How to Get Away With Murder Recap 11/9/17: Season 4 Episode 7 “Nobody Roots for Goliath”

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 11/9/17: Season 4 Episode 7 "Nobody Roots for Goliath"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday,  November 9, 2017, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 4 episode 7 “Annalise’s resolve is tested as she works on her class-action lawsuit, and a surprising ally comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Laurel and Michaela hit a roadblock after someone discovers their plans to take down Laurel’s father.

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Tonight’s How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) begins with Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) and Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) fooling around in bed, when Connor talks about the “once in a lifetime” case him and Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) have against the Attorney General (AG) and the Governor. Connor wonders how all is good in the world after everything they have been through, Oliver says he makes them sound boring but Connor says if this is boring, they should have signed up a long time ago.

Annalise arrives at Dr. Isaac Roa’s (Jimmy Smits) office, informing him that this is their final session. She threatens to take Jacklyn Roa’s (Kathryn Erbe) license for violating confidentiality. She understands what she is risking, but Isaac had no idea his ex-wife came to see her. Annalise doesn’t reveal what transpired but says she is getting too close and is not going to have a repeat of what happened with Sam (Tom Verica). Jacklyn had told her that Isaac is in a fragile place, they lost their daughter, Stella a few years ago after she committed suicide. She fears Isaac is using again and blames Annalise’s situation for triggering him.

As Annalise attempts to leave, he chases after her feeling this is relapsing behavior and asks her to come back inside and they can work through it; Annalise tells him that she has a new therapist. Jacklyn admitted she is also an addiction therapist and could represent her before the review board, saying she can survive this but she is afraid Isaac won’t. Annalise begs for Isaac to let her go as he fears she is going to drink if she walks out.

Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) meets Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) outside of class, trying to bribe him with his favorite breakfast sandwich; he declines to say Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) already made breakfast; both Michaela and Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) worry that Asher blabbed about what they are doing, investigating her father, Jorge’s (Esai Morales) involvement in Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch) death.

In court, Connor wants to sit with Annalise at her table, but she says it looks better if she sits alone because of nobody roots for Goliath. When court begins, Annalise shares she has accumulated 79 plaintiffs and counting. They attempt to use Annalise’s alcoholism against her but she is able to present she has been clean for more than 5 months; they present a photo of her 2 days ago with a half filled bottle of scotch, she claims entrapment and the Judge orders Mr. Chase to stop and any more attacks on Counsel will result in sanctions. Annalise and Connor walk out of the courtroom and she admits they are putting her on trial and she was a fool to not see this coming.

Both Bonnie and Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) were kicked off the case when the Attorney General took it over. Nate says he cares about the case but she corrects him saying he cares about Annalise. When he asks her about the photo, she tells him that Annalise drinks Vodka, not Scotch and anyone who is close to her would know that.

Outside of class, Asher informs both Michaela and Laurel there is to be no more secrets and demand that she tells Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) after they both chastise him for hiding a nanny cam in her apartment. He threatens that if they don’t tell him, Asher will do it himself. They go to see Frank, who tells Laurel it is a stupid idea and if she wants to take down her father, tell the cops that he killed Wes.

She says he will pay off the police and the only way to get him is to leak the documents that C&G are hiding for him. Asher is shocked to learn that an accountant was killed to keep the documents a secret. Frank says they don’t have to worry about him telling Bonnie because this nonsense is stopping right now. Asher yells at Laurel saying she is putting everyone, including her baby in danger; Michaela defends her saying if it was him that died in the house and not Wes, she would be doing the exact same thing. Asher objects saying Laurel loved Wes and Michaela doesn’t even know what love is. Frank wants everyone to promise this is done but Laurel refuses, saying he has done many worse things and all she wants to do is put her father in jail for the actual crimes he has committed.

