Hell’s Kitchen Recap 11/10/17: Season 17 Episode 6 “A Little Slice of Hell”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 11/10/17: Season 17 Episode 6 "A Little Slice of Hell"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Friday, November 10, 2017, season 17 episode 3 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 17 episode 6 episode called, “A Little Slice of Hell,”  as per the FOX premiere, “The remaining chefs are given 30 minutes to create a pizza inspired by an assigned country. Later, during dinner service, Melissa Fumero and model Devon Windsor join as special guests, and while both teams struggle, one just can’t keep up.”

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Chef Ramsay tells them all to get some rest as big changes are coming; everyone is happy to still be around, while most are thrilled that Josh is gone. They all sit around drinking and talking about each other’s sex lives, making fun of who they think is “vanilla” and who might be a freak in the bed; suddenly Van falls into the hot-tub.

The chefs are woken up and immediately taken in vehicles to Desano Pizzeria and Bakery, where Chef Gordon Ramsay greets them while he is making pizzas in these beautiful stone ovens. He tells them to take a bite and then introduces them to the master behind the Pizzeria – Hell’s Kitchen’s very own Maitre D’ Marino Monferrato. Marino brings out the special pizza he made, it is massive, each cook is to spin the wheel and whichever country they land on, that is to be the inspiration for their pizza and this is a head-to-head competition.

Robyn (blue) chooses to go against Barbie (red), she spins the wheel and they have to make an Indian pizza. Elise (red) chooses Jared (blue), when she spins the wheel she gets South Korea; Jared is super happy. Milly (blue) chooses Jennifer (red), he ends up with Morocco. Manda (red) wants to take down Van (blue), she spins and gets Vietnam for their country. Nick (blue) goes against Dana (red), he spins as she asks if he is nervous, they end up with Greece. Michelle (red) picks Benjamin (blue), saying she wants to go against him instead of Gio because she feels he is the best one on the blue team. She spins and they get France.

Gio gets to choose which pairing he wants to join and he picks France because he feels Michelle disrespected him and looks forward to kicking her ass. They are given 30 minutes, the red team fight throughout the cook time and when the time is up, Ramsay tells the Blue team he will only be tasting one of the French pizzas and they all choose Gio’s. Chef Ramsay, Marino Monferrato and Steve Samson, chef/owner, Sotto.

Barbie and Robyn are up first with the battle of their version of pizzas from India. Barbie’s was a bit dry but a good effort. Robyn’s eggplant was spongy and not a good idea. Red team got the point.

The battle of Morocco is next; Jennifer’s lacked the sweet component, although Ramsay loved the concept. Milly’s flavors are great but a little dry as Marino suggests some sauce or something wet to add. The point goes to the blue team.

Vietnam is up next, Ramsay right away comments on Van’s shape of a pizza, as it looks like a football. The flavor is mind-blowing and the shrimp are beautiful. Manda’s is underbaked but liked a lot. They vote and team red gets the point.

Dana and Nick bring up their Greek pizzas. Dayna’s is delicious, the lamb with the olives. Nick’s pizza had toasted pistachios and sausage on top; saying it was almost perfect. The blue team gets the point.

South Korea is up with Jared and Elise competing with their pizzas. Elise apologizes that her pizza is so ugly as Marino says the flavors are well balanced as Ramsay said it had all the makings of a great pizza, just badly put together. No one is willing to try Jared’s pizza that has raw cabbage on it; neither team gets a point and it is now down to the French pizzas made by Michelle and Gio; with the blue team feeling they have it in the bag because Gio is Italian.

Michelle has a lot of dough exposed to her pizza, but it was a good job. Gio’s flavors are delicious but the entire bottom of the pizza is burned – a rookie mistake. Ramsay says it was a great concept that was badly executed. The red team gets the point and win the challenge as Ramsay tells the blue team they should have checked Gio’s pizza underneath before they picked his.

The ladies are going to the members only Hollywood Magic Castle, taking a tour on a double-decker bus, seeing some of Hollywood’s exciting places. The blue team is in for a busy day as tonight is Italian night in Hell’s Kitchen, which means they are transforming the dining room before dinner service.

The ladies are looking amazing as Elise once again comes in a ball gown. Dana says this is a once in a lifetime experience and the red team is all getting along for once. Marino oversees the blue team as they have to iron the linens, replace the oil and vinegar and place fresh Parmesan cheese on all the tables. Nick says he learned to never assume things today after what happened with Gio’s pizza.

