General Hospital Spoilers: Asher McDonell Cast as Young Andrew – Drew Revealed As Billy Miller or Steve Burton Childhood Character

General Hospital Spoilers: Asher McDonell Cast as Young Andrew - Drew Revealed As Billy Miller or Steve Burton Childhood Character

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Franco’s (Roger Howarth) nightmare has put him on the path to the truth. Asher McDonell just popped up as Franco’s young friend, Andrew (aka Drew). This adorable little boy has the same piercing blue eyes we see whenever Steve Burton (ex-Jason, Patient Six) hits the screen.

It’s possible that this is a clue about which actor will play Drew, but we have to remember that Patient Six and current Jason (Billy Miller) are twins. Perhaps the goal was to get a kid who resembled a young version of Steve Burton and reveal the rest later. There’s still plenty of evidence that suggests Burton’s GH character is the true Jason Morgan.

Regardless, Franco’s nightmare was certainly disturbing! Franco imagined little Drew shouting, “You killed me!” This dream understandably left him rattled, but it’s also pushing him toward the real story.

In order to get peace of mind, Franco needs to check out Betsy’s (Deborah Strang) claims. Despite that alarming dream, it seems Franco doesn’t completely buy that Drew is dead. A quick search of the death certificate database backed up that idea. Without a death certificate, how can Franco ever accept that Drew is really gone for good?

Fortunately, he can’t! Now that Franco knows Drew may be out there somewhere, it’s doubtful that he can leave Jason out of the loop indefinitely. Even if Jason finds out on his own, Franco will have to discuss this with him sooner or later. General Hospital spoilers hint that things are about to get incredibly messy for Jason and his family.

Of course, Burton’s character will play a big role in the drama. He may claim he’s the real Jason, but Franco’s revelation will create even more doubts. Both Patient Six and current Jason will have to deal with some identity issues. There’s sure to be some confusion about timelines and memories.

Let’s hope Franco can be the one to bring them together and sort out what actually happened. Are you excited to see how this hot plot plays out? We’ll give you updates as other General Hospital news comes in. Stay tuned to ABC’s GH and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

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6 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Asher McDonell Cast as Young Andrew – Drew Revealed As Billy Miller or Steve Burton Childhood Character”

  1. Kevin Pham says:

    —Let’s hope Franco can be the one to bring them together and sort out what actually happened.—-
    Let’s not… SB JASON MORGAN doesn’t owe a thing to FRANCO and has every reason to end FRANCO on sight…
    and it’s simple for SB JASON MORGAN
    send franco to PINE BARRONS or lock up FRANCO… bc franco equals distraction!
    BM JASON and SB JASON get DNA test
    SB JASON goes back to SAM
    and BM JASON fights to get SAM back

    • Jo Chandler says:

      A DNA test is not going to be much help. Identical twins have identical DNA. It takes months of testing to figure out which one is which as there slight environment differences in the DNA due to where they grew up.
      But identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.

      • Kevin Pham says:

        —It takes months of testing to figure out which one is which as there slight environment differences in the DNA due to where they grew up. —
        and lucky the audience realistically has 3 years with SB JASON MORGAN to figure out the facts among these next months as will to wait for the truth to finally be revealed!
        Let’s hope this story goes this way as soon as possible!

    • GH Watcher says:

      My question would be if Franco’s memories came back about his imaginary friend why wouldn’t BM Jason remember when he saw the photo. I’m guessing Betsy will hold the key to which one is which . My biggest question is who took Drew from Betsy you could tell she is afraid of Heather and if Heather took him who got him after that .I agree about Franco the only reason he is trying to be redeemed on the show is Nathan Varni is a huge Roger Howarth fan that’s why he keeps him at ABC.

