Empire Recap 4/5/17 Season 3 Episode 12 “Strange Bedfellows”

Empire Recap 4/5/17 Season 3 Episode 12 "Strange Bedfellows"

Tonight on FOX their blockbuster drama Empire airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 5, 2017, episode and we have your Empire recap below. On tonight’s Empire season 3 episode 12 “Strange Bedfellows” as per the FOX synopsis, “Angelo makes an unsettling discovery and is concerned that Cookie’s past isn’t in the past and will hurt his chances of becoming the mayor.”

Empire is one of our favorite television series and we cannot wait for the season 3 episode 12.  So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Empire recap between 9 PM – 10 PM ET!  While you wait for our recap make sure to come back for our Empire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Empire begins tonight with people passed out all over Hakeem Lyon’s (Bryshere Y. Gray) apartment. He is celebrating the release set for tomorrow night, he yells for everyone to wake up because they have waffles.

Jamal (Jussie Smollett) wakes up to pings form his phone. He tells Philip (Juan Antonio) to get dressed because there is a video D-Major “Derek” (Tobias Truvillion) is doing live, after Jamal told him to live his truth. On the video he says he is on his way to Jamal’s. He walks in announcing to the viewers he is introducing the man who has changed his life, he turns the camera towards Jamal, asking “what the hell” when he sees Philip getting dressed.

Philip leaves saying they need to straighten things out. Jamal is tired of Derek’s game; Derek insists they need to talk, Jamal says they don’t but he smashes his phone on the ground shouting, “NOW!” Jamal walks away.

Hakeem arrives at Lucious’ office, peeking through the door; he says this is what they do every year as he acts surprised about what his dad, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) got him for his birthday.

Lucious is inside with his mother, Leah Walker (Leslie Uggams), Thirsty Rawlings (Andre Royo) and his ex Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). They want to know why Leah went to go see Tariq (Morocco Omari), she babbles on about going to Tariq for the wife problem; but Cookie figured out that Tariq is after her still and is trying to flip Anika.

Lucious says he never said anything outright to her, but he doesn’t know what she could have overheard. Lucious is upset with the body guard he had for his mother and isn’t sure how he is going to deal with these incompetent people. Hakeem barges in asking if the surprise is over?

Hakeem gives them ideas for his present; Cookie wishes him a happy birthday but says they cannot celebrate until some of this drama calms down. He says this is his biggest birthday party as he is turning 21. Lucious asks him how come he doesn’t act like it, he let Anika take off, leaving the baby with him and not knowing where she is going; Hakeem is shocked to learn that Anika isn’t at home.

Nessa (Sierra A McClain) is performing, while Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) admires her. Guiliana Green (Nia Long) arrives saying she is a lucky lady. Andre talks about Nessa being at the grand opening of her strip club, but wants to know how that will help her relationship with Empire. He promises that Empire will put the full power of their resources behind her first solo show. She leans in saying she wished she had someone like Andre when she was first starting out. She admits that she is a singer but talent has no power and she wants to be the boss. She asks him to meet her there tomorrow night and they can talk.

Cookie is at home with Angelo DuBois (Taye Diggs), she asks him if he can find out where they have Anika stashed. He says before he does any digging he wants to know what she is hiding. Cookie feels Angelo doesn’t trust her, and when he finds her gun, he is upset.

He demands to know why she has it, as its illegal to own a hand gun in New York. She says it was a gift, but she never planned on using it; Angelo figures out it came from Lucious. He says she needs to get rid of it, whether he becomes mayor or not, things like the gun don’t belong in their world; she promises to get rid of it.

He asks her if she ever shot anyone, she flashes back to a time she was laying on the motel bed, when one of Lucious’ friends comes in and attempts to touch her, she grabs a gun ordering him to get out. She tells him again Lucious isn’t there and shots him accidentally in the knee. Cookie tells Angelo she never shot anyone before.

Anika’s mother gets her a burner phone so she can call Lucious and tell him she didn’t go with Tariq and hopes Lucious will let her come home and see her daughter, Bella.

