How to Get Away With Murder Recap 2/9/17: Season 3 Episode 12 “Go Cry Somewhere Else”

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 2/9/17: Season 3 Episode 12 "Go Cry Somewhere Else"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday,  February 9, 2017,  episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 3 episode 12 “Courtroom tension is palpable as prosecutors prepare to enter a new charge against Annalise. (Viola Davis) Meanwhile, Nate finds evidence that could cast doubt on his innocence; and Oliver is brought in for questioning by detectives.”

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How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) begins in the past, with Frank (Charlie Weber) following Wes (Alfred Enoch) per Bonnie’s (Liza Weil) orders. Bonnie visits Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) wanting to know why Wes was being questioned, and if Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is going down, she is taking Nate with her. He warns her to never threaten him again.

Frank calls Bonnie, revealing he lost Wes. She tells him to go to Annalise’s house and tells him not to hurt Wes; he promises he won’t. Wes is in a cab, he avoids Laurel’s (Karla Souza) call but makes one of his own, saying his name is Kristoff.

Michaela (Aja Naomi King) arrives at the hospital to bring a distraught Laurel home. Annalise’s cellmates refers to her as Casey Anthony as Annalise is handcuffed for her special hearing. Meanwhile Oliver (Conrad Ricarnora) and Connor (Jack Falahee) prepare together for court as Bonnie rehearsed her opening statements.

In the courtroom, Annalise asks where the kids are; Bonnie tells her Wes’ memorial is today. Michaela helps Laurel walk up the aisle of the church with Connor, Oliver and Asher (Matt McGorry) follow behind to support her. Laurel stops when she sees Wes’ smiling photo at the front.

The Judge agrees to hear the arguments for arraignment now that there are two defendants. Annalise looks to the back of the courtroom, just in time to see her parents walk in.

Laurel stands up to give a eulogy for Wes. She sees Meggy (Corbin Reid) smiling up at her. Connor leans forward and tells Michaela she should have written something for her. Laurel gets upset when people begin to cry and demands to know why they are crying and if they even knew Wes at all. She shouts that they are only trying to improve their ranks in law school and Wes deserved better than a funeral with all these phony ass people. She tells them to Go Cry Somewhere Else!

Bonnie is told this is an arraignment and she can do a motion of severance later. She doesn’t want Frank and Annalise tried together. Bonnie fights for bail once again stating Frank is the only one who has confessed to the crime.

Bail continues to be denied and she warns Bonnie that she is not helping her client. Frank orders his lawyer to not go hard after Annalise, saying he works for him. Annalise cries, telling her parents to go home and they shouldn’t be there. Her parents ask Nate to help their daughter, he turns them down. Her mother berates him saying she thought he was a good man.

Annalise is fed up with her cellmate’s digs and tells her to keep coming at her because maybe she will then murder someone. She says her new name is Annalise the Hoodrat! Outside the memorial, a law student tells them Wes was their friend and the last thing they should be doing is defend his murderer. Oliver calls him a horrible person and tells him to leave. Laurel goes missing.

Laurel comes to the morgue and wants to see his body but is told his body is being held for evidence and there are strict rules and her hands are tied. Laurel tells her she is going to hell someday and leaves. Oliver gets a call from Dt. Davis, asking him to stop by later.

Oliver comes to see Bonnie, admitting he told Dt. Davis he would see her at 2pm. Everyone is freaking out, thinking Laurel may have ratted them all out., Oliver hunches over telling them he thinks he is having a panic attack.

Annalise’s parents come to see her at the prison. They reveal they asked Nate to stand by his woman. Her father says they will do whatever is needed. Her mother offers to say she will tell them she burnt the house down because she has no fear of judgment here on earth and if she goes to hell for burning that bastard, for what he has done to her, so be it. When their visit is over, Annalise learns her mother has dementia but knows what her mother said wasn’t a story.

Bonnie and Asher prepare Oliver for his interrogation, advising him to keep his answers short and straight to the point. Connor wants to get Oliver out of town to buy some time but Oliver says he needs to do this to protect himself, admitting he did all this for Annalie willingly and he needs to face the consequences.

Connor returns from the interview, telling everyone he told the detective he only went to the legal clinic because he was an emotional wreck and didn’t know where else to go. Bonnie says he did good, but he seems more concerned on whether they found Laurel.

Michaela pounds on the door, telling Laurel if she is in there she is going to kill her if she is alive in there but Laurel isn’t there; she is meeting with Nate. She reaffirms that she did see Frank in the basement that night but she is more interested in seeing Wes; asking him to imagine if he wasn’t able to say goodbye to his wife. He brings her down to see Wes’s body. Nate warns her that the burns are pretty bad. Nate opens the body bag and it is not Wes.

