General Hospital Spoilers: The Jason Twin Story Explained At Last – Steve Burton and Billy Miller’s Shocking Family Ties


General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that since the news of Steve Burton returning there has been much talk about him and Billy Miller being twin brothers on the ABC soap opera. But many General Hospital fans have questioned how that is even plausible.

GH experts all know that Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) had told a tale a few years ago that Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey) had in fact given birth to twins – but what she didn’t reveal was what happened to the second Quartermaine heir.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Jason Twin Story Explained At Last - Steve Burton and Billy Miller's Shocking Family Ties

Longtime viewers of General Hospital will remember when Jason was born, he lived with his mother, Susan, and stepfather, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) – but when Susan was murdered he went to live with his alleged father, Dr. Alan Quartermaine (Damon Stuart) and his wife, Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson). Things seem simple enough, no?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that its entirely possible Heather Webber was involved in the disappearance of the twin – note that it’s not the first time she has stolen nor sold a child to someone else.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Jason Twin Story Explained At Last - Steve Burton and Billy Miller's Shocking Family Ties

How about the drastic change that occurred in the character of Jason? If people remember, after AJ Quartermaine (then-Billy Warlock) drove drunk and nearly killed his beloved, straight-laced brother, Jason Quartermaine (then Steve Burton). Jason was taken to the hospital and could have been switched there, similarly to when his young son, Jake Webber was abducted by Helena Cassadine (Constance towers) after being hit by a car.

General Hospital spoilers ask if Jason came home as a completely different person due to a brain injury or did someone replace him with his twin? The man who became known as Jason Morgan after the accident had no recollection of who he was nor what he was supposed to be. He no longer loved Keesha Ward, gave up his plans for a career in medicine and became a very frustrated, angry and cold-hearted man – taken in under the care of Port Charles’ mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and turning into classic GH character Stone Cold.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Jason Twin Story Explained At Last - Steve Burton and Billy Miller's Shocking Family Ties

So when we cut to more recent history, after Steve Burton left GH for Y&R, General Hospital buzz suggests that it’s very possible that the man who left the hospital as Jake Doe after being run over by Ava and having extensive plastic surgery was not the same twin who was involved in the crash. The powers that be (TPTB) at ABC’s General Hospital have proven time and time again that people can be kidnapped and replaced, even returning with different faces.

General Hospital fans have noticed that the Jason Morgan/Jake Doe that Billy Miller is portraying is very similar to the Jason we knew before the crash – too similar in fact. Is that because he IS the one true Jason Quartermaine switched back from Stone Cold during his plastic surgery after being hit by Ava driving?

General Hospital Spoilers: The Jason Twin Story Explained At Last - Steve Burton and Billy Miller's Shocking Family Ties

Just to summarize briefly: Jason Quartermaine was replaced by his twin after the accident caused by AJ – this Stone Cold version of Jason was in turn replaced by the original Jason Quartermaine twin in the hospital while undergoing plastic surgery. This makes returning Steve Burton the Stone Cold version of Jason and Billy Miller in fact the original Jason Quartermaine! The hand of Helena Cassadine and the words of her curse can be seen by clever GH fans moving behind the scenes!

Who do you think is the one true Jason Quartermaine – Steve Burton or Billy Miller – and how do you feel the big reveal will play out and affect all those involved? Be sure to tune into ABC’s General Hospital (GH) to catch up on everything happening right now in Port Charles and check CDL General Hospital spoilers often for updates and news!

34 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: The Jason Twin Story Explained At Last – Steve Burton and Billy Miller’s Shocking Family Ties”

  1. love my soaps says:

    not interested in this story.

  2. Michael James Bradley says:

    Clear as mother’s milk

  3. Christina Ortiz says:

    Why do they have to make this so complicated???? can’t one be Jason(Steve) and one be the twin who really thought he was Jason because Helena brainwashed him.

    • Brenda Medeiros says:

      I agree Christina ????????????????

    • Janet says:

      I am so confused over this

    • Kabba says:

      Because when Steve Burton lost his memory the first time it hurt. It hurt that he rejected Keesha Ward. I loved Stone Cold but Jason Quartermain was a loss. You felt horrible for Alan and Monica. Billy Miller’s character brought a lot of that back. I would love to have Stone Cold and Jason Quartermain together as brothers!

      • Christina Ortiz says:

        Its the past though its not like her or Alan are on the show anymore.I like Jason Morgan more and what about the other charachter he loved and his bond with Michael.I just don’t see a reason to change all of that.

  4. Benay Brannon says:

    Now I’ve got a headache.