Porsha (Ta’Rhonda Jones) records Hakeem as he tells viewers they will be club hopping for 21 hours straight, and reminds them to stay logged in to get the invites. Tiama Brown (Serayah) is on video chat, sad that she isn’t there to help him celebrate.

Jamal is in the studio when Derek comes in. Jamal asks him to explain what he was thinking. He says he came out because Jamal said he needed to live his truth. Jamal reminds him that you don’t come out for someone else, and you don’t drop his name into the situation, especially when it is on social media.

Derek admits he is scared because of how the Hip Hop game is. Jamal says he is sorry he has to deal with that but wishes he would have spoken to him first, in person. Derek is upset that he lost 3 gigs already and he feels like he is spiraling.

Cookie interrupts them demanding to know why Jamal is around one of his enablers. Jamal says he was never one of his suppliers, but he needs to speak to his mom alone. Jamal says the fool came out for him and he is feeling really exposed right now.

She tells him he better dump Derek before he loses Philip. He counters with, “maybe she should drop Dad before she loses Angelo.” He suggests she worry about her own dirty laundry and he deals with his. She wants to know if he is going to be there for Hakeem tonight. Cookie worries she is losing her street credit being with Angelo; Jamal asks if that is really a bad thing? She says she will be herself at the function her and Angelo need to attend.

At Empire, Andre and Hakeem argue in the lobby saying Hakeem’s party is not going to be an Empire party, it will cost the company too much. Lucious tells Andre to let him have the party, but informs him he won’t be there. Hakeem storms off.

Lucious asks Thirsty about the “Vegas” thing; Andre asks what they are talking about. Lucious tells him they got a hot tip saying there is a huge business opportunity for Empire, he looks at Andre asking if he is sure he doesn’t know anything about it. Lucious and Thirsty leave and Andre seems frustrated.

Cookie walks into a beauty salon, and someone is in her chair, it turns out to be Guiliana but Cookie has no idea who she is. Just as she begins to inquire about the woman, Lucious calls her saying Anika called and wants to come home. She hangs up and leaves; the stylist returns to Guiliana and apologizes, she says its okay, sometimes you just need to empty the trash!

Hakeem’s birthday club hopping session begins, and he is surprised when Tiana arrives. As he is about to leave, the owner gives him the bill for the champagne and for the fact that his family didn’t show up. When he refuses to pay Hakeem, some strangers show their guns. He even demands one of the bodyguard’s watches. Hakeem offers the men with guns to join his party.

Anika returns home, and believes she has a moment alone with Bella. She finds the crib empty when Cookie enters saying not to worry about Bella, as she is safe which is more than she can say for Anika. Lucious comes in admitting she was always helpful with him, but he doesn’t see a reason why they shouldn’t kill her right now. Leah asks if she can do it, Lucious begs her to leave and he closes the doors behind her.

Lucious gives Anika 30 seconds to explain. She says Tariq is jealous of him, wanting what he has. She says the one thing Tariq wants is Lucious’ wife, and if the Feds can prove she was involved with Tariq, they would be forced to drop the case for good.

Cookie says they need her to wear a wire; Leah come sin with a gun saying she is a lying snake and Tariq is too smart to fall for her. Lucious takes the gun, telling Anika to make sure this works or he will let his momma do what she has been dying to do.

Jamal talks to Philip in the studio, at first he thinks Philip has no idea what its like to come out in the music business; Philip corrects him saying its the same in the military. Jamal puts his hand on Philip’s knee saying what they have can turn into something really special; but he wants them to show some compassion to D-Major for what he is going through, Philip agrees.

Tariq comes to see Anika, she tries to convince him that she doesn’t want Bella to be raised by strangers and doesn’t want to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. When she acts anxious, he promises to protect her; she says it has to be only him and she needs to do this on her own. He falls for it, saying they will let things settle for a week and she will come stay under his protection. She hugs him, as he holds her tight.

