Fear The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale Recap 7/9/17: Season 3 Episode 7 and 8

Fear The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale Recap 7/9/17: Season 3 Episode 7 and 8

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, July 9, 2017, episode and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap below! On tonight’s FTWD season 3 episode 7 & 8 mid-season finale called,  “The Unveiling/Children of Wrath,” as per the AMC synopsis, “A new arrival sows a divide within the ranch. Meanwhile, Alicia forms a new relationship in hopes of maintaining peace. Then, Madison must negotiate the terms of an agreement in the midst of ranch-wide turmoil.”

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Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) begins tonight with Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) traveling through the back brush, when he hears a noise behind him, he rushes off only to find its Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey). She reveals that the entire Trimbol family is dead, killed by Walker’s people. She didn’t tell anyone about where he was going but she was worried saying talking to Walker right now is not a good idea. He assures her he isn’t doing this because of what she said about him “owning” it. She insists on going with him.

They arrive at the Black Hat Reservation, where Walker’s people take their weapons and escort them to the back of their gas station headquarters. Qaletqa “Taka” tells Jake he is 200 years too late for peace but he is just in time for lunch and drops a bloody pig’s head in front of them.

At the ranch, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) tells her son, Nick (Frank Dillane) that Alicia never came home last night. He jokes that she probably spent the night with Jake, but she is concerned after everything that happened that neither her nor Jake have been seen.

Her suspicions are confirmed when Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie) approaches their table asking if they’ve seen Alicia as Jake hasn’t been in his quarters either and has been AWOL with some gear. Nick tells him to point him in the right direction after Jeremiah says they are not going to send people out looking for them as the Indians are on the warpath. Nick agrees to prepare the people so they are not like sheep going to the slaughter.

Taka and Jake talk peace, when Jake says they need the violence to stop; Taka tells him it will soon as there are 3 down and 1 to go. Jake insists his father has never done anything to him and Taka asks him if the lies burn in his throat. Taka reminds him the days of white men’s court is over. He tells him they must vacate their lands but Jake was hoping for a parlay hoping to negotiate to avoid more loss. Taka says they can talk about it after they eat; Ofelia Salzar (Mercedes Mason) is the one serving the food.

Nick comes to see Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman), who questions why Nick wants to join the militia. Nick says he feels bad for what he has done and Troy encourages him to leave before thigns get worse but Nick says he’s the reason Travis (Cliff Curtis) died and now his sister is missing, he needs to occupy his time and also wants to protect them against those who killed the Trimbols.

Alicia demands to know how Ofelia ended up there; she apologizes for stealing the truck and leaving them stranded at the hotel. Ofelia insists that Taka was not involved with the deaths of the Trimbols as he was with her all night. Jake says they have a parlay and wants Alicia to go back to tell his father but she tells him he needs to sell it to his father himself as he won’t listen to her.

Nick us at his place cutting off all his hair as Madison watches him. She asks him if she needs to worry? He said he would rather be backed by the militia if there is an attack; she wonders if he can go back-to-back with Troy and when she questions it he doesn’t answer.

Jake returns to the ranch without Alicia, telling Madison and Nick he left her back at the reservation with Walker as he made a deal to keep everyone safe. Madison doesn’t agree as Walker is a killer; he promises she is safe with Ofelia backing him. Walker shows Alicia around, telling her to conserve things and she will contribute while she is there. He shows her the helicopter they have and she is solemn when she tells him she was on the helicopter when it went down. He says she is lucky as they were hoping it was one of the Ottos on it. She is furious that he killed one of her family members admitting she hates him for killing Travis but he has no idea how she feels.

Jake talks to Jeremiah saying the Indians need water as their catch basin is running dry; Jeremiah refuses. Jake tells his stubborn father that they need to meet him halfway, that if they don’t share they risk war. Madison comes in furious about Alicia staying behind. She reminds them what she witnessed at the outpost and wonders how delusional Jake is. Jeremiah says he wouldn’t piss in Taka’s mouth if he was dying of thirst and Jake can make his play but this parlay is a snake pit.

Taka continues to show Alicia around, bringing her to a room where he shows her a skeleton made of paper mache. He removes a box from a shelf and shows her the real bones of his great grandfather saying he was once buried in a cave but he had to desecrate his grave to save him from the fortune hunters and the Ottos. He hopes one day his great grandfather will forgive him and he could put all of this back.

