Fear The Walking Dead Recap 6/18/17: Season 3 Episode 4 “100”

Fear The Walking Dead Recap 6/18/17: Season 3 Episode 4 "100"

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, June 18, 2017, episode and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap below! On tonight’s FTWD double episode called, “100,” as per the AMC synopsis, “A mysterious character searches for purpose and soon becomes tied to the struggle over a key resource in the apocalypse.”

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Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) begins tonight with a bloodied Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) wandering an empty street, struggling to remain hidden from the walkers. He scurries under a car, before the walker can bite him a dog barks and chases her off. He watches with blurred eyes as a man punches a long nail through another walker’s head, saying, “With this holy unction and His tender mercy.”

The man pulls Daniel out from the other side of the car, asking him his name. He tells him he is Efrain, and he has water for him but the bad news he is going to have to walk with his injured leg. He jokes that he is the fifth Beatle when Daniel things he is joking about the water because he looks at his watch and told him it will come at any time.

After Daniel drinks, he fills his container revealing the water comes every Tuesday at 5pm, calling it a little miracle. He offers to Daniel help but tells him to hold on as he sits on the wagon attached to the front of Efrain’s bike. He uses his baseball bat to get through the walkers as he races back to his people.

When they lift Daniel out of the wagon you can hear his leg snap and he yelps. They quickly silence him as a truck carrying men with guns drives past the dumpster they are hiding behind. Efrain calls Daniel’s name, but he is unconscious. Lola says he needs antibiotics but his flesh is rotting, they cannot clean it, they need to scrape the skin away but feels he will probably lose it anyway.

Daniel wakes up confused as he talks about his horse; Lola jokes that he is a Broncos fan but he insists he detests them. Efrain hands Lola a straight blade, when Daniel realizes what will happen he tells her it takes a steady hand; she asks him to try not to scream as it will draw them in. Efrain gives him a flask of alcohol as they all sing a song in Spanish together. He screams and Efrain holds his hand over his mouth to muffle the sounds.

Lola is able to save his leg but he needs a crutch to get around. Daniel and Efrain scour through the things left in the streets when a walker tries to attack Efrain he yells for a nail, he recites again his little prayer and hammers the long nail into his head telling Daniel he should have been a carpenter. Daniel asks him if he was a priest before; but he tells him he could have been many things but found alcohol instead. Together they walk through the empty street.

Efrain brings Daniel to his home, saying all are welcome there. As they eat, Daniel is appreciative for him helping him; Daniel asks him when was the last time he had his haircut by a professional. Efrain thanks him saying its been a long time since he has seen himself. He turns to Daniel asking him when he plans on sneaking out on him.

Daniel shares that he isn’t a good man when Efrain feels there is something inside him rotting more than his flesh. Daniel admits he has done terrible things and he feels its time he pays for all the people he has murdered. Efrain is shocked he has killed 96 people but observes that its not the killings that are weighing on his mind. Daniel shares how he came to LA with his wife and daughter, giving up being an officer and becoming a barber; never revealing his past to his wife.

He admits that he is still searching for his daughter after waking in house on fire. He says he managed to get out but collapsed and he thinks everyone else died and isn’t sure if his daughter burned alive. He begs Efrain to forgive him. Efrain tells him to be easy and he’s got good news and bad news. He shares there is no one left in this world to judge him; before he can tell him the bad news he passes out from being drunk.

Daniel covers him with a blanket and leaves with his crutch and a lantern as a storm rumbles around him. He uses his crutch to kill a walker, but when a second one comes he breaks the crutch, he gets on his knees and recites the rosary; a lightning bolt comes down and zaps the walker as Daniel lays at the water’s edge.

Two men are at the sewer and together lift what is in the cement cylinder; they laugh when they see the walker with the lightning burn on his head. Daniel pops up from behind the dead walker and they take him with them.

Lola arrives and tells them they were right to hide him, she welcomes him to Gonzalez Dam, revealing its almost fully operational. He is shocked to learn that everyone is dying of thirst yet the dam still works. Her new boss Dante is distributing the water, his way. Once inside the building, she hands him a uniform and tells him to act like they don’t know each other and this is the first time meeting; that he came for work.

