Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Staff Crisis: British Monarchy In Turmoil

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Staff Crisis: British Monarchy In Turmoil

Buckingham Palace is up in arms as Queen Elizabeth’s right-hand staff member, her secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, has announced his resignation. Worse still, Sir Geidt isn’t the only senior aid to the Royals to be leaving the ‘firms’ employ.

Prince Philip is to retire officially this week; the Queen won’t be abdicating, but it’s plausible she could significantly scale back on her work load. But could this be to her detriment? How will the younger royals react to having one less member on duty? Is this shake-up of staff a sign of the monarchy’s descent into disintegration?

Other senior aides also intend on departing from their dominant positions. Sources say Queen Elizabeth is attempting to unite the three royal firms: Buckingham Palace, Clarence House where Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles live, and Kensington Palace where Kate Middleton and Princes William and Prince Harry carry out their business. This move has been dubbed ‘operation handover.’ Sources claim Prince Charles is in full agreement and is cooperating with his mother. It’s the younger royals who are cause for concern.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Staff Crisis: British Monarchy In Turmoil

In May, Sir Geidt urged the senior staff from Clarence House and Kensington Palace to unite ‘on message.’ Could this disturbance and disruption of advisors cause more harm than the Queen intends? Will her plans backfire if Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton refuse to go along?

Prince William and Prince Harry have done their best to modernize the English Monarchy. They followed in the footsteps of their mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Now, it seems Queen Elizabeth wishes to tighten her reins on the firm before she figuratively turns them over to her son, Prince Charles.

With Sir Geidt’s exit, Prince William’s aid, Miguel Head and Prince Harry’s private secretary, Edward Lane Fox will also be departing their positions before year’s end. No replacements have yet been named.

With Princes William and Harry and Kate Middleton having younger staff, for the past several years, they have been able to run things their way. They haven’t had to take advice from the Queen’s aides or that of Prince Charles. Could the Queen have finally had enough of their recklessness and boldness to carry out matters as they choose?

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Staff Crisis: British Monarchy In Turmoil

Prince William, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Harry aren’t the only royals to see a change in personal staff. Kate Middleton has named a new private secretary; Miss Katherine Quinn, a woman significantly older than Kate will be replacing Rebecca Priestley, (formerly Deacon), in October.

Is this act the Queen’s response to Kate’s poor sartorial choices and public behavior? Has Kate Middleton been forced to hire this older woman as a result of displeasing the Queen with her poor work ethic? Will Miss Quinn keep Kate in line? Will Kate take advice from her new secretary or continue marching forward listening to no one?

With senior staff leaving, it’s clear the Queen isn’t confident in her grandson’s ability to perform their royal duties; to ensure the monarchy will have at least a chance of survival, she’s taken matters into her own hands and enforced her royal edicts – unite or else.

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9 responses to “Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Staff Crisis: British Monarchy In Turmoil”

  1. Elizabeth Connell says:

    The monarchy should just end now, enough with this circus of a royal family. Let the queen reign until she dies and then can the royals

  2. Bubbly says:

    Unite?! They are very well united already! What’s this charade about? This mess has nothing to do with their employees, it’s them who is proving more and more useless to anyone on daily basis.
    They are a circus as Elizabeth said, and they are not performing well at all. Time to axe this show.
    GB will do well without them.

  3. HotMess88 says:

    The Leader of the Opposition in the Australian Parliament has just announced that one of the first items on his agenda, if elected, would be to hold a referendum to abolish the Monarch as our Head of State. Our Prime Minister, “Big Mal” Turnbull, is widely perceived as a dique par excellence and is unlikely to be re-elected. Finally, it appears that the push for an Australian Republic is gaining momentum. Good news.
    There have been similar rumblings for a while from Canada, but not too sure how credible they are.

    • Sigi says:

      So Big Mal would abolish the “royals” if he could ? That’s enough reason in my book to re-elect him.
      Oh now that would be a great day, if everyone woke up to the fact the “royals” are total bullshit, and rejected them.

      • HotMess88 says:

        The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, spearheaded the vote for a republic in 1999, which failed because the model proposed confused so many people. He’s still a red-hot republican, but has kept his mouth pretty much shut on the subject since becoming Prime Minister, possibly because he doesn’t want to get the right-wing members of his party off-side (and he really is a AAA dique). Bill Shorten is the Federal Leader of the Opposition and it was both surprising and excellent news when he announced he would push so quickly for a republic. It seems it might happen sooner rather than later, although both sides of parliament have indicated no changes will occur while Her Maj is still on the throne.
        Yes, it’s all complete bullshit.

  4. Sigi says:

    Hey sugar cakes,that’s cuz they’ve never met me ! They’re beneath me. I don’t associate with garbage. I wouldn’t give them the time of day.
    The RF = Pedos/murderers/parasites/scum-bags and ass/titty/vagina flashers flashers.