At the magic show, Elise takes off her wedding ring and panics when she thinks it went flying across the room. She was miserable for the whole performance and just wanted the act over, wondering where her ring went. The blue team is done, grating a wheel of cheese, as Milly says he feels like he is in prison, where it is never-ending. The women come back and the blue team jokes that the dress Elise is wearing is her wedding dress and Nick begins to sing “Here comes the bride!”

The teams are ready for service as Chef Ramsay tells Marino to open Hell’s Kitchen for Italian Night. Manda worries that her celiac disease will affect her tonight, reminding Barbie that it is all pasta tonight and she will have to taste everything. VIP guests like Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Victoria Secret Model Devon Windsor have arrived as Marino is showing Nick (blue) and Elise (red) how to make an Italian seafood entree to be served tableside.

The orders begin to come in after Chef Gordon Ramsay greets the VIP guests. Immediately the blue team is in trouble when Benjamin and Robyn are not communicating. After the issues, Robyn is told the scallops are nicely cooked. In the red kitchen, Manda is on hot apps and asks people to taste the pasta, refusing to let celiac take her down tonight; she brings up the pasta and it is still crunchy. Michelle does it to her twice that the pasta is raw, so Elise and Barbie back her up and tell her it is ready and she is able to recover from apps.

Entrees are beginning and Gio feels he needs to redeem himself after the pizza debacle. Chef Ramsay calls everyone away from the chef table and calls them back into the pantry as Milly calls it Ramsay’s little dungeon. He orders them to sort it out, get it together before he needs to take over. Jared complains that Van and Gio are supposed to be the meat all-stars and are failing their team now. When Chef Ramsay is furious that they keep delaying the time, Van is seen laughing and Ramsay orders him to the back pantry, asking if he wants to go home. He screams that it isn’t a time to laugh and Van apologizes saying he didn’t mean to disrespect him, he laughs when he gets nervous.

The laughter is in check and the lamb is beautiful, their first entree has left the kitchen, meanwhile, in the red kitchen, Michelle is reminded to ask for help. As Michelle goes to open the oven and put the crusted lamb inside, she falls down and Manda says this is karma for the raw pasta and will have a huge bruise later; the lamb she serves is beautifully cooked.

Int he blue kitchen, they begin to bicker as Jared changes his times, screwing everyone up. Jared suddenly calls for a medic, Ramsay calls Marino saying sarcastically he is bleeding to death. Ramsay tells the blue team he called for a medic because he was screwing up and wasn’t there anymore. Van says he needs to “man up.” In the red kitchen, Elise is fighting to be part of her team, but everyone pushes her away, so they send her onto the floor to do the table side cooking. Jared returns with no stitches and Ramsay tells him to grow some balls.

Ramsay is furious with the blue team, saying nothing is consistent tonight, asking what has happened to them. He feels like he is back at opening night and these are two different brigades. He says they are no-stars; as the medic confirms he has no idea where the cut was. He says it was the worst performance he has ever seen in his life and kicks them all out. Nick returns to the kitchen and learns his whole team was a disaster and informs him about Van’s laughter and sends him upstairs.

The red team has a strong finish, as the blue team argues upstairs about being cooked out of the kitchen. Jared admits he shouldn’t have called a medic but he will defend himself as there are others to blame. Nick asks for the low-down. The blue team returns to the dining room, joining the red team and Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Benjamin says Jared is their first nominee as he was on garnish and stayed behind the entire service. The second nomination is Robyn; without explanation, they are both told to step forward. Jared says he is a stronger chef than Robyn and just got lost tonight. Ramsay says he was vocal but only heard he tonight when he called out for the medic. Jared said he cut his finger and it wouldn’t stop bleeding; Ramsay confronts him saying he spoke to the medic who couldn’t find a cut. Elise starts to laugh.

Robyn wants to go back to the red team, saying she is embarrassed of the blue team but Gio says she is part of a team and shouldn’t want to leave if she is fighting for a team. She says she has heart and wants to stay. Ramsay says he is done with excuses and his decision is Robyn get back in line and Jared to take off his jacket. He says his patience is running out and tomorrow will be a test like they have never done before and tells them to get out of there.

“Medic? More like Pathetic! While Jared’s cut was imaginary, now he knows what its really like to get cut!”
~Chef Gordon Ramsay

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