General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Gets Shocking Truth From Betsy – Franco Grew Up With Patient 6

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Gets Shocking Truth From Betsy - Franco Grew Up With Patient 6

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) will embark on a journey to discover his past with Jason Morgan. Franco found a picture of himself when he was a child, posing with Jason Morgan. In the image, Jason and Franco are dressed alike, something that Franco found bizarre. He decided to go to the one person that he thought would know more about the picture.

In a new GH promo which you can view by clicking here, Franco visits his adoptive mother, Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) to get answers about the photograph. He wanted to know why he was in a photograph with Jason. Franco couldn’t help but notice, they were dressed like “twins,” but that couldn’t be? Or could it?

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Gets Shocking Truth From Betsy - Franco Grew Up With Patient 6

The image blew Franco’s mind, and he wanted to find out the details surrounding the image before he jumped to conclusions. Betsy told him that it’s time she told him the truth about his past. General Hospital spoilers state that Betsy seemed to fight back the tears as she told him that it’s time he learned the truth about his upbringing.

Franco pointed to the picture and said, “Let’s start with something really simple. That kid right here is Jason Morgan! Am I correct?”

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Gets Shocking Truth From Betsy - Franco Grew Up With Patient 6

Betsy cries and tells him that she isn’t sure she should be talking about this. Betsy warned him not to go looking for answers that he isn’t prepared to hear. She urged him to drop it and pretend that he never saw the picture. For Franco, that is not an option. General Hospital spoilers suggest that the other boy in Franco’s picture will turn out to be Steve Burton AKA Patient 6 at the clinic.

Will Franco find out his past connection to Jason Morgan? Will Betsy tell him the whole truth? Stick to CDL for more General Hospital (GH) spoilers, news, and casting updates!


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  1. love my soaps says:

    If Susan Moor and Alan Quartermain are Jason’s parents how does Scott Baldwin and Heather Webber fit into this picture. I have been watching this show for ever and can’t figure this one out. Any answers?

    • Sondra says:

      Heather and Jason’s Mother Susan Moore were first cousins….making Franco a 2nd cousin..

      • Kevin Pham says:

        so what is steven lars to franco!

        • Sondra says:

          1/2 brother……and here it gets complicated…lol Steven is also a 1/2 brother to Elizabeth

          • Frances Gallagher says:

            not complicated. Steven is Elizabeth’s half brother on Webber side. Franco is Steven’s half brother on Grant side (Heather’s maiden name). So, Elizabeth and Franco are not related.

          • Sondra says:

            Its complicated because Of FREAKCO…..didnt say they wete related…maybe a better words would be awkard…but hey Liz sleeping with her son’s kidnapper…who am I to say

          • Kevin Pham says:

            it’s even more disgusting when you think about it,
            THE CHARACTER LIZ is so destroyed that these writers SA and JP have LIZ dating FRANCO
            a character who had MICHAEL raped in jail… and then FRANCO publicized MICHAEL’S pain for the world to see, at the ART FRANCOPHERNIA in 2010!
            when the character LIZ is a victimsurvivor of rape… and here above all else these writers have LIZ dating FRANCO….. when LIZ learned with AJ what FRANCO did to MICHAEL in 2013!!
            And there is no counter to this because in 2014 CARLY and FRANCO simply says!
            FRANCO: did you really think a tumor surgery would make me a better man!!
            CARLY: your right, because, how could i lie in bed next to a man who could do all these horrible things to everyone i love and care about!
            SCENE NOV 2014!
            WHICH PROVES FRANCO admits he wronged and hurt people on his own accord without the influence of a TUMOR impairment!!
            So this is the biggest slap and destruction to the role of LIZ… and these writers SA and JP sit on this… being COMPLICIT and CONDONING this character FRANCO just to be paired with LIZ to naturalize RAPIST just for the almighty JASAM pairing! Within these 9 months if the new character SB JASON MORGAN isn’t allowed to be JASON MORGAN to retrieve his own son little jake away from FRANCO…. as #JUSTICE4MICHAELQUATERMAINE then Gh can consider our viewership no longer needed.

