General Hospital Spoilers for the Next 2 Weeks: Franco and Liz Reunite – Valerie Gets a Shock – Sam’s Stunning Choice

General Hospital Spoilers for the Next 2 Weeks: Franco and Liz Reunite – Valerie Gets a Shock – Sam’s Stunning Choice

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the next two weeks tease that some major revelations are brewing. The week of August 14-18 will drop some interesting information in Felicia’s (Kristina Wagner) lap. There’s a good chance this is about Nelle (Chloe Lanier). That storyline has faded to the background lately, but it looks like Felicia’s latest scoop could keep things moving along.

While Felicia mulls over this info, Anna (Finola Hughes) will get a surprise of some sort. Perhaps Andre (Anthony Montgomery) will have a little something up his sleeve. Whatever the case, it seems this curveball will force Anna to ask for a favor. She’ll have to juggle a few projects, but we all know Anna is basically Wonder Woman. She can pull off almost any challenge she takes on.

Other General Hospital spoilers say Griffin (Matt Cohen) will lack confidence. He’ll probably feel like he’s just not getting through to Ava (Maura West). Griffin wants to help, but Ava thinks she’s a lost cause. Luckily, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) will offer support. She’ll give Griffin some words of encouragement and he’ll reach out to Ava once again.

Liz will also be reunited with Franco this week, so “Friz” fans should get ready for some romance. General Hospital spoilers state that Franco will have great news as well. He’ll reveal that he managed to get some of his artwork back, which will undoubtedly put him in a good mood. Once he has Liz back in his arms, Franco should officially be on cloud nine.

The week of August 21-25 will bring an unexpected request for Ava. It sounds like Franco’s art will come back into play. He might want to sell his paintings at Ava’s gallery. Maybe Franco’s suggestion will convince Ava to give her career another shot.

Elsewhere, Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) could have a date with destiny. GH spoilers hint that she’ll be surprised by the identity of her mystery man. Stella (Vernee Watson) recently offered to set Valerie up on a date. Val eventually got on board with the idea, but she’s in for a shock when Curtis (Donnell Turner) appears. Will Curtis and Valerie reconnect thanks to Stella?

Across town, Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) guilt will lead to a stunning choice. She may decide to make a full confession to the police. Meanwhile, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Carly (Laura Wright) will discover that they’ve been through a similar experience. They should be grateful that Sam’s story didn’t turn out like Morgan’s (Bryan Craig).

The next two weeks are going to pack a punch on the ABC soap. We’ll give you updates as other details emerge. Stay tuned to GH and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.  Sign up for our FREE newsletter by clicking here and get the latest breaking soap news!

  • Elizabeth Healey

    Would rather see Curtis with Valerie then Jordan. She is too wishy washy and they have no chemistry

    • Linda Bonsignore

      Yes I totally agree Curtis and Valerie for sure

  • PassionQueen77

    I thought that Franco and Liz was going to break up in the future. They should date other people. Liz has her kids to think about. She doesn’t need a relationship. As for Franco he should reunite with Nina or someone else. Nina is not the woman for Valentin. Valentin needs to date someone new.

  • Caro

    Don’t care about Valerie. Hate Sam who is getting way too much screen time! Like Friz

  • @HawaiianTater

    Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t make any sense at all to me that Jason and Sonny would lie to Carly about Sam being the one who shot Sonny. I can understand the desire to protect her and cover up what happened. It just doesn’t make any sense to lie to Carly about it. She would go along with the coverup. She certainly wouldn’t go out Sam to the police. They could still be doing everything else the same in this story line, just with Carly in on it instead of yet another pointless lie causing problems for her and Sonny.

    I’ll tell you something else too. This is just another big flashing neon sign that Miller’s Jason isn’t the real Jason. We all know how Burton’s Jason was with the truth when it came to Carly. He’d stonewall the cops all day but not only would he have not agreed with Sonny about lying, he would have actually insisted that he and Sonny be honest with Carly about what happened. And as we all know, the truth will come out eventually and Dante will find out what really happened, which is something that will have to be dealt with. It’s just seems to stupid and pointless to add lying to Carly to the mix.

    As far as Dante finding out goes, it doesn’t make much sense to cover it up either. The whole disease thing gives Sam a perfectly valid explanation for why she did what she did and Sonny isn’t exactly going to press charges. Nothing about this makes any sense at all lol

  • Kevin Pham


  • Kevin Pham

    as a carly fan confused by the role of carly who is now being alleged to not be allowed to go give sam a piece of her mind!???? ???? But the audiences know when NELLE or someone else upsets carly.???? ???? Carly is allowed to be 2006-20012 (CARLY) and that version of Carly goes berserk on them???? ???? ????. These writer better not use sonny as a source of Carly’s anger and displace her rage for Sam incorrectly on .???? ..sonny!
    And break them up.. when Carly’s displaced anger for sam shooting sonny, is all because of SAM???? ..!!
    What about all those times CARLY used to rail on LIZ..???? . when Carly used to say things like:
    Carly; everyone has to feel sorry for LIZ???? ..boohoo???? … saint Elizabeth???? ..!!!…
    So what’s up with this hypocrisy for Carly feeling sorry for SAM???????? ???? ….??….!!!!
    Where is the REAL CARLY!!!?!?!!!!!!!!???? ????
    ..Carly should leave sonny alone to heal and peace and take that rage out on SAM! Alexis talking CARLY down and using morgan to calm Carly down makes no sense???? ????! SAM is a grown woman and she has to fight her own battles right…???? ????!
    So what if this happens again and SAM successful to shoot SONNY again..
    is carly going to be written to say!???? ????
    Carly: it’s okay sam.. don’t worry, i forgive you for almost killing my husband sonny…
    REALLY!!! Carly needs to remind sam that her negligence to take better care of herself could affect the people and her own kids around her before Alexis is uses Carly’s dead son to counsel Carly.????????
    Carly is the same character who has no idea how SAM sat there and watch little jake get kidnapped and carly has no idea that SAM had hit men to come after LIZ, little jake, and cameron! And those are Carly’s nephews….??????????????
    So.. again when will Carly step up and finally put her foot down on Sam’s misconduct, because all of this could have been avoided if SAM had just told BM JASON that she is feeling very sick and they could have gone to the HOSPITAL TOGETHER for the JASAM RAITINGS ????????!
    But sam withheld this info and once again people around sam got hurt! So when will Carly be able to process that into SAM Alexis so SAM can learn from this kind of mistake!?????????????? it’s just a learning curve allow the role of SAM to learn from this mistake, a non-fallacy character makes no sense on day time TV. Let Carly school Sam! thanks in advance. ??????????????