Kate Middleton Sheds Work Allergic Image For 2017 Year: Prince William And Her Plan Visit To Child Bereavement UK Centre

Kate Middleton Sheds Work Allergic Image For 2017 Year: Prince William And Her Plan Visit To Child Bereavement UK Centre

Kate Middleton worked a mere 68 days in 2016 and was dubbed the laziest Royal of them all. That must have stung because now the Duchess of Cambridge appears to have picked up the pace and is now busier than ever.

William and Kate have an official joint visit planned to a Child Bereavement UK Centre. New Royalty World reports that the Cambridge’s will help the center in Stratford celebrate its first anniversary. No information was revealed regarding the date of the William and Kate’s visit, but it is believed Kate will join William on the same day as an appearance at the Anna Freud Early Years Parenting Unit on January 11.

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Prince William has been a patron of Child Bereavement UK since 2009. Upon this tour of the London location, William and Kate will see the positive difference the centre makes in the lives of families in mourning across the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly are slated to attend a Family Support Group session where children and their parents can meet families in similar situations. The group discussions include sharing memories, feelings and help find support networks.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will wrap up the tour of the Child Bereavement UK Centre in Stratford by joining those that fund the centre’s East London location. The centre’s staff, volunteers and those that have used the charity’s services will also join in the celebration.

It was previously announced that Kate Middleton will make an appearance on Wednesday, January 11 at the Early Years Parenting Centre which is a branch of the Anna Freud Centre of which Kate is a patron.

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The EYCU provides resources for proper mental health care for parents and their children under five years old. Kate will meet with families who utilize the serviced of the charity, as well as staff members of the Early Years Parenting Unit who have created the specialized treatment programs.

The Duke of Cambridge is slated to visit Centrepoint UK, a youth hostel in Kensington that provides shelter to homeless youth on Tuesday, January 10. Centrepoint UK also assists young people tackle physical and mental health problems and offers resources to accessing education and employment.

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William and Kate seem to be focusing their attention more and more on the charities involving mental health, children and families.

Kate Middleton already has two Royal visits on the calendar for 2017. It certainly appears that she is finally taking Royal responsibilities seriously and will work more than 68 days in 2017. Keep checking CDL for all your royal news and updates!

Top image credit to Kensington Royal // via Twitter

  • Elizabeth Connell

    Good maybe the Queen knock her in the head for once

  • Ladyhawke

    As the next Prince and Princess of Wales, it’s about blasted time the pair mutually extracted the finger and gave the illusion of “working”.

    • Gianmarco Sabato


      • Juliette

        We hope.

      • Ladyhawke

        Well, fingers crossed.

  • Zardi123

    Prince Harry is in Norway with MM for week long holiday to see Northern Lights in secluded cabin according to two newspapers this relationship is moving so quickly … think PH needs to think carefully as why did her husband leave her.,… ???? Must of been reasons
    he is not thinking clearly want the best for him and dont want to see him hurt

  • Bubbly

    So, we are reduced to predicting what she is supposed to do, rather than what she has actually done, yes?
    Well, as far as I am concerned, I will believe in their, both William’s and Middleton’s, improved work ethics and increased work load when I see it. Until then they remain a pair of the scummiest royal parasites in history of GB.

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  • Juliette

    Yes, that sounds lovely – except that the royals mentioned are being supported by the British taxpayer to be visible to the public. If they wish to remain behind closed doors, fine, omit them from being financially supported by the Privy Purse – all mentioned are wealthy within their own right.
    The oft-used, hackneyed phrase does not apply to those royals who are on the public payroll.

  • Juliette

    If the Monarch is the only member of the RF with prescribed duties, then discharge the rest who are currently being paid by the Privy Purse – and let them run free.
    Whilst the Queen remains a popular figure, the Duchess of Corwall consistently rates at under 50% approval despite a public relations campaign that has continued for 16 years.
    My negativity is being sufficiently indulged at present, however, once the Queen passes and King Charles III and the Princess Consort are installed, I do believe I will be finally satiated with the outcome.

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  • Juliette

    So, she has two engagements so far? That really doesn’t indicate she’ll break the habit of her adult life-time – doing stuff all.