Hell’s Kitchen Recap 12/15/17: Season 17 Episode 10 “It’s All Gravy”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 12/15/17: Season 17 Episode 10 "It's All Gravy"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay culinary competition series Hell’s Kitchen airs with an all-new Friday, December 15, 2017, season 17 episode 10 and we have your Hell’s Kitchen recap below. On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season 17 episode 10 episode called, “It’s All Gravy,” as per the FOX premiere, “The remaining all-stars head to the dining room to be greeted by Gordon and a camel, before diving into the infamous Blind Taste Test Challenge – during which they must decipher spices with the risk of being blasted by mashed potatoes and gravy. Later, during a special dinner service, the restaurant hosts a private charity event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Shane’s Inspiration.”

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Hell’s Kitchen begins tonight after the shocking elimination of Van and both Elise and Barbie were allowed to remain, despite their constant arguing. Everyone is talking how Barbie should have gone home, she listens but chooses to stay quiet as she is going to keep her eye on the prize. They gossip about how she is nuts. Milly listens to the women gossip like a bunch of old biddies.

The following morning, Chef Gordon Ramsay greets the chefs in the dining room, where they ask if it is a real camel beside him. He tells them that for centuries camels carry spices from Asia to Europe and today the camel is carrying an important part of their challenge. Today is the 17th Blind Taste Test, where they cannot see, nor hear anything.

Chef Ramsay says they will be tasting herbs and spices and he has made an incredible potato puree to act as a base. There is one more thing, as one is competing in the taste test, another will be sitting in front of a mash potato cannon. If they get 3 answers correct, their teammate will stay clean. If they fail and only get 2 wrong, their teammate will get blasted with mash potato. If they get 3 wrong, they will get mash potato and gravy. If they get all 4 wrong they will get a double dose of both.

Dana (red) and Robyn (blue) are tasting while Michelle (red) and Milly (blue) are in the chairs. Dana gets them both wrong right away, where Robyn continues to get them right 3 out of 4, while Dana is 0/4. Up next are Jennifer (red) and Nick (blue) are tasting while Dana (red) and Robyn (blue) are in the chairs. Jennifer 0/4 and Nick gets 2/4, leaving the Blue team with a lead of 5 – 0.

Barbie (red) is up against Ben (blue) for tasting while Jennifer (red) and Nick (blue) are in the chairs. Barbie gets 2 for the red and Ben gets 3 for the blue team. Milly (blue) and Elise (red) are the tasters as Ben and Barbie take their seats in the chairs. If Milly gets this one right, the blue team wins as they are in the lead 8-2; but he says pickles when it is capers. The last one is parsley and Elise says it is celery root, and gives the Blue team the win!

For their reward, the blue team is going to dine at Roy Yamaguchi’s signature restaurant; on top of that, there is a fantastic prize waiting for them. The red team needs to focus on separating peppercorns, for different sauces and then he needs them ground by hand. Before that, he needs them to shampoo the carpet, by hand. He wonders what is going on with the red team’s palette.

While the red team is scooping up the gravy off the carpet, the blue team is enjoying their reward at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant. They find their prize is the Vitamix and are thrilled, thoroughly enjoying the spread of food served in front of them. Ben jokes that they can at least acknowledge that they know what food really tastes like. Meanwhile, the red team feels separating the peppercorns is the worst punishment yet; and in the kitchen, begin talking about how Barbie should have gone home instead of Van.

Sous Chef Christina walks in, just as Barbie and Michelle are exchanging harsh words. She asks who promises they won’t screw dinner service and everyone but Dana raises her hand. Christina questions her on it, and she says she hopes not but can’t promise so Barbie says she doesn’t know what she can expect out of herself. Dana admits she has faith in herself but not in Barbie.

Before dinner service, Chef Ramsay informs both teams that Hell’s Kitchen is honoring two very special charities with two incredible tables of 12. Red team will be cooking for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society dedicated for funding cancer research across the country. The Blue team will be cooking for Shane’s Inspiration, their mission is to create incredible playgrounds that unite children of all abilities. There will be an incredible 5-course tasting menu, and each of them will be responsible for their own course and both table must receive their courses at the exact same time.

