Fear The Walking Dead Recap 6/25/17: Season 3 Episode 5 “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”

Fear The Walking Dead Recap 6/25/17: Season 3 Episode 5 "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, June 25, 2017, episode and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap below! On tonight’s FTWD season 3 episode 5 called, “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame,” as per the AMC synopsis, “A new threat reveals itself to Madison and Troy as they search for answers. Elsewhere, Alicia must reconcile with her past decisions.”

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Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) begins tonight with the older couple dancing as the wife had turned to a walker. The husband hugs his wife Martha as he lifts a gun to his temple and kills them both; their lamp falls to the ground causing a fire.

Madison Clark (Kimberly Dickens) and her son, Nick (Frank Dillane) wake up to people yelling outside that there is a fire. Luciana “Lucy” (Danay Garcia) wakes up saying she is going with Nick as Madison asks where Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is? The crowd gathers as some of the men attempt to put out the burning home. A little girl comments that the couple are dead now, Madison makes eye contact with the emotionless girl. Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callies) tells them to let the house burn to save the water.

Madison tells one of the men on the search team she is leaving with that she survived the wastelands without him, so she knows what she is getting into; before their conversation gets any more heated, Alicia and Nick call her over. They discourage her from going but she tells him to take care of Lucy and make sure she feels safe.

Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman) honks the horn telling Madison she is teaming up with him. She tells her kids not to worry about her and the more they understand this family, the safer they will be. As the team loads up in the truck, Troy says Madison is to sit up front.

Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) is reciting scripture while Alicia is trying to get coffee for her brutal hangover. She spills her coffee and he offers his saying she needs it more than him. As he walks away, Gretchen Trimbol (Rae Gray) approaches her asking if she will join them later, Alicia feels she has had her fill of alcohol and weed.

Luciana watches from the cabin when Nick returns with a tray full of food for her. She asks Nick what’s wrong and he shares he is thinking about the fire and the old couple; Lucy says it is sad but beautiful as they were together to the very end.

Lucy tells him its time for them to go. He says she isn’t ready yet and she tells him to not make her the excuse for them to stay. He reminds her they cannot walk to Tijuana without a plan. She confronts him feeling he is afraid to leave his family. She makes Nick promise that he won’t force her to stay and he will leave with her.

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) sit in the car watching walkers cross the street. He wants Strand to drive through the walkers but he doesn’t want to damage his car. Strand is shocked Daniel would leave Lola unprotected at the dam; but he reminds Strand that he said it would take a day to get to the hotel where his daughter, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) is held up. Daniel says Lola will manage as his daughter needs him more than her.

Strand tells him he needs to be prepared that Ofelia had left the hotel. Daniel says he will just ask Madison where she is, if she left. Strand says they need to have faith and Daniel orders him to drive through the mob of walkers.

Alicia finds Jake in the house and apologizes for being so rude to him before; he says he was only telling her he was happy she was there. She said she didn’t know about the fire and those people. She asks him if they will ever be normal again, talking about all the plans she had made when they made sense. He stops her, asking if she is okay. She rushes up to him and kisses him, when she backs away he kisses her back.

Troy spots a turned over prison van with walkers chained to it, some of the men tell him not to waste their time, but when Madison says she is with him; he explains they could potentially become a problem if they migrate towards the ranch and orders them out of the truck. He tells Madison to put the gun away as it makes too much noise and hands her an axe. Troy asks who timed that and says it’s a beautiful thing!

Nick wanders through the burnt remains, finding a picture of the couple when they were young. Alicia dresses as Jake reveals he was an artist/writer until his father steered him towards law, as a better service for the cause. He hands her the book titled “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flames” by Charles Bukowski. She tells him she used to love all that, poetry and art but what is the point and hands the book back to him.

Nick is busy cleaning the walls of the burnt out house when Jeremiah comes to him, revealing this was originally his home; the only house on the property at first. It had been there for centuries, showing him where Jake was born, saying he built a big house and let Russ and Martha live there instead.

He picks up a gun from the blackened floor, saying its a beautiful thing. He asks Nick if he knows who he is, sharing how Russ had this gun hanging over his door feeling every homeowner needs a gun. He talks about addiction and how Russ was the only one who believed in him. He says if Nick is going to do this right, he will need Jeremiah’s help.

Madison, Troy and the team arrive at the helicopter crash site and find it is gone. Madison says someone hauled it away and at the site, there is a big W in the dirt. They find a bullet casing and Troy says they have obviously retreated back to the outpost and they need to go right now. Madison reminds them they are going after these people, not just for Charlie but for Travis (Cliff Curtis) too.

Troy continues to drive as heavy metal blares in the background; he asks her if she is ready for what comes next as it will be living and not dead. At first she is silent but then reassures him she will have fight in her but seeing where it happened is harder than she thought. He tells her there is no point in dwelling on the deaths, and just keep going with “eye for an eye”. When Madison asks him if this is a game for him, he smiles and says its not a game, but his calling!