          • Mouselead says:

            Wow! drugs do weird things don’t they?

          • disqus_C5NTAcskq3 says:

            I know it. I hate that the writers decided to pair Liz with Franco. It’s disturbing but now Steve is coming back and instead of them wanting to reunite Liz and Jason. They want Jason A and Jason B fighting over Sam. I understand that the Jasam fans would love that but not all of us would. Instead we have to endure the two Jason’s fighting over Sam and Franco and Liz being together. I’m hoping the writers change their game plan and break up this disturbing bandwagon that their trying to sell so hard so Liason can finally be together like they should be!

          • Kevin Pham says:

            I highly doubt that the film we are going to see from GH will even free LIZ to go back to BM JASON or SB JASON!! At this point anybody in that town is better for LIZ than FRANCO!!! #facts ? ?????
            But I don’t think it will be that long between BM JASON and SB JASON fighting over SAM, it will feel like MCBANE Versus SB JASON MORGAN!!
            But it will probably get old real fast ? ?????
            !! But at least will see the rest of GH CAST CHARACTERS finally being able to communicate with at least one of these JASON MORGAN’S!!! And i’m betting it will be SB JASON MORGAN!
            But i do believe the JASON versus JASON fight over SAM will last for about at least a month right after SB JASON get’s his memories back!!
            But one thing i do hope for is that SB JASON is allowed to retrieve his SON LITTLE JAKE from LIZ!!?????
            Because SB JASON has never had the chance to RAISE HIS OWN SON LITTLE JAKE and it’s a shame that FRANCO who had MICHAEL QUATERMAINE RAPED in JAIL is allowed to be anywhere near JASON MORGAN’S SON!!
            We all know SAM would never allow DANNY or EMILY to be around FRANCO!?????
            So to see LITTLE JAKE being used like that is a huge disservice to the writing and story line and LOGIC that was created for the audience to invest in making sure that the concept of the character of JASON MORGAN’S life is taken with RESPECT of it’s accordance’s! I guess will just have to wait and see how the new writers will pan this out!

          • Kevin Pham says:

            so LIZ is dating FRANCO who is her 12 cousinbrother this is basically 12 of incest so SA and JP will do anything for ratings, thank god they are retiring!!! It’s get harder and harder to watch this show everyday.

          • Sondra says:

            JP long gone…hope Chris does something….anyrhing…with Franco…I have ff all his scenes since the ridiculous brain tumor

          • Kevin Pham says:

            Mouselead <>>> JOE SCULLY raped CONNIE FALCONERIE and KILLED JOHN MCBAIN’s SISTER! And the result of the character JOE SCULLY was dealt with and was then force to pay with his life as SB JASON MORGAN came to the point of finally killing him back in 2012!

            LOGICALLY FRANCO should also be gone too he is even worse than JOE SCULLY because he has murdered people for the concept of his own game and to benefit the allure to his art career!!
            For what FRANCO did and who he had raped in JAIL!! #FRANCO SHOULD BE DEAD and GONE!!! facts ? ?????
            To see my favorite OLTL ACTORCHARACTER TODD MANNING ROGER H being reduced to faciliate the role of FRANCO is a huge disservice to us ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans. however You must learn to disassociate the character from the actor to have more of an objective response instead of sounding like a TRIGGERED UPSET CYBER BULLY!!!?? ?????

            But since you wish to be cyber bully with no FACTS… this is what you unleash and you leave your guard down and open to this kind of debate…..?? ????? which now will prove to show the rest of us all to see that every future response you will make from here on out based upon this subject towards me… will be you sounding like a TRIGGERED ?? ????? disgruntled individual defending a PROCURER RAPIST!
            And then you will run the risk of sound like everything else you will say will be just the guilt of PROJECTION, PITY, and SELF HAT.

