Hell’s Kitchen Recap 11/17/17: Season 17 Episode 7 “Trimming Fat”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 11/17/17: Season 17 Episode 7 "Trimming Fat"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Friday, November 17, 2017, season 17 episode 7 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 17 episode 7 episode called, “Trimming Fat,”  as per the FOX premiere, “Chef Ramsay gives the 12 remaining contestants a tutorial on how to best prepare six of the show’s most popular dishes. Each team will have 25 minutes to recreate all six dishes, while every three minutes they will have to select one chef to kick out of the kitchen.”

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Hell’s Kitchen begins tonight with the Robyn hoping the Blue team doesn’t feel betrayed by her wanting to go back to the red team. Nick thinks she just needs to shut up as she keeps self-sabotaging. Gio says it is okay to think it, but not say it out loud because they took her in with open arms.

The following morning, Chef Gordon Ramsay greets the chefs, telling them underneath the 6 domes is their next challenge. Beef Wellington is number one. Salmon is number two. Halibut is number three. Rack of Lamb is number four. Duck Breast is number five and the Double bone pork chop is dome number six. This is their menu, but because he is so determined to have a perfect service that he designed this challenge to test their skills.

They will be cooking these 6 entrees in their kitchens and prove how well they know this menu; the team that comes up with the most accurate and the best version of these 6 entrees wins the challenge. Chef Ramsay is backing off and they need to decide for themselves on how to organize their kitchen, they really need to have a clear understanding of what their teammates are doing at all times. He gives them 25 minutes to complete the challenge.

At 17 minutes, Chef Ramsay shouts into the kitchens and tells them to decide on one member of each team that gets kicked out. Barbie is out for the Red team and Van leaves for the Blue team which infuriates Milly who says they should send Robyn who wanted to go back to the red team anyways. At 15 minutes, the Blue team throws out Robyn and Dana are out for the Red team.

At 12 minutes, Chef Ramsay says it is time for another one to go, Elise from the Red team leaves and Milly leaves the Blue kitchen. 3 minutes later, Manda (red) and Gio (blue) leave. In the last 6 minutes, Jennifer chooses to leave, not even discussing it with Michelle (red). In the blue kitchen, Ben leaves and Nick volunteers to stay, wanting to show he can do it. With 3 minutes left, Ramsay tells everyone to get back into the kitchen and finish up the dishes.

Chef Ramsay says the lesson was to communicate and no matter what happens they were to remain united; neither team is happy with the outcome. The red team passes down their pork and it is completely raw; he wants to know who cooked the pork? Dana admits that she started it but passed it on when she got kicked out, he says the only thing missing on this pork dish is the tail!! The winner of the pork dish is definitely the blue team.

The Beef Wellington is the next dish to taste. Blue teams is delicious but could have stayed in the oven for 2 more minutes. He tastes the red team’s and says it was the hardest protein to cook and a tough decision; both teams get a point.
The Halibut is up next. Red team’s halibut is delicious and blue team is cooked beautifully. Again, the point goes to both teams.
Duck breast is up, Blue teams is cooked beautifully and taste delicious. He tastes the red teams and says the duck was delicious for both teams and once again, both teams get the point.

The rack of lamb is presented next. Elise cooked the lamb for the red team, he says he is not going to eat it because it has more chance of being put back in the field than him freakin’ swallowing it. But is the blue team’s lamb good enough? Gio cooked it, some of it is raw and other parts are well-done and from the same rack. The point goes to no one.
The salmon is up, and it is the red team’s hope to end in a tie. Blue team has crispy skin, Jennifer cooked the salmon and shrimp for the red team; the salmon is perfect but the shrimp are curled up which means they are overcooked and the blue team is the clear winners. Chef Ramsay says the Blue team did a much better job communicating than the red team.

The blue team is off to a world-class rock climbing gym and will have a unique dining experience at the Bourbon Steak at the Americana. The red team’s punishment is to work with Marino and do a deep cleaning of the dining room, and kitchens, plus prepare for the next dinner service. The women are shoe shining, Dana takes off to vacuum so she doesn’t have to listen to Barbie. Chef Christina Wilson and Chef James “Jocky” Petrie join the blue team for lunch; they seem to be more welcoming of Robyn to the team after their win. Elise starts to argue with Michelle, saying she is annoying; Michelle tells her to just stop it.