Nate meets with Soraya (Lauren Luna Velez) and ADA Todd Denver (Benito Martinez) who tell him they lost Wes’ body. He informs them it is beginning to look like a conspiracy and the whole case is going to be thrown out. They tell him by taking Laurel there, he handed Annalise her defense on a platter. He says they cannot blame him for following their instructions about getting close to Laurel.

Annalise learns that without Wes’ body it helps their case. She tells Bonnie her mother has dementia, and she wants them to find a longcare facility for her. Annalise doesn’t want to get her hopes up when Bonnie says she is getting her out of there. Annalise just wants her help with her mother.

Asher, Connor and Oliver toast their escaping jail and toast to Wes since they couldn’t send him off properly. Connor admits he is mad at Oliver. Michaela admonishes Laurel for not answering her phone, making her promise she won’t go awol again. Laurel asks if she thinks Frank did it because she just wants someone to hate, but if he didn’t do it that means the killer is still out there and she just wants to know. Michaela crawls into bed with her.

Annalise observes her cell mate with her children in the visitors’ room until her parents arrive. Her father says he is going to stay with her mother to make sure she doesn’t take off, Annalise angrily asks him how she can be sure he won’t get bored and take off like he always does? Her mother says she is going to the bathroom and they need to fix whatever is going on between them.

Annalise confronts her father about ignoring things and how he didn’t say more or do more. They are talking about her sad childhood, and he says she doesn’t get to blame him for where she is sitting right now; and this mess is all her. He tells her she isn’t special, she is just selfish and if she really wants to help her mother, she needs to get herself out of jail.

Michaela wakes up Laurel and tells her she has a meeting with Frank in an hour. She encourages her to get her answer. Frank’s lawyer says this isn’t an interview and if anything becomes detrimental to his case he will end it. Frank apologizes and Laurel tells him she cannot believe he did this but she saw him with her own eyes, she begs to hear what Wes’ last words were and he doesn’t respond.

Laurel tells the Keating group that Frank didn’t do it and Bonnie agrees but says Annalise is being framed. They are debating who killed their friend; Laurel says he wasn’t his friend and Wes’ body is missing. Somebody killed him, burned his body and then misplaced it and it wasn’t Frank. Laurel insists Frank wouldn’t do that to her, no matter what he says and they need to find out who did it.

Soraya and Bonnie go before the judge where Soraya says there is a search going on for the misplaced body while Bonnie says it is very convenient that this clerical error coincides with her request for a second autopsy. The Judge says this is a grossly negligent error and Bonnie says this is a civil rights issue.

The DA’s office continues to railroad a prominent African American Female Attorney based on a personal vendetta, all the evidence is circumstantial, another man has confessed and now the victim’s body is MIA; she asks what other proof does she need to get her client released on bail?

She is denied again and suggests filing an ethical complaint as the judge is clearly involved. Annalise hangs up on her when she suggests getting a new judge. She goes back to her cell and instigates an argument with the cellmate, who beats her up while the third mate calls for guards.

Bonnie visits Annalise who demands for her to take pictures. Once again, Soraya and Bonnie meet with the judge. Bonnie informs her if Annalise is not released she is going to send the photos to the press and file a civil rights lawsuit. Annalise is replaced with someone new in her cell and she is released to her parents.

Michaela is searching for Laurel again, Asher says with Annalise is out of jail, Laurel is now her problem. Michaela feels bad she prefer to keep Annalise in jail. Oliver laughs while he is laying in bed with Connor about Laurel freaking out on the people at the memorial.

Connor sounds disappointed and says he is learning a lot about Oliver being a good liar. Connor learns Oliver saved a copy of Annalise’s phone files from that night. Laurel arrives at Wes’ apartment and breaks through the police tape to find his room has been trashed. She picks up his shirt from the ground, smells it as she hugs it.

Bonnie receives a call from Frank, who reveals he is his own lawyer and they are to have a private meeting with no recordings, asking her when she wants to meet. Annalise eats dinner with her parents when her mother says she should have let her tell them and she shouldn’t be in jail for something she did.

Her father says they are not talking about that right now, but her mother is upset telling her she is out of jail for now, but she knows how juries like to put black folks away. Annalise assures her they dropped the charges since they didn’t have enough evidence. Her mother is overjoyed that it is over and she is free.

Laurel lays on Wes’ bed, in his shirt crying. ADA Denver tells Soraya and Nate that it is a conspiracy and it is someone on the inside who transferred Wes’ body to another morgue. Nate asks who it is and Soraya hands him a transfer notice saying it was him. In flashbacks, we see Nate wandering through Annalise’s home and greeting Wes.