Fear The Walking Dead Fall Premiere Recap 9/10/17: Season 3 Episode 9 and 10

Fear The Walking Dead Fall Premiere Recap 9/10/17: Season 3 Episode 9 and 10

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, September 10, 2017, episode and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap below! On tonight’s FTWD season 3 episode 9 & 10 double episode Fall Premiere called,  “In the aftermath of the Clark family’s actions, new leadership assumes control of the Ranch; Daniel assists Lola in the distribution of water; with the Ranch dangerously low on resources, Madison and Walker leave in search of a solution; and Nick and Alicia struggle to keep the peace.

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FTWD begins tonight with Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) waking up in bed and looking over the ranch. Nick (Frank Dillane), Troy (Daniel Sharman) and some others are out killing the undead walkers. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is attempting to pump some water as Nick looks off into the distance; Troy tells him to quit daydreaming and burn the bodies before they ruin the soil.

Jake (Sam Underwood) is coughing badly when Alicia acknowledges he is pale and he admits it is always worse in the morning. Troy taunts Nick, calling him a “poet”. Madison wanders through Jeremiah Otto’s (Dayton Callie) office, as Nick shows Troy a whole trail of trucks driving up towards the ranch. Jake walks towards the trucks and greets Qaletqa (Michael Greyeyes); Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) sits in the truck staring at them and Alicia says, “Here we go!”

Jake and Troy disagree, saying they don’t accept, they will only tolerate them. Jake demands Troy to stop, who leaves the room. Jake says some feel the same as Troy but most are loyal to survival, regardless of who provides it. Jake says they can survive together giving him a key to the arsenal; showing that neither of them can open it without the other.

Nick goes after Troy who says he wants to dig his father up, only to kill him again for what he has left them with. Nick says his dad saved people, he was a hero and he did what he thought was best. Nick shares that he lost his father too, so he knows how Troy feels. Nick feels his father chose to kill himself just like Jeremiah did.

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) talks to Lola (Lisandra Tena), feeling its best if she stayed but she says she was never afraid of Dante so she isn’t going to start now. Daniel reminds her that she is a leader and people will follow. She feels she needs to face the danger with her people and orders them to come.

Crazy Dog (Justin Rain) and some of the ranchers frisk everyone going into the dining tent, removing any weapons. Alicia admits that Jake is doing okay, insisting he will recover and Madison says to take care of him; Alicia gives her a stern warning that it doesn’t help Jake or peace, if she back channels with Walker; reminding her that lying isn’t useful.

Daniel watches over as Lola distributes water among her people; someone yells a warning and she tells everyone to rush, that the infected are coming.

Back at the ranch, Jake addresses everyone, talking about a hard path, suffering loss, he says they have to move forward and let go of grudges and forgive. He says the place has always been about building a better future and if they share their supplies and skills they can have that. Walker continues, saying fear create fury and fury likes blood; he says his grudge died when Jeremiah made a sacrifice and they can work and fight as one against the outside that deserves their fear and fury.

Nick comes to see Ofelia, she says she is glad he survived and she admits that she doesn’t feel guilt as much as she thought; feeling she is more like her father, Daniel than she thought. She asks if he feels guilty for the things he has done saying they are not so different.

Walker comes to talk to Madison, who says the other brother, meaning Troy, isn’t an option and asks if she is prepared to handle him; she says she is if it comes to that! Troy looks at Jake saying he is sleeping with the enemy and Jake says Walker denies killing Gretchen. Jake says they are no longer at war and he needs to get right with that. Troy says first, Phil, then the Trimbolls, and they have to wonder who they are coming after next. Troy pauses when one says Gretchen as “good”; he agrees.

Alicia approaches Walker, who offers for her to join him as he does an exhumation. He says it is best his people do not witness this, as the dead should stay buried. He is adamant he wants peace too; she tells him to look to Jake for that, not her mother! He tells her Madison does what is necessary.

