Kate Middleton To Have It Out With Spain’s Queen Letizia – Cat Fight Between Princesses?

Kate Middleton To Have It Out With Spain’s Queen Letizia - Cat Fight Between Princesses?

The King and Queen of Spain will be welcomed by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip tomorrow for a three-day State visit. Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to attend the lavish state dinner to be held at Buckingham Palace. During the visit, Kate Middleton won’t be the focal point of everyone’s attention. This might be a problem for the spoiled beauty. She does enjoy smiling and simpering for the cameras.

Letizia, Spain’s Queen, has much in common with Kate Middleton. She was also a commoner before marrying King Felipe VI of Spain in 2004. She was a journalist before becoming a member of the Spanish royal family. Like Kate Middleton, Letizia also became quite popular with the people of Spain when Felipe’s father abdicated the throne.

Letizia and Kate Middleton share a love for fashion. Letizia, like Kate, is pictured in magazines for her sartorial outfits. And, like Kate, Letizia is also from a middle-class background. Both royal women know how to use the media to their advantage. They know how to grab the publics eye, whether through style, smiles, or stares.

Cat Fights Between Princesses? Could Kate Middleton Have it out with Spain’s Queen Letizia?

Could we see other similarities between the two come to light during this week’s engagements? Mainly, the women need to be at the center of attention? We know Kate doesn’t like to share the spotlight. Could Letizia be the same?

Sometimes, Kate Middleton won’t say much while she’s with Prince William. We think Letizia has more spine than Kate because she was once heard telling her husband to “shut up. Let me finish.” It’s difficult seeing simpering, snobby Kate standing up to Prince William in such a public way. But we could all be surprised, couldn’t we? Kate has done things we never expected. Perhaps she’ll snub Letizia?

This would, of course, infuriate Queen Elizabeth. Kate Middleton is to become queen consort one day. Kate could find herself in a lot of royal trouble if she were to act out. Let’s be honest, the queen is 91 and has more important matters to deal with than reprimanding her grandson’s wife. But maybe talented Kate won’t get caught giving Letizia the evil royal eye?

We’ll just have to keep our eyes trained on the Royals during this latest state Visit to see what goes down. Maybe it will be Letizia who will initiate all the drama and Kate will do something so wonderful it’ll be the end of all cat fights between the two?

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  1. Sigi says:

    Waity’s idea of having it out with another woman would be baring her ass again or exhibiting her vagina, {again}. She’s worse than an animal. But lots like a baboon anyway.

  2. Fredda says:

    Sigi, you are ignorant of the terminology. The exterior genitalia of a woman is her vulva. The vagina is the interior. Kate has exposed neither.

    • Bubbly says:

      Where have you been for the whole of the last decade? We may not have seen photos of her gynecological examinations but we were certainly brutally exposed to viewing her saggy tits, genitalia and arse on several occasions. Neither she nor media ever bother to prepare us for this disgusting treat so we really have no choice and once we see it (i.e. parts of anatomy mentioned above) we cannot un-see it, you know.

      • Fredda says:

        I just find it sad that you don’t know the correct word for a body part I assume you have as well.

        • HotMess88 says:

          No point in suddenly deflecting the discussion away from the definitive statement: “Kate has exposed neither [her vag or vulv) and onto the correct use of female reproductive terminology.
          Very fortunate that you and some chap in outer Mongolia are the only two people on the planet not to have a visual of her naked patooty or butt permanently imprinted onto your memory bank.
          To prove we are not “mean girls” or suffering from unbridled “jealousy”, have a little squzz on google:
          ‘Kate Middleton’s Latest India Flash Keeps Her as a Royal Butt of Wardrobe Malfunction Jokes’ by Sarah Whalen (BayouBuzz, 19 April 2016). Whalen doesn’t beat around the bush (or vulva) regarding Middleton’s penchant for publicly exposing her naked “bits and pieces” that apparently dates back to her school days when she got her rocks off “mooning” the lads from the nearby private school from her bedroom window.
          Photos aplenty of Middleton’s naked VULVA (and posterior) at:
          ‘Kate Middleton, Serial Tour Flasher’, 9 April 2016.
          Warning: one photo included is colloquially referred to as a “beaver shot” (disgusting, isn’t it?) which clearly proves Middleton is no fan of wearing knickers when performing her royal duties nor a devotee of Brazilian waxes.
          So the statement “Kate has shown neither [her VAGINA NOR VULVA]” would appear to be incorrect/inaccurate/wrong.
          No need to be sad about the matter. Slightly traumatized – yes.

        • Bubbly says:

          lol I think you meant this comment for Sigi as I never called her genitalia neither vulva nor vagina, but I will let you slide with this one as I can see you have difficulties keeping up :)

          • HotMess88 says:


          • Sigi says:

            Yes I’ve posted that Waity flashes her ass,vagina and tiny tits. Her bare crotch was photographed and on display at the “lovelola” site among other places. The “view” was seen when the fucking pervert was coming off a plane in I think Australia, wearing a red military style dress and, as per usual, NO underwear. Waity’s a dumb perverted bitch.

  3. Sigi says:

    @Guest….You and your 1000000000 various aliases ought to know about meltdowns, you have meltdowns every day.

  4. HotMess88 says:

    You interpreted my measured, coherent comment as a “meltdown”?
    How very odd you are – and apparently very sheltered. Never mind, I’m sure once you’ve passed puberty, your cognitive functions will settle into semi-normal responses.