Game of Thrones Finale Recap 8/27/17: Season 7 Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”

Game of Thrones Finale Recap 8/27/17: Season 7 Episode 7 "The Dragon and the Wolf"

Tonight on HBO, Game of Thrones is back with an all-new Sunday, August 27, season 7 episode 7 finale called “The Dragon and the Wolf,” and we’ve got your Game of Thrones recap down below! On this evening’s episode as per the HBO synopsis, “Because of the hack at HBO there was no synopsis released for the finale.”

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Bronn commands the soldiers to collect 500 more barrels of oil. He meets Jaime on the top of the castle where they look over hundreds of soldiers lined up in neat rows.  Meanwhile, Tyrion, Jon and Davos are onboard a ship headed to meet with Cersei. Sandor goes below deck to poke at the night walker they captured under lock up.

Cersei gets ready for a meeting with Tyrion and the others while giving orders to Ser Gregor to be ready to kill the silver haired bitch and the others as need be.

Bronn meets Tyrion and the others on their walk to the castle. He has been sent to escort them all to the meeting. Tyrion talks to Bronn about putting himself at risk. He tells Tyrion that he’s the one in harms way. Tyrion tells him it is good to see him again. Sandor leaves his horse and cargo behind as they approach the castle. If anyone touches it, he will kill them first.

Cersei arrives and takes her seat. Sandor walks up to Ser Gregor, telling him to be ready for what is coming for him. Cersei asks Tyrion where Daenerys is. She is coming soon, he tells her.  She arrives on one of her dragons. Cersei acts unimpressed and irritated that she is late.

Tyrion takes center stage about them working together. Jon steps up, he warns them about the army of the dead. Cersei thinks it is all a ploy for them to overtake her. Tyrion tells her that they have something to show her. Sandor brings the trunk out. Unlocks it and kicks it over, letting the walker free. It runs directly at Cersei. A chain keeps the monster just inches from Cersei, where she is sitting. Jon displays how they can kill them with fire or dragon glass.

Euron is terrified. He gets up and tells them all he is going back to his island. He tells Daenerys she should go too until winter is over. Cersei calls him a coward. She is willing to accept a truce with the King of the North, but not Daenerys.

Jon explains that he cannot serve 2 kings. He has already pledged himself to Daenerys. Cersei shares that there is nothing left to discuss. She is all set then. She gets up and leaves. Brienne gets upset and tries to talk to Jaime. She wants him to talk to the queen. Tyrion can’t believe that Jon did that. Daenerys is also disappointed. Her dragon died because of this. Jon will not lie. Now what do they do. Tyrion tells them all he is going to see Cersei and talk to her. Daenerys does not want to see her hand murdered. Jon says he will go, but Tyrion is adamant. He walks up to the castle.

Jaime meets him outside. Cersei kicked him out. Tyrion heads to speak to her anyway. He enters the room. She is sitting at her desk. She is mad; angry that he has teamed up with a foreign whore. His only mission is to destroy their family. He explains himself and when his words aren’t good enough he tells her to kill him. She backs down. He gets a drink while they sit in silence. He is more sorry about the children then she knows. Cersei doesn’t care how he feels and why he did what he did. Cersei begins telling him what matters to her as she rubs her stomach. “You’re pregnant,” he declares. She doesn’t answer.

Daenerys and Jon talk. If she trusted him from the beginning things would be different. What do they do now? Tyrion comes out of the castle. They all approach him. Cersei also comes out. She announces that she has decided they will all face it together. When the war is over she wants them all to remember she helped.

Sansa is angry over a scroll she received from Jon. She tells Littlefinger she can’t believe he bent the knee. Sansa can’t think of what Arya is after. Littlefinger tells her he likes to play a game in situations like this – what is the worst thing she could want and do? Sansa thinks she wants to kill her, to get revenge and become the Lady of Winterfell.

Daenerys, Jon, Tyrion and the others talk about a plan of attack. Jon thinks they need to sail together. It will show the north they are working together. Daenerys agrees. Jon leaves. Theon stops him. He is impressed that Jon told the truth to Cersei about his loyalties to Daenerys. He wishes he could be more like that. Jon tells him his father is still in him, still with him. He is a Lovejoy and a Stark. He doesn’t have to choose.

Theon stops all of the men and tells them he isn’t leaving. He is going to get his sister. She is still alive. They all laugh at him. He gets into a fight. He kills the man. The others follow his lead when he tells them they are heading north for Yara.

Sansa has Arya brought to the great hall. Sansa asks about charges of treason and murder. And she isnt talking to Arya, but Littlefinger.  He is caught completely caught off guard. He pleads with Sansa. She tells him about a little game she likes to play. He wants a chance to defend himself. He drops to his knees. Sansa does not care. He betrayed them all, her aunt, her mother and now her and Arya.

Sansa says goodbye. Arya slits his throat quickly. He gasps before falling over. Meanwhile, Jaime talks to the other men about the route they will take. Cersei would like to talk to Jaime alone. She asks him what he is doing. She did say she would fight alongside them but she only did so to keep her family safe. She is not going to send her men to fight alongside foreign scum. They are going to die. Jaime cannot believe her, he gave his word.

Cersei reveals that Euron did not head back to his army. He headed to Essos to get the golden guard and bring them here. No one walks away from her. Jaime gave his word. He is going. Ser Gregor moves forward. Jaime asks her if she plans to kill him. He can’t believe her. He shakes his head and leaves. He gets on his horse. Snow begins to fall.

Samwell arrives in the north to visit Bran. He asks him what happened to him beyond the wall. Bran explains that he became the three eyed Raven. He asks Samwell why he came to Winterfell. Samwell explains that he came to help Jon. Bran explains that Jon is on his way back. He explains that Jon needs to know who he really is. He is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. His real name is Aegon. He has never been a bastard. He is the heir to the Iron Throne.

Jon knocks on the bedroom of Daenerys. She lets him in. They make love. Tyrion is in the hallway looking upset.

Arya asks Sansa if she is okay atop the castle. Arya tells her that she did the right thing. She is the Lady of Winterfell. Meanwhile, Bran sits by the tree having a vision.

Beric and Tormund look out on the North over the wall. The dead is coming. The Night King leads thousands. The dragon comes out of nowhere and begins breaking down the wall. The men all try to run. Everything is collapsing. There are screams. The army of the dead watches on as the Night King sits atop the dragon. The wall comes tumbling down. The army moves forward.