      • Kevin Pham says:

        –My question… Besty will hold the key… who took drew—
        Me: i agree ????? on all accounts also believe Heather took DREW in 1981 and then since then she sold him to HELENA under the black market, it would explain how heather had so much money at her expense during 2012 -2014 during her last visits to cause havoc in Port Charles! From there back in 1996 i believe that’s when HELENA put her plan into action to take a JASON from the quatermaines and give them the JASON helena was raising all along! But i do believe that betsy had no choice to give up Drew when she had him, she was forced to do it after drew turned three because HEATHER wanted that money she finally found a buyer who would take drew off her hands and get rich from it!! And betsy was forced to do it because heather blackmailed BETSY that if BETSY refuses heather will tell the quatermaines what SUSAN and BETSY did and then betsy feared she would be locked up! But over all BETSY deserves to be locked up, she had so much time to tell the truth but instead she allowed this lie to continue, MONICA QUATERMAINE deserves justice and i’m tired of all these characters DOING MONICA QUATERMAINE wrong i wish ALLAN QUATERMAINE was alive so he can get SCOTT BALDWIN to tell the truth and then go after FRANCO to get to BETSY and then this whole thing will be resolved it’s not right how MONICA QUATERMAINE is always being out of the loop she needs to have a chance to finally put all these people who have abused her family in jail or at least have them answer for their crimes!! Monica still doesn’t even know that SAM watched little jake get kidnapped and MONICA doesn’t know that SAM hired two gun men to wave loaded gun around Cameron and LITTLE JAKE just to scare LIZ away from SB JASON MORGAN during 2007 but enough of that!! These are situations that NV will never have the confidence to implement into the story to giver respect back to the QUATERMAINES!! Because the quatermaine never let anyone get away with messing with their family!!! But yes.. this situation with NV i don’t believe it!! First Nathan Varni has to learn how to disassociate the character franco from the actor! Then if NATHAN VARNI respected Roger Howarth’s talent?????
        well NV would have already killed off franco and brought TODD MANNING back to general hospital,
        the suit with Prospect Park has been resolved, there is no reason to keep franco around there is no EMMY of value for that character in the first place.
        And as proof for OLTL characters and PROSPECT PARK case resolved, GH recently has had the actress Hillary B. Smith who plays as Nora Hanen Buchanan from OLTL’s during FEB 2017 to work with VALENTINE to beat the custody suit against LULU… so that initially proves we could have OLTL characters back on GH again and also it as stated that Hillary B. Smith who plays as Nora Hanen Buchanan can always come back!
        By now since FEB 2017 and present that should prove to anyone and NV could have already brought TODD MANNING back to gh during the summer time ending the role of franco a long time ago!!
        If NV actually liked Roger Howarth, NV would not force the actor to portray this foul character that abused canvas characters during 2009-2011 and now the same character franco has gotten away with his deeds and achieved this 360 redemption role over our very own VETERAN actors such as Tyler Christopher – NICHOLAS CASSIDINE who was recently turned into a PUNCHING BAG character for the jasam fanbase for 7 months over a fake jason morgan and sam Jasam reunion !! It is laughable to take anything NV says as gold now, because the abuse Roger Howarth get’s forced playing as Franco is a slap in the face to us OLTL fans!! We surely wanted more for Roger Howarth when he returned to continue his role on General Hospital and as of late, to see Roger H being reduced to play this controversial PROCURER RAPIST character franco is a huge disservice to us OLTL fans!! But we have learned how to disassociate the character from the actor, and if NV has understood that prognosis, and the Prospect Park suit has been resolved.. then what is the need to continue the existence of franco on general hospital. How does the existence of FRANCO verify that the GH will achieve an EMMY’s that’s the real question! The only aspect of franco being here has tainted the character LIZ beyond recognition and it only get’s worse from here on out!!! Meanwhile before I get to that point of this conversation! Let’s remember Michael Easton has come back to Gh now over more than three different roles, so surely it wouldn’t be hard for NV to allow Roger Howarth to be TODD MANNING again!! Which was far more acceptable to