Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 6/11/17: Season 13 Episode 14

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 6/11/17: Season 13 Episode 14Tonight E!’s most-watched series Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) returns with an all-new Sunday, June 11, 2017, season 13 episode 14 and we have your KUWTK recap below.  On tonight’s KUWTK season 13 episode 14 called, “Sister Surrogacy,” as per the E Online synopsis, “Khloé explores the possibility of becoming Kim’s surrogate, but receives some shocking news about her own fertility in the process. Meanwhile, the sisters pressure Kourtney to step her flirting game up; and Rob threatens to bail on his 30th birthday.”

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This week on the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe and Kim show up at Kris’ house. Rob is there with Dream and they take photos. Kim asks “Rob do you want Dream to go on a walk to see the ponies?” Kim then drops a bombshell on Khloe. She asks her “Would you like to have a baby for me?” Khloe says “You want me to get fat, have a baby and then give it to you?” Kim says “Maybe we’ll have two and give you one.” Khloe says “I wonder how Tristan will feel about all of this.”

The family is excited that Rob wants to celebrate his thirtieth birthday. Kim wants to celebrate by taking her brother to Vegas, but Rob has other ideas. He says “I was thinking it would be more low key.” Rob says “Jesus turned water into wine on his thirtieth birthday.” Kim says “This is your year to turn water into wine.”

Kim and Khloe are riding in the car and talking about the possibility of Khloe being Kim’s surrogate. Kim says “I was reading about how you have to text them once a week and be in constant contact and all of these different things. I had mentioned to Kanye about you being our surrogate, but up until now it had always been a joke. I was just wondering if you were interested.”

Khloe seems blown away by all of the information and Kim suddenly springing the request on her. She says “I know that Kim wants more children, but it’s a bit selfish of me to want to wait and think about it.”

Kim and Khloe are hanging out with their friends when Tristan calls. Kim asks him “You don’t want to have kids any time soon do you?” Tristan says “Maybe in the next four or five years.” Kim says “I just wanted to make sure you would be ok with me borrowing Khloe’s womb for the next year.” He says “Whatever Khloe wants to do.”

Kim and Khloe are in the car and Khloe calls her friend Cici. She tells her about her trip to Jamaica with Tristan. They are on their way to the Dr to see about Khloe possibly being Kim’s surrogate. Khloe says “I don’t know if I’m there with being Kim’s surrogate right now. I’m in a committed relationship with my boyfriend and I just don’t know if I am ready right now.” When they get to the Drs office Khloe sits down and talks to him a little about her situation with Lamar. They then move on to getting an ultrasound for Khloe to make sure that she can carry a baby healthily. When the Dr does the ultrasound he discovers that Khloe has fewer egg follicles than she should for her age. This immediately worries Khloe. She says “What if I can’t get pregnant?”

The Dr tells her “At 32 we like to see ten or more. You only have five. You might want to get them in the freezer as soon as possible.” He also tells her “Being on the pill could be a reason for the decrease in eggs. Get off the pill and see if that helps.”

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe go out with Malika. Khloe reveals the results of the Dr’s appointment. Kourtney talks about her relationship with Scott. She says “I know that it’s better that we’re not together. I am much happier now that the relationship is done and over with. Now I just have to find someone that I enjoy hanging out with.”

Later that day everyone, including Scott is sitting around the table at Kris’ house discussing Rob’s birthday party. Kris says “I think that we should do Dsneyland.” Khloe says “I don’t like Disneyland and i don’t think Rob will either.” While they are discussing it Rob walks in. Kris says “Rob, perfect timing. We were just discussing your birthday.” She tells him the idea about Disney World and he does not really seem that into it.

The sisters decide to head out to a club to set Kourtney up on a date to help her get over her social akwardness. It turns into a wild party night. They end up playing a drinking game. Kourtney says “I have no idea what the rules are or how to win.” Khloe says “Who cares about winning. I’m just here for the free alcohol!” The sisters have a fantastic time. As the night wears on Kourtney meets a bunch of nice men, but she is so awkward about speaking to them that a proper conversation never seems to get off the ground.

The next day at Kris’ house Rob is hanging out with Jarel and Kourtney. She asks him “What’s going on with Disney?” He says “I’m just going to retreat.” Kourtney says “Do you want to just do a low key dinner? I mean nothing is low key, but you know.” Rob says “I don’t know. ” Rob just doesn’t really seem to be into planning a celebration for his birthday at all.

Khloe and Kim are still determined to help Kourtney get over her social awkwardness. They tell her that they have signed her up for a couple dating websites. Kourtney is not happy to hear this. She says “I’m not sure I want to be out there like that.” Kourtney tells them “I sneak around town like a snake.” Khloe says “Good for you!” Kourtney says “I just don’t think I should have to broadcast it.” Khloe says “You don’t. It’s just good to know you have something going on!”

Rob shows up to a small surprise birthday party for his birthday. His sisters are there to celebrate. He says “My birthday means a lot to me. I feel like this birthday is extra special because there are a lot of positive things happening in my life.”

Khloe heads back to the Dr for another check up on her ovaries to see if being off the birth control has helped. She says “I’m nervous. What if he says This is it and that I can’t get pregnant? I’ll be devastated.” When the Dr does the new ultrasound he sees seven follicles. Khloe is much happier because her count is above normal. Khloe says “I am so relieved to know that I can get pregnant, but now I am thinking about do I want to have my own baby now?” When they finish at the Drs office Khloe calls her boyfriend to share the good news.

Later Khloe meets up with Kim. She shares the good news about her check up with her sister. Kim looks happy to hear the news. Khloe is worried about carrying a baby. She tells Kim “None of your pregnancies were positive.” Kim says “But I came out of it okay and I got beautiful gifts from it.”