General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Learns Nelle’s A Murderer, Disturbing Info Sparks Killer Fears – Nelle’s Secrets Unravel

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Learns Nelle's A Murderer, Disturbing Info Sparks Killer Fears – Nelle's Secrets Unravel

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that more trouble is brewing for Michael (Chad Duell) and Nelle (Chloe Lanier). They determined that they could agree to disagree about the ring, but you’d better believe that won’t be the end of it. Nothing ever goes Nelle’s way for long!

It looks like Michael will continue to have major concerns. General Hospital spoilers say Michael will wrestle with a tough choice next week. He’ll move forward with a plan, but he won’t be sure he made the right call.

Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) and Carly (Laura Wright) have been doing their best to expose Nelle as a liar. They want Michael to see her for who she really is, but who is she exactly? Nelle is a bit of a mystery, even to GH fans. She has a sweet side, but there’s another part of her that’s pretty dark.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Learns Nelle's A Murderer, Disturbing Info Sparks Killer Fears – Nelle's Secrets Unravel

Michael understands that he’s dating someone with a rough past, but he hasn’t been able to believe she’s a murderer. Will Michael learn anything that changes his mind? General Hospital spoilers reveal that some disturbing information will soon come in. Michael will be taken aback by the stunning news he receives.

Meanwhile, someone will give Nelle a fright. It sounds like she’ll briefly panic about the rest of her secrets unraveling. On October 20, Michael will battle a burst of paranoia. Will he start to believe Nelle could be a killer?

Nelle has the kind of personality where she can snap in an instant. It’s all very Jekyll and Hyde. Between the outbursts and the mounting evidence, Michael could fear the worst. General Hospital spoilers warn that he might think the disapproving Grants drove Nelle to murder Zack.

Michael could worry that he’ll be next on Nelle’s hit list. While that’s certainly possible, there appears to be more to the story here. Everything’s a little too neat and tidy for twisty GH. It seems likely that unexpected details will come out down the road.

Could some updates actually work in Nelle’s favor? It’d be nice if someone was actually wrong about Nelle for once. Saint Michael and his high-and-mighty family need to be taken down a notch. Will Nelle ultimately be vindicated or is she destined for permanent misery? Stay tuned to ABC’s GH and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest General Hospital spoilers, updates and news.

13 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Learns Nelle’s A Murderer, Disturbing Info Sparks Killer Fears – Nelle’s Secrets Unravel”

  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    You go Carly and Bobbie. Looking for a way to put the blame on Nelle is a great idea. Nelle needs to go. She is so boring. If Carly ran her over with a car that would be great. The writer can easily send Nelle out of town too.

  2. pemaddin says:

    Please get rid of Nelle she is totally boring, has only 2 facial expressions and is zero in compatibility with Micheal. Put a real actress in that spot.

  3. Delores321 says:

    Can’t stand Nelle and hope she goes soon. Michael always seems to fall for the losers. Even sweet Sabrina betrayed him in the end. He needs to quit being such a boy scout.

    • PassionQueen77 says:

      I agree with you with everything. Michael needs to date a woman who is not mysterious. Sabrina was so mysterious and she betrayed him at the end with bringing her baby mama drama into the mix.

  4. Kyndle Bryant Nance says:

    Nelle has a personality? Of what, a duck tape? Actually even a duck tape would have more personality than Nelle ever will.

  5. PassionQueen77 says:

    Nelle tried her best of connecting herself with Michael but the chemistry doesn’t work. Nina thought that hiring Nelle as her assistant was a great idea. It isn’t. Carly and Bobbie knew that Nelle has a past. Nelle past came back to haunt her. Sharon getting into Nelle face of pinning her brother murder on her is so funny. It is a great idea. There is lots of ways to kill Nelle. This is opposite of when Carlos Rivera came to the show last year when he caused Sonny and others so much pain. He shot Duke Lavery and Carlos became so annoying. Carlos decided to work with Julian to join the mob. What a story!!! lol. I do miss the Mob business a little bit. This show was good all week last week. Nina should dump Nelle as her assistant when she learns about her past very soon.

  6. GH Watcher says:

    Exactly I agree. What has Nelle done that’s all that bad? Because those two judgemental bitches Carly and Bobbie say she is bad. Look at both their pasts before throwing stones at other people! Bobbie is a lying hooker bitch who claimed she was pregnant everytime Laura and Scott were happy kept Lucas from his birth mother I could write a book about her past scams not to mention Carly biggest liar on the show. She is looking out for Michael lmao remember she lied to Michael about Sonny killing AJ also lied about Jax being dead. She slept with Tony her stepfather Bobbie’s husband lmao then slept with a drunk AJ then tried to pass the baby as Tonys when that didn’t work said he was Jason’s those are just some of her lies there could be a novel about her as well. Nelle may be a bad girl she can join the list don’t forget Nina stole Avery after putting Ava in labor to steal her baby. Anna a double agent spy had it not been for Robert she would be in prison , Ava is a double murderer. Elizabeth married to Lucky sleeping with Nicholas knew Jake was Jason LIAR LIAR LIAR. I’m guessing you get the point my question again what makes Nelle so bad ? That Sharon Grant person is creepy I’m betting she killed her brother for his money if Nelle wanted money why didn’t she sell the ring or take money from Jax and Sonny when they offered it to her.

    • PassionQueen77 says:

      So what that was in the past. You are still talking about what happened in the past. You should let go whatever happened in the past. Carly and Bobbie should keep doing what they want to do. They hate Nelle guts. I don’t blame her. That sucks for you that things are not going your way. You are watching the show for the drama that is all you care about. You need some psychological help. You don’t know what you are saying on here iMissBrenda aka GH Watcher. You are so useless on here. You want others to respond back to you of what you are saying on here. Nobody cares of what you think on here for General Hospital posts. Everybody has the right to voice there own opinion on here. Sharon framing Nelle for murder is a great idea. Nelle has no personality like you. You and Nelle are just alike. Hahahaha. You are so boring ….

  7. brenda says:

    get rid of her

  8. Queen Deadite says:

    I kind of hope Nell is Nina’s too. It would be nice for Nina to have a daughter of her own and they get along. I don’t think she is a murderer either.

  9. Kevin Pham says:

    i can’t wait for SB JASON MORGAN to return to michael’s life so he can guide michael on how to be with the right person that will not have so much baggage!

  10. GH_FAN says:

    Since they insist on keeping Nelle around I’m kinda curious what her dark past is about after that the show will go on with or without her. Whatever! She kinda seems like she gonna turn out stupid crazy in the end. Like in some unbelievable attempt to kill him type of mess. It would be nice if when S.B. hits P.C. his first contact is Michael. Thats a change! Nelle just needs a friend like a girlfriend! She weird but so was Nina and Val!

  11. PassionQueen77 says:

    There are trolls everywhere. That person is GH Watcher. GH Watcher is iMissBrenda. All they do is whine and complain like a baby……. Since they don’t like what is going on with the show then don’t watch. There is lots of fans who would rather see Nelle gone. Some people on here who thinks that Nelle should stay on here. That is there own opinion. Nelle is boring like GH Watcher. GH Watcher shows up on here when she doesn’t like what is going on with her character Nelle. Nelle needs to go. Nelle has no personality. Michael can do 100% without Nelle. Whatever happened in the past with Bobbie and Carly is in the past. Why talk about it now. That is weird. GH Watcher is a whiny little young woman who complains about this and that. Go read a book or go watch other tv shows. There is some strange people who are woman gets mad if a person doesn’t give them what they want. GH Watcher acts like i am her lover or something. I am not. Go take your lesbian ways some place else you hoe.