The Blue team returns, making fun of the red team; everyone is upstairs freaking out because it is 6:30 pm and they are not downstairs doing dinner service yet. Suddenly, Chef Ramsay calls and says he needs to see everyone immediately and to come to the back of the blue kitchen. He has them gather around as he shows them how to make one of his dishes involving champagne and oysters; Nick says he makes it look so easy.

Ramsay announces he is trimming the fat, as half of them will be competing in a very special challenge and the chef who is least successful recreating his signature dish will be leaving Hell’s Kitchen tonight. Since Michelle and Nick were the last two remaining in the last challenge in their kitchens, he is leaving it up to them as to who is safe and which half will cook for their lives.

Nick chooses Robyn because she struggles and this is her time to shine. Michelle picks Barbie. Nick picks Gio because he gets frazzled and overwhelmed. Michelle picks Manda. Nick picks Milly because he wants to see him step it up and finesse this dish. Michelle chooses Elise because she is not a team player and feels she needs to step it up a notch. The six remaining chefs who are safe are told to go to the patio to wait and see who will join them.

Chef Ramsay gives the six chefs 30 minutes to replicate this dish. Manda says it is everyone for themselves and you could cut the tension with a knife in the red kitchen. Gio feels he is coming out of this alive. Milly feels bad that he is in this pool with these guppies because he is comfortable with all the ingredients. Barbie says this gets to show she came here to cook for her life since she used to work in a fish restaurant. As Chef Ramsay counts down, the women keep freaking out more and more. He tells everyone they did a good job.

On the patio, they don’t want Manda to go and warn Michelle that if she thinks Elise didn’t like her before this; Michelle doesn’t care. In the dining room, Elise is crying because she feels she is not one of the weakest chefs and shouldn’t be there.

Manda is up first and did a very strong effort. Milly brings up his dish and visually it is beautiful, the ratio of pasta is spot on. Ramsay says it is beautiful but he can’t remember what he is missing, suddenly realizes Chef Ramsay made 6 and Milly only made 5; everything else is flawless and Ramsay tells him he is safe because this dish is better than Manda’s and tells him to head to the patio. Milly RUNS to the patio!

Barbie is confident about her dish as she presents it. She says visually there is a lot of pasta, the sauce is delicious, cucumber is still crunchy. He tells her to take it back as he has to decide between her and Manda. He tells Manda she is going to have to put up with him a lot longer and sends her to the patio. She runs out of the dining room and kitchen to her team.

Robyn is up next, she is certain Chef Ramsay will love her dish. She admits to having a problem with opening her oysters. He says the oysters look gashed. There are 4 good and 2 bad and tells her to get back in line; between Barbie and Robyn, he tells Barbie to head to the patio. She informs everyone that Elise was still crying.

Elise is up with her dish, who still feels she doesn’t deserve to go home. Her dish is visually beautiful. She added salt to keep it standing but oysters taste of salt and so does caviar; he tells her to get back in line. He says between Robyn and Elise, that Elise’s dish is better than Robyn’s and she is safe and she heads to the patio. Elise is so ready to rub it in Michelle’s face and rub it in her face and plans to not be nice anymore, telling her it is on. Michelle jumps up and they are both on each other face; Jennifer tells her to relax as Michelle makes fun of her crying face.

Gio is the final person to present his dish to Chef Ramsay. The presentation is beautiful, but he was light on the sauce. When he tastes them, there was too much pasta. Ramsay never expected to hear the word panic come from Gio and says sadly one of them is going home. Chef says Gio had too much pasta and Robyn struggled with the oysters; his decision is Robyn is to head to the patio.

Gio shakes hands and hugs Chef Ramsay. He asks him to remove his jacket and tells him to take care of his family. It simply wasn’t his night; saying, “Take care, Bud!” He is happy to be going home to two beautiful children and glad he gave it another shot.

“Giovanni may have age and experience, but his attention to detail in this challenge was a big disappointment. Arrivederci, Giovanni!”
~ Chef Gordon Ramsay


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