General Hospital Spoilers: WSB Plans to Kill Valentin – Anna Risks All To Save Charlotte’s Father


General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Anna (Finola Hughes) will be saving a man with whom she shares a deep connection – Valentin Cassadine. In a recent episode of General Hospital viewers saw as Valentin’s wife, Nina (Michelle Stafford), received a disturbing phone call from him where it appeared as if he was saying good-bye.

However, savvy GH fans noticed that Valentin made it clear that the WSB had no interest in bringing him to trial but they had other plans in mind – they simply want him to disappear. This of course got Nina thinking if the WSB would resort to murder in order to silence Valentin if push comes to shove.


The WSB is attempting to silence Valentin and they know if this goes to trial and Valentin testifies as well as Anna or even Alex, they know the WSB will be outed and their secret regarding the involvement with the Chimera project will be revealed. Obviously, the WSB has more to hide than GH viewers and even Anna Devane could ever imagine.

Nina has no clue that Anna is in on what is going on with Valentin and is putting on the face to Nina and everyone else that she does not care. New General Hospital spoilers indicate this is simply a front. This would not be the first time Anna left Port Charles in order to find answers especially when it involves Valentin or the WSB.

General Hospital Spoilers: WSB Plans to Kill Valentin - Anna Risks All To Save Charlotte’s Father

General Hospital spoilers indicate that on the new GH episode of July 11, Anna will have a confrontation with the WSB and blast them verbally over their plan to eliminate Valentin. Anna goes in search for answers and may be unpleasantly surprised when she uncovers that the WSB are not who they pretend to be.

GH buzz indicates that Anna stops at nothing to save Valentin since she feels guilty that it’s partially her fault that he was sent to the Hague in the first place. Anna will attempt to stop the WSB from killing Valentin.


In the coming weeks, it will be a race against time to protect Charlotte’s father and stop the WSB before it is too late. It looks like the clock has already begun ticking as in the recent episode of General Hospital viewers watched as a man who works for the WSB came in and handcuffed Valentin and took him away.

Valentin escaped a kill order by the WSB years ago but will he succeed a second time? No doubt this adventure will draw Valentin closer to Anna and perhaps lead to some romantic involvement. Come back to CDL for more on this and other General Hospital spoilers and news.