D-Major arrives at Empire and his card is denied access, Philip encourages him to go home, saying they know what he is going through and he doesn’t want to be doing this. D tells Philip no matter how hard he tries he will never be able to give it to Jamal the way he does.

Philip punches him just as Jamal walks in, Jamal asks Philip what his problem is and he says D had it coming. D tries to talk to him but Jamal runs after Philip.

Hakeem’s party continues at Empire, where Tiana performs on stage for him. Andre arrives while Jamal gets on stage and does a duet with Tiana. Hakeem jumps on stage and joins in the performance. One of the guys who had the gun earlier, grabs a woman and after she tells him to get lost, he punches her and a big fight ensues, while party goers either run or record what happened.

When the party is over, and police are there, Andre is upset that Hakeem is never held responsible for anything and isn’t held to the same standard has him and Jamal. Andre tells Jamal what happened at the other club, and he continues to yell at Jamal; the liability of this happening on Empire property.

Andre questions his fatherhood; Hakeem says he is just mad because their dad had his back on this. Hakeem continues by saying him and his father have something Andre will never have with Lucious: music. Jamal tells him to shut up.

Hakeem says this isn’t about liability; Andre snaps saying Hakeem is the liability to the family and the company. Hakeem tells him to stop spitting in his face. Andre says he is 21 years old and now a man, so now he is going to learn to take responsibilities for his actions like a man.

Andre grabs the camera and says his channel is shut down, and he is off Empire Extreme for good! He begins to walk to the door with the camera saying Happy Birthday. Hakeem chases after him, leaving Jamal standing in the midst of the turmoil.

Hakeem is sitting at a table complaining to Jamal, how his life is ruined. Jamal tells him it is his fault. Tiana comes out furious at Hakeem complaining how his night got ruined but hasn’t even asked about her friend Kennedy. She says she is going to the hospital, when he wants to come she tells him to stay there and keep making it about him, because that is what he does best.

Hakeem sits back down and says again this is his worst birthday ever. Jamal stands up and says, “You know why its your fault? Its because of lyrics like this. Do you hear them? This is you, and its time to become a man, brother!” He pats him on the shoulder and leaves while Hakeem says he is a man! He leaves saying he isn’t going home, he is going to get his girl.

Andre meets with Giuliana, he wants to conduct business but she says she wants to get to know him first. He whispers if she’d like to get to know him better there or somewhere else. She says she wants to finish her drink, asking him if he is close to his father? He lies, saying VERY!

She wants to know why he hasn’t brought her to meet him. Andre wants to negotiate the deal first, so he can give him an offer he can’t refuse. He suggests going back to her hotel room, but Giuliana says she never touches another woman’s man, at least not without permission.

He says this is how he does business and always has and Nessa is fine with it. She takes the terms of the contract, saying she will review it and get back to him; Andre is definitely smitten with her.

Cookie and Angelo return home, and she gives him the gun asking him to get rid of it, since having it in her possession is a major violation of her parole.

Giuliana meets with Gino, telling him that Rafael was skimming from him and she got rid of the problem. She produces a bag of every penny he skimmed from Gino; Gino suggests she is the problem and they should just get rid of her. She says if he does that, he will never be in business with Lucious Lyon.

He shares fond memories of Lucious’ first album. He admits he has been trying to get a hold of Lucious for a long time, she says she knows that he can’t touch him, but she can. Gino kisses her on the cheek and tells her to do her thing and make him believe in magic.

Hakeem is pounding on his dad’s door, he says he is there for his girl.. He begins to pack up her things, when Lucious asks him to have a seat so he can talk to him. They sit together on the couch, Lucious shares his birth story, saying ever since birth he has been in a mad rush to do things.

He says he probably indulged him too much; but tonight he said something that let him know he has his priorities right. He says he is a man now but more importantly he is a Lyon. A Lyon looks after his responsibility over everything else. He tells him to protect this angel with his very life. He hands Bella over to Hakeem as he says, “I will.” Lucious hands him Bella’s toy and says, “Happy Birthday!”


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