Annalise is staring out the window, where Connor suggests she takes the stand when she refuses he offers his tuition money to hire a PI, or use Frank; she suddenly tells him to shut up when he talks about seducing the AG. She figures out there is someone who can help them for free and rushes out the door. She goes to see ADA Todd Denver (Benito Martinez), who thinks she is crazy and has to be drunk to think he would do her any favors. She tells him to think like an AG, as they have a common enemy right now. She suggests they get crazy together.

Connor chats with Laurel when Bonnie comes and learns that Annalise is having a top-secret meeting with her boss. Laurel says “hi” to Annalise, as they just look at each other; she and Connor leave and she smiles, informing him that Denver went for her proposition.

Oliver is sitting at Simon Drake’s (Behzad Dabu) desk, telling him it looks like a virus wiped out his whole computer drive. Simon informs him that he could get deported and Oliver quickly shares his story with Michaela in the hallway, but she doesn’t care as he says he needs this job at C&G to stay in the country. She grits through her teeth and tells him Asher found out everything; he wants to tell Connor before Asher does but Michaela asks him if he wants to be the one to take away his happiness right now. She is called away by Tegan Price (Amirah Vann).

Tegan wants her plan an office party for when Antares goes public, and the firm is going to make millions, and she can already smell the partners swarming to take credit for what she made happen. She says to invite everyone, including the interns.

In court, Annalise calls a witness to the stand, saying she wasn’t prepared for the ambush this morning. The judge allows her to bend the rules a little bit. Miss Thornton is called to the stand, a secretary at the DA’s office; she has never interacted with her before. She admits to taking the photograph and also placed the bottle of scotch on her car in order to take the photo. She says the only bad guy is Annalise, and the people she is trying to help are convicted criminals; Annalise says they are only poor people who were denied their right to a fair trial and that doesn’t make her a bad guy.

Bonnie rushes after the AG, he tells her to tell Denver that this court case is going to get dirty and it is his own doing. Bonnie says she used to work with Annalise so she knows how to beat her. Laurel comes to see Frank at home, he initially refuses to help her but she begs him to listen to her. She says if he really loves her, the real her, the one who needs to make her father pay for the horrible thing that he did; then that is who he needs to love.

Frank meets with Michaela, Asher, Oliver, and Laurel and says they are doing this. Michaela informs them the perfect time is the office party this Friday, but Oliver says it is too soon. Asher says he will go to the police or tell Connor and Bon-Bon. Asher snaps, feeling they all think he is some dumb push over, but this is a dangerous plan with more bad things happening and he doesn’t want to be a part of it and doesn’t have to do what anyone says as he is no one’s bitch.

Annalise meets with Jacklyn, promising to keep this confidential. She offers her help if she actually wants to see someone, but Annalise says she is the last person she would come to; both are surprised Annalise hasn’t swung at her yet. Annalise says she cannot be the only one who talks about suicide but Jacklyn says it is the patients they care about the most that affect them the deepest and her and Isaac were the perfect storm.

Oliver comes home and suggests him and Connor unplug and stay in their sheet cocoon all night long, saying they deserve some alone time. Asher forces Michaela to admit she is doing this to protect Laurel and not him. Michaela says she isn’t a great girlfriend and blames her behavior on her mother, asking him if they can move past her mistake. Asher wonders if they were ever okay, and thinks if he was just a rebound on her way to finding her real husband.

He brings up the wedding dress hanging in the closet, and how it makes him feel. She says it was 20 thousand dollars, he suggests she sells it then. He would kill to build a real life with her, but he is not okay with being the second choice and they should call it so she can go find the man she really wants to be with. She swears it is him, saying she doesn’t want him to be her Barack but to be her Asher!

Annalise is in the shower when she hears a noise, she grabs a gun and searches her place; she walks into the kitchen and there is a full bottle of vodka sitting on the counter. There is an urgent knock at Dr. Isaac Roa’s door, he is served with an envelope. He calls Annalise, who doesn’t answer. Nate brings out pillows and blankets for the couch, saying it is the AG trying to get into her head. She admits it is working, but didn’t take a drink. Nate asks her if she feels guilty about making Darlene take the stand and lie about the bottle of scotch and the picture; she says it was Denver’s choice. Nate says this is taking a toll on her and this is no way to live and definitely not what her plaintiffs deserve.

