her they will be in touch and for her to stay in town.

Burgess gets a hit, the car Delano should be in, is in the same area Erin and Jay are in. He figures out they are cops and begins shooting at them. Jay chases and after he calls for backup, he manages to shoot him. Erin is with one of the innocent bystanders who was shot but Delano dies.

Ruzek and Burgess watch video from one of the cell phones, revealing the back of the killer, just before he escapes and the warehouse explosion; there are now 38 dead. Their suspect is only 5’9” but Delano was over 6’. Burgess informs them there will be a candlelight vigil that night.

Trudy brings up a diagram about the block the warehouse was on, Voight wants all video footage going back 1 month and wants all access. Atwater goes outside and learns from one of his informants that Delano approached him about some guys trying to shake him down for money, and for him to be ready; but he never say the dude.

At Chicago Med, Lexi’s alarms sound again, they give her some medication but her stats drop down to single digits; they begin chest compressions. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Olinsky watches other families thanking the doctors. When he sees Dr. Halstead he tells Meredith he will be right back; he asks him to be straight with him.

Dr. Halstead says she isn’t going to make it, her heart has already stopped and she is in organ failure. They both go to spend their last moments with her as the machines go to zero and she is gone.

Voight informs his team that Lexi died 20-minutes ago. He tells them they can mourn when the guy who did this is in cuffs, until then what do they have. Burgess found the logo on the guy’s jacket and the 5 stores that sell it are giving her all the information on their sales of that jacket.

Platt shares a Claire Burke who has made 40 suspicious persons calls, the last one being 3-nights ago; she lives down the block from the warehouse. Erin and Jay take the call. Before she leaves, Erin takes Lexi’s photo from the Victims’ board and places it on the Death board; everyone is upset.

Claire Burkeis furious when the Erin and Jay arrive, sharing that Barry Kimball packed those kids into that warehouse like sardines and treated them the same way too. She tells them about the argument she saw involving Kimball and another man, who was in his 20s. She did take the license plate number down, but says she isn’t Fort Knox when they ask about cameras.

The license plate belongs to a K Davis, who has no criminal history. When they come back to see Claire she immediately picks him out. Voight says to lock him in the area, dump his phone, run his vehicle; he wants everything on the prick before they move on him.

Olinsky arrives upstairs and Voight offers his condolences and wants to bring him home to Meredith. Platt offers coffee or support but he just wants to know about the case. Voight says they are moving in on a suspect but lies that its not rock solid.

Ruzek arrives at a restaurant and the hostess tells him where the Davis party is sitting. When Ruzek tells him to stand up he refuses, Atwater tells the owner/manager to back up ad Ruzek grabs him and they haul him out of the restaurant without explanation, but do pull a gun out from his suit jacket.

Voight tells Olinsky he is only allowed in the observation room and Jay stays with him. Voight goes into the interrogation room asking how he knows Barry Kimball. When he denies it, Voight grabs him by the throat, revealing they know he had a beef with Kimball and he used his family connections to torch his place. Voight warns him if the next words that come out of his mouth are, “I don’t know,” they are going to go for a ride.

He admits he threatened Kimball but he never burned down the warehouse. Voight walks him out of the room. Olinsky tells Jay that his brother operated on Lexi and to please tell him thanks and he knows he gave it everything he had. Voight wants a work up on this guy Davis, search his apartment and tie him to that jacket. Erin informs everyone that Tamra Collins (Jazlyn Yoder) just woke up at the hospital and wants to talk.

Tamra tells them she was at the rave, there was a guy standing next to her, wearing a dark jacket, hat and holding a brown paper bag. He walked over to the side and dropped the paper bag on the floor, stepped on it and pushed it under the couch. The bag burst into flames and he left. She says he was 5’8”, he was white and in his 20s. He had a silver skull ring on his right hand and he had blue eyes.

Voight updates everyone. Ruzek can send Davis on his way after the gun charge. Olinsky feels they are no where, but Voight says they all need to get ready as the vigil is soon.

Erin sees the guy who did it, but he notices her and he begins to slowly walk away. They let him leave the vigil and surround him in the alleyway. Voight puts a gun to his head, but pulls it back as he takes his glove off. He tells Ruzek to put him in the cage. As he sits in the cage, the IU search his entire place, where Ruzek finds the metal wedges he used to seal all those young people in the warehouse.

Voight tells him he works with a detective that is a really good friend of his, and he killed his daughter in that fire. She was one of those people who made the world a better place and had a glow. He opens the cage and reveals he knew this crime was personal; that he wanted to hurt someone because someone hurt him.

Voight smacks him and asks who it was that pissed him off and broke his little heart. He said he has the right to remain silent; Voight pulls out a blade and tells him he will tell him why he did it. When he says again he has the right to remain silent, Voight yanks his head back and puts the blade to his throat, and is about to say something when Olinsky pushes past Atwater. Voight tells Atwater they are good; Olinsky tells him to give him the keys and leave. Voight says there are 39 families who need justice too; Olinsky throws Justin in Voight’s face. Voight says he will have to go through him; just as he is about to do it, Antonio Dawson comes in after he heard they had a suspect; Olinsky says he confessed to him. Crowds watch as he is taken away by the ASA.