Grey’s Anatomy Recap 5/4/17: Season 13 Episode 22 “Leave It Inside”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 5/4/17: Season 13 Episode 22 "Leave It Inside"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, May 4, 2017, season 13 episode 22 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 21 “Leave It Inside,” of Grey’s Anatomy as per the ABC synopsis, “April and Andrew consult with a fiery patient who has a giant, inoperable heart tumor. Meanwhile, Alex and Eliza are at odds over the treatment of a young patient; and Stephanie and Ben make decisions that could affect their careers.”

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Minnick gave her official review on tonight’s episode of “Grey’ Anatomy” on the residents and their strengths. However, she unfortunately, made an enemy out of Bailey when she gave Ben a bad evaluation though she couldn’t have sugarcoated what was going on for anyone much less Bailey. Minnick had said that Ben plays it too safe and that he takes the easy case with the easy diagnosis. So Minnick told Bailey and Richard for that matter that Ben might have gotten skittish after he took several risks last time and nearly ended his career. And so Minnick now didn’t know where to place Ben because of he refused to shine in any one field.

Though of course, Bailey wasn’t happy with that. She remembered disciplining her husband on more than one occasion because he sometimes went off the rails and acted in an unorthodox matter, but finding out that he had changed so much had come as a shock to Bailey who didn’t understand what was happening. So Bailey remained shock while Minnick tried to do her best to move and do that with Arizona when they both came across a child waiting in the ER. The boy’s name was Liam and he said that he needed help because he had been suffering from dizziness as well as painful headaches.

So Liam was taken to Alex and Alex did feel like that may be something wrong yet his hands were tied because he didn’t have Alex’s parents’ or custodians’ consent. But he knew that Liam had been well taken care of. The little boy was clean and had nice clothes that seemed new so there was someone taking care of him. And so Alex had no other choice than to leave things in the hands of a social worker because he thought they would find Alex’s parents fairly soon. Only Liam had experienced a seizure before that happened and so Alex had been forced to act. He took the child into immediate care and ran several tests.

Those same tests unfortunately, had showed something. They had showed that Liam had cancer and that he needed surgery right away however they were able to find Liam’s parents and the parents didn’t want Liam to have surgery or any more tests. They had said they didn’t believe in such things and that their son wasn’t going to die because he had God on his side. Yet, the doctors knew that God wasn’t going to be able to help Liam the way they could and so they became agitated. Stephanie had gotten snarky with the parents who she felt were acting like idiots and she had gotten called out on that by Minnick.

Minnick felt that there was something wrong with Stephanie’s approach and she had looked into Stephanie’s file after that. However, Minnick noticed some red flags once she saw that Stephanie’s boyfriend had died at the hospital and that she hadn’t taken any time off or even consider counselling. So Minnick had tried to talk about what was going on with Stephanie with Richard though he thought that she was making a mountain out of a mole hill. He said that Stephanie could be arrogant and have an attitude only he thought it was because she was a surgeon so he dismissed the rest of what Minnick had to say.

Though Minnick didn’t let what she found go. She kept a close eye on Liam’s case and she allowed the parents to take the little boy home because they had refused care and had even signed a waiver releasing the hospital of any wrongdoing if something were to happen later. So Minnick thought that would be the end of Liam’s case, but Alex hadn’t been happy with how things were resolved and as it turns out Liam hadn’t been happy either. The little boy kept back to the hospital the next day and he had asked Alex to help him because he had lost his eye sight. The loss of eye sight was very common with a tumor on the brain and Alex knew that it would just get worse from there.

So Alex played a dangerous game. He told Stephanie that they would state Liam had another seizure because that would make his case emergent and they would have to operate. But Alex ensured that he would take the fall if anything were to happen by filling out the forms himself and so he faked Liam’s results. He stated that Liam did have seizures and that he had tried to usual/nonsurgical methods yet he also stated that nothing worked so he practically pushed Liam into the OR and Amelia had no idea that she was acting without parental consent. As far as she was concerned, it was a normal case right up until Minnick came into the OR.

Minnick had thought it was surprising when she saw Liam’s name up on the board and so she had gone into the OR wanting to know how Alex changed the parents’ mind. Yet, Alex said that he had to act without consent and so that sent Minnick on the war path. She told Bailey what happened and she had tried to investigate the matter on her own however the parents had found out what happened and they were so angry that they were threatening to sue to the hospital. So Bailey had told Alex that he could go to jail again and Alex had said that it would be worth it because Liam was now going to live.

Minnick though had tried to question Stephanie about Liam’s file and Stephanie had continued the lie when she said that everything that happened was in the file. However, Minnick had had a point about Stephanie’s behavior. Stephanie was out of control and she eventually lost it with Liam’s father David. David had been angrier than his wife about Liam’s surgery and he kept trying to take the doctors to task. So Stephanie snapped and she yelled at him for being weak as well as stupid. And she had done the most irresponsible thing. She seemingly had thrown a picture frame at David and Minnick had been a witness to that.

So Minnick had reported the incident to both Bailey and Richard and she told them that she believed Stephanie should be suspended. She said that there was no in-between for Stephanie. Stephanie was either stone cold with the patients or getting too attached. However, Stephanie had tried to apologize for what she did. She said that she hadn’t been aiming for David’s head and, while she had lost her temper, she was truly sorry about what she did. And so everyone thought about it and they decided to revoke Stephanie’s privileges. She was no longer allowed to do surgery until she had completed her counseling hours.

Though Stephanie didn’t see why she needed it and she later snapped at Ben who was finally stepping up because Richard had talked to him. So one of the things she said was that Ben was going to be able to catch up to her now that she lost her privileges, but only Minnick had truly seen what a powder keg that Stephanie was. She said that Stephanie was experiencing burnout and that she shouldn’t have been working under Alex who didn’t follow the rules himself. Except Alex did get parental consent because it had been Liam’s mother that drove him to the hospital and she had said that God helps those who help themselves.

And naturally David didn’t know what his wife did. But Alex kept her secret and he called his lawyer to ask him if he could find someone for him. Not necessarily another lawyer yet it was someone that he hadn’t heard from in a long time. So Alex and Amelia’s surgery had been a success in the end meanwhile Maggie had finally lost one. She told a woman who had seen several doctors before that she could do the impossible and remove her inoperable tumor. And ultimately she failed and the patient, Holly, ended up comforting her and said at least she could go back to sleeping with as many men she could before she died.

So Holly was an inspiration and she even convinced Meredith to take a risk with Riggs.