            So instead of respecting this sites platform and having a rebuttal to debate this topic that seems to be upsetting your safe space!
            You simply want to become a ((CYBER BULLY))) and abuse this websites platform to be a (((TROLL))) …. ?????
            well let me allow you to reduce yourself in the basis of this conversation ((ALONE)))?? ????? with these few proper messages…with the last ounce of respect i will relinquish to your uniformed bias narratives and meaningless childish rhetoric!

            IT is your CHOICE TO defend and be complicit to the plight of context of being a CYBER BULLY KEY BOARD troll warrior defending a RAPIST character like franco with your antics as a CYBER BULLY for a tv your convoluted..CONCEPT agenda?? ?????…! So CONGRATS on the OUTCOME of your… mundane accomplishments…?????

            by all means continue with the witty little side right wing banter it does no use here or in the next prognosis of your next small minded triggered and feeble future replies#facts ? ?????
            .?? ?????
            if you have no value of morality or respect for yourself or the history of GH since 1963-2017 for the basis of this conversation. then see to it, that you continue your nihilistic narcissistic behavior upon someone else who decides to make the mistake in giving a (-expletive-) D**** about your meaningless life…?? ?????
            PRO-TIP back away from nearest access to technology and go back to LIFE
            thanks in advance
            bon voyage… ?? ?EMMY’s? ?????

  2. Delores321 says:

    I think Billy Miller’s Jason will be Steve Burton’s Jason twins. Billy Miller is probably the one that was with Franco and Steve was raised by the Quartermaine’s. The scenario is making my head hurt.

    • @HawaiianTater says:

      No, you got it right. Billy Miller is the twin who grew up with Franco. Jason Q who turned into Jason Morgan is the one on his way back to PC.

    • Sondra says:

      Totally. Agree

    • Michael James Bradley says:

      So then, Helena planted Jason Morgan’s memories into BM ala Irene Manning?
      Could be what the chip in his head was for.
      It’ll be interesting to discover the “when, where & why” of all this.

  3. @HawaiianTater says:

    This article gets it wrong. Franco didn’t grow up with “Patient 6”, who is Jason Morgan. Franco grew up with Billy Miller, who is Jason’s twin. It all fits together pretty well if you think about it. It makes sense that Jason would show up in a clinic with Cassadine connections because Faison was working for Helena when he shot Jason and Jason has been held captive ever since. When Susan Moore gave birth to Jason, she had twins. Jason was sent to the Quartermaines and his twin was taken by Heather Webber to be raised with Franco. That’s why Franco was obsessed with Jason, because he thought that Jason was the person he grew up with, even though it was actually Jason’s twin. Now, at some point along the way, Jason’s twin was separated from Franco and eventually ended up in the hands of Helena, who brainwashed him to take Jason’s place in Port Charles. That’s why she had Faison shoot Jason, to get him out of the way, so Helena could replace him with his twin. This plan kinda fell apart when all hell broke loose at Crichton-Clark. When Robin rescued “Jason”, she had no idea that it was really his twin that she was rescuing. Then the accident happened and he got a new face but Helena’s brainwashing was still in his head, leading him to believe that he’s the real Jason. Meanwhile, the real Jason has been captive all of this time at the clinic Ava just showed up at. I suspect that his memories aren’t fully intact either. They’ll probably let it play out for awhile with everyone believing that Burton is the twin and Miller is the real Jason before the big reveal later on.

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  5. Jo Chandler says:

    It is ridiculous to think that the boy in the Photo is Jason Morgan. Jason Morgan was with the Q’s since he was a baby. Remember Monica talking about how she didn’t want him there and then heard him crying and went in and picked him up and held him. From that moment on he was HER son. So no way is Jason Morgan AKA Stone Cold the boy in that picture. It has to be the twin.

    • @HawaiianTater says:

      Yep, and Obrecht has already pointed out as much on the show when Franco talked to her. It can’t be Jason because Jason has a well documented history with the Qs. Whoever wrote this post must not be paying attention.

  6. Frances Gallagher says:

    10 articles and the same BS. These people don’t know what they are talking about!!!

  7. Cyndy Nemitz Klatt says:

    I hope it’s Nicholas Cassadine. Lol