Taka explains that apocalypse doesn’t mean the end of the world it means the great unveiling. He has collected prophecies of what they are going through right now. It has been a long struggle, but the land will be shed of the impure, like her and the Ottos, but it was foretold they would not lose as after the apocalypse it would all be returned to them: the first humans.

Troy and Madison talk about Ofelia, explaining that she can’t let her daughter’s life be a forfeit and she needs to get Alicia out of the reservation now. Troy says they are heavily armed and they go in guns blazing. She encourages him that they get a few of the guys and slip in to rescue her. He says Jake is calling the play but she tells him he owes her and demands he help her.

Alicia walks across from the house and someone is following her while Jeremiah comes to talk to Ofelia. He says it is good she isn’t dead and that Walker is the one who found her. She wants to know what he wants and he admits he has been thinking strange thoughts and about ghosts lately; he says ghosts carry your sins. He tells her no one wants war and to not complicate matters with old business. Ofelia says that’s fair and as he leaves he says he will get someone to bring her food.

Alicia is feeding the pigs when she is taken from the pen; Troy grabs her telling her to not scream. She demands to know what he is going to do with the Indian, insisting she isn’t leaving knowing he would slit his throat and let him turn. When the Indian tries to escape, Troy slits his throat and stabs him; Nick and Madison realize there is someone coming and they aren’t going to make it.

Madison leaves to get the truck ready as Nick jumps one of the guards. Troy shoots the man in the head before he can stab and kill Nick. A gun fight ensues as Madison drives up, everyone loads up including Alicia.

The truck returns to the ranch where they are greeted by a furious Jake who congratulates them on declaring war on Walker’s nation. Alicia insists she wasn’t in danger until Troy showed up and started shooting people; Madison says it was her idea and the only thing at stake was Alicia’s life. Jeremiah says this was Jake’s mission and for men who don’t listen have to be brought back to heal someday.

The following morning, Jake is loading his truck full of water. Troy learns their father doesn’t know because he is too drunk to see what is happening. Troy says Jake will only be happy if Walker returned with his scalp. Jake says he is returning Ofelia and plans to reason with Walker, asking Troy to try not to kill anyone while he is gone.

Ofelia tells Alicia she shouldn’t stay at the ranch and begs her to come with her. Alicia says she cannot leave and Ofelia apologizes about Travis when she knows Alicia won’t leave.

Jake is yanked from the truck and beaten by the guards until Walker tells them to let him breathe. He says Jake broke the parlay, he is held down as Walker begins to slice at his hairline saying there will be peace but not as he envisioned, the violence is almost over. He is about to stab Jake through the head but Ofelia stops him. He tells Jake to tell his father that he will finish the scalping of his eldest son when he sees him next and cut apart his youngest son and feed him to the hawks and his father will remain alive to see this before they burn him alive.

A motorbike approaches the gate of the ranch with the person holding a white flag. A badly beaten Ofelia is thrown off the bike, left to die in the desert. Jeremiah instructs them to take her down to the infirmary so they can talk. Madison, Jake and Troy talk with Jeremiah who says Ofelia can stay under Madison’s care. Ofelia says Alicia was never in trouble but now that freedom is gone thanks to Madison’s moves.

Troy tells the militia they are staying up for the next 48 hours. Nick wants to know what to do if Walker attacks while they are on the perimeter as its a long way to the ranch. Troy says there are two roads they can use and with fast trucks they can leave suicide notes and rush back to camp; saying one guy stays behind to fight until the end. Nick says if it comes to that, he will do it as he is suicide proof. Troy says that is good but they want him to stay at the fence and can go kamikaze another day.

Alicia wants to know if what Walker did at the outpost is any worse than what they have done. Madison insists it is just like the Trimbols. Alicia isn’t so sure it was Walker who killed them.

As the men guard the perimeter, one of them doesn’t feel right as another falls down saying he doesn’t feel good. He begins to vomit and falls to the ground as another begins to scream from the same pain. Alicia and Madison rush out the door when they hear the screaming. They turn into walkers, biting several people living in the ranch. Nick rushes forward beginning to kill the walkers with Madison at his side.

Ofelia sees what is going on and rushes behind the cabin after Nick calls her. Nick falls to the ground as Madison chases after Ofelia.


Ofelia is walking along the fence line and finds a hole and walks to the top of a stoney hill where someone begins shooting at her. She races for cover, looking to see who is shooting at her; it is Jeremiah Otto, where he welcomes her to America.

