Dance Moms Recap 10/3/17: Season 7 Episode 23 “There’s a New Team in Town Part 1”

Dance Moms Recap 10/3/17: Season 7 Episode 23 "There's a New Team in Town Part 1"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, October 3, 2017, season 7 episode 23 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 23 “Part 1 of 2. The Irreplaceables and the ALDC go head-to-head at competition for the first time. Later, Abby’s team does a fan-favorite group number, while the older girls shock the audience with a mature routine that causes an uproar from Abby and her minions.

Tonight’s episode will surely be filled with the usual Dance Moms drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Dance Moms recap from 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET! While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check all our Dance Moms recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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The four remaining moms show up at the ALDC. Abby is out back in her office. They go to visit her. She is irritated. She has no bra on. This is my bedroom, she tells them. They all leave. They are nervous about the week because they will compete against the remaining moms and their older girls of The Irreplaceables at the end of the week at Fierce.

The Irreplaceables meet with a new dance instructor. She tells them that she wants them to try something more mature, a burlesque routine.

Abby finally comes out and tells them she is ready to rehearse. She has no shoes on. She didn’t want to waste time. She tells them all she is so glad they are all here. She wants to think about the future and not the ones who stabbed her in the back. All four of them will perform a solo.

Meanwhile, Kendall, Chloe and the other girls start rehearsing their burlesque routine. She tells them all that they are not kids anymore. They are going to dance with heels on and chairs as props. The moms talk about their new feelings and not having Abby around. While they sit and talk, Yolanda is at the ALDC. She calls Camille and leaves a voice mail telling her that all the moms want her and her daughter out.

Back at the ALDC, Brynn practices her solo. She doesn’t know why all of the older girls left Abby.

The Irreplaceables are having trouble picking up their routine. Kalani is nervous that their routine may be too sexy and it will cause controversy.

Yolanda is thrilled that Eli has a solo. She thinks she will shine this week at Fierce. Abby tells the moms she needs to leave to find a boy to add to the group number that they haven’t even worked on yet. The moms tell her that they need to do a group dance and come strong or they are in trouble.

Abby returns to the studio with a boy. They start their rehearsals on their group piece, a routine they have done before. Abby wants it to be better than before. The voiceover of the song is spoken in a male voice. Yolanda is mad that the girls will appear like back-up dancers. The moms all voice their opinion. Abby is willing to discuss this. They need to win. She will do whatever it takes.

Iesha has given Kendall and Kalani both solos. Both girls are having a hard time. They don’t want to do the solo. They want to focus on their group dance. They both pull out. Iesha is not happy.

Camille calls Ashley to see if she wants to meet for drinks. Camille wants to talk about the weird message Yolanda left her. Ashley tells he that Holly and the others don’t want her there.

Holly, Keira and the others talk to Camille. They tell her that Ashley is trying to get them to fight. Meanwhile, Chloe starts crying. When Christi comes in and asks her what is wrong she tells her nothing. The older girls continue practicing. Iesha gives them a pep talk about dealing with the stress and what the want to come out of this.

Camille invites Ashley to the bar. She also invites Jill, Holly and Keira. They drink while they wait for Ashley. Yolanda and the other girls show up. Ashley doesn’t. Yolanda and Christi start going at it. They compare their children. Christi pushes her. Yolanda doesn’t react but continues to tell her that talent will prevail.

Abby gives her girls a pep talk. They can beat the other team. Meanwhile, Holly, Christi and the others are scared. They think the group dance doesn’t have a chance of winning. Iesha thinks they all came in to this with a bad attitude. She tells the moms that she feels disrespected.


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