Dance Moms Summer Premiere Recap 8/1/17: Season 7 Episode 14 “Judgment Day Approaches”

Dance Moms Summer Premiere Recap 8/1/17: Season 7 Episode 14 "Judgment Day Approaches"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, August 1, 2017, season 7 episode 14 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 14 “It’s the first week back, and news quickly spreads that Abby’s court sentencing is just two weeks away. With the clock ticking, the moms are desperate to know what Abby’s plans are for the future, but Abby’s total denial creates havoc for the team. Instead of focusing on her own court case.

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The girls come back from nationals as winners. Abby is still around because her jail sentence and got pushed back. Abby has a big announcement to make. She announces that she has classes for the girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All of the mothers are in shock. They want Abby to tell them where she will be in a couple weeks. Abby continues on by announcing that she wants to take part in the West Coast nationals next. She has a lot going on but she wants her dancing to continue.

Onto the pyramids and the announcements of the duets in group routines. Jamie is happy that Maesi is going to be dancing more this season. They all start their warm-up. Their group dance is entitled Family Court, a sore subject for some of the moms. The moms all talk about the theme of the routine. Abby continues to instruct. They all switch to the topic of Abby and how she isn’t addressing jail. They have questions. Abby can hear them but pretends not to notice.

Next, Abby starts instructing the duet with Elliana and Lilliana. The moms talk about Lilli’s recent appearance in Sia’s music video. Yolanda is angry that she has to hear about it. A small feud breaks out.

Ashlee asks Brynn what she thinks about the group dance given Ashlee’s divorce from Brynn’s dad. Brynn doesn’t want to talk about it. Ashlee pushes her to share but it isn’t happening.

Abby announces that whatever duet wins, the pair will both get solos next week. Jill wants Kendall and Brynn to get the solo win. But she doesn’t think Brynn will win given what is going on at home. Ashlee thinks she will be fine. The moms talk about Abby again and how they think she is in denial.

It’s the last of rehearsal before the competition and Abby hasn’t arrived yet. The moms are mad. They all go to lunch. Outside they see Abby coming up the drive. She is in the same clothes from yesterday. She ask her what is going on. She explains that she went to 2 events last night and just got in. They call it the walk of shame. Abby laughs.

The moms want to know why Abby is giddy. They start to ask her questions about jail. She calls it a vacation. The moms ask her why she is elated given the circumstances. In the studio, they all sit. Abby is eating cookies and she is diabetic. All the moms are in shock. Abby gets a text and leaves abruptly, taking Elliana and Lilli with her. The moms see an article about her sentencing. They talk for a bit until Elliana and Lilli’s moms going looking for them. They enter into Abby’s backroom. She tells them to get out and kicks the camera out too. She has had enough. She calls the two moms twits.  She slams the door.

Ashlee talks to Brynn. She tells her things went well at court. On to the competition at FIERCE, Abby shows up happy and smiling. The moms are shocked again. They ask her what is going on. Abby never saw their last rehearsals. She said she did by videotape. Abby shrugs it off and all the girls get ready. They get dressed and start practicing. The moms bicker a bit about the lack of practice.

The show begins. Kendall and Brynn are up 1st. They do great with everyone happy and clapping. Elliana and Lilli are up next. One of the moms calls it a hot mess right in front of the judges. Lilli cries. Elliana and Lilli mom’s fight. They call each a liar and a bitch. Abby kicks them out. Ashlee thinks they need to stop.

Abby gives the group a pep talk. They all hit the stage.  The 6 do great together in their performance. They get a loud round of applause. Abby is happy. Kendall and Brynn take 2nd place. Elliana and Lilli take 1st place. The group takes 1st place. The girls pulled it off. Abby congratulations them all. Abby points out to Elliana and Lilli that their mothers could have cost them their win. Not bad for the 1st week back, Abby announces. The moms still want to know what is up with Abby.