Dance Moms Recap 10/17/17: Season 7 Episode 25 “Everyone’s Replaceable…Even Abby”

Dance Moms Recap 10/17/17: Season 7 Episode 25 "Everyone's Replaceable...Even Abby"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, October 17, 2017, season 7 episode 25 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 25 “The Irreplaceables and the ALDC both find new choreographers to take Abby’s place; Cheryl Burke works with the Irreplaceables; the girls’ insecurities and their mothers prove to be a struggle for Cheryl; the ALDC struggles to stay together.

Tonight’s episode will surely be filled with the usual Dance Moms drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Dance Moms recap from 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET! While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check all our Dance Moms recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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Abby makes an announcement on social media that she will no longer be coaching the team. The younger girls are in shock that they have been left without a coach. Jill isn’t surprised at all at Abby’s behavior.

Jill and the other mothers of the older girls welcome Cheryl Burke as their new coach this week. Cheryl introduces herself to all of the girls and gives them some highlights of her career. She gets right down to business right after, announcing that the first duet will be performed by Nia and Chloe. Kendall and Camryn are paired up

Meanwhile, Yolanda is beside herself after learning the news that Abby has left them.  She sits with the other mothers as they try and figure out what to do.

Jill is excited over the fact that Cheryl is here to get the girls ready for nationals in 2 weeks. Christi wants to win badly too since the other team has been bashing her and Chloe on social media. Camryn has also been a target. Camille has had to shut off the comments on her daughter’s page because it is so hateful.

After Yolanda calls Miranda, she meets with the girls at the ALDC. They begin rehearsals. The moms sit together. Ashlee starts crying. She has had enough of the social media bashing.

At the Dance Academy, Cheryl tries to get the girls into character. They seem unfocused to her because of their current turmoil via social media and Abby’s decision to leave. The moms get rowdy. Cheryl comes out to see them. She tells them they are being too loud. They aren’t the ones performing. She tells them to shut their mouths. Jill’s jaw drops open.

At the ALDC, the moms talk with Ashlee. She isn’t going to leave and take Brynn with her. She is willing to stick it out. Meanwhile, the older girls continue to rehearse their duets with Cheryl. Cheryl meets with the moms and the girls. She explains to them that their children are insecure. Jill starts crying. They all start to cry and share their worries.

It’s competition time. As the moms take their seats at the Fierce Competition, they shoot dirty looks at the opposing team. Nia and Chloe take the stage first. They nail their duet. Kendall and Camryn dance next. Cheryl gives them two-thumbs up.

Ashlee and the other moms talk backstage. The Dance Academy performances were basic. Ashlee thinks they have a great chance at winning. Meanwhile, the Dance Academy ladies practice their group dance backstage. Camryn is smiling too much for Cheryl’s taste. She corrects her. Camille starts to cry. They have had a horrible week. Her daughter has been called derogatory names on her Instagram. Cheryl commends her for being strong. She wants them all to put their emotions into their dancing.

The ALDC is up next with their group dance. They pay tribute to Abby with their first performance. When the announcement to Abby is made, the mothers from the Dance Academy roll their eyes. The girls do great in their group dance. When the performance is over Jill, Christi and the other moms wonder why they paid tribute to Abby with a routine called I Surrender.

The Dance Academy performs their group dance. They do great.

It is time for awards, Kendall and Camryn win first place for their duet. They fail though when it came to the group dance, winning 5th place. The ALDC ladies take 2nd place in the group dance.

Outside the competition, Amber gets a text. Abby has fired her. She asks all the girls and moms what they are doing next week. Ashlee tells her that she is flying home with Brynn. They need a break. The producers ask Ashlee if she is coming back. She just can’t take it anymore. She walks off.

The Dance Academy moms pressure Cheryl. They all want to know if she is coming back next week. She agrees to return.


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