Kate Plus 8 Recap 1/3/17: Season 5 Episode 6 “Sweet 16”

Kate Plus 8 Recap 1/3/17: Season 5 Episode 6 "Sweet 16"

Tonight on TLC Kate Plus 8 returns with an all new Tuesday, January 13, season 5 episode 6 called, “Sweet 16” and we have your weekly Kate Plus 8 recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Mady and Cara turn 16 and Kate lets them plan their own party.”

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On this week’s episode of Kate plus 8 it is Maddy and Cara’s sixteenth birthday and in addition to trying to plan their sweet sixteen birthday party Kate is also trying to teach the two sixteen-year-olds how to drive. To say that that lessons are not going well is a vast understatement. Cara says “I don’t really go anywhere except home and school and I don’t have to drive either of those places.” Kate has Cara in the driver’s seat and both mother and child are a nervous wreck during the lesson. Cara over starts the car and nearly floods the engine. Kate is trying to teach Cara to park and Cara is having trouble because she is a nervous wreck. They ask both the younger sets of triplets which twin will be the better driver. The girls think it will be Cara while the boys think it will be Maddy.

After the lesson Kate and Maddy get to work planning the party. Kate says “The girls have always had parties where their friends sleepover, but this party is all about them doing it their way, which basically means doing it Maddy’s way because Cara leaves every decision up to her.” Kate and Maddy are looking online for fall designs and Maddy is basically rejecting every idea that her mother has. Kate says “I’m glad that I didn’t try to do this on my own because my idea of Fall and Maddy’s idea of Fall are very different.”

Cara is not involved in the party planning much at all. Maddy asks her “Can you come over here? This is your party too.” Cara says “I don’t even really want a party.” Kate feels even more pressure because she wants the girls party to be extra special, but Cara is not helping out at all. Later Kate and the girls go shopping for art supplies. Kate says “Sometimes Maddy likes to be bossy just to be bossy.” She tries to point out different things to the girls to help them out. Maddy asks her mom “Can we decorate it with stickers?” Kate says “No.”

They struggle through the shopping for awhile until Kate finally catches on and then the shopping goes much smoother. Once they get all the decorations and reach the counter Kate realizes that they are missing a cart. She asks the girls “Where is the other cart?” Both girls tell her “I don’t know you were supposed to be pushing it.” Kate disagrees and says “That cart has my purse in it.” She steps out of line and luckily someone manages to find the cart and hand it back to her.

Once they get home chaos reigns as the party preparations kick into high gear. Kate is frazzled as she is looking for a recipe that she had left laying out on the morning of the party. Kate is worried that it is going to rain. She is in full panic mode because of the fear of rain. She asks Cara and Maddy “Would you be wiling to move the party?” The girls are ok with that. She calls her friends and asks if they would allow them to use their “Party room” to host the party. They agree so that is one less thing to worry about. Kate is still frazzled though because she has to go pick up the flowers and move everything to her friends house.

Cara says “She was kind of freaked out because she wanted everything to be perfect. It was fine. We had all our decorations in bins and it was going to be fine.” Kate is having a total meltdown. She says “Things have changed. Can’t we just roll with it?” The kids are not cooperating at all. Kate tells them “I am trying to make it beautiful for you.” She says “I was stupid enough to let them plan its so maybe I should just stop.” Maddy says “Can you just stop? It’s fun to make salmon burgers and hang decorations and do all that stuff.”

They move everything downtown and got the new location decorated beautifully. Kate is amazed at the job that Maddy and Cara do decorating the table. Once everything is done Kate is relieved. As the party draws nearer Kate’s nerves are once again on end. Cara asks Kate to steam her dress. Kate says “By the time I am done steaming her dress she is going to have found something else to wear.” The younger kids now have to stay home because there isn’t enough space for them. Kate tells them “Remember all the parties you guys have had? This is their turn.”

When they arrive everyone is excited to see them. The girls and Kate greet their guests. Cara is excited to see one guest especially. His name is Ronnie. However, Maddy has disappeared. Cara sits down and Ronnie goes out and comes back in. Maddy is just as excited to see him as Cara was. Kate says “He has become a really good friend to the family and it was great to see the girls so excited to see them.”

To make it up to the younger kids for not being able to attend the party Kate has a rolling ice cream vendor come out and the kids got a special treat. After the kids had their ice cream they went inside and made picture frames with Michelle as birthday presents for Cara and Maddy. While the kids were working things got a little crazy and Michelle had to step in. Michelle asks them “Which one of you told me that they were nicer now that they were sixteen?” Hannah says “It was me. They hug me now.”

As the party progresses Kate announces that she is going to show a slideshow of memories of Maddy and Cara. The video was about an hour long. Cara and Maddy said, “The video wasn’t even interesting until we turned like three and actually did stuff.” Kate says “Every mom wishes we could go back and kiss on their toes one more time and kiss on their slobbery necks.” Kate became very emotional. She says “I cried more times that week than I ever thought possible.”

Maddy says “She cried more that week because she was being dramatic, but eventually, she came to terms with it.” When it came time to light the candles the girls got a little silly. Kate then moves on to recite the sixteen things she loved about Cara and Maddy. As they were lighting the candles Cara’s sleeve accidently catches on fire. Once they blow out the candles the girls thank everyone for coming and head home to light a fire on the deck and make smores. The younger kids also are able to give the girls their picture frames. Cara and Maddy love their gifts. Their birthday is a huge success.