General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky Spencer Returns – Jonathan Jackson or New Recast?

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky Spencer Returns – Jonathan Jackson or New Recast?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that the ABC soap is hoping to boost the ratings. They’re bringing in some new characters and some fan favorites could be popping up as well. GH viewers are buzzing about what’s to come in Port Charles. There’s one potential return that could really convince people to tune in.

Could Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) make his way back to town? It’s a possibility to consider. We could use another Spencer on General Hospital right now. Lucky’s presence could shake things up. The show could try to convince Jonathan Jackson to make a GH comeback, but recasting the role is always an option.

Sometimes it’s tough to get used to a new face in a beloved role, but it’s usually easier when a character has been off canvas for a while. Perhaps General Hospital could find a stellar hunk who would blow everyone away. As long as he’s handsome and can act, no one could complain too much.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky Spencer Returns – Jonathan Jackson or New Recast?

Lucky could become a major player on GH again. If this return actually happens, we’ll all be anxious to see who he’s paired with. If a new actor steps into the role, they could test him with several females. He could have chemistry with plenty of GH’s lovely ladies.

Of course, General Hospital could pair up Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Lucky. Some fans would love to see this reunion. Others would shudder at the thought of destroying “Friz.” No matter what side you’re on, it could give Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz a good storyline.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky Spencer Returns – Jonathan Jackson or New Recast?

Uncomplicated happiness is the quickest way to be backburnered, so nobody should want that for this pairing. If Liz and Franco are going to have a real future together, they need to overcome even more obstacles. Love isn’t easy and it would be nice to see them grow as a couple. Lucky could simply be a bump in the road.

On the other hand, we can’t count out the idea that Liz and Lucky could fully reunite after all the drama. Romantic changes are bound to happen eventually. Few couples stay together forever on a soap. Liz and Franco could always find their way back to each other later. That’d be another great plot.

Whatever the case, Lucky’s possible return could certainly stir up trouble. Whether Jonathan Jackson comes back or someone fills his shoes, many GH viewers would love to see Lucky again. We’ll give you updates as other news comes in. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

  • Michael James Bradley

    No matter who plays Lucky, the character has been through too much to just move back to PC and live a normal life.

  • Prairie Boy

    Recast please, an actual man, not Jon Jackson!!!

    • Jerri Glaser

      i think Jackson is a real man

  • Theresa

    If not Jonathan Jackson then I always liked Greg Vaughan as lucky too.

  • Kevin Pham

    yes please bring in a NEW LUCKY the guy from
    Greg Rikaart to play LUCKY SPENCER he would do justice to that ROLE and he would be a good LUCKY to be there for LULU and Kick FRANCO out and away from CAMERON and AIDEN and especially little jake since JP didn’t have the regards to make this JASON MORGAN avenge what happened to MICHAEL QUATERMAINE…. so let the other relative LUCKY SPENCER to avenge MICHAEL QUATERMAINES honor by keeping franco away from his SONS!

    • Rachel Dalton

      OMG…..Finally someone who gets it…I’ve been saying this for so long now…I’m suppose to believe Carly would get together with the guy who caused her son’s prison rape? And then Liz (who I don’t even care for) would get together with the guy who kidnapped her newborn straight from the hospital. And these 2 have never been and will never be friends but somehow BOTH managed to find enough sympathy to be with this loser???? Should I assume Sam will be the next female to give this walking time bomb a pass???

      • Kevin Pham


    • PassionQueen77

      The writers lost there reality after Tyler Christopher as Nikolas have left the show. Maybe it would be too late to bring in Lucky Spencer to the show lol.

      • Kevin Pham

        Nah i think a NEW RECAST LUCKY SPENCER will be all right ??????????????

        • PassionQueen77

          A recast of Lucky Spencer would be ok. What if the writers target Lucky like how they did Nikolas on the show. It could happen lol.

          • Kevin Pham

            presumably JP is leaving so i’m sure LUCKY SPENCER will be written better ?????????? hopefully the writers will give LUCKY SPENCER a new role as LUCK SPENCER, not trying to be back with LIZ or anything but actually stepping up as father and being their for LULU in her time of need against people like VALENTIN ??????????

          • PassionQueen77

            Yeah she is leaving because she decided not to renew her contact. It depends if Lucky Spencer will be written very well. He will probably meet someone new.

  • Donna Tomesco

    Never liked that actor.

  • lovethosedimples

    Bring Nik back…finish his story. Tell us what he was running from for pity sake.

  • Elizabeth Healey

    Would love to have Lucky Spencer back! And it has to be Jonathon Jackson

  • Marci

    If it’s not JJ, then PLEASE DON’T DO IT!!!!!!

  • Sondra

    Greg Vaugh….always and by far the best Lucky…would be refreshing to see….any one sink Fritz….thats just mind blowing for me.

  • Lunette Grojean

    Jonathan Jackson is the only lucky

  • Kevin Pham

    agreed FRANCO should go back to NINA or leave the show! ?????????????? NINA was the only character that could accept him for who he was and before these new writers took over FRANCO was becoming who he was supposed to be through the original method of this writing, but as soon as OCT 2015 ROLE by the role of FRANCO began to look absurd. ?????????????? FRANCO 2014- May 2015 was the best real version of FRANCO trying to redeem himself after APRIL 2016 it just got too bland and TOO CLICHE ??????????????

  • Kevin Pham

    some of us don’t want Greg to come back as LUCKY just yet, some of us fear these writers would rub him or snub him the wrong way as LUCK SPENCER they easily butchered ?????????????? NICHOLAS CASSIDINE role – TC
    so we rather get new writers before VETERAN ACTORS and ACTRESSES come back to GH??????????????

  • Elizabeth Bowden

    If it’s not Jonathan Jackson,don’t bring him back. No one suits the role better than JJ……

  • Rosalie

    Jonathan Jackson has graduated to nighttime tv so if this character is really coming back it’ll be with a different actor. I’m totally fine with that.

  • Pat Mitchell Bryant

    I’d like to see Lucky back but I want Franco and Liz to get married. Stay together forever.

  • Pat Mitchell Bryant

    Wow stop hating on Franco…he and Liz are great together.

  • Steffennie Smith

    Only bring him back if it is JJ. No one else is really Lucky in my opinion. I want to see him interacting with Aiden. For years he raised Liz’s boys like they were his own. Yet he longed for one to truly be his. Then Aiden comes along and he leaves PC right after finding out he was his. That never sat right with me and now they could fix that and bring the ratings up if they did his comeback right.

  • Richgeana White

    It was great having Spencer home

  • PassionQueen77

    It might be too late for the writers to bring back Lucky Spencer to the show. The show won’t be on for long.

  • Jerri Glaser

    i would love it…. Lucky was the only one i felt Liz was good with, i would prefer Jackson, but it doesn’t matter.. im not a fan of her and Franco… i loved him with Nina..I would love to see Liz, get away from chasing bad guys like Jason, and Franco, only cause i like those two bad,,,