Daniel tells Strand he was spared from the fire but doesn’t know why as he doesn’t have a room waiting for him in heaven. He thinks maybe its the devil who wants him down on earth with Strand. Strand says they will reach the hotel before dark and he left the hotel because he wanted to brokerage a deal with Dante; Daniel throws the keys at him saying he is always out for himself.

Jeremiah tells Nick he isn’t bad at fixing the house and Nick reveals his father was a contractor and did renos in their house, teaching him as he went. He told Nick that he had to make his house his own if he wants to happily live in it. Jeremiah tells him he gets to finish this house as there may be something in it for him.

Nick looks over to Lucy; after Jeremiah tells him she is okay, he tells him that Lucy thinks the monsters are worse at the ranch than out in the wastelands. Jeremiah encourages him to tell her to go because she can’t get right what happened and asks Nick if he can?

Jeremiah tells him about having to hit rock bottom in order to quit your demons, sharing how Troy was 5 or 6 and his mama locked him in the basement. The next day he went to get Troy from the basement and he wasn’t angry, just apologetic; the moral of the story is he couldn’t quit drinking because of Troy or anyone else. He says Madison wants to stay and Lucy wants to go but what does Nick want?
The search team arrives at a house on one of the hill sides; they find clothes hanging on the line but blood splatter on the wall and on the side of the pickup truck. Troy follows the scent and finds a pile of burning men; when they look up they see an old man sitting on a chair with a crow on his shoulders picking away at his wound. He is just repeating the same sentence; Madison takes the hunters knife from Troy and mercifully he kills the man.

She says they need to go but a man appears saying they just got there. The Native American says he is only defending his land but Troy gets angry saying he is dead now. He tells Troy to lower his volume and put down their weapons; he reveals they are surrounded; Madison tells Troy to give the order to disarm, he does.

Troy says he is going to kill him and the man tells them he wants their boots, as he is going to take their weapons and vehicles too. He tells Troy they are going to have to return to the land that they stole from; ordering them to abandon the ranch. He tells him about sacrifice and says if they do not leave the ranch he will feed each and everyone of them to the crows.

Madison says they need water, if he wants his message delivered, they will need water. He tells her that she bought into a lost cause but she says it became her cause when he shot down the helicopter taking one of hers.

As Alicia lays down in her cabin, Jake comes knocking asking her to come with him so he can show her something. He reminds her there are shards of light to give them hope, that the ranch was set up for refuge not for end of times. She is so bitter that he jokes that she sounds like his dad.
He reveals how his father taught them not to let the bleeding hearts fool you, talking about the Indians and the Mexicans saying they stole their lands, feeling this land was owed to them and they need to defend and protect it. Alicia says maybe Jeremiah was right and he disagrees saying he knows where that thinking goes and feels they need something greater to live for; things they used to live for!

Strand and Daniel arrive at the hotel, Daniel tells him to drive in even though Strand feels there is something wrong. Daniel is suspicious of Strand suggesting his daughter, Ofelia may not be inside after all. They exit the car and he orders Strand to stay close. Strand begs him to wait for daylight but he rings the bell asking Strand where Ofelia is.

As walkers approach, Strand admits that Ofelia left them, left Alicia for dead and stole their truck and she could be anyway and alive. He fights off the walkers only to run outside and watch as Daniel drives away.

Nick brings Lucy up to the burnt remains, she hates being surprised but he shows her a blanket and candles on the floor with food. They lie together staring at the stars as Nick tells her that Russ met Martha when he was injured during the Korean War and she was a nurse at the army hospital in Tokyo; she nursed him back to health and the day he left the hospital he told her he was going to marry her and she said I know. Lucy asks how Nick knows, he reveals Jeremiah “Otto” told him, and that this place could be great. She watches him but doesn’t tell him what she is thinking.

The men are tired and Madison suggests they should rest; Troy says there is no way because they need to get back there before those men or the walkers get to the ranch first. Troy orders Mike to pick his butt up, wrap up his foot and get moving. Madison tells Troy being a leader is knowing when to stop.

He grabs her and says this is his mission and his men; she questions if it is his or his father’s. She questions him about his strange fixation on Nick. She asks if he wanted to be a Mama’s boy and his mother was too cruel for that. She reveals that she knows what he all did for his mother and she still hated him.
When Madison asks the men who feels they should rest up, everyone raises their hand. Troy says he is the only one who knows the way back and they better pick their asses up at first light because he will leave them all for the wasted. He walks away as the men all watch Madison.

As they are sleeping, Madison is woken by Troy’s blade touching her throat. She tells him he is better than this, he struggles internally before he retreats. She holds her throat and notices one of the men witnessed it; but he turns over not acknowledging anything. Nick wakes up at the house and finds a note from Luciana.

The team walks back in their wrapped feet as Lucy continues to walk past the wall. Alicia stands at the edge of a cliff, while Troy, with Madison at his wide lead the men back home. Alicia jumps off, into the water below as Jeremiah comes to see Nick, placing the gun he recovered and cleaned on the rock in front of Nick and the house.


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