Food Network Star Recap 7/2/17: Season 13 Episode 5 “Sunny’s Kitchen Hacks”

Food Network Star Recap 7/2/17: Season 13 Episode 5 "Sunny's Kitchen Hacks"

Tonight on the Food Network their elite food competition show Food Network Star airs with an all new Sunday, July 2, 2017, episode and we have your Food Network Star recap below.  On tonight’s Food Network Star season 13 episode 5 as per the Food Network synopsis, “First, the finalists pair up and take on a typical shopping budget problem while creating an Instagram Story about their shopping trip, with special guest Hannah Hart helping Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis judge the finalists’ efforts. ”

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Giada and Bobby tell the contestants that this week they will face the same dilemma most couple faces, shopping on a budget. In teams of two the contestants will go shopping and make an Instagram story of their shopping and cooking experience. Matthew and Abby are tasking with making a dinner for a family of four with a budget of $17. Amy and Cao must make dinner for a family of eight with $30. Rusty and Cory will make a romantic dinner for a young couple with a budget of $25. Jason and David must make an upscale dinner party for six on $45. Hannah Hart joins Giada and Bobby as the guest judge for the night.

The judges loved Jason and David’s food but their Instagram story was just too long and boring. Amy and Cao do great. Their food and story are great. Rusty and Cory do OK their Instagram is fine and their food is good. Matthew and Addie hit it out of the park. Their Instagram is fun and informative and the food is good too. Matthew and Addie are the winning team and get extra time with Bobby and Giada to get tips on how to win the whole thing.

Sunny Anderson joins Bobby and Giada to judge the next section of the show as Hannah heads out. The previous teams will now compete against each other. Cao and Abby have to flavor bomb a beef taco. Matthew and Addie must turn leftovers into something new and different. Jason and David have to make a meal in one pan or one pot. Cory and Rusty will use crescent rolls to make a dish. Matthew turns his leftover turkey dinner to make taquitos while Addie makes little hammie sandwiches and fried potato chips. Cory uses the crescent rolls as a base for a tomato pie. Rusty makes a crawfish pie. Cao adds lemon grass and fish sauce to her tacos. Abby adds lime and jalapeno to her tacos.

Each contestant now presents their dish to a live audience. David made a steak with onion, bacon and sweet potato all in the same pan. Jason makes an Italian succotash and hits it out of the park while David stalled. Rusty starts strong but Cory starts to speak over him. When it is Cory’s turn he talks about the vegetables so much he barely has time to present his dish. Rusty wins the challenge. Matthew does a great job during his presentation.

Addie struggles to bring the energy the coaches asked her to bring. Matthew’s food is not exciting while Addie’s is delicious. There is no real winner between the two. Cao truly bombs her flavor bomb. She starts strong but then completely draws a blank and stops talking as she finishes preparing her food. Abby struggled just as badly, first when her food processor won’t turn on and then tells a joke that falls flat. Neither can be called a winner in this match up.

Jason, Matthew, Rusty and Amy are declared the winners in their match ups. Addie and Cory are also safe and leave the kitchen. David and Cao are on the bottom. David did a very poor job of describing his dish while Cao didn’t actually cook anything. Cao is sent home.