He tells her she is free to go as she is looking for her fiance in Santa Fe. He tells her to travel by starlight. She wants a ride but he refuses saying she wouldn’t be comfortable as there aren’t many of her kind: brown people. He says there is no use for her on his ranch and drives away.

Ofelia continues to wander through the desert, parched and exhausted she begins to stumble. She begins to hallucinate her father, Daniel Salzar (Ruben Blades) who tells her to keep her clothes on to protect her from the sun. She begins to dig saying the earth will protect her but he says the earth is a cauldron. She just wants to close her eyes but he pleads with her to stay awake.

Later, Qaletqa “Taka” Walker finds her, lays her on his horse and brings her back to his reservation. He bathes her and nurses her back to health and she introduces herself as Ofelia.

Back to present time, she flees the ranch with Madison in pursuit; before she can start the truck Madison smashes the window and pulls her out beating her up demanding to know what she has done.

Troy and his men begin to clean up all the dead within their ranch, while Jake and Alicia work inside the infirmary to save as many people as they can. Jeremiah enters and when he sees someone who has turned chained to a gurney he shoots it in the head. Madison reveals Ofelia put something in the coffee the previous night, some sort of powder but says she has no idea what it was.

Madison sees Nick is burning up and they can give him antibiotics but without knowing what it is, they aren’t sure it will work. Ofelia drives with Madison pointing a gun at her, Ofelia says it was only supposed to make the soldiers sick so her people could come in without any blood shed. Madison said Nick treated her like family but she says the nation is her family now and Madison says they will see how badly they want her back now.

Madison holds a gun to Ofelia’s head and they walk in to see Walker. She demands to know what the poison was. She doesn’t care about the feud or what he thinks of the Ottos. She is happy to die and take him with her. She learns that Anthrax is killing her son and there is no cure. He tells his men to lower their weapons as Madison is more of a man than Otto and any of his relatives and she is free to leave. He asks how old her son is and when he learns he is 19, he says if he is strong, he will live. He reminds her his fight is not with her and encourages her to take her family and leave the ranch; she refuses saying her family is not running any more; Walker says then she will die.

Several walkers surround Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) as he wanders around the hotel scrounging for food. He looks out at the ocean and sees a boat called Abigail and rushes in the water to get to it. Once he boards the ship, he sees the crew have turned into walkers, he finds a spear shooting one, then shooting and stabbing the others.

Nick wakes up at the infirmary and vomits saying this feels like old times. Madison tells Jake it is anthrax and it was Walker who told her. Jake tells Troy to gather anyone he can for the militia, when Madison pipes in Jake tells her she doesn’t lead this ranch. She sits with Nick, comforting him.

Outside, Troy joins Jake who says Madison is right but Alicia says they can talk to Walker. Jake says war is the last resort but they are there; Alicia says she knows where they can get some leverage. Strand scopes out the rest of the boat, breaks open a bottle of champagne and says its good to be home.

Jake visits with Nick who wants to be uncuffed from the bed, suggesting that Jake may need the bed more than him. Jake is sick but insists their people cannot see him suffering right now as they need him. Nick pleads for him to let him go and Jake does but warns Nick not to move too fast.

Nick wants to know where Jeremiah is. Jake says its all because of his father that they are in this hell. Nick finds the men who are burying the dead, he looks at Jeremiah but goes home instead. He finds a hammer and begins to break his floor with it.

Walker sits in his hotel room when Ofelia knocks at the door. She says the Clarks took her in and cared for her and she cares for them. He interrupts her saying she volunteered to do this but she protests saying she didn’t know it was anthrax and now turned her into a killer. He says she saved lives and an entire nation. He says when he saw her he almost left her for dead but his horse stopped, sensing her spirit. He tells her the debt is paid for saving her life; they are disrupted when the nation screams there is a fire.

Madison and Alicia watch as Walker is told they will lose all their water reserve at this rate. The militia begin shooting at everyone as they try to cope with the fire. Madison drives the truck as they steal a trailer.

Nick digs deep under his house to recover something. He comes to Jeremiah’s house with a bag, reminding Jeremiah that he said there was blood in his floor. He removes a skull with a bullet hole in its forehead and demands to know who it is. Jeremiah says its a long story, so Nick sits down asking him to tell him about it.

Jeremiah says when his boys were young it was a tribe that said this land belonged to them insisting that they sold the land to him. He says he had 2 small children and a terrified wife and he needed to stop the young bucks/thugs from killing his cattle and stealing from him.