the audience above all else, the character TODD didn’t abuse MICHAEL or AJ or CARLY or SAM LIZ or the real JASON MORGAN as bad as the character Franco has ever did..! And now as to when SB JASON MORGAN acknowledges to see that little jake is alive and is being raised by FRANCO.. that will be the hugest SHAME on the character of LIZ… this will be the best POISON to logically destroy the respect the real character SB JASON MORGAN ever had for the character LIZ!! How could the character liz betray SB JASON MORGAN and AJ QUATERMAINE memory like that by rewarding and condoning franco to be around little jake who is SB JASON MORGAN’s son!! What SB JASON MORGAN went through with michael during 2010-2012.. will never be forgotten SB JASON MORGAN helped MICHAEL to go past his problems of being raped by PRISON MATER CARTER who franco pointed at MICHAEL’s DIRECTION!! And here is liz…. being complicit to be with FRANCO on the account of double duplicity ignoring MICHAEL QUATERMAINE’s pain and scars of what franco did upon MICHAEL and SAM!! Liz the character itself is a rape-victimsurvivor…and she was in that room with AJ in 2013 when LIZ learned what FRANCO did to MICHAEL!! And now when SB JASON MORGAN acknowledges to see that LIZ is complicit to that construction and rewards FRANCO with this aspect of life to allow franco to be a constant in little jake life… it will surely be logically enough to show the aspect of how the character franco has logically destroyed any respect the real SB JASON MORGAN ever had for Elizabeth Webber and ultimately that is what NATHAN VARNI has achieved!! By forcing our audience to acknowledge a character like liz be complicit to condone a character like franco when all along NV could have brought back TODD MANNING and had a actual general hospital show of families fighting over business such as QUATERMAINE VS MANNINGS fighting for companies that would have been GOLD! Instead NV focuses on the destruction to dehumanize a character for a much preferred fan base pairing.. it’s beyond me… all we can do is watch the destruction of this show and just remember how GH was from between 1963-2001 and remember how GH told it’s TRUE STORY without the aspect of demonizing another respected character to justify the existence of an overrated fan base pairing for ratings (JASAM) SMH…!!! Meanwhile the rest of us audience GH members will be honoring how GH told it’s story to it’s bitter end! If a character is an antagonist it ends as antagonist to it’s bitter end from MIKO’S CASSIDINE to the BALKANS and FAISON himself they all got what was coming as the cause and effect of that role to it’s bitter end !! If not so where is JOE SCULLY JR’S and FAISON’s REDEMPTION.. because i assure you.. they are the same level of franco in being an antagonist and they never got this much of a BUFF to their role as much as the character franco has overly received since after 2011 starting from 2013!!!
        That’s all i have to say about this issue it’s even more scary how there can be so many inconsistency’s of parallels and parallaxes to how this reflects upon what’s going on in Hollywood with that Harvey Weinstein situation.. ! And the story from GH continues to condone franco as way to engineer the masses to start condoning situations like this that parallel to franco!!
        Being in how the character franco had it’s sights on LIZ since 2013..
        franco character has many parallels of over developed sabotage since 2013
        from this very moment
        FRANCO originally is a predator FRANCO had his eye on LIZ on the first scene of FRANCO’s return as FRANCO arrived to come after JASON’s close ones at that Haunted STARR in 2013!!
        GH Franco,AJ,Sonny,Micheal,Spinelli,Elizabeth,Carly,Maxie,Sam scene 5/29/13
        3:29 TIME STAMP 4:51?
        and NV and these writers SA and JP have successfully given the character predator FRANCO what he wants..????? which has already sabotaged the role
        … and that is truly the mark of blasphemy!
        I just hope NV begins to see that it’s not good to give such leeway to a character like franco… franco should have been killed off a long time ago and TODD MANNING should have resurfaced back to Gh due to the end of the Prospect Park settlement! ????? It is remarkable in how far this character franco has achieved such an advantageous sufficiency to a life after these horrible things he’s done to michael and SAM and countless others!! Again if i’m mistaken.. where is FAISON’S an JOE SCULLY JR’s redemption if a character like franco is justified! This needs to be reevaluated hopefully in time stuff like this will dissipate from Gh entirely in the future. ?????
        bon voyage

  2. guest says:

    I belive SB