Chef Ramsay asks Marino to open the doors of Hell’s Kitchen to this private and exclusive event that includes Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), David Koechner (The Office), Jill Wagner (Host, Wipeout), Scott Williams, the Founder of Shane’s Inspiration.

The meal includes: pan-seared scallops led by Michelle (red) and Nick (blue). Lobster spaghetti led by Jennifer (red) and Robyn (blue). Striped bass led by Elise (red) and Milly (blue). Beef filet Rossini led by Barbie (red) and Benjamin (blue) followed by a passion fruit souffle dessert, led by Nick (blue) and Dana (red).

Michelle gets off to a rough start when she was short 3 scallops and then Nick’s scallops are inconsistent and he worries that Milly is trying to sabotage him. Robyn begins calling out for her pasta dish, and Chef Ramsay asks if she is stupid, ordering her to focus on the scallop dish first. Both tables enjoy their first course. Suddenly, Robyn is in such a rush Chef Ramsay tells her to stop and tells her to ration portion sizes and keep up their standards. The red team is able to catch up to the blue team and Milly and Elise are called to the window and give Ramsay 9 minutes to the window for their dish.

Milly is being very vocal and Chef Ramsay is impressed, saying that is the way to delegate. The red team is a disaster, as the blue team is ready to bring their dishes to the pass the red team is falling apart and he demands to know what the hell is going on with them. Michelle and Barbie begin to argue and then they realize all the fish is burnt. Mindy Sterling, smiles as she hears all the yelling, stating she loves all the drama as Chef Ramsay is furious! Elise is calling this all sabotage, saying she can’t turn her back on her team.

Chef Ramsay tells Milly he did a great job and it was the best-executed dish so far. The one 12-top is served while the other table waits. Mindy Sterling jokes that they may have the food, but her table is getting more wine. The dining room begins to chat “Blue Team!!” as the other diners say the Red team is screwing up. Elise is pissed off that she is giving everyone 110% for their dishes and they all screwed her.

When Barbie is doing her dish, Michelle says she is helping Dana with desserts but Barbie tells her she is doing her course first; Michelle reluctantly does it. When Barbie brings up the potatoes, they are so burnt, Chef Ramsay begins to throw them and Marino is playing a game of Hot Potato with him. The Blue team continues to dominate and serves their beef filets as the red team is desperate to finish plating for their table. When Barbie asks about the spinach, Michelle tells her to worry about her beef and Barbie has had enough and shouts that she wants her spinach. Chef Ramsay crouches in the corner, yelling OMG!

Barbie is screaming at her team as everyone is sure she is just sinking her own ship. Their team gets their final dish and love their food. Chef Ramsay tells Dana and Nick that they need redemption with these desserts. Once dessert is served and everyone has left he tells the teams that this has been the worst charity dinner ever in the entire competition. He tells the red team to come up with two names that would make their team better without.

In the dorms, the red team are screaming with each other. Elise takes off and bitches to the blue team; Jennifer isn’t taking any more of her whining and talking about her behind her back and confronts her in front of everyone. The fighting gets very intense before they return to the dining room.

Chef Ramsay asks Jennifer who their first nominee is and why. She says Barbie because the meat course was a trainwreck, the potatoes were completely burnt. The second nominee is Elise, she seems disorganized and frantic as they were trying to get direction. Both women are told to step forward. Barbie tells him about Michelle not willing to do the garnish and her forcing her to stay there and all her talking back is what is keeping the team from being cohesive.

Elise says she deserves to stay in Hell’s Kitchen because she started strong, and she isn’t finished yet. She had a few bumps in the road but she didn’t give up and bounced back. She said tonight was a team effort and feels they didn’t give her 110%. Chef Ramsay says he is shocked at how fragmented their team has become and all he gets is this fight and bitch fest. The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Barbie. He tells her she has a heart and she is determined but she hasn’t bounced back.

“Barbie’s performance at charity night was a disaster, so I performed a charity act for her team by sending her home.”
~Chef Gordon Ramsay


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