He admits they killed 3 of them along with Phil, Russell, and Vernon; they camped among the herd and when they arrived they killed them, one of them was Walker’s uncle. Nick learns the skull is Walker’s father, who came looking to find out what happened to his brother. Nick mocks him and Jeremiah tells him those bodies better stay buried as Nick is only a guest there and tells him to get right with the past or get off it. Nick says the land is the Indian’s land, although Jeremiah disagrees. Nick says Walker is coming for him and then they will see who can hold the land.

Madison returns to the ranch with the trailer full of relics and gifts. Jeremiah runs towards them as Jake looks on. Troy says this is bargaining power for Jake to negotiate with. Jeremiah thinks they are beyond the rocks and BS inside it but Nick asks Jeremiah if he is scared? He tells Nick to be careful as he may not like his hospitality but he guarantees its better than the Indians.

Nick shows his mother and Alicia the skull and Alicia feels they are on the wrong side, Nick agrees saying there has to be a line they won’t cross. Madison sits down as Nick confesses that Troy killed the Trimbols, shocking Alicia that they both knew. She is furious that Madison knew because Gretchen was innocent. Alicia yells that it was no wonder her dad was so depressed because he was living with a corpse. Madison says she is too busy keeping people alive to have feelings and she has no idea what Madison carries.

Strand is sleeping on the boat when he suddenly hears a transmission on the radio and learns that the “undead” is not just in America. Strand enjoys talking to another living being. Strand is told that last words are for fools and asks him about his champagne, as he begins to talk the radio cuts in and out. He is encouraged to enjoy his champagne before his deathbed, Strand crumbles to the floor upset.

Madison tells Walker that his artifacts are unharmed and when he wants to know why she is throwing in with this trash she tells him you can’t always choose your people. She negotiates, asking for them to keep the ranch, he says it is blood soaked in Indian blood and Jeremiah had his time and that time is over.

She admits she learned about his fight with the Ottos from her son and gave her something for his collection. She tells him it is his father, but he returns the skull saying it isn’t his father, this is an old white man’s shame. Madison says Walker doesn’t care about the relics, he wants the ranch and they have until sundown tomorrow to clear out, or die!

Victor Strand searches the crew from the boat taking their clothes, weapons and even jewelry. He pours fuel on everything and drops a lighter on it. He leaves the ship behind, wandering the beach as the boat explodes in the background.

Nick and Alicia pack their things while waiting for Madison to return. She talks to them about Montgomery and her childhood, and how well liked her father was but the one thing he didn’t know was how to turn down a drink, saying it was very hard on the little girl (Madison) and her mother; sharing how tired she was helping her mother take out stitches from her father’s abuse.

She shares about one day before school, how the little girl was exhausted from it all, took the gun out of the dresser and killed the father while he slept off the night before. Madison looks up at both her children who just stare at her in silence; she says her mother looked at her the same way they are looking at her now but admits she would do it a thousand times over to protect his mother and her children. She says she needs to go talk to an old man and convince him to set aside his pride and make peace with the enemy.

Madison leaves the cabin as Nick’s mouth drops open; she knocks on Jeremiah’s door but walks in. He is nailing his windows shut, saying he is going Alamo. He says there are supplies and weapons in the basement if her family wants to hole up there. She says when it comes to it she will. He pours her a drink and thanks her for standing by his boys, especially Troy. She said she lied about Walker refusing an agreement and there was one way to make peace. He jokes that Walker wants his scalp; he stops short asking her if she is there to kill him reminding her of everything he has done for her and her family.

She places her gun on the table saying she will not kill him so she doesn’t disappoint her kids, she turns the gun and says he will have to kill himself. Jeremiah says the ranch isn’t for those cowards but she says if he doesn’t do it everyone will die but if he kills himself he will save his ranch and his children. He says to hell with both his kids.

He pushes the gun to her saying her kids are here because this old prick had the balls to do what needed to be done. Nick walks in the room and Jeremiah makes fun of Nick sticking to his mother; saying she is tougher than Nick will ever be but before he can finish his sentence Nick shoots him in the head. Madison tells Nick to do exactly as she says.

Troy and Jake rush in, Troy falls to his knees in tears while Jake stares on. They put his body in the back of the truck. They drive his body away as Nick, Alicia and Madison watch from the house. Madison goes to the barn where there is a coffin. Later that day she meets with Walker and hands him a bag with Jeremiah’s head inside; he nods and walks off.