When Crazy Dog asks Troy if he likes the coffee he pours it out in front of him and walks away. Terrence raises his gun and shoots one of the Natives. Troy stands back as Nick tries to stop him; Walker shouts “enough” as Alicia says Terrence was still drunk, thought they killed his friend. Walker says he doesn’t care about circumstances just his people. Alicia tells him his throat is crushed and they cannot fix that. Jake promises him no one will follow Terrence and demands that his people need to be armed; Jake refuses but Madison orders him to saying its better to be a prisoner of their own land than the alternative. Jake hands over the other key reluctantly as Walker and Madison exchange looks.

Coop (Matt Lasky) along with the other ranchers help the natives gather all the weapons from everyone who still has one.

Nick tells Madison that Troy will not go easily and she encourages him to stay down there; Madison says he is not obligated to keep a watchful eye, but if Troy finds out he will hurt Nick. Troy scoffs at Blake asking him how the sheep are treating him but he insists he is only keeping the peace.

Madison says they need to search their house and they need all their weapons. Nick convinces him, saying he doesn’t want to die at his doorstep. As Crazy Dog says for them to search upstairs, Troy pulls a gun out from behind his father’s house. Troy fires the gun into the ceiling, ordering everyone. Madison pleads with Walker to hold off as Nick is still in the house.

Nick asks what Troy is going to do as he says they are going to be a beacon in the darkness, something his father should have done. Nick tells Troy no one is going to follow his lead as the people in the ranch only want to live. Nick says this doesn’t have to be his fate, that he shouldn’t go upstairs and just start shooting at them. He demands that Nick take his rifle, he breaks a window and Madison tells him to lay his weapons down, that this isn’t surrender, its survival. She tell Troy she wants him with her, but she is dragged away when the shooting begins; leaving Nick and Troy in the house.

Troy continuously shoots and manages to stop someone from stabbing Nick; they rush upstairs where Nick tells him it is over. Troy says as long as he can make a fist he can kill; he thanks Nick saying he is the last person he thought would have his back; he doesn’t mind dying but its good to have company.

Daniel looks over the dam and tells Lola that more infected got in; she says they will get them tomorrow. Lola notices he won’t rest and he says there are so many faces and he is always looking for Ofelia among them. She reminds him that hope is one thing, but waiting is quite another. She reminds him that he made promise to her and a search would kill him.

Troy keeps firing as Nick says he doesn’t want to die nor does he want Troy to die. Nick keeps trying to stop him and as Troy is busy shooting, Nick starts beating him saying they surrender! Troy pulls the gun on Nick, who says he was right, Jeremiah didn’t want to take his own life, he was willing to let everyone die out of spite and he lost his mind in his drink but he didn’t kill himself – Nick killed him. Troy drops the gun as they sit in silence.

Madison and Walker are arguing; she reminds him that the boy who hurt John Hogan is going to be dead soon and they will have to deal with Troy; she agrees that Troy has to go but they cannot martyr him. Walker says he will exile him and she says that is fair. Madison says ends justify means as Nick saved the violence and he is to stay there and live.

Daniel and Lola attempt to fight back the rising of the people, who demand they leave their trucks behind. Daniel helps Lola back into the truck and they flee the area.

Jake comes to see Troy, who jokes that had he gotten an Indian blade through both hands, he’d be Jesus. Troy asks if he is Jesus and if he will be crucified. Jake says he will be tested in the wasteland and cannot come back. Troy says he won’t fight it but he wants Madison to take him; as Jake isn’t up to it. He says Madison will protect him and he trusts her. They load Troy up as she looks towards Nick’s punishment; Walker assures her he will live but will suffer.

Once they arrive in the wasteland, Troy calls Madison the white witch of the apocalypse. She tells him its time to go. Troy taunts her, saying he may be banished but its not like he couldn’t find his way back. He calls her a real life Pandora and she orders him to cut him loose. Troy talks to Claw Jackson, who stabs the Native with his own knife and starts beating him. Madison orders him to stop, saying no more killing as she fires a shot into the air.