Annalise and Connor arrive back at the courthouse, she learns the AG subpoenaed him. He is asked his professional opinion about whether Annalise is capable of handling the magnitude of a case like this. He admits that she has not taken a drink to his knowledge and has passed the urine tests when asked. He lies and says he didn’t order the testing because he feared she was drinking again. He is asked again if she will relapse from the stress of the case, he looks at her, then back at the AG saying she has demonstrated nothing but her commitment to her sobriety and has total confidence in her.

Bonnie admits she clearly screwed up as the AG feels they looked like two people who were banging; he tells Bonnie he feels like she screws up a lot. Nate confronts her and Bonnie says she knew he would defend Annalise but he also knows that Bonnie is so far gone she went to Roa for counseling too.

The judge ruled that the Commonwealth did not bring sufficient evidence before the court to prevent her from ruling in Annalise’s favor and she is, therefore, certifying this class action lawsuit; Bonnie lowers her head and smiles.

Asher says he doesn’t agree with the plan nor has he forgiven Michaela but he is there for Wes. Laurel hugs him and begins planning for the party tomorrow night. Michaela objects as Laurel says she doesn’t even know Tegan and has probably been burying bodies for her father this whole time. Oliver goes on record saying this is a horrible idea, but they can blame Simon for stealing it, saying they have it down because he just saved everything on his computer in order for him not to be deported.

Connor and Annalise speak to the media about the class action lawsuit; Annalise leaves Connor to answer all the questions assuring him that he has this. Laurel tells Frank to open his mouth to take a paternity test to find out if he is the father before the baby is born. Asher comes home and Michaela’s wedding dress in on the coffee table, she grabs a bottle of ketchup, saying they are not ready to get married as they are crazy and going through with this plan for Laurel and Wes, but this will prove how much she loves him. She opens the bottle and pours ketchup all over the dress. She screams as Asher tells her she missed a few spots and they laugh together.

Oliver is on the phone with Simon, saying he can fix his computer on Friday. Oliver comes home with pizza and wonders where Connor is. He finds a tent made of sheets and Connor inviting him to join him. Dr. Isaac Roa brings Annalise in his office who confronts him of perjury in court today. He promises he isn’t using drugs again and asks if that is why she left him, feeling he was unfit to help her. He approaches her and begs her to talk to him. Annalise talks about how Sam says it was all in her head and she fell in love with Sam because he made her believe she was the problem but it keeps happening that she hurts people – the baby, Sam, Wes.

Annalise demands to know if she is triggering him. He says no and demands to know who said that to her. He asks if it was Bonnie; and she looks at him in shock, when he says she doesn’t need to protect Bonnie as she is only trying to hurt her. She reveals it is his ex-wife.

In the tent, Connor apologizes to Oliver, revealing what his dad said to him; calling his dad a moron and wrong because he is so happy right now and at a point that he is calling his sister just to tell her how happy he is and that is all because of Oliver. He pulls out a twisty tie, that he took off their loaf of bread. “You let me, be me; but you make me a better version of me and I never thought I could be this guy and I don’t want to wait anymore. I want you. Marry me, Oliver Hampton! Marry me so I can spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me.”

Oliver apologizes and tells Connor he has been lying to him. He tells him that they know who killed Wes. 48 hours later, Oliver is sitting in a room with blood all over the walls as Bonnie looks in at him. Someone is in surgery, in urgent need of blood, while Laurel screams for her baby. Dr. Roa looks on and Annalise sits in a shower stall covered in blood and in total shock. Bonnie learns the suspect, Asher is in jail as Michaela cries, asking if he is dead and the person in surgery flatlines.


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