Kate Middleton Spending Habits ‘Disgusting’ – Claims Emma Dent Coad, MP

Kate Middleton Spending Habits 'Disgusting' - Claims Emma Dent Coad, MP

Megan, my best friend, once went on a really long extended tour of Europe. Although I was happy for her, it also made me strangely jealous. I wanted what she wanted and I couldn’t get it. This same type of strange jealous reared its ugly green head recently when Emma Dent Coad, a Member of Parliament for Kensington, lashed out at Kate Middleton for her “disgusting” spending habits.

Coad, who obviously despises the Middletons – she once referred to them as the Kardashians – slammed Kate Middleton for buying a £170 dress. Allegedly, and this is “allegedly” in Coad’s mind, The Duchess is spending so much that the royal coffers can’t keep up.

Dear God woman! It’s 170 quid! It’s not as if The Duchess of Cambridge is spending money on lavish Yves Saint Laurent designer wear. Well, perhaps she is, but that’s not the point. Firstly, Mrs. Coad, The Duchess surely has the right to buy what she wants? Mh-hm? Secondly, Mrs. Coad, why berate Kate Middelton for buying dresses when you too buy dresses – perhaps not as lavish as Kate’s, but important nonetheless. We don’t see you parading around naked, now do we?

“That’s [£170] a food bill for a family of four,” Dent Coad said. “That’s absolutely outrageous. Their MP thinks the system is ridiculous. We should not be funding them.”

Kate Middleton Spending Habits 'Disgusting' - Claims Emma Dent Coad, MP

Why don’t we, while we’re at it, abolish the monarchy, burn London and cry in the streets? What fun a revolution would be for Coad – she can start cutting off heads when she’s ready. The infamous MP also had a run-in with the media recently. Sky News, Britain’s premier news channel, obviously covers Kate Middleton news, because, you know, royalty and all. This didn’t sit well with Chatty Coad. The “sickeningly gratuitous coverage of anything royal, which is “very heavily directed by right-wing politics and the monarchy”, turned Coad into a beet. Not only does she hate the royals, she also turned down an opportunity to meet the Queen.

Let that settle in for a moment.

You get invited by Queen Elizabeth, yet you’re too snobbish and foolhardy to take her up on the offer. So, it’s not only Kate’s spending, now is it Mrs. Coad? Enough MP bashing. Let’s get back to the real story.

My best friend brought me gifts from overseas – I loved them. Perhaps Coad should get a gift from the royal family? I don’t know, maybe something along the lines of an extended exile?

What do you think? Is Kate’s spending warranted? Should the royals dress down and walk around naked? Imagine The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles (Bowels), parading around Buckingham Palace in the nude… And that’s how you emotionally scar people.

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