She says she doesn’t want to kill him but Troy reveals he knows that Nick killed Jeremiah; he wants to know what stopped her from killing his father. Troy jumps her and as she fights him off, there is a gun within distance; Troy says he doesn’t surrender. She jumps and grabs the gun, she begs him not to make her; he says he is tired, so very tired. Once Troy leaves she puts her gun back in its holster, watching him walk away.


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Nick looks out from the box and cage he is in, supposedly seeing Troy outside. Troy taunts him about being thirsty. Nick says he killed Jeremiah to save them; he says he saved Troy and he says no. Nick begs him not to close the small hole as he needs air. Troy says he has the key and Nick says he is dying and owes him. Troy opens the door and extends his hand to Nick and when Nick reaches his hand out to him, and in the distance Troy tells him he is so close.

Madison takes Walker to the water, revealing the reservoir is almost empty and Jeremiah must have had a plan B. They both agree that no one can know as peace is too fragile. Walker says they heard of a trading post a couple days from there. Madison and Walker talk to Jake and Alicia about the water rations while they are gone; Walker tells Ofelia and Crazy Dog they re releasing guns to them and 2 deputies and orders them to maintain the peace.

Alicia says she will watch Nick while he is gone and Madison reveal there is only 6 weeks of water left and no one can know because everything will go to hell. She tells Alicia if things go bad, they need to get out reminding her that she’s always been the strong one. Madison gives Nick a bottle of water, saying he will get out soon and isn’t leaving until she knows he is okay. She apologizes and tells him, she loves him. Madison and Walker leave the ranch with a tanker.

Crazy Dog removes Nick from the box, telling him not to guzzle the water as he will puke it back up. He cuts him loose saying he is keeping an eye on him and if he does anything wrong, he will know about it. Alicia arrives and brings Nick home. Nick chugs water and Alicia tells him they are rationing water while their mom and Walker are gone to find water. Alicia comes upstairs as Jake is arguing the water rules with people, she tells them if they don’t like it they can walk out and keep going but its much worse on the other side. She reassures them to trust in Jake as he lost both his father and brother to ensure no one else was killed.

Alicia and Madison talk over the radio, she says people are suspicious and paranoid but for them not to turn around; she will contact them if there is a crisis. Walker says she stands between her children and the sun; she tells him to talk to her when he has his own children.

Blake and Coop and a few others thank Nick, saying what him and Troy encouraged them and the militia isn’t dead after Troy left; they are ready to fight if Nick is. Nick thinks its best they keep a low profile, since they don’t have weapons or guns. They hand Nick the final free gun on the ranch and they leave saying they will talk more tomorrow.

Ofelia is carefully watching over the water being drawn from the well, she offers a drink to a little girl who just throws the cup. Nick learns people are double dipping, returning in the afternoon for more and he is told secretly they need to take care of it.

Madison and Walker arrive at the Bazaar, when the woman at the gate sees the radio and Madison is given 29 credits for it. They wander through the bazaar noticing everything for sale and what is happening between the vendors and customers.

Alicia comes to see Ofelia, saying she needs to get ahead of something saying she is trying to keep the peace, but has heard some of their people went through the water line twice. Crazy Dog mocks her but Ofelia asks if she has prove and Alicia says they need to create a system. Ofelia suggest the militia is rebuilding and Alicia reminds her that she killed the militia. Ofelia says if she wants peace she needs to control her own people first; Alicia walks away.

Nick listens as the militia talk about retaliating. Nick tells them if they attack like Troy, they will end up like him. He says they are at the threshold and if they take anything else they will stop them. Alicia freaks on Nick about the gun, Nick says they are just backed into a corner and they think Nick is some hero who stood up to the Indians.