  5. Kevin Pham says:

    so….. BM JASON MORGAN is the same JASON… that was with KEESHA WARD and disappeared from us all after that accident
    then SB JASON MORGAN has been the JASON MORGAN that LIZ saved from a bullet wound from Moreno’s men who shot JASON back in 1999…
    ???????????????? Okayyyyyyyyy ????????????????????????

    • Christina Ortiz says:

      This is so stupid like we all of a sudden want an explanation????wasnt brain damage from the accident the explanation why change it and why would Helena do that back then did she even know him lol smh

      • Kevin Pham says:

        lol exactly!! ???? ???????????????????? the writers will probably say HELENA has been after the quatermaine money all this time???? ????????????????????

    • LaChelle Clayton says:

      I love your comments you always take me back to old GH Keesha Ward I haven’t thought about in awhile. I think this would be an exciting storyline. :)

      • Kevin Pham says:

        Lol thank you??????????????????
        and i’m looking forward to at least one of these ????JASON MORGAN’S to finally remember Keesha Ward it’s about damn time we hear her name again on this show again so we can finally understand what happened between BM JASON and KEESHA WARD and if he still fancy’s her! I’m actually intrigued and can’t wait for BM’s JASON to remember who he is and Keesha Ward! ????
        bon voyage

  6. debbieap says:

    Steve burton is the Real jason Quartermain Morgan. N Billy Miller is the twin the fake jason

    • Janet says:

      I believe that Billy Miller is the real Jason, and he was taken taken from the Q’s after he was hit by AJ. Now, I believe that when Steve Burton was killed, Billy Miller came back as true Jason Q. The one Jason before Sony made into Stone Cold .

  7. Queen Deadite says:

    Head hurts

  8. disqus_C5NTAcskq3 says:


  9. Christina Ortiz says:

    I agree let BM be with Liz.

  10. Kevin Pham says:

    but ironically i like it ???? ????????????????????

  11. Sondra says:

    Steve is the only Stone Cold…and not a switch…Billy was at Creighton Clark and while in a cryo state implanted with all Jasons memories….while It was Steve that Jake saw on Cassadine Island…


    I personally like Billy Miller’s Jason and I hope that he is the real Jason. He came in to GH with some seriously large shoes to fill and has done a very good job.

  13. Helina Czerny says:

    As long as Sam ends up with Stone Cold :)

  14. joanna says:

    I’m so tired of all this crap with Jason billy is Jason and that’s it.steve left and went to another soap so he does not deserve to be back as Jason.i am about ready to quit watching gh.i hated the let hayden go and now dillion to bring back steve parker and that other lady

  15. joanna says:

    no he left our show so he don’t deserve to be Jason

  16. @HawaiianTater says:

    This is dumb even for a soap. How in the world would Jason Q’s twin have matching brain damage injuries if he was switched after the crash? In case anyone needs reminding, Monica and Alan are both doctors. They would easily be able to tell if the Jason after the crash was the same person as before the crash based on the injuries alone. There would be no discernible reason for the switch either, because the twin replacement in this scenario has brain damage, no memory and ends up working for Sonny. Whoever would have orchestrated the switch would have gotten nothing out of the deal. It makes even less sense to switch back to the original Jason Q after 20 years. I remember all of the times Jason Morgan had medical issues because of the brain damage he suffered in the crash. There’s not enough retconning in the world to make it work that the brain damage Jason Morgan suffered did not come from the crash Jason Q was in.

    I can see a scenario where Helena got ahold of the twin (Miller) and was in the process of brainwashing him to take real Jason’s (Burton) place, then the accident happened and he got a new face. That’s why new Jason never fully recovered his memories, because they were never his memories to recover. He only thinks they are because of Helena’s brainwashing. Any scenario trying to claim there was a switch after the accident 20 years ago makes no sense at all. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

  17. Dee Dee Richards says:

    I like BM as Jason better so I am hoping Sb has been playing the imposter Jason all these years. I hope they keep Bm as Jason

  18. IMissBrenda says:

    Steve Burton is 10 years older than Billy Miller and looks it. Even more in MHO. They better give Steve some damn good makeup and lighting.

  19. Anonyy says:

    I love the Jason now and don’t care for the old one to return just because he left another soap. Don’t care for the story to follow which is going to take forever about Jason.

  20. Bryan says:

    Sounds pretty good, hope this is what they are going to do

  21. Christina Ortiz says:

    We don’t have different opinions lol,I agree with you I want Steve to play Jason.

  22. Thomas says:

    Jason Q. M. Is Steve. His face didn’t change in the motorcycle accident. The twin “Jason” (Billy) lied about memories because Helena planted the memories. He will eventually realize he saw it from a watching view (videos) and not thru his own eyes. Twin “Jason” was programmed to be like real Jason’s stone cold side but his real personality is like old Jason Q.
    It will be crazy for Sam having a child with the twin brothers.