JC walks in and Lola says Daniel is the new janitor as there are too many bodies in the dam after the storm. He wants to ask Dante about it, but she asks him if he knows what rotting flesh can do to the water, reminding him his job is security and not minding the water. JC nods as Daniel seems to have a newfound respect for Lola.

Daniel helps empty the walkers from the drains and questions the worker how he feels about the “distribution’ of the water. He takes a pipe and stabs it through the walker’s head. Soon they are eating lunch and when Dante walks in, everyone stands but Daniel. Dante tells all the men to sit but JC takes a seat beside him telling him when the boss comes in he must stand and when he is speaking to him, he should look up at him.

When Daniel refuses to look up, JC puts his finger into Daniel’s food; he stabs him with a fork. They both punch each other before Dante returns wondering what happened. Daniel tells him he was just eating; Dante realizes he was Sergeant Salazar/NCO Salazar/Lt. Salazar from San Salvador. He tells JC he should watch who he picks a fight with as Daniel is a killer trained by the CIA. He orders his men to move over as he welcomes Daniel, the communist killer.

Dante walks and talks with Daniel, explaining his operation. He asks him what he wants and needs; Daniel asks if he could lend him a jeep as he is looking for someone. Dante asks him to stay and help him, that a man of his talents deserves more. He promises him if he helps him, he will give him the jeep. Dante is looking for one thief, who has been eluding them.

Daniel quickly realizes they are looking for Efrain as they smash through the gate Efrain rescued him at earlier. Luckily, the fountain is dry as they search the abandoned mall. Daniel realizes there is only seconds before the fountain starts to spout out the water. He distracts them showing them who the thief is.

Back at the dam, Daniel tells Lola he had to or they were going to find the fountain. She is furious with him but he reminds her had he not done it, they would have found the fountain and it was only a matter of time before they found him and then found her and the rest. He tells her he did it to protect her. Lola says if she stops the running water, they will all die; not from bites or gunshots but from thirst!

He tells her if she doesn’t stop this, they will find out it is her and then he won’t be able to protect her. She angrily tells him Dante is right, that this place is perfect for him, calling him a thug. He warns her that she is only trying to save people whoa re already dead.

Daniel stands and watches the distribution of the water and looks over to when Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) arrived demanding to see Dante. Daniel arrives at Strand’s cell, handing him water, when Strand chugs it all, Daniel says, “see, I told you I’d be your guardian angel.” Strand realizes its Daniel who demands to know if Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) is still alive?

Strand says they all left the compound and she is alive but holed up in a hotel down the coast; and it will take about a day to get there. Strand tells him to get him out of there and he will take him to her. Daniel calls him a son of a bitch and doesn’t believe him; feeling he would say anything to save his life.

Daniel tells him this place is perfect for him as he will rot there; Strand says Ofelia needs her father. Daniel says Ofelia is dead and so is her father and so is he. Daniel is called to go to Dante. Daniel arrives just as Dante is beating Efrain. Dante demands to know who inside his organization is helping him.

Dante offers him weapons but he says he only needs space. He whispers to Efrain if he talks, they will kill him then her. He says if he doesn’t talk, then Daniel, himself, is going to kill him and he can offer him a quick kill. Efrains says these are not options and Daniel asks him for forgiveness again. He looks to Dante, then begins to beat Efrain demanding a confession. Lola watches as he says he has nothing to confess. Daniel tells Dante he won’t speak but Dante orders him to continue as he is sure he will confess.

Daniel picks up a hammer, and just as he is about to hit him, Lola shoves him out of the way yelling enough. She hugs Efrain as he cries out, “No, my girl, No!” Daniel drops the hammer in disappointment.

Dante brings the entire group that saved Daniel to the dam. He tells them this is a lesson for those who steal water from this dam, they are also stealing from him and this is what happens when they steal from him. Daniel brings the first man forward, Dante tells him he needs a messenger to tell everyone the valuable lesson, when the man agrees, he throws him off the dam and tells him to fly like a messenger pigeon.

As Lola sobs, Daniel is ordered to bring the next one forward; he brings Lola to Dante. He asks Daniel if he is ready; he says he is but when he hesitates he tells JC to step in. Daniel grabs a gun and shoots JC in the head and the guard next to the remaining prisoners. Dante pleads for his life but Daniel shoots and kills him.

He frees Lola and hands her the gun, asking her to forgive him. He kneels before her but instead of shooting him, she offers him her hand.

The End