She says they are only like that because they don’t know what Nick and Madison did; Alicia says she knew it wasn’t a suicide but that it also wasn’t mom, she was upset she wasn’t a part of it then felt relieved because its a huge burden being mom’s favorite. She tells him to look what killing has gotten them and what it has done to them. She says they keep trying to make their mother love them but she is broken. Alicia tries to contact Madison, but she doesn’t get an answer.

Madison and Walker find the woman they are looking for and tell her they need 10,000 gallons of water; she says she only has half and what do they have to offer her. Walker hands her a container with coins and says there are 1,000 more where that came from and she thinks they can work something out. Madison witnesses a scuffle and sees it is Victor (Colman Domingo); he pleads for her to stay out of it but when the woman sees who it is she tells Walker no deal!

Victor, Madison and Walker are able to escape and Victor wants to know who the handsome man is Madison is traveling with. Victor tells Madison about the dam and Dante; he says they don’t want to go to the dam. His denial confirms that the people at the dam want Victor dead too.

Back at the well, Alicia orders one of her people to return the water as its stealing. The woman says Alicia is more concerned about them then she is about “us” and Alicia says there is no them or us. A shoving match starts and Alicia tells them the truth, saying if they don’t ration it they will all die; its just that simple. Alicia is thrown to the ground and everyone starts fighting.

Crazy Dog shoots a gun into the air and says they are taking it to ensure everyone gets what they need. Nick steps in front of the well and refuses to step aside; Ofelia stares at him in shock as he pulls a gun out of his back too; several people stand next to Nick and Ofelia holds back Crazy Dog telling him not now. He says he will keep the peace but warns that it will not be at all costs.

Walker returns to the bazaar, with a scarf covering most of his face while Madison sleeps. When she wakes up Victor doesn’t know where Walker went. Madison says they want and need the same thing when Victor asks if she trusts Walker. She confirms they found Nick and Alicia and they are alive and safe on a ranch north of there. Victor holds her tightly saying God is a feckless thug for giving her Nick and losing Travis. Walker is brought back with bruises and cuts on his face, held by two men; he says they said they would kill every one of them.

Madison demands to know what they are going to do with Victor insisting to talk to the Proctor; she is told no one does that and Victor cannot be freed until he pays his debt. Victor reveals this is everywhere and the whole world is lost. She is persistent saying she found him; he says his mother called him Victor because she knew he’d always win. He kisses her hand and tells her he will be fine and to not worry her pretty blond head.

Nick watches as the ranchers carry farming tools as weapons as Alicia looks down on them from her house. She notices several Natives walking through the fields with water sticks. Meanwhile, Madison takes a drink at the bazaar. Walker says h repaired the water deal and they will have it at first light reminding her what it will do for their people and children.

Nick tells the militia that they don’t have the weapons, saying if they could get their guns, the “eye for an eye” crap ends, disarm them and there is no blood; another suggests or there is a lot of blood. At the bazaar, Madison watches as Victor is leg chained to bars o the outside of the city as the infected approach him; he picks up a metal bar.

The following morning, Madison and Walker arrive with their truck to receive the water; Walker’s coins are gone but he looks furiously at the woman, Mary. Victor is suddenly rescued and Madison says his debt is paid. Walker screams that she killed everyone at the ranch for this “waste”; she says she saved them for a permanent solution saying he is going to take them to the dam to get them all the water they need – a permanent solution.

The ranchers join the militia as they approach the house Ofelia is in; Coop tells Nick to get Alicia out of the pit they are digging in search of water. Ofelia offers to speak to Nick and the militia, but Crazy Dog tells her there is no more talking; he says he will not draw first blood but if they do, Walker will understand. Nick hands over his gun and walks towards where Alicia is digging with the Natives, Crazy Dog pushes one of the men’s guns down and Ofelia goes outside too.

Nick takes a pail of dirt from Alicia than joins her with the dig, saying she is trying to save them. As the ranchers and Natives watch, they slowly begin to gather and help.