Kate Plus 8 Finale Recap 7/24/17: Season 5 Episode 11 “Six Teenagers!”

Kate Plus 8 Finale Recap 7/24/17: Season 5 Episode 11 "Six Teenagers!"

Tonight on TLC Kate Plus 8 returns with an all new Monday, July 17, season 5 episode 11 called, “Six Teenagers!” and we have your weekly Kate Plus 8 recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the TLC synopsis, “The sextuplets turn 13 with an outdoor excursion that finds the boys roughing it while the girls go “glamping.” Also: Kate reflects on past birthdays and looks ahead to having eight teenagers under one roof.”

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The kids turn 13 and Kate is overwhelmed. The boys plan to go camping and the girls will go glamping. Kate has been dreading the 13th birthday party. She struggles on how to make a party that both the boys and girls will like. Once she realizes they both kind of want the same thing plans start to come together.

Kate has decided to get rid of the swing set because it is starting to rot and none of the kids play on it anymore. However, once the kids realize the swing set is leaving all the kids get upset. Each of them shares a memory of their time playing in the back yard.

Kate has several large tents deliver and put up in the back yard. She creates a glamping village for the girls. Jamie and Kate then struggle to find a good place for the boys to camp. The boys set up a camp fire area and they clean up the area for their tents. The girls chip in to help the boys to get the tents set up but the boys just find them annoying. The boys finally send all of the girls away except Hannah because she is cool. Kate says this is the last birthday party until the kids turn 16. The older girls agree but the other kids are not happy with the idea.

The day of the party arrives and Kate still has lots to do. She admits she creates parties that she would have liked to have when she was a child. Steve helps Kate setting up the scavenger hunt for the boy’s food. The boys will use a compass to find each of their food items. The boys wanted to have a real survival experience so they have to hunt and gather everything they need to eat. Kate and Steve bicker as they hide the items for the boys.

Jamie and the older girls get the glamping tents decorated as Kate and Steve finish up. Kate had a huge surprise for the kid which is archery tag. They all enjoyed archery tag on their last vacation and now they get to play it again with all their friends at the party. Ashley and Andrea show up to help Kate set up the rest of the party and will be in charge of the boys camping trip. She is very grateful for their help. The decorations are finished just in time as the party guests arrive.

The girls will get their nails done, decorate sleep masks and make flower crowns. Ronnie helps with the glaming activities. Ashley and Andrea teach the boys how to start a fire, how to read a compass and how to survive in the woods. The boys love the scavenger hunt and find a worm at their first stop. One of the boys dares another to eat the worm and he puts it in his mouth but doesn’t chew. The girls are getting their nails done and get very annoyed because they can hear the boys yelling and having fun. Hannah would have rather been down with the boys.

Joel took the lead and Kate was thrilled to hear he has the ability to be a leader. One of the last pieces of the boy’s supplies was hung in a tree and they all enjoyed climbing the tree to get it. They also had to pull a bag out of a creek and all of the boys loved that task. Ashley and Andrea are impressed at how well the boys use the compass and follow directions. The boys thought their food was delicious and they loved that they had to hunt for it.

The girls have filet mignon served for them in a very glamorous meal. Cake and ice cream is next. The boys have a cake with a camp fire and the girls have a pink cake with a very cute Nunu cat. Joel thinks the boy’s cake is much better. Kate makes sure to have a picture with the cake and kids blowing out the candles every year. She says that Collin is greatly missed. While it might not be said his absence is always there but she knows he is where he needs to be.

Archery tag is next and it is boys against the girls. The boys crush the girls in the first match but the girls come back with a vengeance. A sudden death match ends with the girls winning. All the kids swim before heading to their tents. However, almost immediately the girls want to leave the pool because the boys are being too wild. The girls return to their tents and find a huge spider that causes lots of drama.

The boys decide that it would be lots of fun to scare the girls and a huge game of chase follows. Everyone has fun running around until Kate almost steps on a snake and sends everyone to their tents to sleep. Kate can’t believe that she has eight teenagers and realizes that they will all be gone soon. She wonders if she will be single when they are gone. She is open to dating.